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Wat een donkere dag voor het land van Liberté, Égalité en Fraternité
Een fitte 17-jarige mag vanaf 1 augustus -zonder vaccinatie- geen colaatje meer bestellen op een buitenterras.
Waarom? De argumentatie voor deze tweedeling in de samenleving is zwak. 1/7
Dit is een ernstige inperking van grondrechten. Vrijheden worden afgenomen tenzij gevaccineerd. Een vaccinatiedrang die het recht op lichamelijke integriteit onder druk zet. Zoiets mag alleen als daar een grote, sterk onderbouwde winst voor de volksgezondheid tegenover staat. 2/7
Die gezondheidswinst wordt totaal niet onderbouwd. Neem bijvoorbeeld het includeren van jongeren en terrassen. Ten eerste zijn de besmettingsrisico’s in de buitenlucht laag. Ten tweede is de wetenschap over het nut van vaccineren van jongeren nog lang niet eenduidig. 3/7
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LIVE with @DrTedros at the inauguration of the WHO Country Office in #Bahrain…
@DrTedros "Honoured to be able to attend the opening of the WHO Country Office in the Kingdom of 🇧🇭, WHO’s 152nd country office. The Office will deliver strategic, technical, policy & service delivery support to the govt to advance health & well-being nationally, regionally & 🌍"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "The opening of this country [in #Bahrain] office reflects WHO’s commitment to serve all countries, at all income levels, providing support tailored to the needs of the country and its place in the global health architecture"-@DrTedros #HealthForAll #WHOImpact
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Im Juni hat Steinmeier die Africa Roundtable mit einer Rede eröffnet. Er sprach sich für „solidarische Zusammenarbeit“ aus, rechtfertigte aber die extrem ungleiche Verteilung von Impfstoffen. Seine Argumente sind sehr schlecht gealtert. Ein Thread. #VaccinEquity 1/
Es ist schon okay, dass Europa bei Impfstoffen zuerst an sich selbst denkt, so Steinmeier, denn: „Die älteren Gesellschaften Europas haben deutlich mehr Opfer zu beklagen, als die jüngeren Gesellschaften Afrikas.“ 2/…
Seit Anfang Juli übersteigen die Sterberaten in Afrika diejenigen in der EU – bei mutmaßlich höherer Dunkelziffer. Steinmeier hielt seine Rede zwei Tage nach Aufhebung der Priorisierung in Deutschland – es ging in Deutschland längst nicht mehr um Schutz der Risikogruppen. 3/ Image
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A shocking imbalance remains in the global distribution of #COVID19 vaccines. Over 3.5 billion vaccines have been distributed globally, but more than 75% of those have gone to just ten countries. The haves are opening up, while the have-nots are locking down. #VaccinEquity
To deliver #VaccinEquity, my sister @NOIweala & I are committed to intensified capacity building & providing robust joint technical assistance to countries on #COVID19 health, intellectual property & trade-related matters.
Our global targets are to vaccinate at least:
10% of the population of every country by September
40% by the end of 2021
70% by mid-2022

To reach these targets & end the #COVID19 pandemic, we need 11 billion doses of vaccine.
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🆕 study reveals 1.5 million children lost primary caregivers incl. at least 1 parent 👨‍🦰 or grandparent 🧓 to #COVID19 during the first 14 months of the pandemic. Advancing #VaccinEquity through #COVAX is urgently needed to save lives & protect children

The death of a parent or caregiver can have immediate & lifelong harmful consequences for children incl. increased risks of:
🔸physical, emotional & sexual violence
🔸#MentalHealth problems
🔸family poverty

3 in 4 🧒 suffer physical punishment &/or psychological violence.

1 in 5 👩 & 1 in 13 👨‍🦰 report having been sexually abused in childhood.

Watch some of those survivors' stories & lasting impacts violence has had on their lives

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@DrTedros address to the International @Olympics Committee. #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All…
"More than any other event, the @Olympics have the power to bring the world together, to inspire, to show what is possible. And more than any other event, they command the attention of the world’s people. And that is why I have come"-@DrTedros #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All
@Olympics @DrTedros "I've been invited to the @Olympics Games before, but have never been able to attend. I've come this time – to this global mountaintop – with a message for the 🌍’s people to hear. In fact, I've come to answer a question"-@DrTedros #Tokyo2020 #AGoal4All
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@DrTedros "Last week marked the 4th consecutive week of increasing cases of #COVID19 globally, with increases recorded in all but one of WHO’s six regions. And after 10 weeks of declines, deaths are increasing again"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "We continue to hear reports from all regions of the world about hospitals reaching capacity. The Delta variant is ripping around the world at a scorching pace, driving a new spike in #COVID19 cases and death"-@DrTedros

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"The world is at a perilous point in this pandemic.

