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1/ There’ve been some scary climate charts released this week, alongside some big climate stories. It’s been challenging keeping up with everything, so I’ve done a quick round-up thread 🧵
#climatecrisis #climatechaos #climatebreakdown
2/ A snapshot of sea surface temperatures from the 14th June. Unfortunately this daily snapshot is representative of a larger ongoing problem…

3/ Sea surface temperatures are currently at record highs for June so far, and also for the months of April and May.

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Kelantan, Kedah dan lain² perlu manfaatkn musim kering utk tanam pokok (cepat tumbuh); bina & dalamkan kolam baru/sedia ada. Yg hampir sungai, alihkan sebahagian ke kolam berhampiran.
Jimatkan air. ♻️💧
#jika mampu, cat putih atap. #whiteroof Image
Jika banyak akan npk lagi meriah & lebih banyak kwsn redup.

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#India to experience a very wet phase of weather, usually cool temperatures in the next 10 days with no seasonal #Heatwave which usually strengthen around this time.

A Typical Jan/Feb standard WD is approaching (200 hpa Jet streams dipping too south + CC developing)

1/n ImageImage
Dipping Jet/WD approaching North India + Lower level Cyclonic circulation developing in the plains, Wind discontinuity over central India along with moisture incursion from the seas.
- Scattered #Duststorm and rains to pick up in North #India from 27th April i.e tomorrow

2/n Image
As the Wx systems strengthen, this will result in widespread #Duststorm, intense spells of #rains, #Hailstorm, strong winds across western #Himalayas #Punjab #Haryana #Delhi #Rajasthan #UttarPradesh #Gujarat #MadhyaPradesh #Chhattisgarh this weekend into first week of May.

3/n Image
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When temperatures soar, it’s important to pay special attention to animals because some don’t have homes or families to take care of them. Check out our life-saving tips. (1/8) #heatwave
NEVER leave your dog inside your car! 🐶☀️
Dogs can die from heatstroke in just minutes, even if you don’t park in direct sunlight. (2/8) #heatwave
Always put clean drinking water for animals. Putting mud pots with clean water at accessible areas and changing them regularly helps animals and birds stay hydrated.
🚰🐶🐱🐦🦫 (3/8)
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Unseasonal rains to impact pan #India 15th March onwards.
• Abnormal dip in the westerly jet stream up to the southern peninsula to trigger back to back WDs.
• A lot of wind instability on lower levels with (CC/LPA/LWD) to form up with moisture aid from BOB & Arabian sea.
Impact (13-14th March)

Under the influence of weak WD isolated thunderstorms to form up over #Punjab, #Haryana #Chandigarh #Delhi NCR, #HimachalPradesh, #Uttarakhand in the late afternoon - night hours on 13th & 14th march, coverage will be highly localised (25% areas)
After 15th March the key weather features will develop and lead to a sudden change in weather conditions across #India.
Intense #Thunderstorm, #Rains, #Hailstorm and strong winds to affect most parts of south, east, central and north India with peak intensity during 16-20th.
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2022 Archives: War, Layoffs, Meltdowns & Famous Deaths.

1/4 - $SPX hit ATH to $4818.62 & $AAPL hit ATH to $182.94

1/6 - $HUM crashed 22%
1/16 - World No. 1 tennis champion Novak Djokovic is deported from Australia following a high-profile legal case regarding his COVID-19 vaccination status, preventing his participation in the 2022 Australian Open.
1/18 - Microsoft will acquire Activision Blizzard for $95.00 per share, in an all-cash transaction valued at $68.7 billion, inclusive of Activision Blizzard’s net cash. $ATVI spiked 33%.
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💥💥💥 OMG, can you believe what happened in 2022?! 💥💥💥 Time for a recap 🧵👇

1/ First off, there was this crazy high inflation that was happening in countries all around the world 💰💸. It was causing all sorts of economic problems and making life hard for a lot of people. #inflation #PCE Image
2/ Then, the Omicron coronavirus variant started spreading and it was a total nightmare 🤒🤮. People were getting sick left and right and it was just chaos. #COVIDIsAirborne Image
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☀️My first PhD paper is out today! We investigated the extraordinary 2021 PNW heatwave🔥(+ Kai Kornhuber @KKornhuber & Mingfang Ting @mfting), identifying processes that supercharged it and their relations to climate change. @NatureClimate Link:… Image
Here’s a free access link to the pdf:
We found that atmospheric dynamics played a key role in the PNW #heatwave: leading up to it, the jet stream bent into a huge hemisphere-wide wave—forming a heat dome in the PNW that was likely boosted by a smaller atmospheric wave coming off the Pacific. Image
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1/29. 📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “PASSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD) Explainer” covering what #NELD is, why and how it happens, where it happens, who is most affected, and importantly, how we can respond.

