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1) Actually, let’s chat about Karlie...
2) She was ‘discovered’ in St. Louis. Idk what’s in St. Louis, but a lot of ppl are surprisingly from St. Louis. Andy Cohen, John Hamm, Karlie, Derek B. Etc..(Derek I’ll get to next...he’s linked to so much w/Karlie. They keep interesting company) Image
3) She’s gorgeous- obviously. But she was not really a household name until Taylor. Before that, she was living it up with the #RachelChandler’s Purple approved crowd. Both she and one of her BFFs, #CaraDelevigne were photographed by Rachel. ImageImage
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Mega Boom! #RobertMaxwell invested 1.666M+.333M in #Romney’s #BainCapital. Bain also has a partnership w/ #Branson’s #VirginVoyages who’s on the board of international center for missing & exploited children. #Biden also has a submarine accessible island 🤯
This ties in #NXIVM as well which branded #SexSlaves and owned by the #Bronfman family. The Bronfman family also has huge stakes many #MSM companies like #CNN #TimeWarner #Vivendi #MSDNC and so many more. Bronfman’s also founded Mega Group w/ Epstein’s handler Wexner & Spielberg
KABOOM! #Soros #Trudeau #Hillary #Schumer #Branson #Maxwell #Epstein biggest sting is being played out in history before our eyes!
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1) Probably nothing, I’m sure...

Two days ago there was a post that went up on an account that had very few likes/interactions on any past tweets. We’ll get to that.

Yesterday, this came out in the news:…
2) The article is more about Lisa than her son. Constant mention of different dates relevant to Lisa. Mentions her marriage to MJ, ‘The King of Pop’. Her father, Elvis ‘The King’. Tells us her son’s bday- makes sense. “He was born in Florida” is oddly thrown in.
3) She was his mom & famous, sure, but wasn’t this about her son? They followed it almost immediately with an article talking about her life of heartache. Death of ‘The King’, life w/‘King of Pop’.…
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1) With friends like these...
#ghislanemaxwell & #andrebalazs.
Andre of The Standard Hotels, The Mercer, Chateau Marmont, Sunset Beach, Chiltern Firehouse... Image
2) Andre is also pictured with Lee Radziwill (you should recognize that name), and Carolyn Kennedy Image
3) #Ghislaine w/now deceased David Tang of #HongKong. He had a strange relationship w/Cuba. He was even able to somehow have the monopoly on Cuban cigars? #Havanahouse ImageImageImage
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Look what Nightshift on the 🐸board found
Former Execs w/ #BainAndCompany and #Mittens
now working for #Wayfair 🧐

Do u believe in coincidences?🤔

👉But there is moar!!

👉Thread ImageImageImageImage
If you haven't read it yet!! Do so now...
#BainAndCompany #Mittens & so much more..
It's all connected!!
Moar executives from #BainAndcompany #BainCapitol
#Mittens & now 👉Clinton Health initiative
now you can add #GatesTheClown 🤡
🚨#Wayfair ImageImageImageImage
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👉D A R K T O L I G H T
For those wondering if #GhislaineMaxwell is connected to #MarinaAbramovic ....

It's ALL connected...

Any questions?🤔
For those wondering where the #GhislaineMaxwell connections are to #Soros

Let me introduce David #Wassong, managing director of Soros Fund Management LLC

Quantum Fund ....Roths MOS and SOROS 👇
Excellent thread on why #GhislaneMaxwell’s indictment focuses on the years “1994-1997”- WHY?
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Ghislane Maxwell, and her Worldwide Maritime Network: #TerraMar ImageImage
First, some facts on #GhislaneMaxwell:
* arrested after hiding for more than a year in Bedford, New Hampshire
* charged with 6 counts of including trafficking underage people for sexual exploitation and perjury Image
* father was former Israeli Intelligence super spy, owned 400 companies, and taught crime families in europe how to funnel wealth, drugs, arms, and prostitutes to banks and safe havens around the world
* Founder of the #TerraMarProject
* key speak at the UN, CFR, and TED Talks
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📌Have you wondered why #Epstien, #ghislanemaxwell, and #NXIVM sex slave cult ( slaves were seared with a brand of Kieth Raniere and Allison Mack intials *spells MARK in a mirror) were allowed to happen for over 15 years? Follow me and let's talk about that!
📌The NXIVM trial and Epstien Island of Horrors receives little attention in our media. In fact, today #ChrisCuomo of #CNN states "Now let's not get all caught up in 'The Intrigue of Who Jeffrey Epstiens friends are" *We know #ChrisCuomo visits the island he is a friend.
📌I would ask #CNN #andersoncooper to investigate but Anderson has been to the island and his Mom was a child sacrificing satanist. Look above bed👇
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1) #ghislanemaxwell’s indictment focuses on the years “1994-1997”- WHY?


We know she was involved w/#Epstein past that, so why make ‘94-‘97 charges the first to be unsealed? I was just a kid, so I did a little dig...-woah- #Clinton #Impeachment #FBIfiles #NAFTA
2) #ghislanemaxwell & #Epstein were literal partners in crime, clearly. While ppl focus on Epstein, she’s the real Oz behind the curtain. Her father was allegedly a triple spy for MI6, Mossad, & Russia. She had the global elite & royalty connections…
3) What was occurring in 1992? Just a couple of months before the Clinton vs Bush Sr election, #Epstein was ranch shopping in New Mexico. Just 4 hours south, and connected to a back highway that goes through the desert, is Juarez Mexico. Perfect for their #ChildTrafficking
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Ghislaine Maxwell
Unsealed Indictment

GM helped JE (Jeffrey Epstein) to recruit, groom and abuse minors.

