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#COP25 #COP25Madrid
As nations across the globe gathered for the 25th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Spain, Madrid with various expectations and agendas. #COP25 #COP25Madrid
The Honourable Minister of @FMEnvng @DrMuhdMahmood has tasked Nigeria delegates to the Convention to actively engage in International Climate Policy Negotiations that will facilitate the realisation of Nigeria Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).
#COP25Madrid #COP25
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¿Qué hay tras la adolescente sueca @GretaThunberg, esa "heroína juvenil"que llama a combatir el cambio climático y que recientemente lanzó la convocatoria mundial #FridayForFuture? No es todo tan espontáneo como parece. [Hilo informativo] 👇👇👇
La figura de Thunberg como "activista" se construye mediante una campaña de marketing lanzada en 2018 desde Estocolmo por la fundación privada "We Don't Have Time" (@WeDontHaveTime0), cuya junta está conformada por personas vinculadas al mundo empresarial.
Se trata de una fabricación mediática con un guión planificado: La prensa le da notoriedad mundial difundiendo masivamente sus intervenciones en 2018 en la Cumbre del Clima de Naciones Unidas (#COP24) en #Katowice y en 2019 en el Foro Económico Mundial de #Davos.
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Following #cop24, check the storylines we derived in the @IPCC_CH #SR15 report for possible futures at a) +1.5°C without overshoot, b) +2°C, and c) +3°C. They start in 2020, when the #ParisAgreement comes into force. We have 2 critical years ahead.…
For full report (still proofs version), see:… (checked with @anna_pirani that it was ok to share the text of the storylines here!). @valmasdel
These storylines were developed with @JoeriRogelj, Roland Seferian @meteofrance, Myles Allen @ecioxford, Marcos Bruckeridge, @kristie_ebi, @oveHG, Richard Millar, Tony Payne @Bristol_Glac, @PetraTschakert, Rachel Warren @TyndallCentre, @NevilleREllis, Richard Wartenburger @eth.
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THREAD - #COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /1
#COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /2
#COP24 #COP24Katowice

We're not just fighting #climatechange; we're working on "a world that works for everyone." /3
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Negotiatiobs are still goint, but im just getting home from #Cop24 now...

So proud of @DeSmogUK @DeSmogBlog at this one. We went with a solid idea of what we wanted to do and delivered.

Full list of stories here

Some highlights ->
In week 1, @ChloeFarand highlighted how a Just Transition was finally at the heart of the discussions. The backdrop of a coal town and the #gilletjaune really focused minds, For what felt like the first time in 24 attempts...…
There was also a heavy police presence at the talks, but that didn't stop around 1000 turning out for the #climatemarch and actions taking place throughout the talks. @DeSmogUK tried to be there for them all...…
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Scientists called for ‘unprecedented’ action. But the global climate talks aren’t built for that…
2. Some key insights in this story by @brady_dennis and @griffwitte ....
3. For some time, climate change wonks have known that it is extremely hard to hold warming to a rise of just 1.5 degrees C (2.7 F) when we've already had a rise of 1 C. And in the 2015 Paris climate agreement, this was mentioned more as an aspiration than an agreed upon target.
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1/ Things are different at this year's U.N.'s climate talks, and it's because of (A) something that very nearly didn’t happen three years ago, and (B) science.

A thread.
#COP24 #COP24Katowice
2/ Ever since the 1970s, scientists and diplomats have focused on trying to keep the planet’s average temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees C (that’s 3.6 F, for us Americans.) Here's a great @nytimes story on this history if you're interested.…
3/ But over the years it started to look like even 2 degrees might screw places that are especially exposed to a changing climate, places like the Marshall Islands (here's a plug for @michellemizner's and my @frontlinepbs interactive doc about that).…
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A reminder: the U.S. is actually still in the Paris #climate agreement. Here's how a withdrawal would actually happen #cop24…
2. Article 28 of the Paris agreement says a party can't leave for 3 years, and there is another 1 year waiting period after that.…
3. Since the agreement went into force on Nov 4 2016 -- with the U.S. having formally joined -- that means the earliest the U.S. can file a piece of paper to withdraw is Nov 4, 2019.
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Symbolic walkout at #COP24 event organised by @GasNaturally - the gas lobby claiming it supports the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement
That's the CEO of @gasnaturally completely ignoring the people and carrying on regardless. Nothing symbolic about that at all.
Simon Roscoe Belvins who was jailed for proteatong against fracking in the UK now speaking to the press.

