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Labour's defeatists are out in force today, following Saint Keir's latest affirmation that #VoteLabourGetBrexit is true.

1: It is open to the UK to apply to #RejoinEU any time it likes. Nothing prevents KS campaigning on that.

2: The EU has a fixed interest in getting UK back.
It would represent an historical defeat of Euroscepticism and a 14% expansion of their market.

3: Politics is about leadership. With the consequences of Brexit so real now, it is feasible to argue for Rejoin more effectively than pre-2019.

4: Membership of EFTA precludes
membership of customs union - it's not allowed per EFTA treaty. EFTA unlikely to admit UK on basis that it wants to leave again to join EU. Not an easy sell.

5: If you can sell SM to voters, you have sold something less beneficial than EU membership. EU is easier because it
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Thought for Follow Back Friday.

I'm still seeing people who are concerned about feasibility of #RejoinEU on the basis of misunderstanding the accession process.

1: it's a process. Not a request, to be accepted or rejected. Think less slamming door, more, please wipe your feet.
2: no applicant is ready to join when they apply.

Two whole stages, screening and negotiation, are devoted to identifying gaps with EU law, and closing them.

Accession can be thought of as the process of becoming admissible.
3: the first stage, the Copenhagen criteria and those in the TEU, is not an 11+. The EU likes to expand. Copenhagen was created to see if former Soviet satellites had really moved on. That they were democracies, able to withstand market forces, with ability to enforce EU law.
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I think the Tories/UKIP have a PR campaign running.

Their agenda is to engage anti Tory campaigns, make division over #ProportionalRepresentation, Labour, Lib Dems etc then split any opposition to the Tories to enable them to win.

It's very sophisticated. Looks like Emerdata.
The same #ToryCultureWars attack.. just in - movement.

We need to vet organisations to make sure they have no UKIP/RW roots like a number of #FBPPR groups I've seen

The litmus test is this: If they refuse to support #ToriesOut if they don't get PR pledges, it's UKIP / #FarRight
Like all effective #ToryCultureWars, they start with hijacking a worthy cause.

Our existing existing voting system of FPTP had been compromised by Tories and manipulated by redrawing constituency boundaries

However, Tories aren't supporting PR to make votes count, but to divide
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I think Angela Rayner should immediately apologise for calling Conservatives #ToryScum..

..right after they un-kill 150,000 people, #RejoinEU, pay £37 Billion back to the taxpayer, stop #ToryDonors avoiding £70 Billion in tax in the Caymans & give it to the NHS

I think Tory MP Grant Shapps is correct to say "there's no place in Public Life" for Angela Rayner calling people #ToryScum...

...Public Life is already full with #ToryRacism, #ToryLies, #ToryBrexitDisaster, #ToryShambles, #ToryCriminals, #ToryCultureWars and

..Boris Johnson🤦‍♂️
UPDATE: Angela Rayner didn't call Tory Cabinet MPs #ToryScum

She called them "a bunch of scum, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, absolute vile, banana republic, nasty, Etonians”

Of this sentence, Tories only contested "scum"🤦‍♂️

Homophobic, Racist and Misogynistic they accept 👌
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The @FT is reporting "Boris Johnson orders rapid fix to UK shortage of truck drivers"

So how quickly can we #RejoinEU?
@FT The sub heading read, "Prime minister said to have lost patience with bad press about fuel shortages and economic disruption"

You could read that to imply the PM is not as upset about shortages and disruption, as he is upset about the bad press about shortages and disruption.
This in turn begs the question, how much bad press does there need to be about dropping the £20 a week universal credit cut before our PM views bad press of that to be overwhelming, then change tack and insist the cuts are reversed 🤷‍♂️
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Now we can see the #BrexitReality of #BrexitBritain with food shortages and petrol and energy prices rising,..

..we need to unite with Voters who were lied to and tricked into this #ToryBrexitDisaster.

If we get together to end the Conservative Party, it's Game Over for Tories.
Happy #FollowBackFriday!

