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🧵Well, here we are #Hellberta. My husband can have known Covid positive students in his class, unmasked infecting anyone. @albertateachers this is a workplace health and safety issue, you have failed your membership since February. School boards for much longer.
I dare any of you to look my medically at risk 2 year old in the eye & tell her she is worth burying your heads in the sand. You know there are teachers and students with significant health conditions in your schools today,who you have FAILED to keep safe, just so parents aren’t
mad at you for using evidence to inform policy. Masks work. Isolation works. Sick kids should not be at school. After the hell of the last two years, this has been the worst part; people expecting my husband to show up and shut up about the risks to his daughter
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We had to drive to a city 3 hours away to get a family doctor. There aren’t any accepting new patients in town and several left the province. At any given time day or night there has been a notice on the hospital door stating there is not a dr. on in the ER. Asked my spouse what
One does if they are having a heart attack. He wasn’t being dramatic when he said, “die, probably”. That is the position the UCP has put us in and they don’t care.
They aren’t doing their jobs. They aren’t helping or protecting citizens. This is serious. #FiretheUCP @jkenney
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Well, let’s see…

Your government has
- passed laws prohibiting protection for LGBTQ2S youth
- passed another law against protests that is being selectively enforced depending on the color of the individual’s skin #abpoli #ableg
- attacked teachers, healthcare workers & other public sector workers
- actively attacked worker’s unions
- covered for businesses that take advantage of immigrant workers and put them in unsafe working conditions (see Cargill plants)
#abpoli #ableg
- singled out people of Asian heritage as disease spreaders
- increased the cost of living for every person here by removing insurance rate caps and utility rate caps
- bent to the will of white nationalists blockading the border
#ableg #abpoli
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So far this week in Alberta politics (#abpoli #ableg):
1. COVID PCR testing shut down except for a very few because the need has overwhelmed the resources available. After all, it's not like we had 4 previous waves to anticipate this and prepare. 1/6…
2. UCP announces it will be up to employers to decide if COVID infected workers should return to work while infected. This is the "free market economy" in which employers are trusted to "do the right thing". But, the right thing for who? 2/6….
3. UCP will proceed w/ regulations for safe injection sites which will make them less accessible & lead to more preventable deaths. Among other restrictions, they are requiring site users, to provide identification, details of which will be collected. 3/6
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The UCP's curriculum is very bad. It was designed to be very bad. It is not that the UCP hasn't a clue about how children learn, or that they refuse to take advice from experts (although both of these are also true),…
1/6 #abed #abpoli #FireTheUCP's that they have a political, ideological plan for education, and this very bad curriculum is designed to further that.

The curriculum has overwhelming numbers of "outcomes" at each grade level, much of which has to do with rote memorisation. 2/6
And teachers' salaries and job security is now tied to their students' ability to regurgitate all these facts they were supposed to memorize, on standardized tests at each grade level. 3/6
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🧵 I’m reviewing video footage from the antivax protest at @JasonCoppingAB private residence last night

It’s very disturbing to find out that a woman was apparently alone in the house at the time. Scary that a man walked right up to the door #ableg #abpoli
2/ Again from Derek Storie’s livestream, here are the protestors harassing and bullying a neighbour who came to check out the disturbance.
3/ It’s troubling to see children around as Derek jokes about panicking neighbours & causing nightmares.

