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1/ There's a real chance that things will get even WORSE for #Labour in the coming months. Imagine #Starmer is fined for 1 or other alleged lockdown breach but isn't challenged 4 reasons set out below. Party wld go into nxt GE as a laughing stock with lame 🦆 leader...
2/ All sensible polling analysis looks at trends. It's now been confirmed that #Starmer has led #Labour backwards in the 2022 local elections. We predicted underperformance. This was easy because of the trend of by-election losses under #Starmer.…
3/ But it gets worse for #Labour. Under #Starmer, the party has consistently performed worse than it did under Corbyn (forget polls, think real elections). According to this trend #Labour doing worse in the nxt GE than it did in 2019 is a real possibility.
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🚨 NEW: In our latest episode of The Foreign Correspondent with @theelephantinfo we report on rising ethnic tensions in the British colony of #NorthernIreland, following a shock win by the separatist Sinn Féin party in #LocalElections2022.

African envoys have appealed for calm. Image
@theelephantinfo Anger in🇬🇧after plans by Foreign Minister #LizTruss to revoke deal with sub-Scandinavian Europe that allowed imports into separatist #NorthernIreland spark fears of renewed tribal violence and strain relations with banana-exporting US republic.
Far Northwestern former British colony turned disease-ravaged, ethnically divided, gun-ridden, oil-rich, banana-exporting USA Republic steps in to impose the easing of tribal tensions in flavour-starved 🇬🇧…
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After that shocking Lib Dem attack ad from Labour in #LocalElections2022 it appears there's an even worse one attacking the Greens, which was apparently doing the rounds in the West Midlands:

This is going to take a 🧵to unpick ...
Firstly we see the familiar attack from the Lib Dem one - that the Greens are soft on crime and on drugs.

It implies Labour doesn't want to reduce the prison population (the highest in Europe) or make any liberalisation of the UK's ineffective drugs laws - which is dumb.
Secondly, in attacking the Greens, it attacks two which are Labour policies as well 🤦

It is Labour policy to abolish right to buy. @WelshLabour has abolished right to buy.

Raising corporation tax to 24%. In 2019 Labour pledged to raise to 26%. Last year Sunak raised it to 25%
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This is right and has good advice for @UKLabour. It won’t be enough to get rid of this awful Government though and get the UK back on track. Here’s why…and what needs to happen next…
The #LocalElections2022 confirmed a permanent shift. Labour isn’t going to win back all of the ‘Red Wall’. London is increasingly politically & economically separate from the rest of the UK. Scotland is still SNP dominated. Opposition parties haven’t caught up & must change more
The Lib Dems made good progress. Worth remembering, though, that disillusioned Tory voters find it much easier to switch parties in local elections than in general elections. Their support is still fragile. They now need tax and business policies attractive to ‘soft’ Tory voters
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#BorisJohnson would be stripped of his Commons majority and lose nearly 90 seats at a general election if local election results were replicated.

#ToriesOut #VoteToryCouncilsOut
/2 Asked by the BBC’s PM programme on Friday whether Labour was giving any thought to a #ProgressiveAlliance, the shadow attorney general, Emily Thornberry, said: “We are going into the next general election wanting to win it and wanting to be the government,
/3 and being a government that has the majority of seats.
“We will have no deals going into that election and no deals coming out of it.”
But asked about the issue on the Today programme David Blunkett, a former home secretary and current member of the House of Lords, said
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Although the Conservatives have lost more than 100 seats in the local elections, this does not translate into total triumph for Labour, Sky News analysis shows.

Here’s the story of the #LocalElections2022 so far in charts 👇🗳
🔵Tory losses were felt most heavily in the south of England, in areas which were largely won by the 🟡 Lib Dems and other parties, most notably the 🟢 Greens.

🔴 Labour made ground in the East, but lost vote share in every other part of England apart from London Image
↗ This graph shows the significance of Labour’s win in Wandsworth, which had been in Tory hands since 1978.

🔴 Labour's victory there reflects its increasing electoral dominance in the capital - where it also won Barnet and Westminster Image
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The Conservatives have lost control of three flagship London boroughs as Labour further strengthened its grip on the capital.

