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In a blatant violation of SC ruling on services matter, #AAP govt in Delhi has started hounding a vigilance officer probing the Delhi #LiquorScam and the extravagant renovation of CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Bungalow #operationsheesmahal

1/n Image
Delhi Minister Vigilance Saurabh Bhardwaj on 13.05.2023, ordered withdrawing all works assigned to YVVJ Rajshekhar, Special Secretary (Vigilance).

2/n Image
The order was passed on the pretext that the special secretary was running an extortion racket and demanding protection money.

3/n Image
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#SupremeCourt to deliver judgment today in the dispute between Delhi Government and the Lieutenant Governor regarding who has the power to control civil servants in the national capital.

Follow this thread for live-updates.
#DelhiGovernment #ArvindKejriwal #SupremeCourtofIndia Image
A Constitution Bench led by CJI DY Chandrachud will deliver the verdict. It is a unanimous decision by the bench. The judgment is authored by CJI.

The bench will assemble after 10.30 AM.

#DelhiGovtvsLG #SupremeCourtofIndia Image
Full court reference to honour former CJI AM Ahmadi, who passed away recently, is going on now.

After that, the Constitution Bench will assemble to pronounce judgment in the Delhi Govt- LG dispute.

#DelhiGovtvsLG #SupremeCourtofIndia
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NGT Forms Committee On Alleged Violation Of Environmental Norms At Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal’s Official Residence, Seeks Report @AimanChishti #NGT #Delhi #ArvindKejriwal…
@AimanChishti An application has been filed against alleged violation of environmental norms in constructions at 6 Flag Staff Road and 45-47 Rajpur Road, New Delhi by PWD, Delhi. #NGT #Delhi
@AimanChishti In the course of development, permanent and semipermanent
constructions have been raised and more than 20 trees cut, the applicant told the tribunal.
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Gujarat High Court reserves orders in a petition by Gujarat University challenging direction to furnish copies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's degree certificate to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

#NarendraModi @PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal #GujaratHighCourt
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta for the University argued before bench of Justice Biren Vaishnav.

SG: There is nothing to hide as the degree is there in public domain, on social media etc. But we cannot be compelled to disclose the information.

SG: We cannot be asked to furnish the information to satisfy someone's childish and irresponsible curiousity. Also, it should be noted that the info sought has nothing to do with his (Narendra Modi's) role as a public figure.
@PMOIndia @ArvindKejriwal

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#PamphletExclusive #RavishKumar

Vlogger and Part-time journalist Ravish Kumar has reached USA to shoot a documentary but none knows the real reason for ‘Social Vlog Visit’

1/n Image
Flaunting his black coat and shades, Ravish Kumar has been measuring the roads of New York even though Indians back at home are distraught as none is left to ask questions!
2/n Image
Ever since the US mid-term elections began, he has been stealthily doing what he does best — presenting half-truths, controlling his urge to utter ‘KAUN JAAT HO?’
3/n Image
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What’s really happening in PUNJAB?

Born & brought up there & having lived through dark ages, I am concerned today, like every patriot.

Let’s start with d ‘perceived’ root:


We all know, the money, men, motivation & resources are coming from Canada. But why is….1/16
Canada doing it & why is nobody stopping it. You see, Canada is a toothless tiger. They hardly have any armed forces. They depend on US for protection so their geopolitics & foreign affairs are driven by the US. On their own they couldn’t dare take such a bold step of…2/16
becoming a hub for initiating an insurgency against a powerful state like Bharat. So who is doing it? Answer is:

US DEEP STATE!! That is the ‘real’ root.

The deep state of US nurtures Muslim Brotherhood (MB) & uses it to create disturbances in Middle East to then…3/16
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SHOCKING - Minister in Arvind Kejriwal Delhi Govt Rajendra Pal Gautam conducting Mass Conversion in Delhi. Listen to Oath being administered "Main Brahma Vishnu Mahesh Ram Krishna ko kabhi Ishwar nhi manuga.." What is Kejriwal doing in Delhi ?? #ArvindKejriwal #RajendraPalGautam
Hindu Dharam is equal to "narak" (hell). AAP is supporting such statements being made from its platform in front of its elected Ministers against Hindu ReligiOn
More excerpts from oath being administered "I Will never do Shraddh.."
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🧵 AAP Fraud Busted again.

This was #ArvindKejriwal praising #BhagwantMann ‘Qurbani’ for giving up Alcohol permanently.

