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Summarizing #BasicIncome @ $196B/yr
Avg cost $5,214 non-taxable

🆘20 Million Canadians
💰 Min $18,329 floor
🛑Perm Job Losses
🚑 Masks & Preventatives
🚑Essential Workers
⛑️BI Helps #CEWS by 📢#CreatingJobs
♿️#RaiseTheRates for #PWD

RT & #SpreadTheWord Image
How many Employers result in Permenant Job Layoffs because they can't commit to hours...

A #BasicIncome is also a means to protect these workers from loosing Weeks to Months of Income before they qualify for benefits. It's FASTER than EI. It's FASTER than Welfare.
How many mothers need to work 2 or 3 jobs just to pay the rent and bills? Sacrificing #FamilyQualityTime is not helping our society increase benefits of life by not having enough time for family outings, and experiences that can benefit creativity in the workplace.
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It's #BasicIncomeWeek! Each day we'll link to a piece explaining the pioneering, and feminist, idea of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

Start with @natalieben on how this unconditional payment to every citizen would have transformed the impact of the pandemic…
Today's piece: why UBI empowers women in less than 2 minutes.

A short, accessible video by @PagetKagy👇🏽

@PagetKagy A stellar panel to watch or listen to today🎧💻

A @basicincome_uk cross-party and international event about how UBI would transform women's lives, featuring Green deputy leader @Amelia_Womack!🌱

Not to be missed👇🏽
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Em matéria de hoje do @Estadao expressei que o caminho correto para as transferências de renda não deve ser tirar de quem pouco tem para dar para quem não tem nada. Temos que corrigir distorções como as que beneficiam os mais afortunados no Imposto de Renda com deduções.
A matéria é da @AFernandes e da @iditomazelli e trata de estudos feitos pelo Gov para aprimorar as políticas existentes. Falta ainda que eles sentem à mesa com a sociedade e o Congresso para pactuar de forma mais democrática possível o que deve ser feito…
Tbm hj foi publicado no @valoreconomico um artigo do @naerciomenezes s/ garantir cobertura generosa para crianças, o q vai na linha correta. Pena ter adotado o infeliz linguajar p/ tratar qm mais precisa de nosso país como aproveitador. Deveria experimentar depender de R$600,00
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How can homeless advocates, who TAUGHT US that homelessness is primarily caused by poverty, send out newsletters about increasing funding for vouchers aka means testing and in-kind resources, perpetuating second class citizenship and welfare slavery.1/
POVERTY IS NOT A LACK OF HOUSING. IT'S A LACK OF CASH. Need housing? Build more housing. But DON'T sit there and tell me that if most people had money they would still be homeless. The data just doesn't bear it out. Breaking fucking news: @AndrewYang ran for president. 2/
He and the #yanggang made UBI mainstream, so we can stop propping up the human service industrial complex. Yes, we like working "with" people but there are plenty of traumatized people out there who need help BEYOND just proving their worthiness to @HUD and housing authorities 3/
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I bet the government never thought about these when debating about Basic Income... what if until June 2021 #UBI had happened:

#BasicIncome #Canada #WhatIf #WhyDidntWeThinkofThis #OnlyInCanada
Most families would be able to stay afloat without the cost of borrowing, and by immediate stability it relieved the stress. Domestic Violence can be directly related to Financial Insecurity which increases the risk of increased Health Care costs and Justice system implications
Most families that have jobs if they did qualify for #BasicIncome probably wouldn't qualify in year 2. Especially if it was taxable income. However, the investment in the individual in one year can be enough to secure employment or higher education.
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@tribunemagazine This isn't the worst Left critique of #basicincome I've read. But a couple of things...
1. Universal Basic Services is just a re-badging of Left social democracy. Ergo, everyone should be like Scandinavia. Sure, that'd be great and requires enormous class power, etc, to achieve.
@tribunemagazine 2. UBS certainly doesn't transcend capitalism and isn't necessarily more radical than UBI.
@tribunemagazine 3. If you're an actual communist who wants to decommodify everything, including labour and housing then just argue for that.
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You don't just pay your rent once, it's due every month. That’s why we need monthly, recurring payments throughout the entirety of this pandemic and beyond, says @SenKamalaHarris on @theappeal. (1/5) Image
.@AndrewYang pays gratitude to those involved in the movement for a #basicincome, which has laid the groundwork for the overwhelming support for monthly cash payments we have now. (2/5) Image
Despite this support, there is no mention of automatic stablizers in the #HEROESAct. @EconomicSecProj Co-chair @nataliefoster explains why payments tied to our financial reality ensure that our economy works for all communities, not just those at the top. (3/5)
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Our new book 🚀🐌✊🏾 #Degrowth in Movement(s): Exploring pathways for transformtion

A dictionary of social movements and alternatives for a future beyond economic growth, capitalism, and domination. 📘Published @Zer0Books & with CC licence. Whats it about, whos in it? 👉🏽THREAD 1/
There have been many books on the concepts of alternative economies, on the #GreenNewDeal, a #wellbeing economy, #postcapitalism or #degrowth. But what about the practices?

