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"Much of Belanger’s ideology and plotting, the memo says, is based around a desire to lessen the number of nonwhite Americans and to rape “white women to increase the production of white children.”

(traduction): "tuer des non-blancs, et violer des F blanches"

A propos du groupe néonazi "rapekrieg"..
(leurs "stickers" Télégram sont toujours diponibles sur le web et comprend celui-ci appellons les violeurs à "mobiliser" 😳)
Leur Telegram semble supprimé, mais en 2019, ils vantaient les mérites de l'application pour les suprémacistes blanc (dans ce texte violemment antisémite et misogyne)… Image
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Listen 2 the testimonials n this interview. If nothing else, look at the 26 min mark... recognize John Sullivan? U had 'organized' groups, at a minimum #Antifa (self-admitted, too) #Boogaloo & #BLM. FBI confirms monitoring groups beforehand; did nothing.…
Review this video and the one in the thread above it (click into the thread). Btw, Trump supporters don't wear backpacks carrying weapons, gas masks, & tools with built-in comms for coordination.
Part 2, Infiltration: I think Rudy conflates & confuses #Antifa #BLM, but they do co-partner & crossover. Also, misses 3rd, organized advance team, Boogaloo. Notice the insiders (cops/undercover operatives). Review the timeline, testimonials & confessions.…
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Happening now: @HomelandDems @HomelandGOP hearing on worldwide threats to the homeland

Chair @BennieGThompson slams @DHSgov acting director @DHS_Wolf for not showing up, accusing him of reneging on a commitment while having time "for no fewer than 4 appearances on Fox News"
.@HomelandDems Chair @BennieGThompson says @DHS_Wolf is ignoring a subpoena by not showing up
"We continue to face grave threats to the homeland, including the rise of domestic terrorism, ongoing foreign interference in the 2020 elections & a #coronavirus pandemic" per @BennieGThompson "As the person running the Dept of Homeland Security, Mr. Wolf should be here"
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I haven't seen any news stories about this, but @nsarwark reports that the @LPNational #Libertarian presidential candidate @Jorgensen4POTUS / VP candidate @RealSpikeCohen will be on the ballot in all 50 states plus DC. Image
This is actually @Jorgensen4POTUS's second time on every single American presidential ballot.

In 1996, she was the Libertarian Party's VP nominee, and the party also had blanket ballot access then.

See my interview with Dr. Jorgensen here:

I haven't yet had a chance to interview Libertarian VP nominee @RealSpikeCohen myself yet, but for an idea of what he brings to the ticket, here's a video shot by @SCWKorsgaard for @N2Sreports of him speaking at a #BlackLivesMatter / #Boogaloo rally.

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Uit 300 gelekte politiedocumenten blijkt volgens @theintercept dat de extreemrechtse #boogaloo boys een grotere dreiging vormde tijdens BLM-protesten dan #antifa. Twee veiligheidsbeambten werden gedood door aanvallers gelieerd aan deze anarchistische club…
Ik gebruikte de kwalificatie 'anarchistisch' (=het afwijzen van centraal gezag) omdat boogaloo boys anti-overheid zijn. 'Anti-overheid' of 'libertair', was een betere omschrijving geweest (om verwarring tussen deze extreemrechtse militia en socialistisch anarchisme te voorkomen).
Echter: "There are also 'a few apparent anarchists", including some self-identified "anarchists'. J. MacNab, a George Washington University fellow researching anti-government extremist groups said that 'most boogaloo members are libertarian anarchists'.…
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PHOTOS: Today armed #Boogaloo & militia activists marched throughout Richmond, VA to protest against gun control.

They were organized by Mike Dunn, who leads the "Virginia Militia."

Today is a special legislative session in Richmond, but gun control isn't a planned subject. ImageImageImageImage
The protest ended up next to Richmond's Siegel Center where the special legislative session was taking place.

The armed activists would use the subway across the street as a place to cool down.

This felt like a distinctly "only in America" kind of photoset. ImageImageImageImage
HD video: Today the "Virginia Militia" brought out about 100 activists to march through Richmond to protest against gun control.

