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1/ Many have reported on the price spike in Texas amid this week’s #heatwave, causing @ERCOT_ISO to issue an emergency alert. Several stories have pointed to the role of wind power in the #ERCOT system. But that’s not the whole story, according to experts I’ve spoken to.
2/ Articles like this one from Bloomberg put the blame on #wind and the diversifying energy mix in Texas, as coal plants close:…
3/ But #fossilfuels bear as much or more of the blame. Outages at gas-fired power plants have taken nearly 1.5 gigawatts offline in Texas in the last day (900 MW steam).

So you can’t just blame #wind for the fact that @ERCOT_ISO prices are now reaching $9,000 🔥
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If your day feels like the #HottestDayoftheYear☀️,
here are some tips how to stay cool 😎 and hydrated🚰

@WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @pahowho Too hot outside?☀️
Try to keep out of heat.
Some tips ⬇️

#HottestDayoftheYear #Heatwave
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#Heatwave #Hitzewelle day. I'm going to be sad, scared, angry at all the evidence of ongoing harm around me - people driving stupidly big cars with AC on, jetting off on holidays, whose emissions have caused this and whose actions are making things worse.
I'll see a hazy Mont Blanc across the lake, whose glaciers are receding. May its peak stay white as long as I & my child live & longer - but will it? I'll be angry at my own participation in climate destruction. It will be hard to get work done.
I'm glad I wrote these words to express how I feel at this moment in our time together. I know we don't want to be guilty of destruction, but we are, we have been. We were born into fossil capitalism, born behind enemy lines. Let's wake up & get out.…
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THREAD. Actually, i’ve spent my life avoiding heat. Here are my top tips for staying #Cool in a #HeatWave...
1. Buy an air conditioner. They sell out like summer was never on the calendar but @ecoairGB and @DeLonghiUK are good. Spend as much as you can afford and 8000/9000BTU is fine to cool small / medium room. (seal around vent pipe as well as u can. Only need 1 cool room to survive)
2. CLOSE THE BLOODY WINDOWS! Most important thing. Curtains and blinds too. On my street today all windows are wide open and the air outside is 12 degrees hotter than inside! #Madness! Close at 10am and open as soon as the air outside cools below inside, usually after dark
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France is about to experience its second #heatwave of the year, with temperatures expected to top 40C in Paris, possibly breaking records #canicule…
Heatwaves such as these are made between 5-100 times more likely by #climatechange, and are on average 4C hotter than a century ago…
Climate change also makes heatwaves last longer - the 2018 #heatwave across much of northern Europe was statistically "impossible" without climate change, researchers found:…
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My power just went out. I'm on a 4th floor now with no AC. This is not good. #JerseyCity
Power still out. I found some battery powered string lights and a hand fan. My building is a 140 year old brownstone and I live on the 4th floor. It's going to get real hot real quickly in here if the power doesnt come on soon, bc it's 1030 PM and it's still 87°. Wish me luck
All of my lanterns are in my basement and I dont want to open my apartment door to get them bc it will let the cold air out so this is the light I have until the power comes back on. #poweroutage #JerseyCity
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How to cool off throughout a #heatwave 👉
Throughout #heatwave, try to keep out of heat.
Here’s how
How to keep your 🏡 cool during #heatwave
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THREAD: Are you ready for this week’s heat? Are you ready for it to be the norm? Check out how this week’s forecast stacks up against this century’s #ExtremeHeat projection for your town and learn what’s at stake without climate action with our heat tool:
According to our new study, #KillerHeat is only going to get worse. We are projecting how the heat index, or “feels like” temperature, will likely change in your town by the middle of the century with no action to reduce global warming emissions.
By late century, our #KillerHeat report projects that with no action, some areas will endure four months a year when the “feels like” temp will exceed 105°F. BUT, rapid bold action can drastically curb these extreme heat days. #ActOnClimate
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Aprovechando #oladecalor, @esanchezsanchez explica algunas cuestiones relativas a su definición, características, pronóstico, aumento o no como consecuencia del #cambioclimático #antropogénico, peligros, impactos y relevancia para el entorno y la sociedad. Abrimos hilo 👇
Una #oladecalor se define porque hace mucho calor durante al menos 3 días consecutivos. Ambas cosas a la vez. ¿Cuánto calor?. Mucho respecto al promedio climático (media de 30 años). Por tanto, se pueden dar solo unos pocos episodios cada año, algunos años ninguno.
En Inglaterra hablan estos días de #HeatWave con 30-31ºC (@metoffice: ), nosotros en #Toledo damos 43ºC. Hay muchas definiciones específicas (@crballesteros:…). Merece la pena consultar a @sarahinscience, Mrs. Heatwave.
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This piece by @dan_psyd is very good! I have a hard time with the "shut up & listen" advice because I am a loud, self-righteous bossy-mcboss pants.
Question: can you remember conversations or interactions about climate that changed YOU? Can you remember what "worked" about them?
I can go 1st. I learned so much from the leadership-by-example of @KevinClimate & @AliceClimate , so much more than from mere papers or conference talks. I learned so much from the questions of my students: seeing things from the perspective of their lives & integrity.
Their questions made me question my beliefs & attitudes & actions, as well as the role of my research and my role as a researcher.

Ok, Dan, you win: I get it. Open questions are an invitation to reflection & change based on internal integrity and wanting to belong to the best.
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Some #heatwave news from Europe.
Here in Geneva, tomorrow's end-of-year school parade for schools in the city has been cancelled. A lovely tradition where the children march through the city together. They have been working on their displays for weeks. 1/…
In this thread, @giulio_mattioli explained how his child's kindergarten in Dortmund, Germany, is caught between a poisonous invasive species and a massive heatwave - both driven by climate breakdown. 2/
Several colleagues in Germany worried about the schools and kindergartens not being safe for children in 38-39 degree weather, and having to deal with having kids in overheated homes - as well as not being able to do their jobs. 3/
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Thread: some facts on heat waves, as Europe is waiting for a record-breaking #heatwave this week.… At our local Potsdam station operating since 1893, we're set to break the past June record by about 2 °C! @sciforfuture @GretaThunberg @parents4future
Globally, heat records in monthly mean temperatures now occur five times as often as in a stable climate, i.e. four out of five such records are due to global heating! Coumou, D., A. Robinson and S. Rahmstorf, 2013:…
The hottest summers since 1500 AD in Europe were: 2018, 2010, 2003, 2016, 2002. Each summer gets one vertical line, the histogram (grey steps) shows how frequent summers were in each temperature interval. Updated from Barriopedro et al in Science:…
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Short lap. Check out the horn on that caterpillar, though!
I was gonna start a 🦆 party hashtag, but there was some weird stuff associated with that. Seriously, always check before you start a hashtag.
There was some serious jostling and splashing going on. My guess is it’s the feisty young adults, testing their feathers.
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An animation of the Heat Dome #HeatDome presently over the United States which is responsible for the heat wave. The dome appears to be pretty stationary and covering the entire U.S. land mass. /1
The animation shows a period from today till July 23 (a bit over a fortnight). And as you can see this Heat Dome is not forecast to depart. Below are images from the beginning and the end of the sequence. Today on the left, July 23 on the right. /2
The darkest red contour line shows the height of the atmosphere as 597 dm (decameters) or 59.7kms. The lighter dark red shows 59.4kms. The higher the atmosphere the higher the average air pressure on the ground. /3
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NZ was one of the only populated places on the planet yesterday where there were temperatures under 15 degrees celsius.
Another perspective on the global heatwave that NZ appears to be missing out on (which may well turn out to be a good thing)…
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