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A recent post by John Authers @johnauthers raises some interesting questions about the US consumer market and #crypto industry. Let's look at some important points.
1/10 💵 Consumer discretionary stocks are outperforming staples, which is usually a sign of economic expansion. However, retail sales growth remains slow, causing some uncertainty. #Markets Image
2/10 📉 Surveys like those run by the University of Michigan and the Conference Board show that consumer expectations have waned since the start of the year. #ConsumerSentiment Image
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UPI vs Credit Cards ⚔️

Feb 2017 -
• UPI - 1,900 Cr
• Credit Cards - 28,740 Cr

Feb 2023 -
• UPI - 12.3 Lakh Cr
• Credit Card - 11.9 Lakh Cr

The two payment technologies are duelling for the same space

Here's why credit cards are growing ⤵️
It's largely due to reward points 🏆

In recent years, banks and credit card companies have been offering more and more lucrative reward programs to attract customers to use their cards 🤩
These rewards can include cashback, discounts on purchases, travel perks, and more ✈️

Many customers find the promise of these rewards too good to skip and are using their credit cards more often to earn them 🛍️
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#1 Decide Your Tax Regime

The new regime is no fuss and works well.

The old regime allows you to claim deductions and exemptions

If you choose the old regime finalise your tax planning strategy now! (2/7)

#tax #deductions #taxplanning #taxregime
#2 Restructure Your Payslip

Study your pay slip and optimise your EPF contributions. If you choose the old tax regime structure your allowances properly.

Talk to our financial planning team today if you’d like assistance. (3/7)

#salary #CTC #payslip #epf #providentfund
#3 Review Your Investments

2023 is a year that belongs to savers!

You will be spoilt for choice. And there’s no better way to take advantage of this than reviewing and restructuring your investment portfolio. (4/7)

#investmentreview #investing #portfolio
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(1/n) Why One-Way fares for mileage value calcs can be deceptive, specially on International Sectors:

Mumbai to Paris Business Class in Early May 2023

Award Ticket Requirement:
One-Way - 54,000 Miles + ₹16,787
Return - 108,000 Miles + ₹40,681

#Airmiles #creditcard

(2/n) Price of same Flights:
One-Way - ₹156,753
Return - ₹261,257

Lowest Price of Business Class Tickets on any airlines on same days:
- One-Way - ₹106,767
- Return - ₹160,957

(3/n) Value realised per ER Points (5:4 Ratio) after deducting taxes from fares:

For Same Flight
- One-Way - ₹2.1
- Return - ₹1.6

For Lowest Value Flights
- One-Way - ₹1.3
- Return - ₹0.9

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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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#Thread 🧵| UPI 2.0

RBI is set to launch new features for UPI 2.0.

UPI is set to give stiff competition to VISA and MasterCard monopoly as UPI goes international.

First let’s know about the countries Adopted UPI for digital payments.

[1/9] Image
🔘#Liquidgroup signed an agreement with NIPL in Sept 2021.

They will provide UPI based QR code payment system in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan by 2022 Q1.


Similarly Arab Monetary Fund signed an agreement with #NIPL to connect UPI with Buna payment platform in March 8, 2022 .
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I use credit cards for all my expenses for making the best of reward points. I earn around ~Rs.30,000-60,000 a year on reward points

As the Indian middle-class, every rupee reward counts in saving more

Below is the thread of some cards that I use for my expenses 🧵

Key things to consider:

- FREE CARDS - I prefer only free cards & never paid a single rupee as membership fee for any of my cards

- CREDIT as DEBIT - I use my credit card like debit card, spend and pay immediately

- TRACK OFFERS - Credit cards have specific offers, track them
1. Amex Rewards Credit Card (5-10% rewards)


1000 Bonus points for 4 transactions of >Rs.1500
1000 Bonus points every month for spending >20K

After 24000 points, you can redeem it for 9000 Amazon/Flipkart or 14000 Taj voucher

Note - Amex not accepting new cards
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#MCPersonalFinance: To help you save on your travel bookings and to make the most of your holidays, we have here the best travel #creditcards available in the market for both domestic & #InternationalTravel. ✈️…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel | @kayezad
@thanawala_hiral @kayezad All your bags are packed, you're ready to go. The third wave has eased and destinations far & near beckon.✈️

But before you book that #ticket there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read👇…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel #MCPersonalFinance @kayezad
@thanawala_hiral @kayezad #MCPersonalFinance: While traveling abroad for holidays, some of us withdraw money using our ATM, credit or debit cards, but unknowingly pay hefty fees.