Lets network to fix this food & petrol shortage, energy price rise #ToryBrexitDisaster. If you are:

#GTTO #ToriesOut #JohnsonOut #ProgressiveAlliance #FBPE #RejoinEU #FBNHS #FBPPR

Follow me, I follow back

+ I'm building a group of volunteers @GOV2UK
You see opposition? I see Allies! We are going to unite and turn this #ToryBrexitDisaster around. All for one goal: #ToriesOut - Tory support is all smoke and mirrors, this is what really happened 👇
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#LondonMayoralElection2021: Deadline day for wannabe London mayors | London | ITV News…
So - #LondonMayor elections are getting closer. If you’re a Londoner, irrespective of tribal allegiances, this is an opportunity to make your point. It’s one of the few elections where each person’s vote can really make the difference. #BrexitSucks #RejoinEU
@LondonLabour I’ll be voting for @SadiqKhan because 👇🏽 You really should make more of the #Brexit #RejoinEU issue - people who always vote @UKLabour will vote for Khan whatever - but, personally, I’d like to see a landslide personal vote for #Khan as a gesture of defiance!
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How long will it take for the anger directed at those who warned of the impact of a hard Brexit to be directed instead at those who conned people into voting for it in the first place?
No amount of “believing more in Britain” is going to change the future economic reality. What will change that reality is for those of us who once argued for a rethink on Brexit now to provide an actual option people can vote for.
That option needs to be clear, inspirational and ultimately lead to Britain rejoining the EU. #RejoinEU
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1/ EU-AZ contract row: a disturbing episode.

UK Brexiteers appear to be using health & lives of other human beings to manufacture a situation which they can mischaracterise to discredit the EU, distract from HMG's Covid failures, and crush the nascent #RejoinEU movement.
2/ When the story broke, @nadhimzahawi already knew to frame it as "vaccine nationalism", the media unquestioningly parroted AZ's lines, @Peston eg producing a thread of pure, unattributed-source propaganda.

Eager Brexit supporters have taken to social media claiming ...
3/ the episode vindicates their view of the EU, which they use as a basis to regurgitate their most extreme hate-speech caricatures.

Let's pause to remember the coincidence with 100,000 UK deaths.

Let's pause to remember fishing, financial services, returned parcels, ...
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Well, we’ll, it is yet again #FollowBackFriday. So if you are #ProEU, will #FBPE, and want to, retweet, comment follow-back. Below is the 🚌 we could use in the campaign... Image
100 retweets - let’s keep this movement going 😊
...and 250 likes... #FBPE
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@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone I think you have missed the essential point that we have now passed peak Brexit. From now on only the disastrous reality will come at us from all sides. 57% already were Remainers on the day we joined. Soon a huge majority will hate Brexit. I expect poll tax riots response level
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Already the biggest vote winner, fish , has turned out to be a disaster. We’ve ended up with a FTA smaller than the UK itself. Gibraltar joined Schengen, Falklands shafted. UK regions never wanted It. #BrexitReality . #Brexitbenefits , there are none. #Brexitears from now on
@SpecCoffeeHouse @NicholasTyrone Remember too, this was a Tory internal civil war foisted on an uninterested country that they only won because of the #Austeridiocy policy falsely foisted after the financial crash. It was a protest vote. There are no benefits to Brexit. It’s a #ToryBrexitShambles .
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31 liars & hypocrites who facilitated brexit

Some are mad, some are bad

All are millionaires, some are billionaires

They’ll profit from UK companies failing, keep their money abroad to avoid UK tax and travel freely with their EU passports

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So after 4 years what have we learned #Brexiters?

1. #ShapeShiftingCreeps make bad leaders
2. Voting them in made you poorer & less free
3. Your children despise what you've done to their country and future
4. The majority, won't accept this gutter you expect us to live in now.
Remember when they told you there were no downsides to #Brexit?

Now they're telling you that trading with the US isn't important.

At what point do you wake up and realise these are the instructions for turning a country into North Korea?