🔗Get it here:…
2/29. The brief begins with a foreword by @UNFCCC NELs Expert Group Member @IrfanUllahCDO, who highlights that Non-Economic #LossAndDamage has been largely overlooked in climate negotiations and that urgent action is needed to address #NELD happening now e.g. The #PakistanFloods.
3/29. Then @DLodry of @LossDamageYouth shares the powerful story of his lived experience of Non-Economic #LossAndDamage in #Cameroon called "The Tears Of A Village River And Its Population" which tells how climate-intensified #Drought can lead to a loss of #Culture and #Identity.
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'Global food prices are once again facing upward pressure due to the record cost for shipping grain in the U.S., the source of about 20% of world exports...drought conditions have caused water levels in the Mississippi River to drop' increasing costs…

And not just the Mississippi-

Drought has been a huge problem for shipping across large swaths of the northern hemisphere in 2022, impacting distribution of crops & other commodities.

#ClimateCrisis #drought #heatwave #trade…

"An unsettling drop in water levels in key European waterways has resulted in immensely strained logistics in shipping commodities throughout the continent, with barges only able to carry one-third or one-quarter of their usual cargo."

#Europe #trade…
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Any stats nerds out there?🤓🙋

a thread...🧵#CAwx #CAheat

Let's dive deep into Downtown Sac's record book, which goes back to 1877.

Of all days' high temps in the record book (N=53015)
▪️4.0% (n=2114) were ≥100°F
▪️0.9% (n=479) were ≥105°F
▪️0.06% (n=34) were ≥110°F

Downtown Sac's all-time record high is 114°F set in 1925.

This all-time record was most recently jeopardized last year Jul 10, 2021 with 113°F.

Several days Mon-Thu have a reasonable shot of getting added to this table. Exactly where on this table: TBD. #CAwx #CAheat

...2/4 Table showing the Hottest Maximum Temperatures Sacramento Do
Heat of this magnitude AND duration is extremely uncommon in Sacramento.

Downtown Sac has never logged more than 2 consecutive days ≥110°F (i.e., back-to-back days ≥110°F).

There's a chance this streak may be broken. #CAwx #CAheat

...3/4 Table showing the Number of Consecutive Days Max Temperature
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1/14. 📜Powerful new report to the #UN General Assembly by the @SRClimateChange Ian Fry makes crystal clear that #LossAndDamage from #ClimateChange is causing a litany of #HumanRights impacts. 🧵
2/14. In its introduction, the report highlights the inequality at the heart of the #ClimateCrisis: "50% of countries are responsible for 86 % of the cumulative global CO2 emissions", #AtmosphericColonization, and why #ClimateReparations are being demanded for #LossAndDamage.
3/14. Chapter three "#LossAndDamage: a litany of #HumanRights impacts" starts by highlighting that from a #HumanRights perspective #LossAndDamage is "closely related to the right to remedy and the principle of #Reparations".
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#China has issued an orange alert on Wednesday for #drought as a scorching #heatwave sweeps across much of the country.
Parts of Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Tibet suffered from moderate to severe droughts, according to the National Meteorological Center.
In the next three days, precipitation in parts of the Yellow River, Huaihe, Jiangsu, Anhui and Sichuan basins will ease the drought, high temperature and dry weather will continue in other regions.
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🥵#China🇨🇳 #heatwave 24 août 2022
🌡️44.0°C à Qu, nouveau record absolu pour la province du #Sichuan !
"ancien" record provincial : 43.8 les 18&23-8-2022 ; et avant 2022, 43.5 en août 2011.
"ancien" record à la station : 43.6 les 18&20-8-2022... ; et avant 2022, 42.7 le 15-8-2006.
🌡️nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 24-8-2022

*province du Sichuan*
44.0 Qu
43.2 Fushun
42.2 Yibin

*province du Jiangxi*
41.7 Nankang ->40.4 le 4-8-2003
41.5 Yiyang ->41.4 le 18-7-1988
41.3 Dexing ->40.7 les 28&29-8-1967
41.3 Nanfeng ->40.8 31-7-2003, 2-8-2003, 10-8-2013
🌡️nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 24-8-2022 (suite et fin)

