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Modi Govt's promotion of a shady Gujarat firm:

Gujarat-based firm Indiana Ophthalmics has been issued a notice yesterday after Govt of Sri Lanka complained that the company's eye-drops have led to severe vision damage in those who used them.

But it gets interesting 👇

(1/4)… Image
Just 2 months ago i.e. in April 2023, the Gujarat-based company was "evaluated" & given a "ZED GOLD" certificate by Modi Govt.

According to the govt website, ZED certificate stands for "Zero Defect Zero Effect" & GOLD is the highest standard.

Please note: ZERO DEFECT

(2/4) Image
What's also interesting is that a calendar issued by Indiana Ophthalmics was inaugurated by no less than Minister @mansukhmandviya in 2020 who was then Minister for Chemicals.

Dept of Pharma came under his ministry then.

And now he's India's Health Minister.

(3/4) Image
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இந்திய ஒன்றியத்தின் துயரம்.. *BIMARU* (Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh) மாநிலங்கள் என ஏன் சொல்றோம்ன்னா👇

பீகார்.. மக்கள் தொகை - 12 கோடி, 12 அரசு மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள் மற்றும் 8 தனியார் மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள்!

மத்திய பிரதேசம்.. மக்கள் தொகை - 8.77 கோடி, 14 அரசு J Image
மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள் மற்றும் 11 தனியார் மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள்!

ராஜஸ்தான்.. மக்கள் தொகை - 8.36 கோடி, 21 அரசு மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள் மற்றும் 9 தனியார் மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள்!

உத்திர பிரதேசம்.. மக்கள் தொகை - 23.6 கோடி, 35 அரசு மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள் மற்றும் 32 தனியார் மருத்துவகல்லூரிகள்!
*இந்தப்பகுதிகளில் பீகாரை தவிர மற்ற மாநிலங்களில் 30 ஆண்டுகளாக நேரடி #RSS #BJP #நூலிபான் #ஒட்டுண்ணி #ஓசிச்சோறு கும்பல்களின் ஆட்சிதான்! அந்தந்த மாநிலங்களில் இருக்கும் மருத்துவக்கல்லூரிக கூட காங்கிரஸ் ஆட்சியில் கொண்டு வந்ததாகத்தான் இருக்கும்!..*

அடுத்து குஜராத்.. 35 ஆண்டுகளாக
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Some great info from M Salahuddin Ayub

List of 28 people who looted money from Indian banks:-

1) Vijay Mallya
2) Mehul Choksi
3) Nirav Modi
4) Nishan Modi
5) Pushpesh Baidya
6) Ashish Jobanputra
7) Sunny Kalra
8) Aarti Kalra
9) Sanjay Kalra
10) Varsha Kalra
11) Sudhir Kalra
12) Jatin Mehta
13) Umesh Parikh
14) Kamlesh Parikh
15) Nilesh Parikh
16) Vinay Mittal
17) Eklavya Garg
18) Chetan Jayantilal
19) Nitin Jayantilal
20) Deepti Chetan
21) Saviya Seth
22) Rajeev Goyal
23) Alka Goyal
24) Lalit Modi
25) Ritesh Jain
26) Hitesh Nagendrabhai Patel
27) Mayuriben Patel
28) Ashish Suresh Bhai

The total amount looted is Rs.10,00,000 crores

Something special -
None of them are pakistani
None of them is a Muslim,
None of them are Khalistani,
None of them are Sikhs,
None of
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Today is the last day of campaigning for the first phase of #GujaratElections2022    . Here is a thread on the campaigning style and content. Must read for all those who follow #GujaratElections2022 .
PM @narendramodi in Rajkot said these #GujaratElections2022 is* to resolve that we want to take Hindustan and Gujarat to that height ( of Vikas) , come what may .
Well .. you wondering why these Gujarat Assembly elections imp for Hindustan 's development? We too🤩
Most imp reason forwarded by Mrs Smriti Irani for why BJP should be voted and confined to be voted for power.
1. In non BJP States, people are like for chanting Jai Shri Ram
2. Women who wear saffron are picked up from their homes sadness harassed in @AITCofficial ruled Bengal
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Meanwhile billions are being pumped into projects in BJP ruled states with no real accountability or oversight. All we see as outcomes there are slick slides or photoshops of how UP is just about to surpass California as an investment destination or some such concocted crap.
"Modi has improved India's stature abroad."

