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"75 years ago, as the 🌍 lay smouldering from the 2nd global conflict in 30 years, a new project was conceived – a project born of suffering, death & loss, but also of hope, & the blinding realization that there is no future but a common future"-@DrTedros #UNGASS #UN75
"That project, of course, was the United Nations 🇺🇳"-@DrTedros #UNGASS #UN75

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🔴 📺 Watch now:…
#ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji addresses @UN General Assembly to present the Court’s annual report #morejustworld #justicematters #UNGA @UNWebTV Image
Referring to #UN75, #ICC President recalls that “the need for both the ICC & the @UN originated directly from the horrors of World War II” & both institutions share a common mission: “to achieve a world free of violence and conflict – with human rights for all” #UNGA
#ICC President Chile Eboe-Osuji: “That is the future that the ICC strives to foster. It is the future that assures that there will be accountability through the rule of law, justice for victims, when atrocities that shock the conscience of humanity have been committed” #UNGA
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Happy (belated) 75th Birthday @UN (#UN75)!

Actually, a correction: the United Nations is 78 years old...and it's birthday was not this past Saturday (Oct 24)

To be clear: the "United Nations" as a global "international organization" was formed 75 years ago this past Saturday (Oct 24).

But the "United Nations" itself is a bit older.
The "United Nations" itself was formed on January 1, 1942 as a military alliance against Nazi Germany
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"I’d like to congratulate the @WFP on being awarded the @NobelPrize for Peace today.

Every day, WFP does incredible work in many countries.

We’re delighted for our friends and colleagues at WFP, and for the entire @UN family. Congratulations to WFP and the UN"-@DrTedros
"Vaccines are one of the most powerful inventions in human history.

#Smallpox has been eradicated and #polio is on the brink, thanks to vaccines"-@DrTedros
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PM @narendramodi addressed the #UN75 virtually today. Key points from his speech:

•How long would a country have to wait particularly when the transformational changes happening in that country affect a large part of the world?
•With the changing times,if we don’t change,then the drive needed to bring change will also get weakened.

•India has always thought abt the interests of the whole humankind & not abt its own vested interests.This philosophy has always been the driving force of India's policies
•Any gesture of friendship by India towards one country is not directed against any 3rd country.

•India will not hesitate in raising its voice against the enemies of humanity,human race&human values–these incl terrorism, smuggling of illegal weapons, drugs & money-laundering.
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Today I called on #UNGA to lead a global push to connect everyone to the web. Here’s why.

Every year since I invented the web, its importance in people’s lives has grown. At the same time, the gap between those who are and are not connected has grown too.

Web access promotes and protects social justice. It provides opportunities that should be available for everyone. It contributes positively to almost all of the #SDGs — from reducing inequalities and driving economic growth, to boosting health outcomes.

Digital technology increasingly underpins access to essential services, including food, water, energy, and healthcare, as well as critical pillars of government and democracy.

We must therefore urgently work for a digital future that is safe, empowering, and includes everyone.
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#LIVE: #Iraq’s President @BarhamSalih: We have freed our cities of terrorism with the support of the international coalition. The fight against terrorism is not over and we cannot let our guard down #UNGA #UN75 Image
#LIVE: President @BarhamSalih: Plummeting oil prices and effects of #COVID19 mean Iraq faces major challenges #UNGA #UN75 Image
#LIVE: #Iraq’s President @BarhamSalih: We must combat corruption and corrupt individuals. Elections to be held next year should be transparent and fair #UNGA #UN75 Image
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#LIVE: Saudi Arabia's King Salman commends the distinguished work done by the @UN Secretary General @antonioguterres to raise the organization's efficiency #UNGA #UN75 Image
#LIVE: Saudi Arabia's King Salman calls for peaceful coexistence and solidarity between world countries and their peoples #UNGA #UN75 Image
#LIVE: King Salman says Saudi Arabia extended hand to Iran in peace ‘over the past decades, but to no avail’ #UNGA #UN75 Image
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HAPPENING NOW: President Rodrigo Duterte addresses the United Nations General Assembly for the first time in his four-year presidency #UNGA #UN75 Image
Duterte: The invisible enemy that is COVID-19 has brought about an unfamiliar global landscape and unleashed a crisis without precedent
Duterte: How we address COVID-19 will define the future.
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75 years ago, @UN was founded to unite the world to confront the challenges facing all of humanity. With growing inequality, climate crisis, #COVID19, toxic nationalism, and ongoing conflict - it is clear that the promise of the UN remains as important as ever. #UN75
We celebrate the @UN #UN75. Its humanitarian efforts have saved lives, it has brokered and kept peace in conflict areas around the world, promoted #HumanRights, and created & championed an agenda for sustainable development. #PeaceDay #GlobalGoals Image
But @UN's promise remains unfulfilled. Globally, #WomensRights are being rolled back, women human rights defenders are under attack. 25 yrs since the Beijing Declaration, & 20 yrs since UNSC Res. 1325, govts aren't meeting commitments to #WomenPeaceSecurity & gender equality. Image
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AO VIVO. O discurso do presidente @jairbolsonaro é exibido neste momento na Assembleia Geral da ONU e nós estamos checando o que ele disse. Confira os destaques no fio a seguir ou a íntegra aqui 👇🏽…