This was during #Punjab election campaign.
Here is #BhagwantMann who swore on his Mother he will never drink again.
Now we know #BhagwantMann was deplaned by Lufthansa for being so heavily drunk in Frankfurt.
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EXCLUSIVE: Allegedly; @ArvindKejriwal the exchequer of Rs. 25.93 lakh in Stamp duty and Rs. 76.40 lakh as Capital Gains tax. Kejriwal got unaccounted cash of Rs. 3.8 crores.
@ArvindKejriwal CM Arvind Kejriwal sold plots through wife Sunita Kejriwal in Bhiwani. The market rates were Rs. 45,000 per sq. yard but showed transaction at lowly Rs. 8300 per sq. yard. Three properties sold. Two in the name of Kejriwal and one in the name of his father Sh. Govind Ram.
@ArvindKejriwal Gross undervaluation. Commerical plots on 100ft. road in Bhiwani. The cost of plots was Rs. 4.54 crore but grossly undervalued at Rs. 72.72 lakhs. @ArvindKejriwal got unaccounted cash of Rs. 3.8 crores.
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भाजपा ने सोमवार (5 सितम्बर, 2022) को एक स्टिंग वीडियो जारी कर दावा किया है कि नई शराब नीति से दिल्ली के CM @ArvindKejriwal
और डिप्टी CM @msisodia ने कमीशन कमाया है। Image
@ArvindKejriwal @msisodia BJP नेता @sambitswaraj ने प्रेस वार्ता में कहा कि केजरीवाल सरकार की नई शराब नीति से जो लूट मची हुई थी उसका आज खुलासा हुआ है।

उन्होंने कहा, "पहली बात ये है कि 80% का जो लाभ है वो दिल्ली की जनता की जेब से निकाल कर सिसोदिया और केजरीवाल ने दलाली के माध्यम से अपनी जेब में डाला।"
@ArvindKejriwal @msisodia @sambitswaraj "दूसरी बात ये है कि उन्होंने अपना कमीशन रख लिया और उसके बाद दिल्ली की जनता के साथ जो करना है करो, ये छूट ठेकेदारों को, अपने मित्रों को केजरीवाल और सिसोदिया ने दिया।"
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दिल्ली के मुख्यमंत्री @ArvindKejriwal का यह दावा फ़ेक है। इसके कारण निम्न हैं-

- यह ख़बर नहीं बल्कि एक विज्ञापन है, जो कि ‘ख़लीज़ टाइम्स’ पर भी भी छपा है।

- इन दोनों का लेखक एक ही ही व्यक्ति है जिसका नाम @Karan_Singhs है।

- दोनों तस्वीरों में एक ही स्कूल, उसी के छात्र हैं
- ख़ास बात यह है कि यह फ़ोटो दिल्ली के सरकारी स्कूल की नहीं बल्कि दिल्ली के मयूर विहार स्थित मदर मैरी स्कूल के बच्चों की है

- CM @ArvindKejriwal और @msisodia ‘विज्ञापन’ को अपनी उपलब्धि बताने के साथ-साथ ‘ख़बर’ बताकर स्वयं की ही पीठ भी थपथपा रहे हैं।
@ArvindKejriwal @msisodia भाजपा नेता @KapilMishra_IND ने ट्वीट कर यह जानकारी दी है। उन्होंने अपने ट्वीट में यह भी लिखा कि अरविंद केजरीवाल और मनीष सिसोदिया देश में भी झूठ बेच रहे हैं और विदेश में भी!

#ArvindKejriwal #AAP
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Before @NewIndianXpress broke the first story in any media that all is not well with the #DelhiExcisePolicy, there were a few things to take care of. Though @Shahid_Faridi_ had worked on the story for over three weeks, a response from #AAP was critical...
We'd mailed questions to the office of @msisodia, and waited three weeks, not wishing to run the story without a response. After we held on thru a series of dilatory moves and attempts to scuttle the story, the Deputy CM called us for a meeting. I personally met Sisodia...
If you can justify the excise policy, do put it on record, I said. But he skirted all specific questions, indeed seemed to take umbrage at the fact that they could be asked at all. "Could you ask such questions to Mr Modi?" is all Sisodia said.
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TIA Exclusive: Chief Minister of India’s National Capital #ArvindKejriwal is found to have #gulf and #western connections that manages his party’s various social media pages.

YouTube Link:

#ArvindKejriwal #AAP #Facebook
Official Page of #AAP supremo @ArvindKejriwal is found to be handled from a #Gulf Country #Qatar and #USA, which may lead to a security breach as the leader is involved in intricate politics. Image
Several top leaders of #AamAadmiParty are seen to be following the same trend. #Punjab Cabinet Minister for Info & PR, Housing @AroraAmanSunam has #Facebook page admin from #Canada, where supporters of #Khalistanimovement are at peak. Image
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E100 - 27th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#StateAssembly 2021 meetings: #Punjab, #Haryana among poor performers with only 14 meetings in a year

In 2021, 29 state Assemblies met for an average of just 21 days
KL (61),Odi (43) KA (40) Trip (11), PJ(14), HA (14), UK (14), & DL (16)…
#5GSpectrumAuction underway; 4 companies in fray for airwaves worth Rs 4.3 lakh crore
Billionaire #Ambani’s Reliance Jio, Bharti #Airtel, #Vodafone Idea & a unit of billionaire #Adani’s flagship Adani Enterprises are in race to bid for #5G spectrum…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E98

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread.