"Who says?"

"Everyone says."

"Who specifically? Indian media or foreign media?"

"Everyone says."

"Any foreign media that has said Modi has boosted India's image?"

"Everyone says."

"So just Modi says."

"Everyone says."
"Yogi has turned UP into a marvel & economic powerhouse that everyone wants to invest in."

"Who says?"

"Everyone says."

"Any independent entities saying it about UP, like many agencies worldwide praising Antiochia govt for recovering from Escobar era?"

"Everyone says"

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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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Thread for AAP Ka News #E100 - 27th July 2022

Add your news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018

#thread : post 1 / n
#StateAssembly 2021 meetings: #Punjab, #Haryana among poor performers with only 14 meetings in a year

In 2021, 29 state Assemblies met for an average of just 21 days
KL (61),Odi (43) KA (40) Trip (11), PJ(14), HA (14), UK (14), & DL (16)…
#5GSpectrumAuction underway; 4 companies in fray for airwaves worth Rs 4.3 lakh crore
Billionaire #Ambani’s Reliance Jio, Bharti #Airtel, #Vodafone Idea & a unit of billionaire #Adani’s flagship Adani Enterprises are in race to bid for #5G spectrum…
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The Gujarat Model - a thread from the book "Price of the Modi Years" by @Aakar__Patel

1. In annual growth rate Gujarat was slower than Maharashtra Tamil Nadu and Bihar in the Modi years 1/9
2. The state had been in 3rd position nationally before Modi and remained 3rd during his years in office 2/9
3. Except for fewer than 200 villages in the state all had been electrified before Modi. 3/9
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Thread 1/5
@narendramodi was nothing but a Gujarat local satrap. He never out grew into a national leader. Yet, he let Gujarat down too very badly.

He just did great event management & fooled people of Gujarat & sent them into orgasms by presiding over a pogrom to kill Muslims.
2/5 After that, no matter what wrong he did, he became apro modi (bhakts own modi) and all his sins were forgiven.

But now his sins of omission and commission have come back to haunt the very people who supported him.
3/5 modi presided over the destruction of public infrastructure in Gujarat & called it the 'Gujarat Model' & went about implementing the same when he came to the center.

Thankfully, those before him had done massive development that even he with all his clever schemes is unable
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*List of 28 NATIONALIST business men who looted money from Indian Banks*:-

1) Vijay Mallya
2) Mehul Choksi
3) Nirav Modi
4) Nishan Modi
5) Pushpesh Baidya
6) Ashish Jobanputra
7) Sunny Kalara
8) Arti Kalara
9) Sunjay Kalara
10) Varsha Kalara
11) Sudhir Kalara
12) Jatin Mehta
13) Umesh Parikh
14) Kamlesh Parikh
15) Nilesh Parikh
16) Vinay Mittal
17) Eklavya Garg
18) Chetan Jayantilal
19) Nitin Jayantilal
20) Dipti Bein Chetan
21) Saviya Saith
22) Rajiv Goyal
23) Alka Goyal
24) Lalit Modi
25) Ritesh Jain
26) Hitesh Nagenderbhai Patel
27) Mayuriben Patel
28) Ashish Suresh Bhai

Total looted amount stands at ₹.10,000,000,000,000/- (only ₹ Ten Trillion)

None was:
** a Pakistani
** a Muslim
** declared a terrorist
** declared an Urban Naxal
*** from OBC/SC/ST.
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These are my estimates for Total Cases, Active Cases and Recoveries for the period 20th April to 3rd May.

