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BREAKING: Maldives calls for a fifth international crime of #ecocide at the International Criminal Court
The Republic of Maldives official statement read “We believe the time is ripe to consider an amendment to the Rome Statute that would criminalise acts that amount to ecocide”
The official Maldivian statement to the #ICC at #APC18 calling for #ecocide law was issued by Mr. Ahmed Saleem, Member of Parliament and Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Climate Change and Environment 2/5
#SIDS #ClimateCrisis
Hon. Ahmed Saleem remarked during this week’s Assembly: “My country, along with other environmentally vulnerable states has waited a long time, hoping that
concrete steps will be taken at an international level to address this imminent #climateemergency which our people face 3/5
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Dica para quem é novo no assunto #EmergenciaClimática
1. Foram publicados 3 relatórios especiais pelo Painel de cientistas do clima.neste ano: sobre 1.5C, sobre uso da terra e florestas, e sobre oceanos.
2. O primeiro detalha os impactos da mudança de 1.5 grau #segueofio
3. Apesar de 1,2,3 serem números pequenos, o relatório especial mostrou quão fortes já são os efeitos do 1°C que já aquecemos nos últimos 100 anos.
4. Por exemplo, com 1.5°C de aumento da temperatura, 70-90% dos corais vão diminuir. Com 2°C, 100% #segueofio
5. O relatório especial 1.5°C mostra que cada centígrado extra de aquecimento conta: aumenta o risco de mudanças irreversíveis, como a perda de ecossistemas como a Amazônia e a Grande Barreira de Corais. #segueofio
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¡Se viene una nueva entrega El Consultorio de Movilidad de la Doctora Rotonda!

El hilo de hoy va sobre aparcar en tu barrio (buena suerte con eso) y su relación con la #COP25
Una de las cosas más penosas de depender del coche son los 10, 15, 30, 45, mátame minutos buscando UN sitio para aparcar cada MALDITO día cuando vuelves del curro. Quien lo probó lo sabe .
¿Cómo de frecuente es esto? Bastante: las casas construidas antes de los 80 se hicieron en general sin garaje. En Madrid suponen la mayoría de las viviendas.
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1/3 Another key topic at the #COP25 is the push for #NatureBasedSolutions. These are projects to protect or restore natural ecosystems, which in itself is good. The issue is that most often these projects are financed by offset mechanisms and foster natural capital approaches
2/3 = putting a price on some parts of nature and trading them. Even though it has been shown that it is not possible to comprehensively measure, let alone meaningfully value biodiversity and ecosystems.…
3/3 As long as #NatureBasedSolutions are financed by offset mechanisms and foster natural capital, they should not be considered part of the solution. #COP25Madrid #NatureNow #biodiversity2020
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Global fossil CO₂ emissions set to grow a slow 0.6% in 2019 [range: -0.2% to +1.5%] with robust growth in oil & natural gas, but a slight decline in coal.

#CarbonBudget #COP25 #ClimateAction…

We project global coal, oil, & gas emissions for 2019
* Natural gas up 2.6% [+1.3% to +3.9%], driving >50% of growth since 2012
* Oil up 0.9% [+1.3% to +3.9%] continuing trends
* Coal down -0.9% [-2.0% to +0.2%] continuing its woes
#CarbonBudget #COP25

By region
* China +2.6% [+0.7% to +4.4%], GDP vs stimulus
* USA -1.7% [-3.7% to +0.3%], coal -10%
* EU28 -1.7% [-3.4% to +0.1%], coal -10%
* India +1.8% [+0.7% to +3.7%], big monsoon, weak economy
* Others +0.5% [-0.8% to +1.8%], weak economy

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#COP25 SBSTA Contact Group on Article 6 (trade in carbon, market and nonmarket approaches) about to begin. Packed house
Chair of SBSTA intro:
Not much time, need to get to work ASAP.
Climate situation is urgent in light of IPCC SRs. Art 6 must be operationalised from 2020; unfinished biz from Katowice.
Progress at June SB50 consolidated, but not enough. Many unresolved issues in text 6.2 6.4 6.8
Chair: BAU will not get us there. Approach now: organize negotiation through SBSTA Art 6 contact group. This will send conclusions to SBSTA plenary. But will also establish informal consultations with developed/developing paired facilitators. Also bilats and informal informal.
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There's a new report that's shaping #COP25.