Chants of "Virginia will not fall!" filled the street for a few miles, from the capital to the Science Museum.
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On Saturday, Boogaloo activists, Black Lives Matter activists, and Black Panthers gathered in Richmond, Virginia for a rally against gun control.

Libertarian Party @LPNational VP Candidate @RealSpikeCohen spoke at the event.

Photos/Vid in thread by @SCWKorsgaard for @N2Sreports ImageImageImage
"We can't say that all lives matter until we show that Black lives matter," said @LPNational VP candidate @RealSpikeCohen. "We can't show that #BlackLivesMatter until we get rid of the gun control laws that make it so hard for y'all to defend your lives in the first place."
Asking for their vote, @RealSpikeCohen told the crowd that he and @Jorgensen4POTUS would "end the war on guns... end the war on drugs, and end qualified immunity and end civil asset forfeiture, and end no-knock raids, and end cash bail, and end mandatory minimum sentencing."
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On Saturday night, a coalition of anti-racist groups marched through Richmond, VA in solidarity with protesters who are clashing with federal forces in Portland.

The group faced tear gas as fires were set throughout the city.

Video in thread by @SCWKorsgaard for @N2Sreports.
Interestingly, some of the group carried firearms, and two of the activists at the front of the march appear to be part of the #Boogaloo movement.

One is Mike Dunn, who led a rally on July 4 in Richmond that drew some Black Lives Matter activists in alliance.
It doesn't sound like the entire group was fine with including Boogaloo activists. Although my contributor didn't capture this moment, @GoadGatsby reports that some chanted "fuck Mike Dunn."

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Big thread: Today a heavily armed coalition of activists including right-wingers, "boogaloo bois," Proud Boys, a self-proclaimed "New Black Panther" and militia groups converged for a rally against laws mandating people wear masks for #COVID19 spread prevention.
A coalition of leftists including #BlackLivesMatter and #Antifa showed up to counter-demonstrate. Police formed a line between the two sides.
I'll dive into this more with video in this thread (which takes longer, be patient!), but when police split right-wingers from leftists, the "#BoogalooBoys" largely stood in the middle or on the leftist side.

Some right wingers condemned them as "siding with the left."
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Good morning from Columbus Ohio.

Today militia, conservative, and #boogaloo activists are gathering at the state house for an armed rally against mandatory masking and business closures during #COVID19.

I’ll be providing live coverage including livestream once things start. Image
The anti-maskers plan to march in a half hour, and their actual event doesn’t start for almost two more hours, but a car full of #BlackLivesMatter protesters has already arrived as well.
Still not too many people here, but here’s the obligatory “there’s a guy doing sword open carry” photo. Image
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Today armed Black Lives Matter and "boogaloo" protesters joined forces for an open carry rally against police violence and government overreach. I'll have HD video up ASAP, but here are some photos I snapped today.

Betcha didn't see this on cable news today.
I'll use video in addition to the livestream to try to detail what happened, but a handful of white nationalist-type activists showed up. (such as 1st and 2nd from left in this photo)

Boogaloo and BLM people chanted "white supremacy sucks" and condemned them.
I have another story I'm about to cover, so I'll be doing more in depth video later, but I wanted to post some HD clips on this incident:

"How many racists do I see here?" asked a speaker. Three raised their hands.
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Ok so stay with me here because this is going to be detailed. Through the course of reading several deep looks into #QAnon and #Boogaloo I found myself looking at their arguments in support of @realDonaldTrump. I followed this link to the President's "promises kept"
2/ This can be found here.

Reading though these it became clear that they needed to be discussed. I'm only one person and this is just Twitter so I will omit some bullet points but the link is provided for full context. I'm going to go point by point
The economy.
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💥There it is >> Right-wing extremist ‘Boogaloo’ group suspected in killing of SF Bay Area police.