Follow this thread for LIVE updates as the results of the local elections come in 👇

Oliver Dowden, co-chairman of the Conservatives, tells Kay Burley the party has “had some difficult results” but insists the party has made progress elsewhere

Oliver Dowden adds 'I do not accept that Labour has the momentum to form the next government'

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Paul Waugh: Will Boris Johnson replace #RishiSunak with #LizTruss?
A Prime Minister, facing plotters inside and out his government, gets a drubbing in the local elections. He then opts to reshuffle his Cabinet the very next day, in a bid to “re-set” his entire government /1
/2 and prove he’s still the man in charge.
Well, that’s exactly what happened in May 2006 when Tony Blair reacted to Labour’s loss of 319 council seats and the control of 17 town halls...
So, is Boris Johnson tempted to do the same in the aftermath of this week’s local elections?
/3 In some ways the parallels are uncanny with 16 years ago, not least with a Home Secretary under huge pressure in a “not fit for purpose” department,party chairman with too much on their plate and prospect of worrying losses in key party heartlands (especially in the south).
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It has been a bad night for Boris Johnsons Conservative party. #LocalElections2022

Now Local Conservative leaders across the country have told Boris Johnson to resign after dismal results.

Let's get into the story so far 👇
The Tories lost the flagship Wandsworth Council to Labour having held it for the first time since 1978 in a major symbolic blow.

Labour has also seized the north London stronghold of Barnet, which was held by the Conservative Party for 20 years.
They also lost Southampton to Labour and West Oxfordshire and Worcester to no overall control.

Dozens of Tory councillors have lost their seats amid public anger over lockdown-busting parties in No 10 and the cost-of-living crisis gripping the country. Picture: Reuters
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🔎 Analysis: "The Conservatives’ defeat in Wandsworth is a historic moment that speaks to the fracturing of Boris Johnson’s electoral coalition," writes @georgegrylls #LocalElections2022…
Wandsworth has been a Conservative stronghold for the past 44 years with one of the lowest rates of council tax in London. The leafy borough stretches from Battersea to Putney and was Margaret Thatcher’s “favourite council”
In an attempt to keep residents happy ahead of the local elections, the borough announced that it would live up to its Thatcherite principles and cut council tax this year – the only local authority in London to do so
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John Curtis on BBC: "Labour will be disappointed". #Election2022 "Labour isn't even on course to be the largest party at the next general election, let alone get a majority"
I thought I might have been a bit harsh on Starmer when I wrote this yesterday. Turns out a lot of voters agree with me.…
From polling expert @MSmithsonPB this morning: "Overall Johnson is very safe but I wonder whether Starmer is now the leader with the most to worry about". So it's not just John Curtice folks! #LocalElections2022
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I hate to say it, but it really feels like this is going to be a good night for Boris Johnson.

#LocalElections2022 #bbcaq
I've never been more delighted to be wrong, but at least I was taking a punt in the middle of the night based on evidence.

This extraordinary gaslighting from @Daily_Express, a rag that actually dares to call itself a "newspaper" really ought to be illegal.

#bbcaq #Leveson Image
@Daily_Express I mean, even the Daily Boris understands that the Tories have taken a real punishment beating at the polls.

*Nonetheless, the morons on @LBC are still making the story about the opposition leader being *investigated* over a clearly legal curry in the office.

#bbcaq Image
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I'll vote Labour when they commit to giving us a fair voting system.
#LocalElections2022 @UKLabour @TheGreenParty
In response to the predictable comments:

The Tories have held absolute power for 46 of the last 76 years despite the majority voting to the left of them in almost every single election.

That makes FPTP the most right-wing policy in UK politics.
And Labour currently support it.
So you can shout at me for using my vote to protest against that, or you can shout at @Keir_Starmer for continuing to help the Tories win LONG TERM.

Your choice. 👍🏿
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On this election day. A thread:

I have always sought to vote for the party that believes in truth over fiction. I've been an atheist for as long as I can remember, my sceptical mind has determined a lot of my thoughts today.
I seek to elect those who are of critical mind, sceptical in thought and will question narratives. It isn’t always possible and there cannot be a single party that meets all of our individual requirements, we each select the issues important to us.
When I was 18 & voting for the first time, I was determined to do my research. In NI, politics has historically been divisive; green/orange, based on religion rather than real issues affecting day-to-day lives. I don’t believe it should be this way.
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Fascinating time politically at the moment. As well as challenging times l agree. I have spoken to more #labour women in the last six months because @UKLabour discriminatory stance against women, i.e. Self ID of men to access women’s spaces. (1
These are elected members as well as ordinary members. I have had calls from ethnic women, bullied by ethnic men, white women bullied by gay/straight white men, ethnic men bullied by white/brown men etc (2
I am not a member of a political party. I am a floating voter. I have no dog in the fight apart from supporting the poors (my people). Yet they tell me stuff which is horrifying and not surprising. Stuff that would be illegal in other work places. (3
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Good evening Twitter, it’s election day tomorrow!

