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- Vorgehen Nachspielzeit WM 2022 begrüßt, soll überall unterstützt werden
- VAR am Stadionmikro weiter befürwortet, kommt wohl auch beim #FIFAWWC 2023
- Weiter KEINE vorübergehenden Wechsel bei Gehirnerschütterungen, auch nicht als Test
- Low-Budget-VAR mit nur einer Kamera soll getestet werden, damit Wettbewerbe Zugang haben (Bundesliga mehr als 20 Kameras)
- Arbeitsgruppe soll sich mit schlechtem Verhalten von Spielern gegenüber Schiris beschäftigen und mögliche Maßnahmen ergreifen
Hintergrund zum Thema vorübergehende Wechsel, Vorstoß von Gewerkschaften und mehreren Ligen heute erneut zurückgewiesen.…
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For the first time ever, the women's #Football #Gold medal will be determined by penalties...

@FIFAWWC | #StrongerTogether Image
@FIFAWWC @CanadaSoccerEN @svenskfotboll Sweden go first and Asllani... hits the post!


@FIFAWWC | #Football
Jessie Fleming for Canada... scores!


@FIFAWWC | #Football
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A few days ago #LFGthemovie was released. This movie shows us the process of the #EqualPay lawsuit that the @USWNT encounter against @ussoccer
It explains how much it takes to do something like this.
Here s a #Thread to explain what happened
In March 2019 During the #USWNT camps the captains did do a secret meeting with the team and they proposed to make a lawsuit against their federation for Equalpay. That's how it started and on the 8th of March 2019 they released a statement.
They are asking for #EqualPay and also
Equal opportunities with better marketing,more training resources etc.
And the facts are surreal:
So the #USWNT get paid 0$ for advancing in the #WorldCup even if they make it to the Semi finals
They don't take any charters and the hostels are nothing compared to the men.
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This is important: I hope more male footballers join @EkdalAlbin to make the sport less homophobic and more supportive of male players to come out. #LGBTQ #Pride 🏳️‍🌈 h/t @Kibalcic
t bears remembering that the women’s game has a history of openly gay players that the men’s game has yet to catch up with, as I mention here… #LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈
And here’s a thread I posted after the women’s World Cup that looks into the stark difference in the # of openly gay/bi players in the women’s game vs the men’s #LGBTQ
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Totally winning the best-dressed award at the #FIFAWWC2019 final here in #Lyon: Justin and Sarah McCarty and 7 yo daughter Ella of Chicago, with sister/sister-in-law Becca Perry. #USANED #USWNT Image
The streak is broken: #USWNT had scored in the first 12 minutes in all 6 of its previous #FIFAWWC2019 games. But it’s halftime in the final match: still no score. #USA 0 - #NED 0. #USANED Image
Game time temperature: stifling. #USANED #FIFAWWC Image
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And just like that, England equalizes and their fans go nuts. Ellen White notches her 6th goal in 5 matches. #USA 1 - #ENG 1 #FIFAWWC Image
Happy birthday to you, @alexmorgan13! She scores in the 32nd minute and US fans are ecstatic. #USA 2 - #ENG 1 #FIFAWWC
Just when I was about to tweet that #ENG equalized, Ellen White’s goal was ruled offside (ask @GlennonDoyle to explain.) No goal. Still #USA 2 - #ENG 1. This game couldn’t possibly get more nerve-wracking. #FIFAWWC
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Given my wife's English heritage and love of Norway, this is an ideal #FIFAWWC to try and coax her into paying attention to. Let's see how it goes.
"Oooooh," she said when I told her of the match-up. "That's exciting."

Will you come and watch?
"I'll take a peek after this episode [of something she's watching on her iPad, I dunno what]"

OK, so far so good.
"I'm using you for Twitter #content again, by the way."
"OK. Wait, what are you saying about me?"
"I'm just informing the people of what you're saying."
"..... OK." [goes back to show on iPad]
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🇺🇸 #FIFAWWC/ El #FutbolFemenino estadounidense se le planta a #Trump de la mano de @mPinoe, quien dice: "No voy a ir a la maldita Casa Blanca. No, no voy a ir a la Casa Blanca. No vamos a ser invitadas, lo dudo"

