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Happy Walt Whitman Day and Clint Eastwood Day! A pair of complicated and flawed but compelling and defining American artists. #poetry #film #twitterstorians…
It's easier to recognize Eastwood's flaws since he's with us today, talking to fake Barack Obamas and whatnot. But over the last few years we've certainly come to understand Whitman's own uglier sides.…
But both of these men & their works contain multitudes, much of which still has a great deal to offer us. Whitman's "Democratic Vistas," for example, is an anthem for a more inclusive vision of America.…
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#Stiftungsarbeit trägt Früchte: Gestern Abend führte Prof. Dr. Matthias David auf den Spuren Rudolf Virchows durch Mitte, Prof. Dr. Thomas Schnalke teilte sein #Wissen zur pathologischen Sammlung Virchows, von der nur ein Bruchteil im medizinhistorischen Museum [...] 1/3
der @ChariteBerlin ausgestellt werden kann, und schließlich gab's die Uraufführung des Films "#Spaziergang mit Rudolf #Virchow durch das alte und neue Berlin", in dem Prof. Dr. Jalid Sehouli eine tragende Rolle spielt. 🍿 2/3
Der #Film wird in Kürze auf der Internetseite der Charité-Frauenkliniken frei abrufbar sein. 3/3
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wut is @rickriordan thinking??

"Saying 'I am not racist!' is simply declaring that you deny your own biases and refuse to work on them."🤦

assuming fans are racist cuz they don't like a casting choice is insane, who is giving this guy PR advice??…
@rickriordan Rick, relax,

It's the internet, there are always some that hate ur thing, U don't need to go nuclear on them,

calling ur loyal audience as hateful bigots is an awful way to start a show
#PercyJackson #rickriordan #wokeaf #politics #news @BoundingComics…
It is doubly painful cuz I know how hard @rickriordan worked to land a faithful adaptation of his books,

to watch him stab himself in the back over the dumbest of reasons is too much pain for me to bear watching… #percyjackson #books #movies #film
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i get why some people feel differently

there's a scene early in the 2nd act of the film where Chavez claims that most universes give free food,

some people use this as evidence of wokery,
what they're missing is Raimi excoriiates her social justice claim,

immediately after its shown she's wrong & making assertions based on her short lived experience

a rebuttal on wokeness, not a confirmation
effectively showing her naivety… #DoctorStrange2
That's how Dr Strange 2 operates,

whether its the cameo characters, or Dr Strange or Wanda,

characters make claims & Raimi shows how these characters are wrong in their ideas & philosophy

Not a confirmation of them,
this isn't woke, this is Anti-Woke
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you guys are going to hate me for this
My latest review for the @FDRLST 🥳

Sam Raimi’s ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Is An Anti-Woke Masterstroke🤯

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is the best MCU film since ‘Endgame.’🪄🧙‍♂️… #mcu #doctorstrange #drstrange #DoctorStrangeInTheMultiverseOfMadness
“Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” is the latest entry in the MCU & a direct sequel to the 2016 original.

However, Strange 2 is its own thing continuing the themes from the Disney Plus shows “WandaVision” and “What-If.”
#DoctorStrange #MultiverseOfMadness #mcu #movie
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The relationship between Florida & Disney started
in 1965 when Walt began buying up worthless swampland in what was then the middle of nowhere

Disney wanted land, power, and control and they wanted it cheap!… #disney #florida #reedycreek #politics #news
Wasn't just cuz Walt wanted to build another Theme-Park,

“Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”

Disney wanted to build a self-sustaining 'imagineered' city where folks would live, work & play under the auspices of Disney… #disney #epcot
So under that premise, the Florida Legislature let Disney have independent autonomy under the

Reedy Creek Improvement Zone

Where Disney would be its own county gov, run its own police, fire, sanitation, etc without any of that messy local political oversight #disney #florida
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After listening to drumbeat of #War I was decided to share my vision on ongoing crisis of #Ukraine
Long thread
#Russia #Ukraine #WW3 #history Image
First that western audience is missing - that's a truth why #Ukraine? Russia was not invading in Ukraine in #2014 and do not annex a #Crimea

People of Crimea decided on the referendum to walk away from Ukraine and join #Russia on 16 of March 2014 Image
To understand why people of #Crimea and after them people of #Donbas and leave behind #Ukraine where is #coup happened
We filmed a very tough documentary on that topic, if you didn't see that - there is a free copy from us

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@Charles96432447 @mitsouko1 Non parlo di #Genetica o #Eugenetica...

Ma di piani di esistenza superiori,
di Piani #Eterici, se vogliamo..

Stati di manifestazione più luminosi,
più vicini alla #Sorgente.

#Alleli e genetica, però,
fanno parte del discorso come INTERFACCE...
@Charles96432447 @mitsouko1 Diciamo che potrebbero funzionare da


Tanto per restare in ambito #UFO/#ProblemaAlieno
che, con #GeoIngegneria e #GuerreClimatiche,


Il più bel #FILM🎬 di #FantaScienza è intorno a noi..

...da molto, moltissimo tempo.

@Charles96432447 @mitsouko1 Pochi sanno veramente di cosa si tratta.