It's called the "Production Gap Report," a groundbreaking look at the need to phaseout fossil fuel production.

Here's a thread on a side event on the report's conclusions -->
The report's revelation was shocking: "Governments are planning to produce about 50% more fossil fuels by 2030 than would be consistent with limiting warming to 2°C and 120% more than would be consistent with limiting warming to 1.5°C."

We're digging our way to disaster.
The conclusion is simple: the only way to meet the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement is to phaseout fossil fuel production.

But currently the agreement doesn't mention the words "fossil fuels" once, so there's a push at #COP25 to get the "f-words" into the negotiations.
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Comenzamos el segundo día de la #COP25 en la Feria de Madrid. Por las instalaciones y su decoración, más que una cumbre del clima, parece una fiesta del lavado verde de grandes empresas. Te contamos algunas cosas sobre quiénes patrocinan este evento 👇🏾
La estación de metro Feria de Madrid está literalmente empapelada por @ACCIONA, una empresa que se vende como ‘experta en diseñar un planeta mejor’. Pero flaco favor hace al planeta cuando con sus actividades extractivistas. #COP25
En lugares como el Corredor Eólico del Istmo de Tehuantepec en México, @ACCIONA provoca fuertes impactos medioambientales y sociales junto a otras empresas del #Ibex35ContraLaVida. #ParemosMultinacionales #COP25…
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Safeguarding human health from #ClimateChange impacts 🌪️🌊🔥🌞 is more urgent than ever, yet most countries are not acting fully on their own plans to achieve this, according to the WHO first global snapshot of progress on climate change & health 👉 #COP25
@pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @DrTedros @antonioguterres @UN @UNFCCC The most common #ClimateChange sensitive health risks identified by countries:
🌞heat stress
🌪️injury or death from extreme weather events
🦟 food, water and vector-borne diseases (such as cholera, dengue or malaria). #COP25
@pahowho @WHOAFRO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @DrTedros @antonioguterres @UN @UNFCCC Countries are increasingly prioritising #ClimateChange & health, with half of the 101 countries surveyed having developed a national health & climate change strategy or plan. #COP25
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I try to avoid the news (because I think too much), but the #ClimateEmergency #COP25 headlines yesterday gave me my first proper climate anxiety for years.

Time to get out my old apocalyptic #ClimateEmergency blogs from 2012?…

Or plant trees? [Thread]
I escaped apocalyptic anxiety because I found hope, a very down-to-earth practical hope. We can decarbonise the atmosphere, and decarbonise our economy, by growing trees. Yep commercial trees.
Commercial trees are specially-bred to soak carbon from the air at super-speeds, store it in wood products, and drive the four horsemen of the climate apocalypse from our lives: cement, iron, oil, illegal logging.…
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WHO and the global health community call on governments, businesses, institutions and financial actors to deliver an ambitious #COP25.

Here 5 recommendations to boost #ClimateAction & protect our health 👉
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @UNFCCC @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres 1⃣Commit to save lives, cut carbon emissions & clean air

#AirPollution kills over 7 million people a year.
2/3 of outdoor air pollution is from burning fossil fuels. Governments can clean air & save lives by bringing down the CO2 emissions that are driving #ClimateChange. #COP25
@WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @WHO_Europe @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @UNFCCC @DrTedros @UN @antonioguterres Following the @UN #ClimateAction summit, over 50 national & 80 subnational governments have committed to achieve WHO Air Quality Guideline values & align their climate and air quality policies by 2030.