Ryan Audette, Art & Dawid Pawlowski, and Logan Murphy posture.
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The UCP’s Justice Minister is speaking in the Legislature right now saying the @ABFedLabour spends “tens of millions of dollars in funding for the NDP.” This is going to be convenient when we kick his ass in court. He’s lying to justify silencing workers. #FireTheUCP #AbLeg
The reality is we spend exactly (checks notes) zero dollars on the NDP. Instead, we spent $550k on what had to be reported as “political advertising” in 2017, $616k in 2018 and $650k in 2019. These were NOT campaigns in support of the NDP. Instead, they were ISSUE campaigns.
The 2017 campaign was called “Unstack the Deck”, and was aimed at lobbying the NDP government of the day to bring Alberta’s workplace laws out of the dark ages. How, exactly, is it inappropriate for a workers’ group to advocate for workers’ rights?
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Meet Tyler Shandro-possibly the most incompetent, negligent, and disturbing UCP MLA/Minister of them all (which is really hard to do, the competition is strong)
A thread 🧵 on why @shandro is an abhorrent elected official that needs to resign now
#ableg #FireTheUCP #ShandroMustGo Image
Let's start with when many of us, at least me, first saw Tyler Shamedro. It's even more cringe now and was a perfect preview for the incompetence and utter embarassment that he was to inflict on us as a province as health minister. Link to article…
Shandro was the general in the continuing war on doctors, and other HCWs, in this province. His desperate need to impose his and Kenney's will, to cut and damage our system, went back and forth, angering anyone paying attention, and culminating in Shandro tearing up the contract Image
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Fund-raising is a big industry in Alberta. Almost all the phone calls I get are either scams or fund-raisers. I am fed up. Albertans pay enough in taxes that the government should be updating burn units in hospitals, providing supports to families with disabled children...1/5
Supporting amateur sports, helping blind people learn Braille, etc, etc, etc. But no. It seems the money all goes to O&G multinationals, the War Room, pointless Inquiries, "special advisors", Matts, and other UCP pet programs. Enough!
#FireTheUCP 2/5
We pay taxes that the UCP fritters away on pipelines to nowhere, panels that recommend exactly what the UCP told them to recommend, ridiculous levels of staffing (why does Kenney need a Director of Talent or a Tour Manager?) 3/5
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Meet Jason Nixon - another confirmed UCP liar, pretends to care about the environment, and terrible MLA and Minister.
A thread on why @JasonNixonAB is unfit as an elected official, and an absolute disgrace to this province and country
#ableg #ResignNixon #FireTheUCP Image
Let's start with his recent lie, about off-Highway vehicle fees: Nixon & the UCP promised (I know, a UCP promise is worthless) to implement a $30 OHV fee with the $$ to go to conservation and repair in areas like McLean creek in Kananaskis. If you are paying attention, the UCP Image
implemented the K-Pass, a $90/year or $15/day pass to access the park for all users (hikers, bikers, equestrian) EXCEPT, OHV users. The pass is touted as a means to improve K-Country (garbage, damage, infrastructure, etc) and yet, areas like McLean that see massive damage by OHV Image
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In case you might be thinking that the UCP's sudden focus on the "Alberta Police Force" is just a distraction from all the other trash that has hit the fan in the last few weeks, let me assure you, it isn't. /1 #abpoli
It's another step in Kenney creating the kind of dystopia that we read about in depressing science fiction novels like 1984. /2
Others have commented on some of the more obvious problems with KenneyGov creating an Alberta Police Force, so I want to bring your attention to another aspect of this. /3

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Meet Kaycee Madu - Liar extraordinaire, gleeful destroyer of democratic values, bootlicker, and example of pure UCP incompetence.
A thread 🧵 on why @KayceeMaduYEG is one of the very worst of the corrupt UCP (and thats a VERY tough competition)
#ableg #ResignMadu #FireTheUCP
First, let's start with his most active and recent grift, his desperate need to give Kenney his own (brownshirt) Alberta Police Force.
Why? Well the UCP claim it will cost much less (not true as we will see shortly), and of course, to also rid themselves of the pesky RCMP
Who happen to be investigating Kenney and other UCP members for the obvious fraudulent activities that took place during the UCP leadership election (if they go away, so does the investigation, is the hope of Kenney)…
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Friends, it’s time for some advocacy.

I want you to write letters to newspapers in Alberta (& beyond) to express your feelings about Jason Kenney and the #UCP.

Below I will provide some links & emails to some papers that need to hear from you.

Paper (word limit)

Calgary Herald (150)

Edmonton Journal (150)

National Post (150)

Globe & Mail (150)

Toronto Star (150)
Submit a letter to the Red Deer Advocate:

#reddeer #alberta #cdnmedia…
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Just as a side note, speaking about fake nurse orgs, the corrupt UCP also setup a fake nurses account.. this account is liked and followed by many matts and is run by Anne Jordan, an architect in the kamikaze scheme
#FireTheUCP #ableg #UCPCorruption #UCPGaslighting #abpoli Image
And @Ella_Henry added more context to Anne's involvement with the kamikaze fraud here
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Great opinion article by Angela Grace, in the Red Deer advocate today in why Kenney won't back down on the horrendous curriculum.
#ABEd… Image
All Albertans should be livid - experts, school boards, parents, teachers.. hundreds and hundreds have shown why this curriculum is a step back. Why it needs to be scrapped and re-written, this time without the UCPs favorite racist being involved, Chris Champion
Join the protest this Saturday in #Edmonton, from noon to 2 pm. Come masked, and be as LOUD as you can. The UCP need to know that we won't let this go. This is about the future of our province and our children's education. Don't let Kenney force his ideology on you
#abed Image
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This is a thread about Donor Lists in the upcoming #yyc municipal elections. This thread contains original research based off of the donor lists enclosed by @JeffDavisonYYC, @JeromyYYC and @JyotiGondek
#yyccc #yycvote
First, I just want to say a couple of things:
1.Political Campaigns are expensive and the rules imposed by the UCP have made it difficult for candidates. If you find a good candidate, please consider supporting them financially or with your time.
2.Candidates have no control over who donates to them. Receiving a donation from someone does not mean that the candidate supports that person.
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1\ This is a thread about dark money in Calgary's 2021 municipal election.