Purgery - GM repeatedly lied when questioned ImageImage
The indictment goes into how #Maxwell groomed the victims.

Becoming friends with the victims.
Talking about their (victims) personal lives, being pressemt when vitics are getting dressed.

GM would change cloths infront of the victims and working up to being abused by Epstein ImageImage
Ghislaine Maxwell facilitated
Epstein's access to the minor victims.
This includes multiple locations.

The indictment then goes deeper into her how GM groomed these young girls. ImageImageImageImage
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📌Epstien Island Q questions👇 #JeffreyEpstein #ghislanemaxwell
📌These are video surveillance of the rooms under the Temple... Look if you dare... gruesome... one photo looks like you know who... #JeffreyEpstein #ghislanemaxwell
📌The island sacrifices of children were for summoning the 4 princes of darkness... No joke! Epstien spent MILLIONS to pour concrete into tunnels to hide the evidence later.
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Ghislaine Maxwell schijnt gearresteerd te zijn.

"She was arrested in Bedford, New Hampshire around 8:30 a.m. on charges she conspired with Epstein to sexually abuse minors, and is expected to appear in a federal court later today, the sources say."…
"Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend of Jeffrey Epstein and alleged madam who is accused of procuring young girls for him, has been arrested in New Hampshire on charges of sex trafficking and perjury."…
"U.S. v. Ghislaine Maxwell Indictment"…
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Take a look at this #VanityFair cover. With what you all know now, what do think about the symbolism? Who is the master & who is the slave? These are all 🤡 assets. #Luciferian dogma. These people are SLAVES. #Oprah appears to be one of the high priestesses. Friends w/ #Weinstein
This picture to show Jessica Chastian, who starred in #ZeroDarkThirty. A movie about 🤡 ops also produced by the C_A. #Weinstein tied to #Israeli intel tied to #Epstein tied to the #Clintons & #Rothschilds. A big chunk of the picture.…
#Weinstein was #BillClinton’s #WhiteHouse projectionist. He also visited #BarackObama’s #WhiteHouse 13 times. #JeffreyEpstein was arrested for #ChildSexTrafficking. Bill flew to his private island over two dozen times. They all protected themselves.…
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Could this be behind the closing of the #IsraeliEmbassies? Eliminating protection from dual-citizen asylum? Some big criminal names on this list. #TickTock #Qanon saving #Israel for last. Was #Mossad behind 9/11?
“All #Israeli representations over the world are closing”
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1.) #Qanon #Barr #Duhram decode thread. #DNC breeched by #SethRich, given to #Wikileaks, #Google funded Crowdstrike to analyze DNC server and report it was a Russian hack 2 illegally form the #Russia collusion narrative. In the #MuellerReport they don’t question #Crowdstrike
2.) Then #DebbieWassermanSchultz ordered the hit on #SethRich by two MS13 members who we're then murdered themselves after #WikiLeaks given the emails.
3.) #HillaryClinton had cut a deal with #LorettaLynch to take #AntoninScalias #SupremeCourt seat in exchange to exonerate her at the #DOJ. Coordinated with #JimComey, #AndrewMcCabe, #PeterStrzok and others
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1 Rusty Shackleford wanted us to see what Epsteins Island looked like before Dorian. I suspect he will be showing after videos.
He said that you could virtually indict the entire Virgin Island government, Power Company, Port Authorities

2 to Cops and bankers on corruption charges even without human rights violations, they are all involved in cover-ups, Kickbacks, drugs, blind eyes everything was and is allowed free reign down there including defrauding the United States and federal government.
God please!
3 Adding links Rusty put in the description area. Got some rabbit holes to look into.…
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#PrinceAndrew: I did not suspect #JeffreyEpstein's behavior 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣😂🤣👇🏼- BBC News
’The denials, the contradictions, and the outright lies.’
#Screwed #RoyalFamily…
In prison, he would be considered a #Chomo
Prince Andrew continues he's denial.
Andrew would reportedly become 'abusive' if challenged by officers at Buckingham Palace about his young female visitors.
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Anyone frm #Paris #France? We need to locate #IsabelMaxwell
•She apparently lives there & she may live w/ her sister #GhislaneMaxwell there. For decades their lives parallelled & intertwined w/ Same Men

•Isabel ‘married’ #AlfredSeckel an ILLUSIONIST who mirrored #Epstein a LOT
•Early 2000’s a #VirginIslands co called ENSIGN CONSULTING LTD sued #IsabelMaxwell & #AlSeckle
•Oddly court docs are SEALED🤔

•2015 Looks like #Seckel was SUICIDED in Saint-Cirq-Lapopie in #France’s Lot Valley (south)

•Seckel hung in same crowd/colleges as #Epstein then..
..Married #IsabelMaxwell in 2007

•Also In 2007 Isabel & #Seckel went to #Google HQ for X-Prize Foundation’s Radical Benefit for Humanity hosted by #LarryPage

•Seckel went to Epstein’s #PedoIsland at least once & was also known for throwing eclectic elite parties 🎉
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1. #QAnon has just dropped a post about symbolism at an amazingly corresponding juncture of events! #Q
2. #QAnon's picture, like all, is original, at least insofar as the pic does not appear to've been from the internet. #Q
3. #QAnon Of course the interest here is that the pic greatly resembles the temple built on #EpsteinIsland. #Q
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