Nutshell, by 3rd May:
Total ~ 40,000
Active ~ 25,000
Recoveries ~ 12,500

Growth rate of Cases at exit point [3rd May]~ 4.5%
#COVID2019india ImageImage
Though it is difficult to factor in those intermittent bad days when growth rate suddenly spikes, one knows by looking at past data, that there will be such days. I have factored in those spurts as well.
#ArrestAntiIndiaArnab if he does not focus on THIS! Image
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Earlier today Health Minister was blaming anti-social elements planning to end the curfew and step out at 9PM.
The real anti-social elements turned out to his own party supporters following the chowkidar's orders to clang empty vessels....

They broke the curfew 4 hours before it ends.

And here's an idiot cabinet colleague of @drharshvardhan

Out with strangers at 5PM and literally blowing his horn to appease the chowkidar!

Cabinet of morons who cannot even lead by example.

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Of 18 of India’s most important newspapers, only two of them—‘The Telegraph’ and ‘Dainik Bhaskar’—front-page a telling @ReutersIndia photograph of the brutality unleashed on a hapless Muslim in Delhi under the cavernous noses of @narendramodi, @AmitShah and @ArvindKejriwal. (1/3)
The mass-circulation Hindi daily ‘Dainik Jagran’, whose rise was concomitant with that of the BJP in the cow belt during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement, can only find space for pictures featuring riotous men in kurtas, beards and skull caps. (2/3)
For non-Delhi newspapers, the #GujaratModel of conspicuous violence is just a routine clash between stone-pelters and police. And even the horrific @ReutersIndia image of savagery in the age of social media can only inspire the most anodyne caption. (3/3)
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Article by @anitajoshua in @ttindia explains that theere is Hole in PM’s Kashmir reasoning for removing special status of #Kashmir. 1/n @asadowaisi @syedKashaf95 @parawahid @Shehla_Rashid @jyotiyadaav @khanumarfa @RanaAyyub @MuzamilJALEEL @meetujain @BDUTT…
Latest Sustainable Development Goal India Index Report brought out by @NITIAayog shows the #GujaratModel at bottom on more indices than that of #JammuAndKashmir. It has been ranked “aspirant” with lowest score in range of 0-49 on 4 counts. Gujarat has been placed on 5 indices.2/n
On key social indices no poverty, zero hunger, quality education, gender equality, sustainable consumption and production — Gujarat is at the bottom of the ladder while the undivided state of Jammu and Kashmir is among the performing states. 3/n @Farhana_2017 @mehartweets @Nidhi
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Let us understand #GujaratModel of Vikas in #Fraud cases.

Latest RBI reply in RTI reveals that under ModiGovt cases of Fraud and quantum of Public money in fraud increases by Whopping 73% in matters of financial Institutions.
1 In FOY 2008-9 total 4372 cases registered & of amount Rs1860Cr #Fraud

2 In FOY 2009-10 No of cases registered were 4669 amounting Rs 1990Cr

3 In FOY 2018-19 No of cases of #Fraud increases to 6800 & money involved Rs71500Cr

WoW what a #GujaratModel of Vikas 2/
This increase in no of #Fraud cases in Financial institutions started surging soon after 56" chest Thumping ModiGovt's came into power.
In 15-16 4693 cases involving Rs18698Cr
Next year 5076cases of Rs23133Cr

This way Indian financial sector started collapsing
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I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if mob surrounds them and asks, “Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?” …they will have no answer, says actor #NaseeruddinShah
#Tathya with Apoorvanand
In the context of the Sajjan Kumar conviction in the 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs, we need to rethink about other incidents of violence that have happened in the country, says Prof. Apoorvanand.
We wish you a #MerryChristmas with the Christian Qawwals of Delhi.
"People look at me and wonder who I really am. I have only one answer for them. I am you," says Bernard Rufus, also known as Sahil Sufi Nizam, a popular singer of Christian Qawwalis.
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