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Germany has lost the plot on #prostitution so completely that we are seriously after 20 years of legal free-for-all for sex buyers debating whether maybe letting them gang-bang women in a state of advanced pregnancy might be just slightly medically and ethically questionable? 🤦‍♀️
And I'm pissed off at both sides here because the right is only interested in this because they care about unborn children, i.e. they're also currently restricting our abortion rights, and the left just cares about men's pleasure and pretending that it equates to women's freedom.
But the #prostitution of heavily pregnant women is not a matter of personal opinion. And it's also entirely unrelated to questions of sexual agency, e.g. when a pregnant woman chooses to have sex for her own pleasure or sex to help induce labour. It's simply extremely dangerous.
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#MindGeek allowed its platform to be used for #prostitution.
Like now defunct online marketplace #BackPage (which was indicted along with its
founders and seized by federal authorities), and #Craigslist’s now defunct “personal”
pages, MindGeek knowingly permits its platform
to be used to facilitate trafficked
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Langer Thread, CN #Prostitution
In meiner feministischen "Bubble" gibt es viele, die von "#Sexarbeit" & von "der sexuellen Selbstbestimmung der Frau" sprechen, wenn es um Prostitution geht und das Thema aufgeworfen wird.
Der Alltag des Gros der Prostituierten in Deutschland ist aber weitab von irgendeiner Selbstbestimmung, weder sexuell noch finanziell noch irgendetwas. Ich bin sehr dafür, dass Menschen, die selbstbestimmt ihren Körper für sexuelle Dienstleistungen anbieten wollen,
das tun können, ohne Frage. Das darf aber nicht auf Kosten derjenigen gehen, die täglich unter den unsäglichen Bedingungen von #Straßenstrich, #Laufhaus und #Bordelle'n leiden. Und das sind die Allerallermeisten.
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For 3 years I've wanted to write about why men murder women in the sex trade. I've been waiting for the publication of a study on the subject in Germany that finally come out a month ago. Stay tuned for my summary. Its painful but necessary to know who, when, where and why.
The state sanctioning the sex trade does not prevent lethal violence against women in #prostitution. From hands-off essentially decriminalized Berlin to the nearly prohibitionist German South, here is who is killing whom, when, where, how, and why.…
Murder in the sex trade is about as old as the industry itself. In Germany paying for sex has rarely ever been expressly illegal, yet sex buyers make up more than half of perpetrators (a lot of serial killers are buyers). It's not illegality of the trade that makes men kill women Image
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Ich arbeite 12Jahre in der #Sexindustrie und seit 8Jahren als Aktivistin fĂĽr die Rechte von #Sexarbeitenden. Ich fĂĽhlte mich nie gedemĂĽtigt & ausgebeutet, wie jetzt von der Journalistin Nathalie Suthor, die mich fĂĽr einen Beitrag ĂĽber #Prostitution fĂĽr @3Sat angefragt hat. THREAD
Der Beitrag lief gestern bei #Scobel unter der Rubrik Wissenschaftsdoku, was blanker Hohn ist, weil sie eine Aneinanderreihung von Falschaussagen und Behauptungen der #Antiprostitutionslobby ist. Nathalie hat sich verhalten, wie es mir gegenĂĽber kein #Freier jemals gewagt hat:
sie hat mich unter Vorspiegelung falscher Tatsachen angelockt, meine persönlichen körperlichen, geistigen und psychischen Resourcen ausgebeutet, sie ist respektlos mit meiner Lebenszeit umgegangen und hat mich sowie meine Kolleg:innen dann (öffentlich) gedemütigt und denunziert.
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PrimeTime 20.15h bringt @3sat heute ein Special zu #Prostitution, für das auch @Johanna_Weber_ und ich @KristinaMarlen_ ausführlich interviewt wurden, sowie auch erscheinen. Nur: Wir kommen in der Ankündigung ***NICHT*** vor. (Thread)…
Die Journalistin versprach einen ausgewogenen Beitrag und interessierte sich scheinbar fĂĽr einen #Feminismus, der #sexpositiv ist und die Frage, warum das #Hurenstigma alle #Frauen trifft, die sexuell aktiv sind und sich nicht der bĂĽrgerlichen Normen fur Weiblichkeit verhalten.
Ich konnte dazu viel sagen. Die Tatsache, dass wir nicht einmal in der Ankündigung erwähnt werden, spricht von #Respektlosigkeit gegenüber #Huren, die selbst sprechen und sich nicht als Opfer begreifen. Es darf uns nicht geben; Wir sollen unsichtbar bleiben. #Stigma
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Doubles standard at German Aids Aid who have worked alongside the pro prostitution lobby: They will promote condom use in a prostitution context in South Africa naming sex buyers as the cause of high infection rates but campaign against mandatory condom use in brothels in Germany
It boggles the mind and throws dirt on the painful history of the AIDS epidemic which was falsely labelled a "gay disease". If you want to destigmatize people living with HIV/AIDS and people in prostitution you wouldnt promote people playing Russian roulette with their health.
Fun fact: New Zealand has had rules about condom use for both parties in prostitution as well as brothels displaying signs promoting condom use since it introduced fully state sanctioned prostitution. Germany took 15 years to realize this was necessary after introducing its law.
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Thread on what #sexbuyers say about Asian women in the legal German sex industry. If we leave out the #sextrade from our critique of #racism, we will never dismantle it. #StopAsianHate. TW: Racism, misogyny, violence against women. (All images are stock photos) Image
„Basically I like the chinky eye type best. Love looking into her eyes while she’s blowing me." - German #sexbuyer.… #StopAsianHate Image
„I find fully shaven women quite boring, so I’m practically only bedding Asians at this point. Amongst the Asians, you find the highest number of all-natural pussies. Besides that, Asian women know how to spoil a man.“ - German #sexbuyer… #StopAsianHate Image
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#NowReading La Lutte de classes, organe de l'Union communiste (IVe Internationale) — octobre 1942 / mai 1947 #archiveLO