#UNGA #UN75 Image
@jairbolsonaro FALSO. “Nossa floresta é úmida e não permite a propagação do fogo em seu interior”, disse @jairbolsonaro na ONU. Dados e especialistas indicam que a ação humana, por meio do desmatamento, é o combustível do fogo que se alastra na Amazônia. Leia mais:… Image
@jairbolsonaro FALSO. “Por decisão judicial, todas as medidas de isolamento e restrições de liberdade foram delegadas a cada um dos 27 governadores. Ao presidente, coube o envio de recursos e meios a todo o país”, disse @jairbolsonaro. A Justiça não eximiu o governo de agir contra a Covid-19. Image
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THREAD: 75th United Nations General Assembly.

President Rodrigo Duterte is facing the UNGA for the first time. He is the 12th head of state to speak during the general debate. #UN75 #UNGA
UN Secretary-General António Guterres: Such vaccine nationalism is not only unfair, but also defeating.
Guterres: We need collective commitment to prevent downward spiral.
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#LIVE: 75th UN General Assembly session kicks off, and for the first time it is being held virtually with prerecorded messages from world leaders
#LIVE: #UN Secretary-General #AntonioGuterres urges the world to be prevent a #ColdWar and halt conflicts so it can focus on #COVID19 pandemic at #UNGA #UN75 #coronavirus Image
#LIVE: US President Donald #Trump says @UN must hold China accountable for #coronavirus outbreak #Covid_19 #UNGA #UN75 Image
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PM @narendramodi: 75 years ago, a new hope arose from the horrors of war. For the first time in human history, an institution was created for entire world. As a founding signatory of @UN Charter, India was part of that noble vision
#UN75 #UNGA Image
PM @narendramodi: It reflected India’s own philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, which sees all creation as a family. Our world today is a better place because of the
PM @narendramodi: We pay tribute to all those who've advanced the cause of peace & development under UN flag, including in @UN peacekeeping missions, where India had been a leading contributor
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"Today marks the 75th anniversary celebrations of the founding of the @UN.
75 years ago, the nations of the 🌍 came together in the aftermath of the Second World War to resolve that the only alternative to the horrors of international conflict was intl. cooperation"-@DrTedros
"Perhaps no crisis since the Second World War has demonstrated more clearly why we need the @UN than the #COVID19 pandemic.

We can only confront this common threat with a common approach.

WHO is proud to be part of the UN family"-@DrTedros #UN75
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The World Health Organization (WHO) is the @UN's specialized agency for health, governed by 194 Member States. It provides science-based recommendations to protect people's health everywhere.


WHO is committed to achieving better health for everyone, everywhere!

Healthy people can learn, work & support themselves & their families. When people are sick, they struggle & families & communities fall behind.


Thanks to WHO:
There’s a global standard-setting body to bring together the 🌎's top health experts to produce to make recommendations to bring better health to people throughout the world

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Remember one of those secret projects I said I’m involved in? Well, @UNICEF + @TheLancet & @FT Commission are partnering on @GHFutures2030 to explore how technology is shaping health and wellbeing for future generations.