We have just passed the tragic milestone of 4 million recorded #COVID19 deaths, which likely underestimates the overall toll"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Some countries with high vaccination coverage are now planning to rollout booster shots in the coming months and are dropping public health social measures and relaxing as though the #COVID19 pandemic is already over"-@DrTedros
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Opening of the Small Island Developing States Summit for health with @DrTedros…
"I would like to warmly welcome you to the SIDS Summit for Health, the first ever gathering of leaders focusing exclusively on health in Small Island Developing States. Today is about you and the many health threats your nations face"-@DrTedros
"#COVID19 has presented a dire economic and health crisis for SIDS, while other health risks such as #ClimateChange, non-communicable diseases and malnutrition have further put your communities at risk"-@DrTedros
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WHO & its #COVAX partners are working with a South African consortium to establish its first #COVID19 mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub.

More details 👉 #VaccinEquity Image
This international collaboration between WHO & a South African consortium comprising @biovac_inst, Afrigen Biologics & Vaccines, a network of universities & @AfricaCDC marks a significant step towards achieving #VaccinEquity.
Establishing this COVID mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub will help scale up production and access to #COVID19 vaccines, particularly in the African region 🌍.
More details 👉 #VaccinEquity
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#Covax is failing. Big picture: even as delivers doses, it won’t deliver goal of EQUITY.
Short term: By June was to reach just 3% of LMIC pops. Delivered only 1/4 of that (88 of 337m forecast).
We need to talk about why & learn real-world, politically-informed lessons
The goal: at a high level, COVAX as a pillar of ACT-A aimed to “ensure that every country gets fair and equitable access to eventual #COVID19 vaccines…. By acting as an insurance policy.” At this point, it's clear this model has not been successful /2
Not #VaccinEquity: Dec 2, 11, 21 of 2020 UK, US & EU authorized #COVID19 vaccine.
6mos later, so many ways (data, stories, lives) to see inequity outcome of current vaccine prod & distrib systems.
Here's 👇from @fibke:% pop vs % vax does NOT approach equity /3
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@DrTedros "Globally, newly-reported cases of #COVID19 have now declined for 8 weeks in a row, and deaths have declined for the 7th straight week. This is good news, but new infections and deaths remain high globally"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Last week more than 2.5 million #COVID19 cases and almost 64,000 deaths were reported – that’s 250 cases and 6 deaths every minute, that we know of"-@DrTedros

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"Tomorrow, we expect the government of #Guinea to announce the end of its #Ebola outbreak. I would like to offer my congratulations to 🇬🇳 and the #healthworkers who helped to contain the outbreak at very high personal risk"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Thank you also to our partners who provided financial and technical support.

As you know, #Guinea was one of three countries that was affected by the devastating West African #Ebola outbreak in 2014 and 2015"-@DrTedros
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Short 🧵

There is a lot of concern over the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant and there should be. The #SARSCoV2 virus is dangerous, & more transmissible variants are even more dangerous.

(Keep reading…)

What we know: available analyses show that there is increased transmissibility of delta, more than the ancestral virus, more than alpha variant. We are seeing convergent evolution. Image
There is a suggestion of increased severity, but more info is needed to understand this.

Diagnostics work; many studies are underway related to vaccines, but available results suggest vaccines work against severe disease & death.