Check charges for using credit or debit cards abroad👇…

by @thanawala_hiral | #Travel | @kayezad
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Sitting on load of #Citibank points or #miles and planning to use them for Fuel/0.45p redemption?

Think again!

This thread will give you suggestions on the best way to maximize your Citi #creditcard points and get the best value
Citi Bank cards portfolio
Rewards, Indian Oil, Cashback - Upgrade to PM/Prestige or Rewards redemption
Primermiles, Prestige - Miles transfer Image
If you are holding Premiermiles and having more than 10,000 PM miles then you should consider getting upgrade to Prestige to convert 10k points to 18k Airmiles
Remember 100 PM=50 Airmiles
if upgraded PM to Prestige 100 PM= 45 Prestige points -> 180 Airmiles Image
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After a really long time, the #RBI has made significant updates to their Master Direction on issuance and management of credit cards and debit cards 💳

A quick🧵on some of the major provisions and how they impact us: 1/
Card issuers must provide a one-pager on important aspects + benefits of the card, along with the interest rate and other charges. In case a credit card application is rejected, the card issuer has to provide specific reasons for the rejection. 2/
Explicit (and not implied) consent to be obtained in case card issuers are offering any insurance cover towards protection against frauds or any other liabilities on the card. Check your statement to verify if unwanted charges/premium for such insurance is levied 3/
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Is it worth getting a credit card? 💳

✅Helps you during emergency
✅ Builds credit history
✅ Discount, cashback & rewards

❌ May lead to overspending
❌ High interest cost
❌ Risk of fraud

What should you do? A 🧵

#personalfinance #creditcard #investing
The answer to this question depends on your "Spending behavior".

There are endless advantages to using a credit card,
but you should get one, only if you can use it responsibly.
Who should avoid credit card 🙅‍♂️

❌Impulsive buyers
❌Delinquent bill payers
❌ If you don't save anything
❌ If you want to fund your luxury by using a credit card
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How did I save from my spending??? 🧵

I used some FinTech apps and credit cards and saved good amounts from my spending

A small thread on the Top Apps I liked & Savings.

Feel free to RT 🙏🙏

NOTE - I use my credit cards as debit cards & pay instantly

#Finance #Shopping
1 - CRED

Cred has been my companion for all the credit card payments for the past 4 years

Got around 1% cashback just by paying credit card bills

New users can sign up now below & get Rs.250 instant cashback on the first payment of min Rs.100

Sign up
2 - Amazon + ICICI Card

I have been using this with Amazon Prime account for all my purchases.

With 5% cashback + special offers on Amazon (FLAT 50 on 500 using UPI, etc.) the savings over last 2 years were amazing 👏

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(!/n) My Second Thread 🧵
and this time the topic is "Customer care numbers for Top 20 Credit card issuers"
Save/Bookmark it for your reference and Consider retweeting so it reaches to maximum people 🙌
#Creditcard #Customercare
1.Hdfc Bank Ltd - 18002026161,01161606161

2.Icici Bank Ltd - 18001020123,01133667777

3.State Bank Of India -18601801290,01139020202

4.Axis Bank Ltd - 18605005555,18604191919

5.Citi Bank - 18002672425,02249552484

6.RBL - 02262327777

7.Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd - 18602662666,02266006022

8.Indusind Bank Ltd - 18602677777,02242207777

9.American Express - 18004190167,01242801418

10.Standard Chartered Bank Ltd - 01166014444,18003451000

11.Idfc Bank Limited - 18605001111
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Once you´re ready to start playing at a #virtual casino, you will need to transfer funds to your casino account in order to start placing #wagers at the Slots or Card Tables. While you may have the option to use a #creditcard directly on the casin0´s website,… often this comes with strings attached, because many credit card companies either will not allow you to use their financial services to make a deposit to a virtual casino, or they will enforce a strict limit upon how much you are able to spend.… A great way to fund a virtual casino account is to use an alternative method of payment which acts as a third party transfer service between your credit card and the online casino.
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A thread on what is #creditscore and why is it important?
#credit #creditcard
I'm sure you must have done at some point too! 😛
Which range do you fall in? When did you check your #creditscore last?
#banks #CIBIL
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Important Thread🧵on common #Financial Mistakes which people normally commit.

Credits: CA Govind M Chandak.

#WAFwd #InvestmentPlanning #Investing

Avoid these mistakes for better financial future.