*province du Jiangxi (suite)*
41.0°C Xingguo
40.0 Huichang ->39.9 le 4-8-2010

*province du Guizhou*
34.1 Xiuwen ->34.0 le 7-5-2020

source : "weatherman_xinxin" (sur weibo)
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🥵🌡️🇨🇳#China #heatwave
Ce 23 août, ~50 stations ont battu leur record absolu, incluant 3 records provinciaux :

prov. Sichuan: 43.8°C Neijiang/Dongxing =43.8 Xingwen 18-8-2022 ->43.5, 2011

prov. Guizhou: 43.5°C Chishui ->43.2, 2011

prov. Jiangxi: 42.6°C Xiushui ->42.2, 2003
🌡️Nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 23-8-2022
*Province du Sichuan*
43.8°C Neijiang/Dongxing (+record pour le Sichuan)
43.1 Fushun
43.1 Weiyuan
43.0 Ziyang
42.9 Zizhong
42.8 Nanchong/Gaoping
42.7 Jianwei
42.6 Longchang
42.6 Pingchang
42.3 Anyue
42.0 Jingyan
42.0 Rongxian
🌡️...nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 23-8-2022 (suite)
*province du Sichuan*
41.7°C Pengshan
41.6 Meishan
41.4 Emei
41.4 Jiang'an
41.3 Qingshen
41.3 Leshan
41.1 Mianyang
40.9 Jiajiang
40.0 Ebian
39.7 Jiangyu
39.7 Jinchuan ->39.5 24-8-2016
39.5 Mianzhu
39.3 Hongya
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#Mediterranean marine #heatwaves in 2022... Are we finally at the end of these concatenated heat episodes?

However, remember 2003... a brief comparison shows that 2003 was worse in more than one sense🧵
The day-by-day comparison of the evolution for both years shows that MHW in 2003 covered a wider area with a higher mean intensity... At least in the western #Mediterranean

- 4ºC (June 2003) is a HUGE amount of heat stored at the sea.
- The MHW started about 15 days earlier. Image
However, due to the #ClimateCrisis the #Mediterranean is about 0.7ºC hotter now than in 2003 (yes!). This is a mean value! In some eastern places, the sea surface #temperature is more than 1ºC larger now. But the maximum category attained was in general larger in 2003 Image
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🥵#China🇨🇳 #heatwave Encore de nombreux records absolus ce 20 août, surtout dans la province du Sichuan. Les anciens records sont souvent re-battus plusieurs fois en 2022.

43.8°C Bishan (prov. Chongqing)->...->42.2 15-8-2006

43.6°C Hejiang (prov. Sichuan) ->43.4 17-8-2011
🌡️records Chine 20-8-2022 (suite)

*province Sichuan (suite)*
43.3 Peng'an ->...->41.6 12-8-2006
43.2 Jianyang->...->40.3 12-8-2006 (record d'avant 2022 pulvérisé de nombreuses fois)
43.1 Lu ->...->41.9 3-8-2021
42.7 Gao ->...->42.1 17-8-2011
42.7 Suining->...->40.5 27-7-2017
🌡️records absolus en Chine 20-8-2022 (suite)
(*province Sichuan*)
42.5°C Yingshan ->...->41.0 12-8-2006
42.4 Xichong
42.3 Langzhong
42.3 Zigong
42.1 Jianwei
42.0 Yibin
42.0 Lezhi
41.9 Muchuan
41.9 Longchang
41.8 Santai
41.7 Shehong
41.5 Wangcang
41.5 Pengxi
41.3 Pengshan
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🥵#China🇨🇳 #heatwave 19-8-2022
🌡️Longue liste de records absolus...

45°C à Beibei pour le 2e jour consécutif, record absolu pour la région de Chongqing

43.7°C à #Chongqing-Shapingba (et mini nocturne record de 34.9°C !)

40.0°C à #Shanghai-Baoshan ->39.9 les 6 & 8 août 2013
...autres records absolus en Chine ce 19-8-2022 (suite)
*municipalité de Chongqing*
43.7 Shapingba ->...->43.0 le 15-8-2006 (ancien record avant 2022 battu plusieurs fois)
43.5 Shizhu ->42.0 le 13-7-2013
43.1 Rongchang ->...->42.0 12-8-2006
42.8 Yongchuan ->...->42.1 1-9-2006
...autres records absolus en Chine ce 19-8-2022 (suite)

*province du Sichuan*
43.2°C Gulin ->42.8 16-8-2011
41.1 Tongjiang ->...->40.4 29-7-1969
41.1 Wangcang ->...->40.9 18-7-2002
40.8 Nanjiang ->40.3 5-8-1994

*province du Hunan*
41.4°C Changde ->...->40.6 11-8-2013
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How’s your #mentalhealth today?