Act Now: Join the Clean Air Initiative 👉 #COP25
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Catastrophes climatiques meurtrières, sécurité alimentaire précaire, hausse du niveau de la mer : "Nous devons mettre fin à notre guerre" contre la planète qui "rend coup pour coup", a plaidé Antonio Guterres, à la veille de l'ouverture de la #COP25Madrid #AFP
Le secrétaire général des Nations unies a dressé un tableau bien sombre de l'avenir, dénonçant des engagements "totalement insuffisants" contre le réchauffement #AFP #COP25Madrid
"Nous devons tout simplement arrêter de creuser et de forer", a insisté M. Guterres. "Depuis des décennies, l'espèce humaine est en guerre contre la planète et la planète rend coup pour coup. Nous devons mettre fin à notre guerre contre la nature" #AFP
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O ministro Ricardo Salles vai "passar o chapéu" na #COP25 em Madri - e a meta não é pouca coisa: ele quer que o Brasil receba US$ 10 bi anuais do bolo mínimo de US$ 100 bi prometidos pelos países ricos a partir de 2020 para o Fundo Climático Verde.…
O argumento de Salles é que o Brasil, enquanto "modelo para o mundo de conservação ambiental", merece ao menos 10% desse valor global. O duro vai ser vender esse peixe: como raios o país vai exigir recursos quando o próprio governo rasgou o #FundoAmazônia? #COP25
Fora essa ambiguidade, Salles mostra desconhecer a lógica do financiamento climático. Os recursos do Fundo Climático Verde estão associados a projetos, não a países. E a gestão dos recursos não é feita pelos países, mas sim pelo próprio secretariado do Fundo. #COP25
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Reading @UNEP's Emissions Gap Report 2019
On the massive task ahead to break the rising trend in global greenhouse gas emissions, and to turn it around to rapid reductions.… #COP25
@UNEP GHG emissions have risen at a rate of 1.5% per year in the last decade, stabilizing only briefly between 2014 and 2016. Total GHG emissions, including from land-use change, reached a record high of 55.3 GtCO2e in 2018.
@UNEP Fossil CO2 emissions from energy use and industry, which dominate total GHG emissions, grew 2.0% in 2018, reaching a record 37.5 GtCO2 per year.
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1/ Time to dispel a few climate furphies.

The first is that no one is doing anything on #ClimateChange.

Here is the % change in emissions (excluding LULUCF) from 2005-17 for all #OECD nations.

Australia is one of only five (in red) that has increased emissions! #auspol

All 32 OECD countries combined make up 57% of world GDP and those countries that saw emissions fall make up 54% of world GDP.

Australia is not part of the pack. It is at the back and is an outlier #auspol #ClimateCrisis

(thanks @MattGrudnoff @TheAusInstitute for stats)
3/ Australia’s total emissions rank it as 14 largest in the world.

Australia has higher absolute emissions than 40 countries with bigger populations.

If you look at per capita emissions, Australia tops it.
#auspol #COP25
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@JKSteinberger @EssaysConcern @Peters_Glen @amywestervelt @DrKateMarvel @NafeezAhmed Excellent critique of Hallam & #XR London! Agree w most points made but I'd note here that this is very UK-centric. Many of us (surely; or at least I) have long been saying XR should learn from @ExtinctionR_DE+other national branches that do most of what Nafeez calls for already.
@JKSteinberger @EssaysConcern @Peters_Glen @amywestervelt @DrKateMarvel @NafeezAhmed @ExtinctionR_DE Analyzing Hong Kong etc. (Chile #COP25) & colonial/empire roots will be vital to building effective social movements. Two further points re this (&…): 1. Denazification far more relevant historical analogy than either Gandhi/King or "climate mobilisation."
@JKSteinberger @EssaysConcern @Peters_Glen @amywestervelt @DrKateMarvel @NafeezAhmed @ExtinctionR_DE 2. On Gandhi & the lessons learned from South Asia in particular, but also East Asia (current conflicts in SA can't really be analyzed w/o link to CCP), I cannot not reup @GhoshAmitav ('the Unthinkable') as one of the de facto bibles of climate narratives.
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Here's a really vital thread (in Spanish) to help understand the implications of moving #COP25 from Chile to Spain.

The practical consequences of this move is to undercut the revolution for human rights happening across Latin America right now. We must fight for inclusion.
Summary of the thread: ➡️ The planet is on fire, inequalities grow ➡️ There are riots in many places ➡️ Governments respond with more violence ➡️ They only act in favor of the elites ➡️ They continue inaction on climate change ➡️ The Paris Agreement is not implemented #COP25
If it wasn't already totally obvious, the role of the @UNFCCC (for *THREE DECADES*) has been to uphold the power of rich countries and delay meaningful climate action.