The far-right domestic terrorists were NOT part of the #BlackLivesMatter protests, but took advantage of them to carry out attacks to provoke civil war in America, officials said.
“This needs to be nationwide”—#Boogaloo right-wing extremists plotted on @Facebook to exploit #BlackLivesMatter protests to further cause of CIVIL WAR 2.0. One cop killed in Santa Cruz; another in Oakland.

THREAD on indictment ⬇️ #FarRightTerrorism
@Facebook Indictment shows murder of police by right-wing Boogaloo extremists was NOT linked to #BlackLivesMatter protests.

⬇️@nycsouthpaw THREAD notes DHS @KenCuccinelli, Evangelical @Franklin_Graham, @HouseGOP, @Jim_Jordan, even @CBSNews were wrong,

Correct the misinformation pls.
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¿Os acordáis cuando me sentía agobiado porque no daba abasto guardando enlaces a artículos, análisis y documentos sobre las consecuencia geopolíticas y económicas de la pandemia? Pues ya no ha que preocuparse. Ahora es el momento de prestar atención al concepto #Boogaloo
La cosa arranca con una película de 1984: "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo", una secuela estrenada a toda prisa para aprovechar el tirón de la primera. Pasaría a la historia como arquetipo de secuela que es una sombra de la original.
La expresión "Electric Boogaloo" se usaría como broma, añadiéndolo al título de algo para denotar que es una secuencia carente de las valores de la original y realizada con menos empeño. Y de ahí su salto a meme.
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1/ The quarantine is a cultural and political experiment: We're seeing just how quickly the U.S. can be dissolved. #ProtestLockdown…
2/ If Americans stand down, the U.S. openly becomes a surveillance state overnight. LA and NYC mayors are already pushing out 'comfort' 🍼videos telling residents to activate themselves as surveillance extensions of the state. #ProtestTheLockdown

3/ Google, often first in helping authoritarian rule boot stomp a population, has also risen to the occasion along with Apple. Watch this tweet for a sub-thread on how Google and Apple help nations crush its civilian population.
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Today's series of tweets from Trump targeting states where anti-COVID-19-restriction protests have occurred -- accompanied by red-capped crowds bearing Trump banners -- are wink-and-nudge signals to the #Boogaloo crowd. This one especially.
Remember what happened in January. The fight in Virginia is occurring in rural counties where sheriffs and local officials have bought into "constitutionalist" nonsense.…
Those militiamen on the capitol steps in Lansing are all part of the same phenomenon. And as @jason_a_w explains, these crowds are being financed with mainstream GOP and right-wing "dark money" support.…
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The hashtags #Virginia2A and #VirginiaRally have taken off the last few days (Jan 15th - Jan 18th) in anticipation of a planned gun rights rally in Richmond, Virginia. We took a look at the tweets.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote The first use of #Virginia2A appears to be a Nov 9 reply from @guzperez2020 to @Lrihendry. (We omitted earlier off-topic uses of #VirginiaRally from this analysis.) One of the early adopters (@DcDied320) has a🐻emoji in their name, which we've seen before. . .
@ZellaQuixote @Lrihendry @Dcdied320 The 🐻 emoji is used by supporters of alt-right comedian/livestreamer Owen Benjamin, known as "bears" or "unbearables." A total of 20 of the accounts using #Virginia2A/#VirginiaRally have this emoji in their profile.
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Right-wing Twitter accounts have appropriated the term "Boogaloo" to refer to a hypothetical second US civil war, possibly sparked by gun regulations. We dug into their usage of the hashtags #Boogaloo and #Boogaloo2020.

cc: @ZellaQuixote
@ZellaQuixote We downloaded tweets containing either #Boogaloo or #Boogaloo2020 and removed early non-political tweets. Volume has been slowly rising since March 2019, and spiked abruptly during/after a Nov 23 standoff between police and an armed suspect in Mahopac, NY.…
@ZellaQuixote The first Twitter account to use #Boogaloo in a civil war/anti-gun law sense appears to be @Fly_guyfishy, in a March 28 reply to @NRA. The first to gain significant traction was @AP4Liberty, who felt the need to tweet about not being banned for a previous gun-related tweet.
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