(archives Ă©galement en ligne ici : ImageImage

"70 années de parlementarisme ont pu cacher en partie aux ouvriers et paysans de France la nature rapace et sans scrupules de leur impérialisme ; les événements actuels dévoilent complètement son rôle vis-à-vis de la "nation".
"Le grand Capital, qui exploitera la France aussi longtemps que les ouvriers et les paysans ne se seront pas emparés des moyens de production, considère la "nation" comme un simple moyen : instrument de pillage mondial quand il est assez fort pour se mesurer directement avec...
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⚠️⚠️⚠️Trigger warning for what I'm about to say - please mute if you'd like to avoid hearing about extreme #violence #vaw and #misogyny on your timeline. ⚠️⚠️⚠️
When people advocate for legal #prostitution I think they have a much too vanilla view of what it is men pay women to do or endure. For all the times' abolitionists are called "prudes", it's really a lot of "sex pozzies" who don't understand the extent of what they're endorsing.
Yes, a lot are just your regular father-of-two cheating on his wife or angry over a divorce looking for a woman maybe his own age, but usually younger, for some usual oral on him, then vaginal in various positions, it's over when he orgasms. Bad enough, but it gets worse.
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Today for the 1st time ever heard a German pro-#prostitution activist (self-identified "hobbyist dominatrix") mention the New Zealand model and saying we should adopt it because it eliminates human trafficking. No, it only eliminates human trafficking convictions. Big difference.
German's rates of convicting pimps are already continuously decreasing since we introduced our own highly deregulated liberalized model back in 2002. We went from 151 convictions in 2000 to 32 in 2011. Bureau of Criminal Investigations says convictions decreased, rates did not.
Meanwhile, New Zealand was doing the following to make it appear as though it didn't have human trafficking: They didn't have a law against domestic sex trafficking, which helped to ignore the fact that 1/3 of prostituted women were once commercially exploited girls.
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Another case of a woman murdered in legal German #prostitution: Sebat Alimanovska (25) from North Macedonia was murdered on August 27th, 2018. The murderer was serial killer Timo M., who kept the corpse of another prostituted woman in his garden and another one in his attic. Image
Another woman murdered in legal German #prostitution: Leyhan Veith (40) was killed on September 25th, 2020, also by serial killer Timo M. who kept several corpses on his property, finally discovered by the next tenant, who has been lighting a candle to cope & remember the victims Image
Another case discovered of a woman murdered in legal German #prostitution: Alexandra Belhaj (24), was murdered on June 3rd, 2008. Her killer was never found, but her alcoholism had been exploited by rich men in the area, who celebrated "sex parties" and were the primary suspects. Image
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New research on the history of legal #prostitution in Germany focussing on the murders of women in the sex trade by @manuelaschon and Anna Hoheide. I am proud to have helped with translating this work that shines a light into the darkest corners.…
Key findings on the murders of women in German legal #prostitution: The daily fear of violence, potentially lethal, remains real for women, despite less fear of arrest by police. The primary perpetrators are sex buyers. The state does not care to collect official statistics.
Critics will claim the German law is a form of legalization (tight regulation forcing some women into illegal status) while one should support New Zealand's decriminalization (minimizing laws specific to prostitution). False distinction: German law on the left, NZ on the right...
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This is an old article, but nonetheless: The New Zealand Prostitute's Collective handed out flyers to Chinese students normalizing prostitution, motivating some to enter the industry, which they are actually not legally allowed on a student visa! Christ...…
