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“Back then, most catering businesses were run by men, and I faced much opposition from my family and society.

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Finding a girl for my son was difficult, as nobody was ready to marry their daughters to a family where the lady of the house worked as a caterer. But, I never gave up on my work or my hope,” says 74-year-old Santoshini Mishra, who runs a catering business in Sambalpur, Odisha.
Santoshini's husband used to run a pan shop and was the family's sole breadwinner. But he had to quit his business due to an illness, and the whole responsibility fell on her shoulders.
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#IndianFood #Pizza #obesity
1. The Indian snacks market size is approx Rs 40,000 crores. Some of the manufacturers of snacks have opted for halal certification keeping in mind the Middle East market. With the advent of home delivery, pizza and burgers are having a field day. ..2. Image
2. The Indian pizza market is approximately $2 billion (Rs16,460 crores).We often find children not eating vegetables and fruits but willingly consuming pizza. They are thus deprived of a balanced diet and are prone to obesity. Among South Indian food, idli and dosa are both ..3.
3. nutritious and has less calories. One idli of 40g has 58 calories and 1 dosa has 234 calories. Our Indian snacks like vada pav and Dabheli(Gujarat) have been popular for a very long time. When it comes to Singara(Samosa of Bengal) versus Samosa, a Bengali will opt for ..4.. Image
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While most of us throw away the tiny pumpkin seeds, did you know that these seeds are loaded with nutrients?⁠

#FoodScience #Health #Lifestyle #IndianFood
Science says several antioxidants in #pumpkin help boost immunity and are a good source of unsaturated fats like alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), lowering the risk of several heart diseases.⁠
High in magnesium, these can help regulate blood sugar levels, lower the risk of diabetes and also aids in weight loss with a rich protein and fibre content.⁠
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One has the opportunity to create a lot of memories when travelling. The food, though, stands out among all that make the travel unforgettable.

#IndianFood #IndianRailways #Travel #Tourism
Eating in a train station is a unique experience in and of itself.

Which one would you try the next time you're at one of these train stations?
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We've all heard of #BikaneriBhujia, #Dharwad Peda, #Chettinad Chicken and #Agra ka Petha. But did you know there are many other little-known delicacies that are inextricably linked to the places they originated from?⁠

#IndianFood #IndianCuisine #Heritage
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You might have seen #Madhubani on canvas or cloth, but have you ever seen it on #DahiVada? This beautiful #edible artwork is created by the talented Shefali Tambe. >>>⁠

#EdibleArt #IndianFood #FolkArt #FoodArtist #Talent
They are so stunning that it doesn't feel like eating them! Would you?😁⁠
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Bottle gourd is warm-season #fruit vegetable. It is grown throughout India and its fruits are available throughout year. It is one of the best fruit for human being, gifted by nature having composition of all essential #nutrients that are required for normal and good human health
Fruits(Bottle gourd) of the sweet variety contain carbohydrate (2.5%), protein (0.2%), fat (0.1%) (ether extract), fibers (0.6%), mineral matter (0.5%), calcium and phosphorous (<0.01%) and iodine (4.5 μg/kg).
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Want to know what warms the soul of Indian cities in cold weather? Swipe to find out some regional winter-special delicacies that are best enjoyed in #winters >>>
#IndianFood #Seasonal #Special
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Jowar is full of Antioxidant,#fiber & nutrients. It is a gluten free energy boosting #cereal. It is a well known #millet used in #obesity, diabetes etc. It has rich #medicinal values due to its antioxidant phytochemicals.
#health #ayurveda #HealthyFood
The #prebiotic effectiveness of different varieties of inulin was calculated to be in the following order:
bajra > jowar > ragi > commercial inulin.

It's rich in dietary fiber which contributes for better #digestive and cardiovascular health.
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1/8 Unless you are the luckiest man in the world you will find it impossible to get a good kulcha outside of Amritsar.

There is a reason for that. At most restaurants, there is just one tandoor and everything goes into that.
2/8 But you can’t cook a good kulcha in a hot tandoor like you can cook a naan or a tandoori roti. A kulcha needs its own special tandoor kept at a gentle temperature.
3/8 Only in Punjab are there so many restaurants dedicated to kulchas which have tandoors kept at perfect kulcha temperatures. The cook will roll out the dough in layers, smearing each layer with a coating of ghee.
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1/8 More nonsense is written about Pav Bhaji than about any other Mumbai dish. It was not invented as a meal for hungry mill workers. But yes there is a textile connection.
2/8 In the 1950s and the early 1960s, merchants would gather at the Cotton Exchange in the heart of Mumbai to wait for the daily New York cotton figures. Because of the time difference, these would only come in after midnight.
3/8 When the merchants left the Cotton Exchange they would always be famished.

Stalls selling pav bhaji opened near the Exchange to feed them. The dish was vegetarian because the merchants were mostly Gujaratis.
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#देसी_मिठाई #desisweets

एक और.....न न न एक और।
अरे ये लड्डू है भाई लड्डू,जितना खाओ उतना कम।
लेकिन आज हम अपने देश में उन प्रकार के लड्डुओं की बात करेंगे जो सबसे अलग हैं रूप रंग और स्वाद में...


सबसे पहले "रामदाने के लड्डू" खाते हैं।

इसे राजगीरा, चौलाई याँ रामदाने का लड्डू भी कहा जाता है, भारत के लगभग हर प्रान्त में बड़े चाव से खाया जाता है।
इसे सबसे शुद्ध और सात्विक माना जाता है क्योंकि रामदाना सीधे पेड़ से मिलता है।
व्रत में सबसे बेस्ट आहार माना जाता है


"पिन्नी" 😋😋
पंजाबी पिन्नी का कोई सानी नहीं, इसे खाने वाले सहज ही इसके लिये पागल हो उठते हैं।
आटे, गोंद,ड्राई फ्रूट्स और देसी घी से बनी पिन्नी की खुशबू से आप इसके दीवाने हो उठेंगे।

इसके बारे में तो ये कहा जाता है कि इसे जिसने न खाया उसका जीवन बेकार है,खा भी लीजिये एक बार..
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