Ask yourself and ask a friend. #askthequestion

#disability #mentalhealth #identity

What do you see? 101/1924 790/1924 624/1924 579/1924 ImageImageImageImage
#askthequestion I’ll go first

I’m feeling frustrated to realise that #Twitter shortened a url and I didn’t notice, shared a dead link to my #nftart a few times. Proof: not a #bot!

Feeling anxious about some things next week. Trying not to lose myself.

How about you?
926/1924 926/1924
Offline #answer, shared with permission: #askthequestion

‘I’m #struggling a bit in all honesty. I’m just so #tired all the time and having trouble bouncing back from the whole #heatwave after #heatwave situation’
#disability #identity


101/1924 Image
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🥵Vague de chaleur en #Chine🇨🇳, encore des records absolus historiques ce 18-8-2022
#China #heatwave

45.0°C Beibei, nouveau record absolu pour la municipalité de Chongqing (->44.6 hier) et record moderne fiable pour la Chine hors Xinjiang !

44.7 Jiangjin ->44.3 le 15-8-2006
... ImageImage
...nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 18-8-2022 (suite)

43.8°C Xingwen->43.3 17-8-2011, nouveau record absolu pour la province du #Sichuan ! (ancien record provincial : 43.5 en 2011, déjà égalé à Qu le 15-8-2022)

43.7 Bishan (Chongqing) ->43.4 16-8-2022, 42.2 15-8-2006

... Image
...nouveaux records absolus en Chine ce 18-8-2022 (suite)

43.6 Qu (Sichuan) ->43.5 15-8-2022, 42.7 15-8-2006

43.3 Tiancheng (Chongqing) ->43.0 15-8-2022, 42.7 24-7-1961

43.0 Linshui (Sichuan) ->42.8 hier, 42.0 15-8-2006
... Image
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"My Baby Died Because Of FGM!"
Mrs C Foday Recalls Hers:
"I'm a Nigerian married to a Sierra Leonean man. I refused to be circumcised even in the face of being heavily threatened and publicly mocked by my husband's family and friends.
Then, I became pregnant and ImageImage
in the process of delivery, some #women came to help me but when they opened my wrapper and saw my 'uncut private part', they washed their hands and abandoned me that I and the baby were #cursed!
I was in pain but they showed me no mercy and were about to leave the house when my
mother-in-law told me to give my consent to be circumcised or else I will die with the baby and we will both be thrown into the forest.
I have never seen very heartless people like that - my husband came into the room and ordered the circumcision.
They came back into the room and
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As we face yet another #heatwave in MA, let’s talk about this NEW #ClimateLaw that @MassGovernor Baker just signed. This is a major step to help protect our communities from the devastating impacts of #ClimateChange. Here’s why: 1/13…
Why do we need more climate laws & policies on top of our Global Warming Solutions Act and Next Generation Roadmap law? While these two laws set mandatory goals to slash climate damaging pollution, we need other laws and policies to dictate HOW to accomplish these goals. 2/13
The new law sets a target of installing enough #OffshoreWind to power 2.5 million homes by 2027 and various other policies to make #CleanEnergy easier to supply to MA residents. 3/13
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What’s happening with the T is more than an inconvenience, it is unacceptable.
Here’s how you can take action during the @MBTA shutdowns: (🧵1/8)…
Mere days after announcing a month-long shutdown of the #OrangeLine, the MBTA announced a closure of the #GreenLineExtension that serves the same area of Somerville, between the new #UnionSquare branch & Govt Center. ( 2/8)
These closures will be disastrous for riders in Greater Boston who rely on the T every day and who may have limited alternatives during this historic #HeatWave. 🌡️ For many, walking or biking is simply not an option. ( 3/8)
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1/ What if I told you - with the continent suffering another #heatwave and England in severe #drought conditions - that increasing forest cover in Europe by 20% would result in 8% more summer rain, with negligible effects on winter rain?

You might not believe me, but it's true.
2/ What if I told you that photographs over a 54-year period since the reintroduction of beavers to Alberta, Canada, showed they were associated with a 900% increase in open water and a "damatic influence" on mitigating extreme #drought?

You might not believe me, but it's true.
3/ What if I told you that if every household in the U.K had a water meter, we would reduce household water waste by a billion litres a day within three months and two billion litres a day within two years?

You might not believe me, but it's true.
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