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This is important: I hope more male footballers join @EkdalAlbin to make the sport less homophobic and more supportive of male players to come out. #LGBTQ #Pride 🏳️‍🌈 h/t @Kibalcic
t bears remembering that the women’s game has a history of openly gay players that the men’s game has yet to catch up with, as I mention here… #LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈
And here’s a thread I posted after the women’s World Cup that looks into the stark difference in the # of openly gay/bi players in the women’s game vs the men’s #LGBTQ
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Given my wife's English heritage and love of Norway, this is an ideal #FIFAWWC to try and coax her into paying attention to. Let's see how it goes.
"Oooooh," she said when I told her of the match-up. "That's exciting."

Will you come and watch?
"I'll take a peek after this episode [of something she's watching on her iPad, I dunno what]"

OK, so far so good.
"I'm using you for Twitter #content again, by the way."
"OK. Wait, what are you saying about me?"
"I'm just informing the people of what you're saying."
"..... OK." [goes back to show on iPad]
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As the @NGSuperEagles take on #Burundi today, people like @chaplinez70 have been asking me what is the #AFCON2019 budget for the team? I was curious too. Well, after speaking to @thenff’s @ShehuDikko this morning, I now have some answers to give you & @Nigeria...
If the @NGSuperEagles get to the final of #AFCON2019, total @AsoRock expenditure on the team will be about $8.5m.
Here are what the @NGSuperEagles players will get as match bonuses: Group stage wins: $10k; Round of 16: $12.5k; QF: $15k; SF: $17.5k. And if they win the final: $20k. So, each player would earn $95,000 for winning #AFCON2019.
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Sad to not see a #JAM goal there, but great play there by #ITA to qualify for the next round. The #Azzure are in the World Cup again after a 20yr absence and I’m enjoying their play. Good stuff. #JAMITA #FIFAWWC
Watching #ITA beat #AUS in the first game of this group sealed it for me - I like the way they play and having failed to qualify for last 20yrs, not much was expected; I am glad to see they are the first to qualify to the next round. #FIFAWWC
This is #JAM first World Cup - the stadium and so many of us watching at home wanted to see them get at least one goal. Their defense is weak - was better in second half - and their finishing could be more lethal. But I am hoping more is invested in the #ReggaeGirlz #FIFAWWC
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I really don’t enjoy matches that are just goal galore against an underdog. There is no joy or beauty or anything to be gained #USATHA #FIFAWWC
That was a horrible display - absolutely no reason for players of such stature in #USWNT to be acting like that over 9th, 10th, 11th goal. And I say that as a feminist who says YES YOU DESERVE ATTENTION YES BE BOLD AND HAVE EGO. Come on. That was awful. #USATHA #FIFAWWC
And thing is the #USWNT is fighting for equal pay & resources with their country’s men’s team. And for inequalities at play there, same & more exist with #THA vs #USA. If US women’s team are denied equal pay & resources, imagine the obstacles that Thai women’s team fave #FIFAWWC
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The #ReggaeGirlz are the first Caribbean women’s team to qualify for a World Cup h/t @Petchary And here they are against #BRA for first match! #BRAJAM #FIFAWWC
This game is another reminder of the obstacles facing women’s football: powerful #BRA team does not have enough young players coming through because insufficient funding from football federation; #JAM almost didn’t have women team because funding was cut off. #FIFAWWC
#JAM is youngest team in the World Cup. #BRA is one of oldest; goalkeeper Formiga is 41 years old and playing in her seventh World Cup today - there have only been eight #FIFAWomensWorldCup.
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What a game for #ITA making first return to World Cup in 20 years! Wow! This is the ad for the #Azzures we saw in #Naples last week on Italian TV. #FIFAWWC
Great match #AUSITA - we were up on our feet several times. #ITA must work on their offside - those two disallowed goals were painful. #AUS is strong team but methinks they -and many of the pre-game commentators- underestimated the Azzures who more than brought the game #FIFAWWC
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Oh South Africa! This is turning upside down. A full match, hey?! Spain has worked to get back into this game but I really do want #BanyanaBanyana to score again. #ESPRSA #FIFAWWC
So much that has worked to South African team’s advantage is also what has led to them conceding two penalties and a player sent off. #FIFAWWC #ESPRSA
And another goal for Spain. #ESPRSA #FIFAWWC
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Time for a Brexit break as the shouting gets louder, & we replay the past.

To counter the negativity of our political era, I was thinking about a fierce blue sky, magical cloud formations, extraordinary achievements of humanity & of the beauty of a quiet moment.

For now, Adiós.
This time, I hope, for real!

Have taken Twitter off my phone for a while - to get away from the noise and to stop being part of the noise. I think a period of quiet from everyone, and some thinking & reflection, is a good way forward.

For now, be kind.
Apologies for the many tweets and message I have not replied to - still on a much needed Twitter break, saving spare moments to, enjoy #CWC19 #FIFAWWC.

Enjoying being away from the noise for a while. It's busy churning itself.

As ever, for now, be kind.
Enjoy the "summer".
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Eita, vamos entrar no lance.
Para cada 1 curtida 1 perfil de Mulher Podcaster ou podcast feito por #mulherespodcasters
Começando pelo @OlharesPodcast este podcast que vos fala. Um podcast #feminista sobre #mulheres, #movimentossociais e #direitoshumanos #mulherespodcasters criadoras da ação #ativismonaweb pelo fim da #violência
Tem o @Programa_PontoG , um programa feito por mulheres, para todos os gêneros; um podcast sobre #mulheres que marcaram a história e criadoras da iniciativa #mulherespodcasters
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