"Natural gas is not the solution to climate change. There is no place for it, now or in the future", he says.
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THREAD (The Global Status of CCS)

CCS is moving, but moving way too slowly for for 1.5°C or 2°C.

Even if you are not a CCS fan, worth checking the report by @GlobalCCS to get an update on the current status of CCS around the world.

There currently exists ~40MtCO₂ per year capture *capacity* (0.1% global emissions), the vast majority for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR). It is harder to know how much of CO₂ is stored (not commonly reported or verified), but the estimate here is 200MtCO₂ (cumulatively).
Of the 230MtCO₂ cumulative storage, the vast majority is in the US and for enhanced oil recovery. Norway is the only country (substantially) sequestering CO₂ specifically for storage purposes, where carbon pricing makes it beneficial to store the CO₂. Policy is important!
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▶WATCH LIVE: #TimeToWakeUp: 24th Conference of the Parties(COP)…
For this week’s #TTWU speech, I discussed #COP24, the climate gathering happening right now in Poland.
The U.S. is present, but American leadership on climate change is decidedly absent because #darkmoney & sleazy operatives control @realDonaldTrump & the #Republicans.

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The Arctic is in even worse shape than you realize…
2. More specifically, the latest @NOAA Arctic Report Card contains a stunning stat -- 95 percent of the oldest, thickest ice in the Arctic is now gone. This has happened in 3 decades.…
3. We should be concerned because the oldest and thickest ice gives the whole pack stability -- without it it is more mobile, easier to lose.
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1. We've put together answers to what we think are some of the biggest questions people may have about the #COP24 #climate meeting in Poland right now. And we’ll be adding to the list. Here are the first four Q&As:
2. So what’s on the agenda in Poland? Answer:…
3. With the clock ticking, will countries do anything to increase their ambition at this meeting? Answer:…
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President Trump upended decades of U.S. policy that started with Richard Nixon when he declared that the goal of the U.S. was no longer “energy independence” but rather “American energy dominance.” This wasn’t Trumpian hyperbole.…
/2 Few policies have been pursued by the administration with more cohesiveness, zeal, and success — or with more potential to yield great and lasting harm. Trump has unleashed a massive, untethered expansion of oil, natural gas and coal production.
/3 Trump's "American Energy Dominance" policy seeks to make the U.S. the world’s foremost fossil fuel powerhouse. Its origins are in the radical writings of 2 Trump campaign advisers who call fossil fuels "The Master Resource,"as I wrote in @RollingStone…
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On Saturday, wind power generated 25% of Europe’s electricity!
Denmark: 95%
Germany: 71%
Portugal: 28%
UK: 28%
NL: 27%
Belgium: 26%
Lithuania: 25%
Spain: 24%
Austria: 24%
Poland: 21%
France: 19%
Saturday was a massive wind power day in Germany. 35-45 GW of wind (light green) turned off gas and hardcoal, pushed down lignite (brown coal) a lot, and even triggered some throttling down of nuclear power plants. Wholesale prices around zero.
Thanks to these windy days, Germany is still on track to exceed 40% renewable electricity this year, for the first time ever! Year-to-date shares:
Wind 20%
Solar PV 9%
Biomass 8% (mostly biogas)
Hydro 3%
Total renewables 40.1%
Nuclear 13%
Fossil 47%
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1st wk of #COP24 is nearly over & climate talks are grinding slowly forward.

Negotiators have agreed new "iterations" of many parts of the Paris rulebook – even on climate finance. But there are some exceptions.

So where do things stand & what to look out for?