How can the transformation of society be conceptualized? And how can we built alliances for this? 2/
Degrowth is not just a new term for an ongoing discussion on alternatives or a thriving academic research paradigm.

Its also an emerging social movement that overlaps considerably with other social movements – from #BasicIncome to #commons #unions #cooperatives #Feminism /3
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#Finland conducted the worlds first national #BasicIncome experiment and the results came out today.

It was found that the effects that a basic income had on #employment were marginal, but the other effects were substantial.
Thread on this:
Recipients of #BasicIncome had better health, less struggles with bureaucracy and less economic troubles. They had less psychological distress, depression, melancholic feelings and experienced less loneliness.
Recipients of #BasicIncome also had higher levels of trust in other people and institutions, higher confidence in their own future possibilites and reported better general well-being.
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Excellent piece by Valerie Tarasuk and Lynn McIntyre

Why #BasicIncome not food aid is needed to respond to COVID-19 food insecurity…
In the meantime, mutual aid groups, councils, charities, food banks, co-ops, pantries and faith groups have scrabbled to meet growing need. Hot food deliveries, food parcels, and more
At @CardiffFoodbank volunteers have helped people facing digital exclusion get appointments, ring ulitity companies, social services, organise shielding.
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INTRO - Here are my thoughts on basic income in light how what we are experiencing now.

Voici ma réflexion sur le revenu de base à la lumière de ce que nous vivons actuellement

(La chaîne sera reproduite en français ce soir ou demain).
1) Since the pandemic and the CERB payments, there’s been much interest for basic income… and also lots of confusion of what it is and what it is not. As I said in prior tweets, words matter.
2) First of all, a Universal Basic Income (UBI) is a basic income, but basic income is not necessarily a UBI. The “Universal” in UBI means everyone gets a cheque, regardless of income.
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How can we build a better #PostCoronial world?
In our new #longread piece for @openDemocracy, @NC_Renic & I offer a vision from Germany.…
Here’s a taste of what we propose (thread):
@IFSHHamburg #UnCancellingtheFuture #HamburgSessions
The #COVID19 crisis will be politically exploited, whether we like it or not - so let's make it for the better. We can’t cede this historic moment to authoritarian powers, reactionary ideas or conservative timidity and we can’t return to our flawed ‘business as usual’.
The scale of the response to COVID-19 highlights the degree to which radical change is possible. Germany and Europe should seize this chance to advance a bold vision for a better future. A more progressive, sustainable and just Post-Coronial world would have four key features:
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The city of @MaricaRJ has just launched the most ambitious COVID-19 response in Brazil and arguably the world. In a new piece @BostonReview, @LeandroFerreira and I discuss the #BasicIncome policies that made this possible and the lessons they can teach us. A thread 1/x
Here’s a link to the piece, in case you'd like the version unbounded by 280-character limits:… 2/x
Some 42k of the lowest-income residents in Maricá (pop. 160k) — who already receive 130 reais (about $25) per month as part of the city’s expanded #BasicIncome — will now be paid R$300 per month ($60) at least through June. That's 169 percent of the Brazilian poverty line 3/x
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1/n A little thread on the impact of #9baje9minute on the Indian #Electricity #grid @PosocoIndia @MinOfPower

From @PosocoIndia o data #India's #power #demand at 19:00 hours in the last three #Sundays:

29 March: 110632 Gigawatts (GW)
22 March: 125000 GW
15 March: 144258 GW
2/n #Power #demand at 19:00 hours on similar Sundays last year:
31 March 2019: 149361
07 April 2019: 150735

#lockdown has reduced demand by 35-40 GW primarily as a result of the partial closure of industries and commercial establishments
3/n In 2019, #residential #demand was about 25% of total demand but it likely to be 33% of the total demand today. So, a sudden change in #residential #demand is likely to have a bigger impact.
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@eddiechu888 @Delecarta @JohnHLee02 @scottsantens @AndrewYang @Noahpinion @paulkrugman @DeanBaker13 @Nouriel @erikbryn I have a few points to make.

1/6 The government represents everyone, not just taxpayers. The money the government spends is not "taxpayer money." Restricting government spending to tax revenues is a political decision.…
@eddiechu888 @Delecarta @JohnHLee02 @scottsantens @AndrewYang @Noahpinion @paulkrugman @DeanBaker13 @Nouriel @erikbryn 2/6 The amount of money the government can afford to hand out to people as #BasicIncome is determined by the capacity of the economy to respond productively to the new level of consumer spending.…
@eddiechu888 @Delecarta @JohnHLee02 @scottsantens @AndrewYang @Noahpinion @paulkrugman @DeanBaker13 @Nouriel @erikbryn 3/6 A #BasicIncome doesn't need to be "funded." By acting as a blanket tax on the whole economy, VAT actually *reduces* the amount of #UBI we can afford.…
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We need a #BasicIncome that covers shelter, food/necessities, full healthcare, education and communications. We need it paid out every week, not every month and we need it now. It must be accessible to every adult (which includes independent minors), but should be ramped up from
those with the least now in the form of actual payments and in the future can include tax breaks for those close to the need but not there. It can be paid with by taxing those who have more than enough in a sliding scale, with those who are making way above the need level (say
over 10 million a year), paying 95% of their excess in taxes.
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THREAD: What I'm about to tell you I only understand because I have a #BasicIncome already and it's hugely important for everyone to understand right now in this #coronavirus moment.

