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A summary thread from the great Emergency Medicine Australasia issue I finally read on the plane; @EMAJournal #foamed

Thom study in EMA: patients with unstable cervical #fractures can sit (29%), walk (63%), lack midline tenderness (27%), and have delayed presentation (20%).
@EMAJournal #emergencymedicine

surf injuries were mostly lower c-spine

NEXUS underperformed compared to Canadian C-spine.

#drowning and cervical CTs are not inextricably linked: don't automatically image unless signs of axial loading/very specific concerns
@EMAJournal [my $0.02 on immobilising (virtually) anyone prehospitally: cervical immobilisation is a myth: collars don't actually immobilise, and 'immobilisation' doesn't actually prevent neurological *does* however harm (eg aspiration and other harms)]
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Shorter #stride length is associated with higher incidence of life threatening clinical events in #olderadults
1. 14,000 people (Av age 75 yrs) were followed up for 33 months. 10% of them sustained #Falls. Stride length was shorter in fallers as compared to non-fallers. Image
2. In a sub-analysis based on gender, the stride length was longer and #walking speed slower in males compared to females.

#running #fitness #healthylifestyle
3. Major adverse events (MAEs) were 36% higher, physical disability 26% higher and #mortality 69% higher in older people with shorter stride length.
MAEs included physical disability, falls, dependency, institutionalization, and mortality.
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🚨911🧵Ive decided to randomly log medical calls in PDX.I’ve noticed a ⬆️ rate of Strokes, ♥️attacks / Cardiac issues, Falls / Dizziness, Loss of consciousness and Sudden deaths in younger than normal people. What has changed in the past 15 mo.’s that would cause this? 💉?
Portland medical calls:
7:45pm -8:43pm:: 9 month old baby- left side of body is limp, 12 year old with elevated heart rate & trouble breathing , two females have fallen and having a stroke. #VaccineSideEffects ? Is this normal? #VaccineDeaths ? 👂 to your local dispatch.
PDX 911 ⛑call 🧵
Time: 12:14pm-2:35pm
Chest pain / Cardiac: 3
Seizure: 1
Dizzy/Faint: 7
Sudden Leg pain: 2
Semi/ Unconscious: 6
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In July of 2021, the @CDCgov announced a decrease in US life expectancy of 1.5 years, the biggest one-year decline since #WWII. Even before COVID-19, however, the US has seen several years of declining life expectancy in the past decade. #ph260720 #COVID…
Meanwhile, we see a widening gap in medical care between those with high and low status, leading to much larger declines in life expectancy for black and brown populations during #COVID19. How do you think these gaps came to be? #ph260720 #Healthcare
#hospitals continue to #Innovate and improve their medical care, following charters to improve health and care for the needy. However, they often fail to address the non-medical needs of their community, the “social determinants of health” #ph260720 #CommunityHealth
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Can #bloodpressure treatment be harmful? Our new meta-analysis suggests it is NOT linked to #falls or #fractures but may increase the risk of syncope & acute kidney injury… – see thread @RichardJMcManus @Richard_D_Riley @ebhcmedstats @JulietU_S @drandyclegg
1/ No meta-analyses of randomised controlled trials to date have quantified the association between blood pressure lowering treatment and specific adverse events such as #falls, #fractures, #syncope (fainting) or acute kidney injury #AKI
2/ In a meta-analysis of 58 randomised controlled trials, including 280,638 participants and an average of 3 years follow-up, there was no evidence of an association between antihypertensive treatment and #falls (primary outcome) or #fractures.
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With 2020 almost over, it's time again to look back at some of the BEST in the #bone field: 🔝20 papers (+extras).

Happy to hear your input! Disclosure: fully subjective ranking!
@ASBMR @AcademyEcts @Osteoporosis_NL @osteoporosisNI @mmse30 @NatalieASims
#1 Atypical Femoral fractures @NEJM (Black DM et al.)
Risk reduces within months of @Bisphosphonate1 discontinuation. Benefit>risk in any group but less so in Asians and women <65yr…
-side note- @ECTS_science very useful systematic review and recommendations for managing osteoporosis following AFFs.…

And oral BPs may not only reduce fractures but also cardiovascular events
@Dr_BoAbrahamsen @prieto_alhambra
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Gathering some literature on falls, stability, reactive balance and muscle strength and thought it would be useful to share some studies - short thread below 👇

Please let me know of other key studies I might have missed!

#falls #muscle #balance #GeriPT
Slips and trips are the most common causes of falls among community dwelling older adults
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Let’s talk about a secondary effect of COVID-19 that people haven’t paid enough attention to: increased #falls and fractures in older people (a thread) 1/5
Falls are a major health problem. They cause 3 million ER visits and 800,000 hospitalizations in the US each year. Three older Americans die from a fall EVERY HOUR. (2/5)
Muscle weakness and balance problems are major fall risk factors. Older people rapidly lose strength when they are inactive. And right now, millions of homebound older people can not do their regular activities. (3/5)
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My grandma’s PCP recommended she stop going to gym because she may fall.

I don’t agree with this advice. Here’s why:

My grandma is a safe community ambulator when using a walker.

She has a handicap parking placard allowing her to park close to the gym.

If she doesn’t go to the gym, she admits she will likely sit around at home and watch TV, further allowing her strength to deteriorate.

My grandma’s main source of social interactions occur at the gym.

She has many friends who meet her there daily. It’s a way for her to stay social and exercise. And she enjoys going!

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Pues me voy a animar como dije el otro día a hacer un proyecto 365, pero en vez de haciendo fotos, editando fotos mías antiguas, random, basadas en el mood de cada día.
La única limitación que me voy a poner, va a ser el formato 1:1... A ver lo que sale xD
I´ll say it also in English :)
I´m gonna try a photography 365 project, but instead of taking photos, processing old random photos of mine...
Only one rule: the square format.
Let´s see what I got, which will be directly affected by the mood of the day...
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Thread: Decreasing muscle mass in aging: The harmful effects and how to counteract ––

Tags: #sarcopenia #aging #ageing #HealthyAging #MSKover50 #resistance training, #weights #physicalmobility #muscle, #protein
#osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Thread: 🔽muscle in #aging ––#Sarcopenia RX, prevention –––

#MSKover50 #resistance #physicalmobility #osteoporosis #bone #fracture #falls

Lifespan vs. Healthspan: Why We Need Muscle for #HealthyAging.…
Live Strong and Prosper...…
Thread: Sarcopenia in #Aging: RX, prevention –––
Biochemical Pathways of #Sarcopenia &Their Modulation by Physical #Exercise: A Narrative Review…
H/T @MathewPiasecki Tags: #MSKover50
LT: Key RE: onset & progress
RT: Rec. of @ACSMNews & @American_Heart
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