I personally can't really fathom how this pamphlet motivated anyone to enter the sex trade because it is victim-blaming garbage and at the same time skirts around the reality of the industry so much you don't even know what it is really trying to tell you... Image
It must have preyed on the poverty of many students, including exchange students struggling to get a job while studying abroad. This is absolutely a vulnerable situation & I am disgusted the NZPC told them this hot garbage instead of warning them they can't legally do this in NZ!
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Government report on #prostitution states: "We do not have a problem with child trafficking". One paragraph later "a significant number of sex workers first sold sex as minors". Me: 🤨🤨🤨
That's what you get when denying the connection between adult & child commercial sexual exploitation even though the evidence is right in front of your eyes. Domestic child trafficking is still trafficking. It's not sex work. It's not kids selling sex. It's not underage sex work.
I really really don't wanna hear the mantra of "sex work isn't sex trafficking" when every evidence of clear definitive coercion (e.g. CHILDREN) is neatly rebranded "sex work" by the folks who espouse this. You're the ones who have a problem distinguishing. You really really do.
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Okay this might seem pretty arrogant but after 5 years of self teaching on prostitution statistics and law I get so frustrated in conversations with people because they don't have the basic legal definitions of relevant terms to make meaningful arguments (eg legal def of pimping)
They say: "But pimping is illegal." And I say: "No it isnt. It's legal to tell a woman when to 'work', for what prices and to force her to be naked in the brothel at all times. Taking 49% of her money is legal. And in practice those limits aren't even stuck to as gov confirms."🤦🏻‍♀️
They say: "Forced prostitution is illegal." And I say: "No it isnt. The only way she can charge a pimp for being exploited is if she can prove she was forced to do specific 'service' for specific men. But you can get rich off of a woman and never meet that definition."
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Sharing this great article again written by @DanaLevy on why prostitution never was and never will be a #joblikeanyother. Argued today with a woman insisting that the same protections could be used in brothels as are in scientific labs... Ehm, no.…
There is no demand for prostitution where the woman wears goggles, a face mask, gloves, or just a straight-up hazmat suit which would put it in line with worker protection regulations regarding such basic things as body fluids. There's only like 3 dudes with a rare fetish here.
May I also remind you about how "infection safe #prostitution" was supposed to look like in Germany during the last reopening after 1st lockdown? Hardly anyone used face masks and stuck to "massage only". One pimp even suggested this dehumanizing trash:
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THREAD! Proposer un #seuildAge à #13ans est une faute et une infamie... Encore une fois, VOUS élus @AnnickBillon @verienparent , VOUS le Sous-Ministre @AdrienTaquet (censé défendre la cause des enfants), VOUS le @HCEfh (Censé défendre les droits des femmes) sacrifiez les...
2/5 ....enfants à de médiocres calculs politiques et choisissent le déshonneur plutôt que le courage! Le Canada a introduit des écarts d'âge
Voici leur lien du ministère de la justice…
Écoutez ce que disent depuis plus de 4 ans tous les spécialistes:..
3/5 ...comme @CreoffM @LyesLouffok @Facealinceste @CPLEnfance @memoiretrauma @AgnsRogliano ou la député @ALouisDeputee13 recommandent un #seuilDAge de 15 ans comme @OlivierMaud @DreSetton @laurossignol. Par lâcheté et aveuglement vous cédez devant les bigots...
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Thinking about #Sheith working in a shitty 24 hour 1950s themed diner - they don't know each other but they both work the midnight to morning shift.

