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Heat pumps are an essential climate solution. But there's very little data on how much they actually cost.

To fill some of the gap, we surveyed homeowners and analyzed publicly available data.

Here's what we learned:


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First, I should start with the problem that motivated this research:

Most data on the cost of heat pumps is widely inaccurate.

If you look up how much a heat pump costs on Google, you'll probably land on a page from This Old House, Angi, or HomeAdvisor.
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Need a break from doomscrolling about the decline of American society? I wrote about the #ElectrifyEverything strategy for @citizensclimate today. My blog post on why and how to electrify, plus a thread 🧵discussing some additional nuances [1/5]:…
It’s critical to decarbonize the electricity sector ASAP because marginal demand increase is often supplied by fossil fuels. One recent study found that increased marginal electricity emissions would offset >half the reductions from deploying EVs [2/5]…
That's because "underlying these trends is primarily a shift toward greater reliance on coal to satisfy marginal electricity use." So we need to phase out coal quickly, which a #carbonprice would accomplish, or other targeted policies like clean electricity standards [3/5]
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Before journalists give time to #Murdoch #LNP #transmission hikes, ask who is driver of price hikes? @AngusTaylorMP has gazetted ‘if Industry Research and Development (Supporting Critical Transmission Infrastructure Program) Instrument 2021.’ It’s billions$$ cash splash #auspol
This scare campaign is #murdoch #LNP own goal. If they are serious then commit to #Disallow such expenditure now @renew_economy #auspol
This instrument can still be disallowed post election. So acid now on #Murdoch and #LNP #Lab to commit to disallow if they are serious about not driving up power bills by driving unnecessary transmission and forcing community to pay for their stupidity #auspol #Disallow
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I was recently asked,
“What are some gaps in educating people about electrification?”I have a few thoughts.

1. Our current energy system is incredibly wasteful, and if we #ElectrifyEverything and run it on renewable electricity, we'll only need half the energy we use today.
Right now, half of our energy use is basically just digging carbon (in fossil fuels) out of the ground, burning them, and dumping the carbon into the atmosphere.
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Story Time - Advocating apolitically for #electrifyeverything

A thread. 🧵

Pulled from the Electrify Everything group.… Image
I arrived in Des Moines last night for the Momentum Is Building conference.
I grabbed a cab and naturally we got to chatting. I LOVE cab drivers because they are full of so much local information. 2
He naturally asked what I'm here for. I told him a building science conference. He asked what BS was and I told him the physics of how a building works, which tends to end conversations but neither of us had anything better to do so we kept going. 3
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Following @curious_founder’s awesome research on gas stoves, we’ve seen a significant increase in interest in induction ranges. Fun install yesterday where we got to swap out a gas range for a new, ultra-efficient, modern induction range.

A thread 🧵

Removing a gas cooktop and replacing it with induction on the surface requires simply removing the old unit, dropping in the new one, and capping the gas line.
Behind the scenes though, it can require a lot more - especially to get the electrical wiring right!
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Thread 🧵

20 kWH of battery goes a long way.

Beyond the heat pump usage, I needed 14.4 kWH of resistance to get through a very cold night here, at design temp 10F.

This is usage from my house last night. Bosch heat pump set to 2 tons max. 5 kw backup on the air handler.
This is measured with an Emporia Vue energy monitor.

A heat pump uses about 1 kWH per hour per ton when running at 100% as mine has.

I’ve watched a number of client homes, 20-50 kWH is enough to load shift all of them so far to make up for resistance usage on cold days.
With batteries this size on homes, the existing grid can handle a lot of electrification with few upgrades.

Add 3-5% per year capacity expansion and concerns largely vanish.

Batteries still have a long way to go on cost curves (unlike hvac). Real focus here is needed.
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Wow, ~150,000 people read this thread on gas stoves.

Thousands of people said they had no idea. Many said they'd never buy a gas stove again.

Lesson learned: People care a lot more about their health than cutting carbon or saving energy.

For those working to #electrifyeverything this is so important.

Personally, I get caught up writing for and to the #energytwitter crowd too much.

Peak load this. Carbon intensity that.

