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Thread on the #RussiaReport post-release.
Despite common belief, Putin doesn't support getting a certain person or partie into power but only wishes to destabilise European countries. The best way to think about it is Putin has cemented his position by...
running a corrupt ganger state which has frozen him out of the international community this has created a perfect storm for Russia's economy so with Putin's ability to grow GDP limited because of sanctions ex...
Putin has decided to actively try and weaken the countries he sees as Russian equivalent's, the weeker the U.K. becomes the more powerful Russia becomes in Putin's mind at least...
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So many questions raised by this quote. Is it accurate? What’s its provenance? How were we ‘crushed’? Who was involved and what did they do? Where’s the #RussiaReport? Why isn’t the opposition demanding its release? Why kind of country would allow this to happen?
Also be interesting to know why the man this quote is attributed to had a cosy chat with Nigel Mosley-Farage back in the day Image
And Arron Banks too. What was he doing hanging out with a man who wanted to ‘crush’ the Brits?…
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A short thread about resisting the #kleptofascist takeover, with an added last-ditch family appeal. 😐✊🌹🇪🇺 #resist #StopFascism #RuleOfLaw
When the execrable Cummings/Johnson regime launched its attack on Parliament back in August, I was horrified: this was in fact a coup against democracy. Like thousands of others, I hit the streets to protest. 😖✊🌹🇪🇺 #StopTheCoup #resist #JohnsonMustGo #RuleOfLaw
As a historian with Asperger’s & misophonia, the idea of giant crowds is truly horrifying to me, and I’d much rather be quietly writing books in the countryside… 😐✊🌹🇪🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #autism #Aspergers #AutismStrong #resist
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Long, long thread, but please bear with me. It's kind of a 'what if' thread about fascism...

Now, historically fascism has appeared and re-appeared under different guises... with very different leaders... Image
... but it has one thing in common: it arrives as your friend - restoring pride and all that, so the majority don't SEE what the agenda is... ImageImage
... Fascism, in its broadest sense, has taken many forms in the past. But it's important to go back to its definition and main traits... in other words, it's not a case of 'well, I don't have a concentration camp on my doorstep, so all is well'... ImageImage
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Wow...look at who pops up in the ‘Active Measures’ video on Prime, @BorisJohnson - it’s #JackWakefield’s former boss, #DmytroFirtash! Wakefield is #DominicCummings’ brother-in-law & Firtash helps #Putin launder #Russian money! #ReleaseTheRussianReport

#Firtash is friends with #PaulManafort who was #DonaldTrump’s campaign manager - Manafort was imprisoned for corruption and fraud. Manafort helped to launder money in US for #Firtash and indirectly #Putin.

#ReleaseTheRussianReport ImageImageImageImage
#Firtash bought the Brompton Road Tube Station at the eleventh hour. The redevelopment of disused tube stations was a (flagging) project for #BorisJohnson during his time as Mayor of #London. Firtash came out of nowhere to buy the station, bypassing the bidding process
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A short thread on Tory rotter Cecil Parkinson, illustrating why the Conservative Party must be *destroyed* to save the country… (pic shows him with Mrs Fascister in 1983). 😖✊🇪🇺🇻🇳 #ToriesOut #cad #ToriesLie #COVID19 #Parkinson #rotter #ToryShambles
Parkinson was a chartered accountant, and made a pile of money from establishing Parkinson-Hart Securities in 1961. He then entered Parliament in 1970; a normal career path for a Tory obsessed with money & power… 🙄 #ToriesOut #greed #gross 🇪🇺🇻🇳
As is extremely well-known, Parkinson had an affair with Sara Keays, his secretary in Parliament. He resigned his Cabinet post in October 1983, when news of her pregnancy became public. 😐✊🇻🇳🇪🇺 #ToriesOut #hypocrites #liars #ToryShambles
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Boris Johnson is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the United Kingdom.

Thanks to @PreetBharara for the inspiration for this thread...
He's a proven liar

He is lazy

He's ignorant

He's a philanderer

He's racist

He's a narcissist

He's a cheat
He has zero principles

He doesn't listen

He doesn't understand or care about real issues affecting those who don't come from his elite class

He's a coward

He is financed & controlled by Russian forces

He won't #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
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Two things:

1/ Putin's 🇷🇺brexit bots are absent in the thread. Their job of conning you into voting for self-imposed sanctions worked.

2/ This is just the start.

We're all going to have to get much, much angrier.

#BrexitReality #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
It's not even a secret. This is what Putin wanted. And this is what is going to happen.

Are you angry enough yet? No. You aren't.

Putin didn't need to fire a single shot.