#EEUU #Rapinoe #soccer #WorldCup
#Trump no se calló y hoy le respondió: "Megan debe ganar primero antes de hablar. Aún no hemos invitado a Megan o al equipo, pero estoy invitándolas ahora. Megan nunca debe faltar al respeto a nuestro país, la Casa Blanca o nuestra bandera
La pelea viene de antes, cuando #Trump le dijo que no era apropiado que no cantase el himno, quien no lo hacía como protesta contra la brutalidad y el racismo policial. Primero se arrodillaba, como Colin Kaepernick, pero frente a una regla que lo prohibió, cambio al silencio. Image
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As the @NGSuperEagles take on #Burundi today, people like @chaplinez70 have been asking me what is the #AFCON2019 budget for the team? I was curious too. Well, after speaking to @thenff’s @ShehuDikko this morning, I now have some answers to give you & @Nigeria...
If the @NGSuperEagles get to the final of #AFCON2019, total @AsoRock expenditure on the team will be about $8.5m.
Here are what the @NGSuperEagles players will get as match bonuses: Group stage wins: $10k; Round of 16: $12.5k; QF: $15k; SF: $17.5k. And if they win the final: $20k. So, each player would earn $95,000 for winning #AFCON2019.
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🇧🇷⚽️#Bolsonaro y el fútbol. En medio de un escándalo político institucional, el miércoles pasado el presidente de Brasil fue a ver el partido del Flamengo y llevo al ministro #Moro, quien se encuentra en el ojo de la tormenta debido a las publicaciones que hizo @theintercept Image
Así lo publicaba el club en sus redes sociales, en donde se puede ver a la dupla con los dirigentes del #Flamengo.

"Sergio Moro no juega al fútbol pero está haciendo un gol de bicicleta desde el medio del campo" dijo hoy #Bolsonaro en el Palacio del Planalto en busca de defender al ministro de justicia, tras la revelación de los manejos ilegales que hizo en la causa #LavaJato cuando era juez
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Sad to not see a #JAM goal there, but great play there by #ITA to qualify for the next round. The #Azzure are in the World Cup again after a 20yr absence and I’m enjoying their play. Good stuff. #JAMITA #FIFAWWC
Watching #ITA beat #AUS in the first game of this group sealed it for me - I like the way they play and having failed to qualify for last 20yrs, not much was expected; I am glad to see they are the first to qualify to the next round. #FIFAWWC
This is #JAM first World Cup - the stadium and so many of us watching at home wanted to see them get at least one goal. Their defense is weak - was better in second half - and their finishing could be more lethal. But I am hoping more is invested in the #ReggaeGirlz #FIFAWWC
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#FIFAWWC| 🇳🇴 #Noruega acaba de perder contra #Francia, y nuevamente queda reflejada la ausencia de la primer jugadora en recibir un Balón de Oro. Ada Hegerberg, la mejor futbolista del mundo pero sobre todo otra luchadora más por la igualdad en el fútbol. Hilo 👇 Image
El 29 de agosto del 2017 decide tomarse un descanso de la selección sin dar muchos detalles, aunque mas tarde sale a la luz el transfondo politico: Ada pedia la igualdad entre los hombres y las mujeres que defendian los colores de #Noruega. ImageImage
Cuando su renuncia ya era un hecho la Federación Noruega de Fútbol toma la decisión de terminar con la brecha salarial de género: las mujeres y los hombres iban a recibir el mismo sueldo por jugar al fútbol.
#MundialFemenino #FIFAWFC2019 #AdaHegerberg ImageImage
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🇺🇸 Momentos #FIFAWWC/ Abrimos hilo de @alexmorgan13, crack y figura que hoy le metio 5 goles a #Tailandia. La estrella de EEUU que lucha contra la desigualdad y se opone a #Trump