The reality is that most people don't care about this stuff.
In home electrification, people care about:

- The health and safety of their family
- The comfort of their home
- A whole lot of other things...
- Saving some money on their utility bill
- More things
- And then cutting their carbon footprint.
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Folks who know me know that I am half Lebanese. Amidst the economic crisis in #Lebanon, my dad has been experiencing a fast forward, micro version of the energy transition and associated utility policy issues that I think #energytwitter would find interesting, so here's a thread!
First let's set the scene. Even before the current economic crisis, Lebanon had a shaky grid with insufficient capacity to meet demand and near-daily power outages. Lebanon relies on imported fuel for power generation and hydro plants like this one in my father's village, Kaftoun
Absent sufficient capacity, the government must resort to routine rolling outages. The persistent outages led communities in Lebanon to purchase private community generators that can serve the local area, like this one in Beirut. (Credit to @nytimes photographer @bdentonphoto)
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3 years ago I started my company, Campfire Labs, and pledged 50% of the profits to climate advocacy.

Today I just sent ~$200,000 worth of grants bringing our total giving for the year to ~$300,000.


Here are some of the orgs we gave money to this year 🧵
.@theclimatevote for grassroots climate organizing and making effective climate action easy.

Here's a thread on why I love what they're doing:
.@rewiringamerica for developing and lobbying for federal policy to #electrifyeverything

@GriffithSaul and the Rewiring team have brought a ton of people into the climate movement by creating a new story that is more motivating than the old sacrifice narrative.
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First experiences with induction are really important.

Here's a recent review of our Ohio house, note their experience.
What if there were thousands of homes like this? How fast could #electrifyeverything spread? @Airbnb could help a lot with a new class:
While part of me hates that we are taking 2 housing units off the market in WV right now, we're giving them much needed love after 20-30 years of neglect that doesn't pencil if they were long term rentals, so we're improving and electrifying old housing stock. Important note.
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A⚡️🧵on why we should #electrifyeverything to solve climate change while driving progress vs. degrowth /1
We make most of our electricity from fossil fuels in a manner future generations will find barbaric. Burn fuel to make heat to boil water to make steam to drive turbines to generate electricity. Lose about 2/3 of the energy to heat along the way yet spew all the carbon as CO2. /2
Ok so if electricity generation is so wasteful and dirty, we'd best minimize the amount of electricity we use in our energy mix right? /3
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AHRI just released the latest data on heating and cooling installs.

353k homeowners installed natural gas furnaces in Sept.

Those installs guarantee ~4m tons of carbon emissions / year for the next 20 years.

That's 80m of carbon budget 🔥 in a single month.

We need to get that number to zero ASAP. But we're trending in the wrong direction.

Here are the gas furnace install numbers for the last three Septembers:

2019: 286,870
2020: 351,087 (weird year)
2021: 353,047

Here they are for the last 2 decades (note: 2021 YTD is up 30%)
Now let's look at air conditioning units ❄️

All a/c runs on electricity. That's good. But most a/c units are really inefficient. That's bad.

So in the short term, installing inefficient units is its own form of fossil-fuel lock-in.
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How much could heat pumps earn selling wholesale grid services? I estimate $25-100 annually per nameplate electrical kW from regulation + synchronous reserve in PJM. A typical home's central air-source heat pump could earn $75-300.

#electrifyeverything #energytwitter #heatpumps
Not huge revenue, but enough to cover aggregation/instrumentation costs within a couple of years. A heat pump aggregator may be able to provide these services alongside others, like demand response curtailment, voltage support, or energy price arbitrage. 2/
These estimates are for reversible variable-speed air-source heat pumps, which both heat and cool, so can provide grid services most of the year. Revenues will be lower for heating-only or fixed-speed (on/off) units. Source is a forthcoming paper. 3/
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Lead is terrible for humans, folks. Let's get rid of those pipes ASAP.
Also, many people don't know that lead is still allowed in aviation gasoline, because the FAA thinks "no safe alternative is currently available".…
With the advent of electrified light planes, though, we now have a safe and superior alternative.…
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Let's talk EVs. The original Mini and its cute variations sold 5 million units, so it was cool when mini announced an EV in 2009.#electrifyeverything. 1/8 Image
Around 4 million FIAT 500's were originally produced, and it was undoubtedly important when FIAT electrified them in 2013. #electrifyeverything 2/8 Image
But the real kicker is that Ford has made 40 million F-series trucks, so when Ford makes the F-150 electric, you know that electrification is really happening. This is huge (so is the truck). 3/8
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I know there’s a lot of #EnergyTwitter discussion about electric heating as part of a society-wide decarbonization strategy. Let me share with you some details about how this might look in France.