If we are to meet 1.5°C, it's going to happen from a people-driven revolution, a global movement demanding it.
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As #COP25 has officially been moved from Santiago to Madrid I’ll need some help.
It turns out I’ve traveled half around the world, the wrong way:)
Now I need to find a way to cross the Atlantic in November... If anyone could help me find transport I would be so grateful.
I’m so sorry I’ll not be able to visit South and Central America this time, I was so looking forward to this. But this is of course not about me, my experiences or where I wish to travel. We’re in a climate and ecological emergency.
I send my support to the people in Chile.
This of course no problem. People are suffering all around the world, and I’m fine whatever I do and wherever I am.
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The Chilean government has canceled the UN #COP25 climate summit that was supposed to take place this coming month due to ongoing protests there.

This is ironic given the situation...(1/2)…
If you didn’t know already: The Chilean people are protesting the flawed, neoliberal economic policies that have led to extreme inequality in the country. Those same kind of policies (around the 🌎) are fueling the #ClimateCrisis.

Inequality + Climate Crisis = #ClimateRefugees
What we need at this time is for governments to recognize and combat the #ClimateCrisis and ALL of its effects (environmental, social, economic) as well as its deeply rooted causes (greed, $$...etc.).
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Tô vendo que tá rolando muita comparação do Chile com junho de 2013 no Brasil.

Não façam isso.
O período petista no Br permaneceu mais de uma década sem convulsão social a nível nacional. Claro q a esquerda não estava dormida como sugeria "o gigante acordou". Mas não havia grandes levantes a nível nacional devido o aparelhamento dos movimentos sociais tradicionais pelo PT.
Aqui no Chile, desde 2006, a chapa esquenta em relação a contestação do modelo neoliberal. E mesmo com a dita esquerda no poder, a Revolução Pingüina se levantou contra a LOCE, herança do Pinochet na educação e que a Concertación não quis terminar, a não ser por pressão.
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I had to remind myself but it’s always on my mind so it was easy... here we go, I’ve a short story for you all
back in 1997 the world agreed binding quantified emissions cuts for the industrialised countries (“annex I”) in the Kyoto Protocol which was eventually ratified by enough countries to enter into force in 2005.
The Kyoto Protocol (KP) had a first commitment period of 2008-2012. The emissions reductions targets were laughable and compliance was a bit of a joke but this was in fact a legally binding international agreement
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I know, I know. Don't engage the trolls. Sorry @GretaThunberg @ScienceNotDogma but that "500 Scientists" story is gaining waaaay too much traction, and I'm feeling fighty. Most of the press are just parroting the PR and that's feeding the trolls. So, prepare to be threaded...
Background: A letter headlined "There is no climate emergency" was delivered to the #UNFCCC on 23 Sept, claiming that the "European Climate Declaration" was signed by 500 scientists and professionals. Of those 500, more than 150 are NOT Europeans. Soooo....
Even more preplexing, a large percentage of the signatories are NOT associated with the natural sciences at all, and many of the "professionals" are in the pocket of the #FossilFuels mafia. We can get a rough idea of this pact's make up by looking at their so-called Ambassadors.
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Ya, después de digerir unas horas los contenidos de la #CuentaPública del Pdte @sebastianpinera y los comentarios matutinos, en mis roles de representación y fiscalización (incluirá acciones) me lanzo con un hilo de análisis de lo que escuchamos ayer.
Partiendo x lo general, hay 5 cosas q me llamaron la atención: (1) Cambio de eslógan; (2) Tono y referencia a "Nueva Transición"; (3) Lenguaje mañoso, a ratos contradictorio, polarizante y con falta de generosidad; (4) Paradoja de libre elección; (5) Voladores de luces. Veamos 🧐
(1) Al transitar de una promesa tangible (#TiemposMejores), a su total ausencia en el discurso reemplazada x un proceso intangible (#ChileEnMarcha) gobierno reconoce frustración de expectativas. ¿Prometió + de lo que podía o se equivocó en el camino (sin reconocerlo)? No se dijo.
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