(lengthy) THREAD
Background 1

The aim is to agree the Paris "rulebook": the detailed technical guidance that will allow the Paris Agreement (pictured) to enter force in 2020.

Negotiators are working on a bunch of "agenda items" under the "Paris Agreement Work Programme"…
Background 2

…these bits of text started out as suggestions from countries and negotiating blocs. They are being progressively crafted – via "tools", "reflections notes" etc, see pic – into a series of options in "draft decision text".…
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‘We are in trouble.’ Global carbon emissions reached a new record high in 2018.…
2. The stats -- global carbon emissions expected to be up 2.7 percent in 2018, after 1.6 percent growth last year. Strong growth in China, in particular, projected for this year. US started to grow again (a little bit) and the EU isn't declining fast enough.
3. What it means -- we just had an @IPCC_CH report saying that emissions have to plunge extremely rapidly by 2030 to preserve the safest climate pathway, at or just above 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F).
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THREAD (Global Fossil CO₂ Emissions)

Global fossil CO₂ emissions are on track to rise more than 2% in 2018 (2.7%, range 1.8% to 3.7%). Emissions rose 1.6% in 2017 (leap-year adjusted) after a temporary slowdown from 2014 to 2016.

#CarbonBudget #COP24…
Countries that need to slowdown:
* China, up 4.7% [2.0–7.4%]
* India, up 6.3% [4.3–8.3%]
* Others (largely developing), up 1.8% [0.5–3.0%]

Countries that need faster reductions:
* USA, up 2.5% [0.5–4.5%]
* EU, down 0.7% [-2.6–1.3%]

#CarbonBudget #COP24…
There is a broad spread in CO₂ emissions per capita, but for a chance of 1.5°C or 2°C, countries with low per capita emissions also have to reduce emissions.

Yes, developed countries have to do more, but they can’t do it alone!

#CarbonBudget #COP24…
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Oil drilling and climate change have decimated the Yamal Penninsula of Russia. The devastation they have wrought are the subject of the documentary of tonight's @NatGeoChannel #MARS episode.
/2 @Greenpeace Russia reports that every 18 months, over 4 million barrels of oil spew into the Arctic Ocean from Russian operations.
/3 Oil and gas prospecting in the continental sector of the Russian Arctic began as early as in the 1930s, prison labor was used.
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President @MBuhari arrived Katowice, Poland, yesterday, to attend the 24th session of the Conference of the Parties (#COP24) under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (#UNFCCC), from December 2-4, 2018. #PMBinPoland
The #COP24 Summit, which will be held at the International Conference Centre (MCK) and the adjacent Spodek Arena in Katowice, is being convened under the Presidency of Poland. #PMBinPoland
According to the organisers, the conference is expected to finalize the rules for implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change under the Paris Agreement Work Programme (PAWP) – the rule book for implementation. #PMBinPoland
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Our vision: Climate neutral Europe by 2050 💚🇪🇺 #EU2050

How do we want to achieve it?
Read more in our thread 👇
✅ Social transition
✅ Industrial transition
✅ Economic transition

and here:!qU38jq
Making sure no one is left behind: We will continue managing the social implications of the transition to climate neutral Europe through:
✅Skills Agenda for Europe
✅European Social Fund
✅European Globalisation Adjustment Fund
✅European Regional Development Fund
#EUBudget: We proposed that 25% of the next long-term EU budget will be used to contribute to climate objectives.
60% of the investments to the infrastructure networks (transport, energy, digital) #EU2050 #COP24
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#Energiewende 2018 week 36
Import/Export week 36
week 36 $$$s
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Saudi Arabia and SoftBank Plan World's Largest #Solar Project #supergrid #HVDC #MENA #NEOM #OBOR @geidco
Saudi Arabia and Egypt are also planning a$1.6 billion, 3000 MW transmission line to link the two countries and the GCC Gulf State grid -
.@Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son is also driving force behind Asia #SuperGrid project, linking power grids + renewables in 4 countries: China, S. Korea, Russia & Japan - #solar #wind #HVDC #climatechange
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