North Korea is so successful, you can see it from space at night.…
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Short thread on @IanDunt’s interesting (and very good) line of argument on @OhGodWhatNowPod talking about the incremental approach to #RejoinEU: 1/
I have been a vocal and passionate opponent of a soft Brexit, BRINO, Norway, EEA/EFTA solution as I see it as unsustainable, democratically outrageous, rule-taker not rule-maker, worst of all worlds. It is all those things, but 2/
that works in both directions. If we go from full EU membership to BRINO then that’s highly unsatisfactory and unsustainable and will only lead to pressure to pull away further. But if we go there from a skinny deal/no deal Jacobin hard Brexit, the momentum is reversed. 3/
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The words 'fighting for the best #Brexit deal for Britain' is a complete contradiction in terms frankly
While others may take this view, I can't see the evidence behind it, after a lot of careful reading & listening. I will always be entirely pro our membership of the EU.
Which has brought peace, prosperity, security and freedom for millions. Nothing else can come close to political and social alignment with 27 other like-minded countries.
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**Public Service Announcement***

I've done a few of these announcements. Their intention is to make people aware of particularly abusive or dangerous trolls.......

#FBPE #StopBrexit #RejoinEU #GTTO #Brexit #BrexitReality #Trolls #StopBullying

Thread below.....
I could just block and move on, but then someone else will have to deal with it.
I figure its in the best interests of the Remain/Rejoin movement, and the British people as a whole to be aware of this guy, and block him now so you won't be subjected to his trolling later.

If we're all silent the cycle just continues over and over and over again.

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**Public Service Announcement**

Please note #FBPE #Remain #RejoinEU #StopBrexit campaigners.

This will be a thread..

I wanted to warn you all about four individuals that I've encountered on my travels and battles against Brexit..
The first is Roger Powell. First ancountered in 2016. Current Twitter account @E8Powell
Previous accounts;
This man is well known for abusing people, and thus as lost several accounts already. If you see him please REPORT (for violating his permanent suspension from Twitter for abuse) and block.
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As support for #Brexit drains away, the 52% support withered to just 32% and falling, the country's finances short by £130 billion (before #COVID19), and with a #NorthKoreaBrexit looming that bears no relation to what #VoteLeave sold...

Got a feeling #RejoinEU is going to trend.
Don't get me wrong. We have massive domestic problems to address first, and frankly, we won't win #FPTP without a historic alliance, and selling that is hard. (Do help though!).

But imagine being a #Brexiter today. Their win looks more and more like when a country loses a war.
On the day that the #VoteLeave regime set the clock ticking to the most damaging form of Brexit in January, resolve to lay the foundation for a better future:

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The case for #RejoinEU

A thread

1/ 11
We can be together with our neighbours and dear friends.

If Scotland gets its independence and we missed them, we can be again together.

2/ 11
We can again work, travel, study, retire without restrictions in more than 30 countries

3/ 11
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I see some are arguing that the economic hit from #coronavirus means we should now extend the #brexit transition period (or even #rejoinEU 🙄). They typically make up to four points – but none of them seem at all convincing… (1/6)
First, that it's now much harder for UK and EU negotiators to travel and meet in person. But so what? This is the age of video conferencing and the internet, and we can surely work around this... (2/6)
Second, that government energy spent on #Brexit negotiations would be better spent on dealing with #coronavirus. I have a little more sympathy with this point, but don’t we still have enough ministers, civil servants etc to do more than one thing at a time? (3/6)
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I do think this is a possibility (see my earlier thread).

But make no mistake about it. You and me..and NI will pay dearly for this, if this is indeed the planned modus operandi.
One of the reasons I think it perfectly possible the Gov is testing the water about whether they can get away with this is because they keep repeating this intention despite numerous corrections.

Meanwhile Labour.

Corbyn whinges about not deporting Assange. (“Not fair”)
Starmer, considered Labour’s best chance says there are no leavers or Remainers; there is no #RejoinEU

And Labour members who disagree and think EU membership best wring their hands saying “What can we do. We have to win the election”.

Winning a tiny battle & losing the war.
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