$1 ≠ $1

That may seem like bad math, but let me try and explain...
Many of us were already feeling financial insecurity prior to this pandemic. Every month was a matter of survival. Would you earn enough? Would you keep your job? What would happen if you lost your job? Would you find another? Would you go on welfare? Would you become homeless?
All of those fears and anxieties are now actually happening. It's real. People are actually losing their sources of income. People have no idea how long they'll be without income and what's going to happen to them. People are scared shitless and rightly so.

There's no security.
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Speechless. @MittRomney now supports Universal Basic Income it seems for #COVID19 epidemic. The world has realigned.

“Every US adult should immediately receive $1,000 to help ensure families and workers can meet their short-term obligations and increase spending in the economy.”
2) However this is not true UBI because Romney likely intends for it to be temporary for the #COVID19. But the trial run to do it nationwide will set the groundwork and logistics to be proven if and how it would be implemented. This is a big dramatic step forward
3) This #COVID19-UBI also unclear if funded by what kind of taxes, like VAT, or if it will just be printed by Treasury as a direct cash infusion. Can that kind of printing money cause inflation? Maybe long term (if not a tax) but unlikely in recession environment w/ deflation.
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14 countries have so far used some form of #castransfer and #basicincome program as #coronavirus response.

Here is what we know:

1. #Australia: one-time cash payment $750 to seniors, veterans and low-income people
2. #China: expanding Dibao program’s value and coverage for affected families

3. #Hong-Kong: one-off cash injection to all 7M adult residents

4. #Indonesia: expansions of e-food vouchers by 33% for 6 months
5. #Ireland: sick pay, illness benefit and supplementary benefits for workers affected by virus-related measures

6. #Italy: €600 childcare voucher for workers with children below age of 12

7. #Japan: ¥5,000 vouchers to those loading ¥20,000 for smartphone payments
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Very interesting that the US is discussing, and Hong Kong is actually doing, direct cash transfers to millions of people to stimulate the economy from below in response to the coronavirus. >> #COVID2019 #BasicIncome
This is exactly how a basic income could work, to "put a floor under the collapsing economy". We will just have to realize that collapses are not an exception but rather a defining feature of a global market economy.
I see basic income as providing a necessary infrastructure that is simply needed just like buildings, roads, communication, water, power supplies and so on in a modern society. No one can persist without an income today.
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The average American earns $1,400,000 in their lifetime.

So, if the average person had zero bills or debts and saved every penny they earned, they would have a net worth of 1.4 million dollars when they died.

Yet, some people have a net worth 100 million or more?
Call the looters out.

Stop accepting that this is okay and stop claiming the looters are in any way, shape or form, good people.
"A new study finds the median American household has $4,830 in a savings account."…
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I spent the past three days in #ThunderBay. It was a bit of a roller coaster, including moments which filled me with sadness and rage; and, moments of sheer awe and joy. As I head back to SWOnt, I wanted to share some thoughts.

Warning: this won’t be short.

On the flight here, I listening to the @CANADALAND series on Thunder Bay. It paints a horrifying picture of life in so-called “murder city” with the highest homicide & hate crime rate in Canada. The stories of racism and vicious murders of Indigenous people had me in tears. /2
On landing, the feeling of being In The North was immediate. I think it’s the spectacular, rugged backdrop. The majestic Sleeping Giant & ice-covered Lake Superior take your breath away. It's also the distinct sense that life here can be harsh. Colder. Darker. More remote. /3
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Paying for the #GreenNewDeal
#Thread 3

The Federal Budget, pt. 3
Rohan Grey @rohangrey

On #JobGuarantee logistics: If we can productively employ every 5 year old in a school, then we can productively employ every 25 year old in a public works program.
#GreenNewDeal #JobGuarantee detractors frame its innovative use of federal budgeting as a wild experiment to be feared. But the USA has a long history of experimenting with its monetary system. Actually, this experimentation is partly why we declared independence from Britain.
During the Civil War, Lincoln’s administration created greenbacks. Some called it crazy, and there was a backlash and retreat from those ideas after the war. But the Populists & William Jennings Bryan revived debate: "you will not crucify us on a cross of #gold."
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Some tales from the field, from #yanging IRL. I asked most people for 10 seconds of their time: “Have you heard of a man named @AndrewYang running for President?”
80+%: No
They all got cards & I asked them to check him out on their phones, later, when they’re bored. Many amused..
@AndrewYang Most of #yanggang can stop fearing interacting with people & just go do that. Google: “events in [my city]” this weekend. Or check FB & they’ll show you events your FB friends are interested in if you want to target kinda of voters. Not that hard. Hard part:commit 2 hrs to do it.
@AndrewYang has most of your literature needs. Or just meet up with #yanggang from FB groups. When I did I got an enthusiastic greeting & then 2nd they shoved literature in my hands & asked if I wanted a tshirt. So wholesome 🥰🧢
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