A virus uses your own body's mechanism to attack you. For the price of a tank or two, Putin bought the services of the corrupt and venal to lie to you.👇

You aren't angry enough yet. #ReleaseTheRussiaReport

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Who is Prasenjit Singh Kumar.? How is he connected to #Russia and #BorisJohnson is he a #RussianAsset .? What does he have to do with the #russianreport .? | Thread 🧵
More Connections Between #BorisJohnson Johnson and
#Russian Influencers Emerge #prasenjitsinghkumar
While Parliament’s Intelligence Security Committee report into Russian influence on British public life remains suppressed by the PM and his advisor Dominic Cummings, Byline Times has uncovered concerning new connections between Boris Johnson and a network of wealthy oligarchs.
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A thread.


British exceptionalism means that the propaganda organisation that has been in successful operation in the USSR and now Russia would never be able to influence UK citizens.

We know what we voted for, and all that.

One of the biggest Russian propaganda organisations is the Internet Research Agency - a troll factory in St Petersburg – spreading anything that will destabilise a country, or cause pain, hatred, and division.


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'@carolecadwalla was blasted for saying #cambridgeanalytica was involved in brexit

Cambridge Analytica took Leave .eu & AIQ ran VoteLeave side. Both funded by the Mercer's.

The Mercer's funded brexit?

Both companies, cambridge analytica & AIQ came from Mercer funded campaigns
But, let's also see the overdue report by the @ICOnews who were looking at the last of the #cambridgeanalytica servers they seized, which was hoped to be completed in Autumn just gone.
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Time to talk about Russia...

@BorisJohnson: now the election is over, when will the rest of us get to see the #RussiaReport? While Parliament is sitting, or Christmas Eve?

@libdems say #ReleaseTheRussiaReport…
Let’s talk about Russia...

My question to Boris Johnson

Qu: Are you most worried about evidence of foreign interference in elections and the referendum, or Tories’ close financial ties to Russia?

@LibDems say #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
Let’s talk about Russia...

Clearly too contentious for Tories to let us see the #RussiaReport before the election, so let’s see it now!

Sending back to committee is NOT good enough: blatant stalling. No ifs, no buts, we just want the truth.

@LibDems say #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
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At @BBCNewsnight I broke the story for TV about how @JWhittingdale failed to register a freebie for him and his lover who so happened to be a dominatrix - a word I had trouble pronouncing right
Our story was based on a brill investigation by James Cusick for @openDemocracy:…

@George_Osborne mocked Whitto at lobby bunfight, discussing Brexit models, "the Albanian model, the Norwegian model... it turns out that John Whittingdale knew them all."

Whitto was toast. In spring 2016 I worked on a follow-up story about dodgy friendship between Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash and Whitto. The topline: "Culture Secretary John Whittingdale faces fresh questions tonight about his judgment in accepting £14,000 in benefits...

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Russian Report EP3 | Susie Boniface: @BorisJohnson Russia links @KremlinRussia_E must be made public before the General Election this Thursday #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
The report @BorisJohnson is sitting on should be leaked by a whistleblower in the national interest. Voters about to choose the next government have a right to know what's been going on as after the general election 🗳 it’s too late 👇🏼 #ReleaseTheRussiaReport #GE2019
Since 2004, Russian trolls, service providers, security services and shady businessmen have been linked to political interference in 27 countries worldwide. #Russia
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How it is possible that @BorisJohnson is being investigated in the USA for potentially being compromised but nobody in the United Kingdom including the #bbcqt #media #Police have investigated this #crime #Brexit the #GeneralElection is days away #ReleaseTheRussianReport
The intrigue over a 'buried' probe into Russian spying deepened last night amid claims in security circles that it contains references to blackmail fears concerning Boris Johnson. #ReleaseTheRussianReport
One expert witness, who gave evidence to the ISC inquiry, has claimed privately to friends that he believes Boris Johnson was 'compromised' by a Russian businessman on a foreign trip in 2016
This is getting crazier 😱 #ReleaseTheRussianReport #GeneralElection2019 #GetJohnsonGone
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UK according to Putin - Nine Russian business people who gave money to the Conservative Party, named in secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy, suppressed by Downing Street Boris Johnson.
Oligarchs & other wealthy Tory donors were included in the report.
Suppressed #RussiaReport highlights illicit Russian activities in Britain by cross-party intelligence committee.
Some Russian donors personally close to UK prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Alexander Temerko, who has worked for the Kremlin's defence ministry, gifted £1.2m to Tories.
Alexander Temerko who has spoken warmly about his friend Boris Johnson.
MPs on the ISC, which conducted an 18-month inquiry, were also briefed on Alexander Lebedev, the former KGB spy in London.
Lebedev's son Evgeny invited Johnson when foreign secretary to parties. @GCHQ @NSAGov
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BBC whistleblower: BBC suppressing Russia stories

We all saw how @bbcquestiontime manipulated questions on #ReleaseTheRussiaReport, with the help of Fiona Bruce.