And I’m working with them to help envision this. Image
We’re asking young people to imagine their own health futures. We want to know what mental health, healthcare & medicine, with artificial intelligence & frontier technologies, could look like in 2045. Youth voices matter, and we need them to be heard by world leaders at #UN75. Image
If you’re young (or have youngsters around you—looking at you, teachers!), what’s the biggest obstacle to your health? Climate change? Politics? Education? Join the conversation with the #MyFutureMyHealth hashtag. Go wild: Robot nurses! Wearable monitors! Flying Ambulances! Image
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1/#Thread #JustCurious: Why @UNHumanRights, @CommissionerHR, & international media are silent on Pakistan's barbarism and brutalities against Baloch people? Aren't Baloch people rights are #humanrights? CC:@Dunja_Mijatovic @mbachelet @BBCNews @CNN @ABC @abcnews #BalochLivesMatter
2/Are the Baloch nation excluded from the #UnitedNations? Isn't the @UN an organization where oppressed & victimized nations like Baloch nation: don't have any value, to have a voice for them?
#BalochLivesMatter #StandUp4HumanRights #BalochMissingPersons @antonioguterres @UN_HRC
3/ How come @UN is celebrating its 75 years and @coe 70 years of the convention on #humanrights; at the same time, Pakistan is genociding the Baloch nation for the last 70 years? #BalochLivesMatters #StandUp4HumanRights #HumanRightsForAll #ECHR70 #UN75 #SpreadTheWord
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#TodayinHistory in 1945, 75 years ago, at 3:00 am local #PH time (26 June 12:00 noon, at San Francisco, U.S.A.), the UN Charter is signed by 50 countries, including the Philippines, represented by Carlos P. Romulo. New BLOG here!… #UN75 As Resident Commissioner, C...
Context: In 1945, amidst the Second World War (#WWII), the bloodiest conflict in human history and the first true total war, nations under the Allies and neutral ones have come together for cooperation, dialogue, and shared action for peace.
A previous organization of nation-states, the League of Nations, brought forth from #WWI did not succeed in putting a stop to #WWII. Its policies conflicted, & at times its members put self-interest above diplomacy & peace. It disintegrated w/ the outbreak of #WWII in Europe.
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Did those who handed the Tories the election victory, betray Winston Churchill's greatest legacy?

75 years of bedrock #UN75
19th September 1946 (an abridged version)
👇?? Aug 2016
'The CLEXIT Campaign was inspired by Brexit
Clexit is spreading world-wide
(16 countries already)
'Clexit aims to prevent ratification of the Paris global warming treaty promoted by the EU / UN and their green army'…
EXECUTIVE POWERS to reverse decades of hard-won progress🤦‍♀️ that's democracy...he says (45 second clip)
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I really hope this is an April Fool’s Day joke...

Though I wouldn’t put it past the CCP and UN to do this to try to control the #CCPvirus narrative around the world.
And yes, it is posted on Tencent’s site.
WTF?! It IS real.

Here it is on the UN’s site:
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Here is UN "press" briefing room Inner City Press is banned from for the 553rd day by corrupt UNSG @AntonioGuterres, at 12:08. Before noon briefing, Inner City Press submitted 9 questions, on #DRC, #Guinea, #Montenegro, #UN75, #CoteDivoire SG corruption - thread
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Anon1KENYA @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @flashguinee @king22293276450 Banned Inner City Press asked January 7-2: On #Guinea & democracy / freedom of association, what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that thousands of anti-government demonstrators marched through the streets of several cities in Guinea on Monday
@antonioguterres @MatthewLeeICP @FUNCA_info @silas_atefor @Anon1KENYA @AdamShawNY @SaraCarterDC @kristina_wong @allimadi @flashguinee @king22293276450 @Petheofficial @AboubakarBah @Survie Banned Inner City Press asked On DRC and militarized Ebola response in which the UN is involved, what are the actions if any of SG Guterres on videos of a soldier snatching a baby from a woman into a white 4x4 with an Ebola response team near Beni, in late Dec?
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