Shiro's the shy, silent war vet who flips burgers for a living. Keith's the exciting waitress on rollerblades and a pink skirt.
#transKeith #bodydysphoria

It's a tricky job for Keith. All the waitresses must wear bubblegum pink dresses and rollerblades - and it makes Keith feel like shit.

But he's got a criminal record and nowhere else will hire him. Plus, he needs the money for his t-shots.
He's stuck between a rock and a hard place, his job sucks. Midnight shift means he gets the worst customers (truckers always pinching his bare thighs).

But there's one perk - the shy, silent chef with the massive fucking pecs. Keith's not sure if he wants to be him or do him.
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On International Day to End Violence Against Women In The Sex Trade, I am going to compile statistics and evidence about my country Germany specifically and how with 18 years of highly permissive laws towards brothel keepers, pimps and sex buyers we have arrived at the following:
Violence frequently starts prior to entry into the sex trade. It is not a myth that women in #prostitution are disproportionately neglected and abused physically, sexually or emotionally in childhood. According to gov-funded study half faced regular abuse:…
According to one study that asked 54 women in German prostitution, 41% entered were first exploited as minors.… International pro-prostitution oriented researchers confirm a rate of 20-40% entry into sexual exploitation as minors:…
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Brothel advertisment per usual being super honest about what #prostitution really is: Men picking women based on ethnicity, body sizes and parts showcasing exactly why this is not a "sale of services" but systematic objectification and dehumanization all for men's pleasure.
Pimps making it too easy for me to argue my case. I tell people all the time that #prostitution is men renting access to womens bodies based on ethnicity, body sizes and hair colour for one sided pleasure which is objectively misogynistic, racist and rapey and they just admit it!
How utterly pathetic is this brothel ad? "Come here and be a true man! All men do this - dont be shy! Men were born to purchase women - just give into it!" I am disgusted. Women are not prey. Women are not toys. Men are not born abusers. Abusing women is a choice. #TimesUp
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"Kenyan schoolgirls sent away from the city to extended family in the countryside to keep them safe from Covid-19 have been raped either by family members or neighbours. If 4,000 girls are pregnant, how many more were raped?"…
Women El Salvador’s being sent to prison for miscarriages and stillbirths for decades, sometimes to 40 years…
Yemeni 8yo girl dies of internal bleeding on wedding night to 40yo man…
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C'est quoi un "bordel militaire de campagne" ❓ #histoire #militaire #prostitution #sexualité
⚠️ #thread interdit aux -18 ans 🔞
Avant de parler des BMC, parlons un peu de l'histoire de la sexualité des militaires en campagne...
Vous vous en doutez (ou pas), les soldats et les prostituées sont souvent considérés comme les + vieux métiers du monde...

Ainsi, rien d'étonnant que les bordels à soldats soient très très anciens.
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Conservative voices in Germany, too, calling to let brothels reopen during the 2nd wave of the pandemic: Because #prostitution is a hostage situation and we are offering nothing to women except to "kindly let them fuck to survive" as @HuschkeMau put it.…
Also sick of the choice of image: Women's legs in high heels. Women are worried, desperate, some homeless and hungry and we still sexualize them. And it's not just Bild Zeitung which is cheap papers, all news outlets do this all the time! Even when women are raped or murdered.
My suggestion: When talking about #prostitution media outlets should stop using images of women's legs, breasts, and butts and instead show sex buyers! Men are the reason the trade exists, women are just trying to survive. Real pictures by @BettinaFlitner:…
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