Fiona Bruce let @BorisJohnson not answer the question.

@Ofcom @Channel4News @itvnews…
@bbcquestiontime @BorisJohnson @Ofcom @Channel4News @itvnews 2/
John Sweeney is being very brave and has filed a complaint against the BBC with @Ofcom reference BBC manipulation on the story covering the #RussianReport

@bbcquestiontime @BorisJohnson @Ofcom @Channel4News @itvnews 3/
BBC investigations were also dropped into:
Lord Mandelson;
John Whittingdale;
Arron Banks;
Roman Abramovich;
Tommy Robinson;
Boris Johnson links with Russian oligarchs;
Seumas Milne links with the Kremlin.


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Finding it hard to stomach the absolute shamelessness of the Tory party’s cynical, frankly dystopian attempts to make truth (rather like “experts”) a matter of “opinion”.

It’s a Trumpian way of shaving off integrity from British public life.
Exhibit B.

“No one gives a toss”...

So does disinformation actually mean nothing? When Facebook and Whatsapp posts are used to deploy false information to interfere in elections, or crimes against humanity around the world?

Does the British govt not “give a toss” then either?
Exhibit C:

Turns out quite a lot of people in Britain actually do “give a toss” about truth and integrity.

Perhaps the govt should put the correct information into the public domain and finally #ReleaseTheRussiaReport.
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Boris Johnson is using his executive power to suppress the report into Russian interference in our democracy until after the election. Why? #releasetherussiareport #ge2019
The report is based on analysis from Britain’s intelligence agencies who approved it for publication following a long clearance process. Is Johnson suppressing it because nine Russian oligarch donors to the Conservative party are named in the report?
One of the nine donors is Alexander Temerko who has donated £1.2m to the Conservative party in the last 7 years. Though he now says he wants the report released
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This is a hungover #BorisJohnson, then Foreign Secretary, staggering back to London after a party at a Russian billionaire’s castle in Italy, April 2018. He had abandoned his security detail and appeared still drunk. 😠 #ToriesOut #Corruption #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
Does anyone really think that this disgraceful, unprincipled boor *hasn’t* left a thick trail of #kompromat in his wake? He looks compromised to me... 😠 #ToriesOut #Corruption #Russia #ReleaseTheRussiaReport 🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺
This is the Guardian article. Why did #BorisJohnson shed his security detail? What did he get up to that night? We know that MI6 don’t trust him - how compromised is he? 😠 #Corruption #ToriesOut #Russia #JohnsonMustGo…
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#Brexit IS about escaping tax + financial #transparency. Conservatives and their donors are terrified of wealth being exposed. UK govt HAVE NOT transposed EU's 5th anti-money laundering directive by the deadline. See here...…
The EU's 5th #AML Directive requires 'public registers of beneficial owners' of companies. Tory leaders since 2015 desperately tried to exempt UK trusts, crown dependencies + tax havens from this law. Will expose vested interests + tax evaders. Hence #brexit haste.
In fact they don't intend to implement the public registers of company ownership in UK crown dependencies fully, EVER.
It would be the end of them.

Other EU countries don't have such lax donor and registration rules so don't appreciate the shockwaves caused by 5th AML in UK.
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BREAKING: The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has launched an urgent legal challenge aimed at forcing the government to publish the report examining alleged Russian interference in British politics…

@carolecadwalla @bbclaurak @adamboultonSKY @jonsnowC4 @paulwaugh @PaulBrandITV @Peston @openDemocracy @nickeardleybbc @lawsocgazette We have written to the Prime Minister @borisjohnson demanding he uphold his common law duty to disclose this information of the utmost public interest. Read our full letter here:…
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Are the Daily Mail, Daily Express, the Sun and the BBC going to cover this because it seems to me people blindly supporting Johnson and his crew outside Twitter need to be informed on all this and so much more ? #ReleaseTheRussiaReport
I think the media must accept some of the responsibility for just how badly informed people are. Finally we are seeing some challenges to the lies and extraordinary claims made by politicians on Brexit and the economy and the influences on the dodgy referendum of 2016.
With some notable exceptions too many political journalists have put the drama of division and cult of personality above getting sensible and accurate information out to the people of the UK. Breathless cooing over tory psychodrama has turned politics into celeb “reality”TV.
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Here's @IanCLucas 👊 on @BBCNewsnight re: #Russian interference, laws not having been changed since 2016 and the time having come for @BorisJohnson and @michaelgove to come clean on their role in the 2016 referendum.

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