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International Affairs /1-1
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
Myanmar's Generals
Run A Nearly Sanction-Proof
Long Before Seizing Control
Of The Streets
by @oanhha @jwf825
& Khine Lin Kyaw
MAY 11, 2021
International Affairs /1-2
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- Area : 676.5K km²
- Population : 53.6 M
- Capital : #Naypyidaw
largest city : #Yangon
- #Bamar 68%
- #Shan 9%
- #Buddhism 88%
- #Christianity 6.2%
- #Islam 4.3%
#Burmese Image
International Affairs /1-3
#Myanmar #Burma 🇲🇲
- GDP (PPP) : US$355 B
Per capita : US$6.7 K
- #InformalEconomy :
one of the biggest in the world
- Rich in precious stones :
#Rubies 90% of world's
#Sapphires #Pearls #Jade
- #Tourism
- #Agriculture Image
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#Thread about #Burma #BurmeseArmy #Burmese :

A good year has passed since Aung San Suu Kyi defended the generals at the International Court of Justice against the genocide allegation.…
It was a strange moment that shook heads all over the world: mass murderer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate in the same boat.

Now the "Lady" herself is in custody and is on trial.
The bloody persecution of alleged communists under the Suharto regime killed around half a million Chinese in the mid-1960s.
But even today those "events" are largely taboo in Indonesia.
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Update: I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a message from my sister. As expected, it’s been absolutely brutal. They shot into her house. And are in her street. The military is shooting randomly at any sign of life, trying to scare people into the streets 1/
In the streets, they will be arrested, shot or killed. My sister said someone in her neighborhood was killed and two of her friends were arrested. She is still safe but they are lying on the floor to avoid being seen because the military is still outside in the street. 😢 2/
As of a couple of hours ago over 150 have died just today. I’m sure it’s more now. Please continue to pray for her and her mom, the people and the country as they undergo this terrible violence and humanitarian crisis. 3/
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How Does The #Myanmar #Coup affect #Rohingya? [An Explainer Thread]

Approximately 600,000 #Rohingya remain in #Burma - more than a quarter reside in concentration-like IDP camps and the majority of the rest live in daily fear of new and ongoing violence against them.
How Does The #Myanmar #Coup affect #Rohingya?

The #military #coup could see the #Rohingya facing the backlash once again as it is the same military and leaders that were responsible for #genocide in 2017.
Also they will continue to be excluded from future democratic processes
How Does The #Myanmar #Coup affect #Rohingya?

For the #Rohingya now in #Bangladesh - more than 1million, any potential #repatriation will be halted. The #Burma #military have no intention of accepting back the #Rohingya
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NEW: A week ahead of #Election2020 @facebook announces takedown of 3 networks, 2 of which targeted the #UnitedStates

One operated from #Mexico #Venzuela w/individuals posing as Americans supporting various social/political causes

2nd originated in #Iran…
Network operating from #Mexico #Venzuela involved 2 Facebook pages & 22 @instagram accounts, per @Facebook

It began in April 2020 using "fake accounts to create fictitious personas and post content"
Topics included: humor, race relations / racial injustice, feminism / gender relations, environmental issues & religion

"A small portion of this content included memes posted by the #Russia|n Internet Research Agency (IRA) in the past" per @Facebook
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