As a special treat, we’ve had a dig into our candidate database and put together some unique insights into the 21,000 candidates who are contesting seats across England, Scotland and Wales. 🧵

#LocalElections2022 #le2022
To recap: 200 councils are holding elections, including all councils in Scotland, Wales and London.

6,872 principal council seats are up for election - that’s 6,819 ‘scheduled’, plus 53 additional English by-elections.

(See our summaries for more detail)…
136 political parties are standing candidates across Great Britain - 79% are from the ‘big four’ parties.

(fun fact: there are 399 political parties total registered in GB).
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How to #VoteTactically in the council #LocalElections2022, thread 🧵

IMPORTANT: this is not an exact science, local information should be considered too

TL:DR if the councillor(s) in your ward are Tory, then usually you’d vote for the party that came close second last time

Is there a local election i can vote in?

Find out here:

Make a note of your WARD.

After you search, keep that page open. You'll come back to make sure of the candidate name to #VoteTactically for.

If there is a local election for you to vote in, start here to find who to #VoteTactically for in you ward.

Find your election here:…

instructions next

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Do you live in #Sheffield ? #sheffieldissuper !

If so, HAVE I got good news for you!!! 😊😊😊


#TUSC #Socialism #Socialists @TUSCoalition
Sheffield Hallam Co. Const.:
*Crooks and Crosspool MDW - Isabelle France

Sheffield South East Boro. Const.:
*Woodhouse MDW - Simon Jenkins
*Darnall MDW - Diane Spencer
Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough Boro. Const.: *Firth Park MDW - Alex Brown
*Hillsborough MDW - Joe Hibbert
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Sex in Toilets 🧵

How being inclusive of M in F toilet nearly cost me my life.

& how Josh Dixon @JoshDixonTweets of Haringey Liberal Democrats @HaringeyLibDems in Crouch End heard this & said M belong in F spaces if they are trans.

Please RT.
2/ I asked his definition of a woman.
Josh said he’s not a biologist.
I winced & said he’s also not a US Supreme Court Nominee… ]
He then said a woman is whoever identifies as a woman.
3/ I asked Josh how, as a councillor, he will protect girls & women in council-run schools and public spaces if anyone can self-id as a woman?…
I said I found M in F spaces distressing because of an attack on me many years ago.
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.@FreeNorthNow were founded in Oct 2020 to raise awareness of and to tackle regional inequalities in the UK, and to imagine and conceptualise what could be achieved if the North was unshackled from the dead hand of Westminster politics.
We stood our first candidates in the #LocalElections2021 - however at the time we were not a fully registered political party, and we had no formal infrastructure to support organised local election campaigns. 12 months on, we're in a much stronger position.
Along with the professionalisation of the internal functions of the party, we also have one of the most radical set of policy offers, in my opinion, being offered by any party in the #LocalElections2022 - and the feedback on doorsteps has been very positive.
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🧵 We talk a lot about building the #ProgressiveAlliance, but alliances on the right are alive and well, and much more successful.

In English #LocalElections2022, UKIP & ReformUK are only standing 1/4 as many candidates as they did in 2018, consolidating the right-wing vote.
Want the numbers? 📊

In 2018, UKIP stood more than 600 candidates. In 2022 they are standing only 17, with ReformUK standing 121 candidates, a total of 138.

That's a reduction of more than three-quarters.
In the 2019 GE the Brexit Party stood down in all Conservative MPs' seats.

Our opponents recognise the need for cooperation under FPTP, and they're doing it.

They're already engineering behind the scenes, enabling a 80 seat majority in parliament with 43.6% of the vote.
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Let’s get this clear.

#RwandaMigrationPlan has been labelled a breach of international law by the #UnitedNations

It also wasn’t costed. So, rightly, because of illegality & failure to cost - the #CivilService refused to implement. This resulted in @pritipatel issuing ….
…. a ‘ministerial direction’. Which means she personally takes responsibility for anything going wrong.

If it goes wrong & she’s sued the taxpayer pays the cost. The ministerial code is overseen by @BorisJohnson - so she won’t get the push as he wanted her to do it.

So, if it goes ahead, we have a breach of international law & the taxpayer pays for it & she won’t loose her ministerial job despite accepting personal responsibility.

On top of this, the policy would be checked out by @SuellaBraverman a lawyer. She won’t stand down ….
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