Ma il "#ProblemaAlieno" è sotto gli occhi di tutti.

E molto, molto attuale.

#UrbiEtOrbi - 27 marzo 2020
#Apparizione #Mariana
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#Dune (ꜱᴀɴꜱ ꜱᴘᴏɪʟ)
Alors que sort une nouvelle adaptation par Denis Villeneuve, je me dis que j’ai rodé les #livres et les #adaptations en tout genre.
Un #thread #découverte de ce monde exceptionnel et ses adaptations.
[Mes avis sont personnels pas universels]

Dune c’est le premier livre une série de 6 constituants le #CycleDeDune.
Cette épopée SF de Franck Herbert est l’histoire d’une dynastie au cours de plusieurs millénaires. Arakis surnommé Dune est une planète source unique d’#Epice, ressource essentielle aux déplacements spatiaux Collection Pocket Dune Franck Herbert
Thèmes abordés larges : géopolitique, colonialisme, écologie, religions, conservation des cultures minoritaire, clonage, transhumanisme …
Univers à rapprocher : Berbère, Judéo-Chrétien, Musulman, Perse, Germanique, Chinois, Grecque, Bouddhique, Afrique centrale, Slave, ...
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Brave New World: This leader of #Ukrainian #Neonazi organization plays lead role in new movie made by heavily promoted Sentsov in partnership with #Polish & #German film companies. #Ukraine government & @eurimages fund of Council of Europe financed film.…
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#Johnbarrowman has proven that he's a vacuous, self-consumed twat, and he has no idea about what women who work in #film and #theater go through and the vulnerable positions they are put in. The excuses for his behavior are bullshit. #notokay….
"In the theatre quick costume changes happen in the wings all the time, with everyone stripping off to get into their new outfits in time for the next scene,' he says. 'Girls might be braless, boys only in jockstraps. That's just how it is and no one gives it a second thought."
How blase, and ignorant.
THAT'S NOT 'JUST HOW IT IS!" This comment shows exactly how oblivious he is about his actions behind the scenes on stage/on set.
Women DO give it a second thought. Women who work in theater/ film worry about this stuff ALL THE TIME.
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केंद्रीय माहिती व प्रसारणमंत्री @PrakashJavdekar यांच्या हस्ते आज @Festival_Cannes येथे व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे उद्घाटन होणार

या पॅव्हिलियनमध्ये भारतीय चित्रपटांचे प्रदर्शन होणार #IndiaAtCannes

सेमिनार/बैठकांना उपस्थित राहण्यासाठी

आज 6 जुलै 2021 रोजी सुरु होणाऱ्या व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियन #Cannes Film Market 2021 मध्ये सहभागी व्हा

व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे @Festival_Cannes येथे दुपारी 3 वाजता भव्य उद्घाटन

परिसंवाद आणि बैठकांना उपस्थित राहण्यासाठी नोंदणी करा
केंद्रीय माहिती व प्रसारणमंत्री @PrakashJavdekar यांच्या हस्ते @Festival_Cannes येथे व्हर्चुअल इंडिया पॅव्हिलियनचे उद्घाटन होणार

थेट पहा 🎥

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I&B Minister @PrakashJavdekar to inaugurate Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes, today

With this, the virtual pavilion will be showcasing Indian cinema. #IndiaAtCannes

To attend seminars/meetings👉…


Join the Virtual India Pavilion of #Cannes Film Market 2021, starting today 📅 6 July 2021

Grand Inaugural of Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes will begin at⏰3 PM

To attend the seminars and meetings, register at 🔗…

To begin in a few minutes..

I&B Minister @PrakashJavdekar to inaugurate Virtual India Pavilion at @Festival_Cannes

Watch Live🎥


Stay Tuned for live updates
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Udh setahun lebih kita #DiRumahAja karena kondisi pandemi. Alhasil, motivasi belajar jd turun dan lebih pgn rebahan nonton drakor/ film aja. Tapi tenang aja nih minca punya rekomendasi #FilmEdukasi dari #Netflix loh! Kpn lagi kan bisa nonton #film sambil memperkaya ilmu?

Sebelum beralih ke rekomendasinya, minca mau ngasih tau dulu nih kalo film2 ini bisa kalian akses secara gratis melalui kanal resmi youtubenya Netflix loh! Jadi kalian gaperlu berlangganan Netflix dulu nih untuk nonton filmnya. Asik bangett kann?🤭
Judul : 13th
Mengangkat isu Amandemen Konstitusi ke-13 di Amerika Serikat, film ini menjabarkan perkembangan dari klausul kualifikasi kedua dalam seramnya kriminalisasi massal dan ledakan penjara di AS. Film ini juga menampilkan cuplikan arsip dan wawancara pihak terlibat.
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#72YearsOfLibertyCinema Inaugurated on 21 March, 1949. The Liberty Cinema, now a Grade-II Heritage Site and also known as “the showplace of the nation” was designed to be both “local and global, modern and traditional’’. M A Ridley-Abbott was appointed the architect (1/7)
Unfortunately, soon after the completion of the first floor, he died in a plane crash while travelling to England on holiday. J B Fernandes completed the construction work.
W. M. Namjoshi, an interior and furniture designer, created the distinctive décor of the theatre’s exterior and interior with the help of Habib Hoosein. One striking details of the cinema's exterior is the theatre’s name spelled out in neon and a streamlined piano keyboard (3/7)
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#72YearsOfLibertyCinema Celebrating the inauguration of the iconic Liberty Cinema.