Yesterday @TS_Lambert published a great article on the TPAs who are influencing this year's #yycvote. Please read it as it is a great primer on what we know so far.…

2\ before we dive into anything we need to talk about how the UCP has changed the rules. Now, only individual Albertans can donate directly to municipal campaigns. Corporations, unions and other orgs can no longer donate directly.

#yyccc #yycvote
3\ as @TS_Lambert reports, these orgs can now donate directly to registered #TPAs who are permitted to use their funds to run ads related to #yycvote. There is no limit to TPA spending, but TPAs must report who they get their money from... Eventually

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Does it feel like your son invited his best friends uncle over to stay because his apartment got sold & everyone said he was a great guy. But then he turns out to be super messy, rude, eats everything, brings bedbugs into your house & is a real asshole.
Then one night while you’re out catching the latest horror flick,you come home to find your house is empty & vehicle was stolen, & your sons best friends uncle is nowhere to be found. You call his cell phone & get a recording that he’s gone on vacation & will be home soon.
But he’s actually emptied your bank account as well as stolen everything you own & is long gone. Kind of what it feels like living with #covidkenney #firetheucp
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What an incredible waste of time this article is! A citizen who disagrees w/ the current government has donated money to the opposition party! OMIGAWD! I think, if CTV and the UCP thought this through, they would realize it is a simple logic to donate to the party you prefer. 1/6
I used to donate to the NDP every time the UCP pissed me off too. That got expensive. Now I just do a monthly donation and a bit extra when the UCP get a bit extra. 2/6
I don't think I am alone in this. But CTV seems to think it's a Big Deal. Hmmm... Where is that coming from?
Are Kenney and the UCP thinking about making donating to any other party an "un-Albertan activity"? 3/6
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Toxic wildfire smoke every day all summer long in Calgary is only the tip of the iceberg.

BC is on fire. Greece is on fire.
California is on fire.

And capitalists complain about changing the economy because they like making money from fossil fuels?

#ClimateCrisis #TaxTheRich
Canada dragged its feet for years on doing anything about the #ClimateCrisis. The Conservative government obstructed actio by sabotaging research, muzzling scientists, and destroying records.

#ableg #cdnpoli
Alberta finally gets a government that recognizes the economic costs of climate change & takes its first baby steps towards action.

The ruling business lobby groups throw a fit & throw all they can into supporting a fascist from Ottawa to rescue them.…
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I can’t believe Kenney is blaming Hajdu for the pandemic.

Is there a nation on earth that hasn’t been impacted? No.

But according to Kenney, Canada’s experience of the pandemic is all due to Minister Hajdu.

It was NOT Minister Hajdu that had a SECRET stockpile of PPE.
It was NOT Minister Hajdu that forced Kenney to reopen after the first, second and third waves too early, causing another wave. Each successively worse in morbidity and mortality.
It was NOT Minister Hajdu who egregiously lied about the numbers of partially and fully vaccinated people in Alberta to justify hosting Stampede. We still haven’t reached 70% partial vaccinated and it’s several weeks after mask mandates were removed and Stampede was held.
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In case you haven't been paying attention through the pandemic, if you live in Alberta, you are completely on your own to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from COVID. Yes, we have the opportunity to get vaccinated. No, there has been no real leadership on this. 1/11
There has been an offering of frivolous prizes you could win if you got vaccinated. No, the government is not going to give us any sort of proof that we have been vaccinated, other than sheets of paper which may or may not be recognized in other jurisdictions. 2/11
Kenney is so wound up with trying to please his backwards-thinking, anti-science, anti-vax base, and his corporate donors, that he has no time for, or interest in, public health. Now it seems than AHS has been fudging the numbers. There is no significant contact tracing. 3/11
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Mike Nickel's campaign paid for a billboard attacking Aaron Paquette and Andrew Knack for not being anti-maskers.

#yeg #yegcc #abpoli…
Posted to reddit about @scotiasinger's tweet asking about the billboard.

Looks like @CrystalGlassLTD donated $5000 to Mike Nickel's election campaign.

disclosure here:…🔗

I wonder if they donate to the #UCP too.

#yeg #yegcc Image
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I'm going to try to live tweet the #GreenLine meeting with the #UCP members...

I've never really done this before, they talk faster than I can type.

#ableg #yyccc
Ric McIver starts by introducing the project. He emphasizes that "this is the city's project"

"It's not our project, it's the city's project"

he repeats.

#yyc #yyccc #GreenLine
Question: why has the project been delayed?

McIver: The delays are the city's fault.
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