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@DrTedros "Globally, the number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 7 weeks in a row, which is the longest sequence of weekly declines during the pandemic so far"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "While weekly cases are at their lowest since February, deaths are not falling as quickly. The number of deaths reported last week was similar to the previous week"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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#G7 "Leaders have pledged over 1 billion doses, either through #Covax or directly."
PM Johnson starts #G7 press conference with "The world was looking forward to us to reject nationalism."
Something's not adding up....
Live now here ->
👏 that @GPforEducation has reached 1/2 of 5-year funding target.
But absolutely incredible how #G7 during largest #pandemic in a century fails to do something similar with #Covid19. They could have. They didn't.
"Vaccinating the world - we can do that together" PM Johnson states at #G7.
He didn't add: "But we decided not to."
#vaccinenationalism #VaccinEquity #PeoplesVaccine #Covid19
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"Globally, we continue to see encouraging signs in the trajectory of the pandemic. The number of new cases of #COVID19 reported to WHO has now declined for 6 weeks, and deaths have declined for 5 weeks"-@DrTedros
"However, we still see a mixed picture around the world. The number of deaths reported last week increased in 3 out of WHO’s 6 regions: Africa, the Americas and the Western Pacific"-@DrTedros #COVID19

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1/ Es ist nie zu spät, den Kurs zu ändern:
Für unter 10 Mrd. $ könnten in einem Jahr zusätzliche 8 Mrd. Dosen des @BioNTech_Group-Impfstoffs hergestellt werden.
Vom Internationalen Währungsfonds geschätzter ökonomischer Schaden, wenn Produktionsausbau ausbleibt: 9000 Mrd. $
2/ Voraussetzung wäre: 5 regionale Werke mit 17 Produktionslinien aufbauen.
Der einfachere Herstellungsprozess der mRNA-Impfstoffe erlaubt es, Produktionsstätten zu benutzen, die für die Herstellung anderer Impfstofftypen nicht infrage kommen.
3/ Der notwendige Wissenstransfer an alle interessierten Hersteller – ob in Thailand, Indien, Indonesien oder auch Europa – könnte effizient über den von der @WHO vorgeschlagenen Techtransferknoten organisiert werden. Die nötigen Expertisen sind vorhanden!…
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"I would like to thank #Japan and Prime Minister @sugawitter for hosting the #COVAX AMC summit. Arigato gozaimasu. 🇯🇵 is a steadfast leader on global health, from universal health coverage to #COVID19"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity Image
"A year ago, #COVAX began as a groundbreaking global partnership, pooling risk and driving equity. So far, we have delivered almost 78 million [#COVID19 vaccine] doses to 127 countries and economies since February – from remote islands to conflict zones"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity
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"Yesterday, #WHA74 wrapped up a highly productive week of discussions & decisions. It was conducted entirely virtually. I was heartened that together we adopted over 30 resolutions & decisions on a broad range of health challenges"-@DrTedros
"And the three recent reviews of the international response to the #COVID19 pandemic reflected the need for a paradigm shift in both the quantity and quality of funding for WHO"-@DrTedros #WHA74
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"First of all, I would like to thank Your Excellency Dasho Dechen Wangmo for your leadership this week as President of the #WHA74"-@DrTedros
"I would also like to thank the Chair of Committee A, Dr Adriana Amarilla of #Paraguay, and the Chair of Committee B, Dr Iferemi Waqainabete of #Fiji. Thank you both for your leadership this week"-@DrTedros #WHA74
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Media briefing on #COVID19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP) with @DrTedros…
"As you know, this week is the #WHA74 – the annual meeting of nations to discuss common health challenges and agree on a common way forward. The range of issues being discussed is immense: from diabetes to malaria, disabilities, oral health and much, much more"-@DrTedros
"And of course, #COVID19 has been the focus of a lot of discussion. There has been broad consensus this week that equitable access to vaccines is essential for ending the pandemic"-@DrTedros #VaccinEquity
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.@DrTedros, @GaviSeth, @DrRHatchett, Henrietta Fore @unicefchief issued a call to action to equip #COVAX to deliver 2 billion #COVID19 vaccine doses in 2021
👉 #VaccinEquity
To enable #COVAX to deliver on the promise of #VaccinEquity, the following immediate actions are needed:
1. Fund the @gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment
2. Share doses, now
3. Free up supply chains by removing trade barriers, export control measures & other transit issues
Countries that are advanced in their vaccination programmes are seeing cases of #COVID19 decline, hospitalisations decrease & early signs of some kind of normality resume. However, the 🌍 picture is far more concerning #VaccinEquity
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LIVE NOW: @DrTedros' opening remarks at the #WHA74 ⬇️…
"Lucy Nyambura is a health promotion officer in Mombasa City, 🇰🇪. When #COVID19 arrived last year, a strict lockdown was introduced, but it was met with strong resistance by the local community, who refused to be tested, isolated or treated"-@DrTedros #WHA74
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