The Art Deco gem was built by Habib Hoosein, who was trained in the cotton trade but whose real passion was film. He famously named it “Liberty” in honour of India’s independence (1/8) ImageImageImage
Moving away from Hollywood, it showed only Hindi films. "That a house of this kind should declare itself exclusive for Indian films is a matter of pride and pleasure to the industry." - Motion Picture Magazine, April 1949 (2/8) ImageImageImage
Hoosein’s son, Nazir, who was seven years old at the time, was present at the cinema’s inauguration and ceremoniously cut the ribbon. Habib Hoosein insisted the first screening be for the workers who had built the Liberty, and their families (3/8) ImageImageImage
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Today is the Emperor's Birthday holiday in Japan so would like to share some of my photography of this beautiful country. #Japan #MtFuji #birdwatching
Cherry blossoms falling like snow. #Japan
Sunset over Mt. Yatsugatake and rice fields. #Japan #Yatsugatake
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Dovetailing off some previous thoughts on character POV, I wanted to do a dedicated #film study of 'Drive' (2011). specifically, the way camera & editing create a rich, cinematic POV -- and for a protagonist who rarely speaks! (that's one BIG directing challenge!) #feboardary Image
a quick recap on POV: it's important for board artists and filmmakers alike to shoot scenes with a POV, bc THIS is the movie magic that connects the audience to the story & makes them feel what the characters are feeling
Drive is about a man of few words, no name, & many talents: driving for movie stunts by day & getaway cars by night. He's a loner, at times shy, but a meticulous professional with a strict code. ppl talk at him or about him or for him, but this is undoubtedly HIS story Image
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This week at SFI: "#Complexity and the Structure of #Music: Universal Features and Evolutionary Perspectives Across Cultures", an #interdisciplinary working group assembled to explore new frameworks for understanding music. Stay tuned for highlights!…
"Every pitch class set is connected to every other pitch class set."

– @mbnUNT, co-organizer of this week's #musicology working group, presents on how to understand the #topology of #harmonic structures in music with #network diagrams (e.g. Pic 4 with #JSBach's BWV 66):
Once you represent a musical composition as a network, it is possible to examine the evolutionary dynamics of its harmonic content over time, as explained by @mbnUNT in his opening talk for this week's SFI #musicology working group.

(Ironically, this #Beethoven is #scalefree:)
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We entrust a few with great power, our power, to change the world. Petty despots, pencil pushers, toxic saviors, and wannabe dictators alike have the ability to play god in their corner of the world.
It won't be god doing the smiting one day.
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1/4 An extreme rare and widely unknown event of #humanity during the #SmyrnaHolocaust. In #Smyrna, now #Izmir the #Greek and #Armenian #Christian residents were forced to the docks to escape, many though met their deaths, the #Japanese ship Tokei Maru was one of the first to help
2/4 At the time, some Allied warships were in the harbor, along with many merchant ships. But most of them refused to pick up refugees. Amidst all the chaos, a #Japanese freighter was reported to have unloaded all its precious cargo to take on as many refugees as it could
3/4Tokei Maru rescued many #Greeks and #Armenians in the face of Chaos, loss of cargo and reported threats. The bravery of the Tokei Maru and her crew is to be admired, an act of #humanityoverhatred. Smyrna was almost completely burned and it's #Christians exiled and exterminated
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Across genres such as horror, science fiction or the like, Indigenous stories have been adapted and told (and personally, I find these WAY scarier!). But in terms of the people behind the camera, on the creative team, representation is unequally spread...
In a large portion of mainstream media around the world, Indigenous stories are being told, some without proper protocols. Extending the question to Indigenous representation and why Indigenous creatives are not being involved in the process...
Today I want to hear from all our Indigenous creatives in the film industries – Who your mob and what do you do in the industry? What would you like to be doing in the film industry? Are there obstacles stopping you, if so what are they?
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Gaston Roberge SJ (1935-2020), Jesuit from #Calcutta, has been among India’s acclaimed #film scholars. Born in Montreal, he joined the #Jesuits in 1956, studied film at @UCLA, came to India in 1961, and was ordained priest in 1967. He passed away on Aug 26 in #Kolkata @SXC_Kol.
In collab with filmmaker #SatyajitRay, #GastonRoberge founded #Chitrabani — the only independent film library in Calcutta, in 1970. From here, Roberge pioneered film studies from early 70s. His friendship with Ray led to a creative effluence b/w each other’s film theory&practice.
Roberge’s #scholarship influenced numerous filmmakers & theorists in #Bengal & India. He authored numerous books on film & media; some of which include: Chitrabani(1975), Mediation(1978), The Faithful Witness (2000), Cyberbani(2005), Media Dancer(2008), Indian Film Theory (2011).
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