#aapKaNews #aap #News

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 #thread
#Delhi CM #ArvindKejriwal on Sunday said the Delhi government has made arrangements to set up a separate isolation ward at the LNJP Hospital for patients infected with #Monkeypox.…
Mr. #arvindKejriwal tweeted, “The patient is stable and recovering. There is no need to panic. The situation is under control. We have made a separate isolation ward at LNJP. Our best team is on the case to prevent the spread and protect Delhiites.”

#aap #news #thread
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Delhi High Court to shortly begin hearing PIL filed by AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj seeking inquiry by special investigation team into the alleged attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's house.

#DelhiHighCourt #ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty @Saurabh_MLAgk
Hearing starts before the bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Sachin Datta.
#DelhiHighCourt #ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty @Saurabh_MLAgk
Sr Adv Abhishek Manu Singhvi appears for the petitioner. ASG Sanjay Jain for Delhi Police.
#DelhiHighCourt #ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty @Saurabh_MLAgk
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Delhi High Court grants time till May 30 to Delhi Police to file the status report in terms of the previous order of the court in the vandalism incident at Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's home.
#ArvindKejriwal #Delhi #chiefminister
The status report could not be filed yet owing to the unavailability of the AAG due to personal reasons. However, Court was apprised today that the security of the residence of the house of the #chiefminister has been beefed up.
#ArvindKejriwal #delhi
It was also informed that a proposal to curtail entry to the road where the #ChiefMinister's residence is located is also under consideration and discussions are being held with the resident welfare association regarding the same.
#ArvindKejriwal #Delhi
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Delhi High Court will hear today the petition by AAP MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj seeking SIT inquiry into the alleged attack by the members of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha at the residence of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal
#DelhiHighCourt @ArvindKejriwal #Vandalism #DelhiCM
In the last hearing, the court had pulled up the Delhi Police for its failure to prevent the vandalism. The court has asked it to file a report on the security arrangement outside the CM's resident in a sealed cover.
#DelhiHighCourt #ArvindKejriwal @ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty
The petition will be heard by a bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla.
#DelhiHighCourt #ArvindKejriwal @ArvindKejriwal @AamAadmiParty
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DelhiHighCourt will hear today the PIL filed by @AamAadmiParty MLA Saurabh Bhardwaj seeking SIT inquiry into the alleged attack on Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's house.
#DelhiHighCourt @ArvindKejriwal @Saurabh_MLAgk #ArvindKejriwal Image
In the last hearing on April 1, the Court had remarked that it wanted to know that the Delhi Police was taking the matter serious and therefore sought a status report on the incident.
Read the full story here:…
The petition will be heard by a Division Bench of Acting Chief Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Navin Chawla.
#DelhiHighCourt @ArvindKejriwal #ArvindKejriwal @Saurabh_MLAgk
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#AAP 's 𝑲𝒉𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒂𝒏 𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 – 𝑨 𝒔𝒊𝒈𝒏 𝒐𝒇 𝑯𝑶𝑵𝑬𝑺𝑻 & 𝑷𝑬𝑨𝑪𝑬𝑭𝑼𝑳 𝒑𝒐𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒄𝒔 (1/n)
This is not new to many, but I thought of posting what has already been known to most of the people. Will try to keep this thread short and crisp 🙂 – (2/n)
HONEST political party #AAP is known to have links with three hardliner #Khalistani TERRORISTS, arrested from Navanshahar and Hoshiarpur districts of Punjab. These three have been seen as actively working for AAP during the assembly elections. (3/n)
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𝑨𝑨𝑷 – 𝑲𝒆𝒋𝒓𝒊𝒘𝒂𝒍’𝒔 𝒖𝒔𝒖𝒂𝒍 𝒔𝒕𝒖𝒏𝒕𝒔 𝒅𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑪𝑶𝑽𝑰𝑫! 𝑻𝑨𝑳𝑳 𝑪𝑳𝑨𝑰𝑴𝑺 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑻𝑨𝑳𝑳𝑬𝑹 𝑩𝑳𝑨𝑴𝑬𝑺 (1/n)

Since Covid cases are on rise again in Delhi, I thought of reminding people of Kejriwal's failures in planning & facilitating oxygen to the hospitals in Delhi followed by his usual politics of blaming Central govt while people kept dying of oxygen crisis. (2/n)
During oxygen crisis in April, #ArvindKejriwal govt said it continues to face oxygen shortage because of “INADEQUATE allocation and SUPPLY by the central government”. Not entirely wrong, there was shortage! (3/n)
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𝑰𝒔 "𝑨𝑨𝑷" 𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒍𝒚 𝒂 "𝑩-𝑻𝒆𝒂𝒎" 𝒐𝒇 𝑩𝑱𝑷? I think so and why I think so 👇 - (1/n)
First thought that comes to my mind is "Foundation of AAP”. Isn’t the placement of Kejriwal strategically planned and well thought of? Thinking who benefited from it the most (2/n)
Wasn’t it designed as an alternate to secular and liberal vote bank against Congress which BJP knew it would not be able to appeal? (3/n)
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