@dmuthuk @Vivek_Investor @VidyaG88 @caniravkaria

🙏 RT to maximize reach🙏
❌ Buying Insurance Policies for investment purpose.

Always go for #TermInsuance
❌ Not able to wisely use Credit Card ...

As always pointed out by @dmuthuk sir & @FI_InvestIndia avoid #CreditCard for purchasing unnecessary stuff on credit.
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Negative Interest Rates #NIRP do more harm to #Centralbanks than they do good

Times are changing with hard cash to online digital payments
The world has been forced to adapt to new methods of online payment like #Debitcards , #creditcard and #mobilewallet payments
Few use cash and the global elites are using negative interest rates to do the same thing as inflation make money disappear
The U.S. discontinued the use of large-denomination bills in the late 1960s. Until 1969, $500, $1,000, $5,000 and even $10,000 bills were issued and today
the largest bill is a $100 bill, but it has lost 80% of its purchasing power since 1968

Europe has ended the 500 euro note and today the largest note in euros is 200 euros. Existing 500 euro notes will still be legal tender, but new ones will not be produced.
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Let's understand credit card and charges around it. Especially in India.
Many people's are afraid of credit cards due to interest,late payment fee, typically more spending habits.
Lets us try to explain on how to use credit card and njoy the rewards.
Facts: Developing countries have more interest charges than developed contries.

In india the interest rate per month ranges from 1.8%-3.2% based on bank or the card you choose/eligible.

The interest rate calculated annually is called APR.


Lets make it clear on when you will pay interest.

When you missed to pay the statement total amount interest rate will be calculated from that day.

If you withdraw money in ATM using #creditcard interest will be calculated from the day amount is withdrawn.


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@RBI #moratorium of 3 mths of #EMIs on all oustanding term loans as on Mar 1, 2020. Includes all #Banks & #NBFCs. #EMI payments will restart only once the time period expires. A #creditcard #loan is not classified as a #TermLoan. It is basically revolving #credit. @fifaindiaorg
This #EMIHOLIDAY is not a Waiver. Once things are normal the deferred #EMIs have to be paid. It simply won't have a negative effect on #CIBIL score. This will not happen in an automated manner, bank has to approve on the basis of request. #moratorium @RBI #RBItoday #rbigovernor
While #CreditCards are defined as revolving credit & not term loans, as per clarity from @RBI it is clear that credit card dues are also covered. Though this must be avoided if possible. #Moratorium #EMIHOLIDAY
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This brought back some memories. This happened in 2002. We were final year students in dental college then. The rep of a prominent bank came to the hostel selling a credit card. I knew exactly how a credit card works. #creditcard
I feigned ignorance and asked him to explain to me how it works. All he kept on saying was “It has 35,000 on it. It’s a good card! Lots of benefits” No mention of repayment no mention of interest. Nothing. I said no thank you but followed him as he went to each room. #creditcard
He kept repeating the same charade. Finally I asked him “Why is your bank giving away 35,000 rupees to all of us without asking for anything in return?”


“How long do I have to return the money each cycle? One month? One year?


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We are 10 friends. Each one is having 2 bank account, 2 credit card and 2 e-wallet with some offers and discounts. Everyone want to collect mile points, credit card points and best credit card discount available for transactions. We need to book 10 flight tickets to
destination A, 10 train tickets to destination B, 10 return flight tickets. Apart from that we are booking 5 rooms in destination A for which randomly 5 friends will pay. The other 5 friends will pay for the booking of rooms in Destination B. How could we join our
Trip accounts together to make a group and then pay for the transaction?…

Thought you guys might be interested in this concept to improve your transactions n sales. @Mastercard @Visa @splitwise #creditcard @GooglePay @AmericanExpress #loan #emi #bank
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#Nmap comes with 586 #NSE scripts. 148 of them are default (-sC) or version (-sV) scripts. The rest (438) have to be invoked directly or by category, so many folks don't use them. Here are my top 18 NSE scripts you should run in 2018: #DiscoveringNSE
#DiscoveringNSE 1/18: Fingerprint 100s of web apps and embedded devices with http-enum. Got Nikto? http-enum uses that fingerprint file, too.… Found a device with a web interface? Check for default creds with http-default-accounts.…
#DiscoveringNSE 2/18: Import a list of targets to scan directly from the XML output of another scan with targets-xml. Lots of scripts that discover new addresses let you scan them in the same command with --script-args newtargets…
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