In brief: it will be hard to electrify heating in France. [THREAD]
Here is the rate of energy use across all sectors for the entire country of France in a year with typical weather. The peak demand occurs in the evening of January or February and is driven primarily by the need to heat buildings.
The peak demand of ~280 GW in France is met by:

~85 GW electricity
~105 GW gas
~50 GW biomass & district heating/cooling
~45 GW of oil/coal

The lowest demand in the summer holidays is ¼ of peak demand.
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48% of US residential fossil gas use is from 9 cold (or cold-ish) states. This is a major #electrifyeverything challenge.


HT @JuliePi31415926

@buildingdecarb heads up Image
I wanted to look at this two ways. First, raw usage by state, then usage per person.

Note that CA and TX are WAAAAYYYY less than the others.

You can tell that PA and MO are a bit mild too.

NJ should be mild (mainly climate zone 4), but isn't, poor buildings?
Note IL in particular. Third highest usage. Chicago is the third largest city in the US.

You literally can't buy a standard heat pump there. Aka unitary, they look like a furnace.

You can in WI just north, but not in IL. No idea why, but it's a fact.
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We all want to help address the climate crisis. But it’s such a complex issue that it can be hard to distinguish between data-backed improvements and feel-good distractions. So here's your data-backed guide:…
There's no way that climate will be solved without gov support. Your most important action is to make climate a priority by voting for and supporting pro-climate candidates, joining a climate action or political group, and supporting mitigation policy and adaptation nonprofits.
Many people own appliances and vehicles that burn fossil fuels. That's directly at odds with getting to zero-emissions. Your gas stove, water heater, space heater, and dryer all need to replaced with electric versions at the next opportunity, ditto your car. #electrifyeverything
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Question: What is the thing in your household that almost certainly uses the most power when in use?

Answer: Your shower! It's using energy at a rate of ~15 kW and uses a total of about 2 kWh of energy.
I've assumed 2.3 gallons minute flow rate, 8 minute shower, and a 25 C (45 F) temperature increase from the cold-water tap. In some colder climates with deep well water, I suspect the tap is colder than the 60 F tap water that I've assumed here. So power is even higher there.
One thing I try to make clear to my students in my Energy and the Environment course: the specific heat capacity of water is very large! Translation: It takes a lot of energy to increase the temperature of water.
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It’s a bit overdue, but I did promise to write a report on my trip to China, to attend #IPHC23. (23rd International Passive House Conference.) Here it is.... as long, and probably rambling,🧵.
I’ll break my #iphc23 report into chapters: 1. Plenary & Policy Overview, 2. Conference presentations, 3. Expo, followed by 4. An editorial. (And perhaps some highlights of the short vacation I took afterwards to #Xinjiang, if I have time.)
1. Plenary & Policy: it was clear from the first moment I landed in Beijing that this event would not be a typical #Passivhaus conference. The Chinese Gov rolled out the red carpet, not just for practitioners, but as an all out International trade event. #IPHC23
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Thought -- and read both tweets in the thread: climate folk are far, far ahead on grid work than they are on tailpipe work with the public. Short thread.
tell the public the electricity produced in the US has to be 100 percent clean by 2050, and they nod and say yeah, sure, or they say "you mean 2030!"

tell the public the cars they drive must be 100 percent clean by 2030, and they Do. Not. Get. It.
Ban your coal fired plant? most of 'em don't care.

Ban your F-150? AAAACKKK. Resistance. Oh hell no. Molon labe. All that.
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Belated posts from @CABECdotorg conference: Keynote from @CalEnergy Commissioner McAllister told us we need to double our efficiency by 2030. 1/
Looked ahead to what this means for 2019 code cycle.... (which is starting to look kinda familiar..) 2/
And then he actually said it....(drumroll please.) The California Energy Commission will be looking at including alternate ratings, incl. #PASSIVEHOUSE, in the 2020 code cycle. (And he didn’t drop the mike, but should have!) 3/ @CABEC dot .org
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#electrifyeverything 2018 recap (1/1) I’ve been trying to figure out the cost/benefit of my⚡️ life. TL/DR it’s f&$!g complicated. But *I think* I have a few takeaways...
#electrifyeverything (2) If I’ve done my math right I’m all in at ~$95/month for my electricity which is almost exactly what my combined gas/electricity spend was the year before. Which sounds ok BUT it’s complicated....
#electrifyeverything (3) I added a 200 + mile range Bolt and now charge entirely at home (used to charge half a 100 mile range leaf at work daily). All in its roughly same electric miles but I now charge them all at home - lots of load!
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