#FIFAWomensWorldCup #FIFAMatchDay #AlexMorgan Image
Acaba de salir en la portada de junio de la revista Time bajo el titulo "La Igualadora", por su compromiso por la igualdad en el fútbol. Image
Gran parte se debe por iniciar una demanda junto a sus compañeras de selección, en el #diainternacionaldelamujer (8 de marzo), contra la federación de fútbol de Estados Unidos por discriminación de #genero institucionalizada.
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I really don’t enjoy matches that are just goal galore against an underdog. There is no joy or beauty or anything to be gained #USATHA #FIFAWWC
That was a horrible display - absolutely no reason for players of such stature in #USWNT to be acting like that over 9th, 10th, 11th goal. And I say that as a feminist who says YES YOU DESERVE ATTENTION YES BE BOLD AND HAVE EGO. Come on. That was awful. #USATHA #FIFAWWC
And thing is the #USWNT is fighting for equal pay & resources with their country’s men’s team. And for inequalities at play there, same & more exist with #THA vs #USA. If US women’s team are denied equal pay & resources, imagine the obstacles that Thai women’s team fave #FIFAWWC
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Bon puisque il y a un minimum d'intérêt pour le Foot Féminin ce mois si. Je vais faire un thread pour expliquer comment cette #FIFAWWC est plus qu'une compétition sportive. 👇🏽
Cette compétition apporte un minimum d'intention pour comprendre les conditions du sport F et comment ses athlète arrive à dépasser les stéréotypes et le machisme dans leurs pays. Parce que même étant les meilleurs sa ne paye pas pour avoir ce qu'elles méritent ex USWNT.
Aux #Usa il y a aussi les conditions de la ligue qui doivent être améliorer puisqu'il y a match jouer sur du tartan.les joueuses n ont pas de Health care ni de salaire après la saison de la NWSL. La fédé US est poursuivie en justice par les joueuses pour l Égalité salariale
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#FIFAWWC/ Todo fútbol es político y la Copa Mundial Femenina de Fútbol 2019 es el hecho político más fuerte en estos últimos tiempos de la lucha por la igualdad, por la reivindicación y en contra del machismo. Lo que concierne el #MundialFemenino es reflejo de la lucha feminista. Image
🌎Abrimos hilo sobre #FIFAWWC19 para ver cómo se da esta lucha por la igualdad. Para empezar en este mundial se repartirá U$S 30 millones en premios, cifra que duplica al monto entregado en Canadá, aunque representa el 7.5% de los 400 que la @fifacom_es destinó para Rusia 2018. ImageImage
🇦🇺Our Goal Is Now (Nuestro Objetivo Es Ahora) es el lema de la Selección de Australia para exponer la disparidad entre hombres y mujeres. @TheMatildas , apodo que nace de la popular canción Waltzing Matilda, se cansaron de esperar: "Si la igualdad sucederá, ¿por qué esperar?" Image
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The #ReggaeGirlz are the first Caribbean women’s team to qualify for a World Cup h/t @Petchary And here they are against #BRA for first match! #BRAJAM #FIFAWWC
This game is another reminder of the obstacles facing women’s football: powerful #BRA team does not have enough young players coming through because insufficient funding from football federation; #JAM almost didn’t have women team because funding was cut off. #FIFAWWC
#JAM is youngest team in the World Cup. #BRA is one of oldest; goalkeeper Formiga is 41 years old and playing in her seventh World Cup today - there have only been eight #FIFAWomensWorldCup.
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What a game for #ITA making first return to World Cup in 20 years! Wow! This is the ad for the #Azzures we saw in #Naples last week on Italian TV. #FIFAWWC
Great match #AUSITA - we were up on our feet several times. #ITA must work on their offside - those two disallowed goals were painful. #AUS is strong team but methinks they -and many of the pre-game commentators- underestimated the Azzures who more than brought the game #FIFAWWC
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Oh South Africa! This is turning upside down. A full match, hey?! Spain has worked to get back into this game but I really do want #BanyanaBanyana to score again. #ESPRSA #FIFAWWC
So much that has worked to South African team’s advantage is also what has led to them conceding two penalties and a player sent off. #FIFAWWC #ESPRSA
And another goal for Spain. #ESPRSA #FIFAWWC
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Time for a Brexit break as the shouting gets louder, & we replay the past.

To counter the negativity of our political era, I was thinking about a fierce blue sky, magical cloud formations, extraordinary achievements of humanity & of the beauty of a quiet moment.

For now, Adiós.
This time, I hope, for real!

Have taken Twitter off my phone for a while - to get away from the noise and to stop being part of the noise. I think a period of quiet from everyone, and some thinking & reflection, is a good way forward.

For now, be kind.
Apologies for the many tweets and message I have not replied to - still on a much needed Twitter break, saving spare moments to, enjoy #CWC19 #FIFAWWC.

Enjoying being away from the noise for a while. It's busy churning itself.

As ever, for now, be kind.
Enjoy the "summer".
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Eita, vamos entrar no lance.
Para cada 1 curtida 1 perfil de Mulher Podcaster ou podcast feito por #mulherespodcasters
Começando pelo @OlharesPodcast este podcast que vos fala. Um podcast #feminista sobre #mulheres, #movimentossociais e #direitoshumanos #mulherespodcasters criadoras da ação #ativismonaweb pelo fim da #violência
Tem o @Programa_PontoG , um programa feito por mulheres, para todos os gêneros; um podcast sobre #mulheres que marcaram a história e criadoras da iniciativa #mulherespodcasters
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