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I feel anxious for my children because tomorrow if mob surrounds them and asks, “Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?” …they will have no answer, says actor #NaseeruddinShah
#Tathya with Apoorvanand
In the context of the Sajjan Kumar conviction in the 1984 genocidal violence against Sikhs, we need to rethink about other incidents of violence that have happened in the country, says Prof. Apoorvanand.
We wish you a #MerryChristmas with the Christian Qawwals of Delhi.
"People look at me and wonder who I really am. I have only one answer for them. I am you," says Bernard Rufus, also known as Sahil Sufi Nizam, a popular singer of Christian Qawwalis.
#NaseeruddinShah has been attacked viciously for speaking up against hate violence. "...the death of a cow has more significance than that of a police officer in today's India," he had said.
Dr. Apoorvanand deconstructs #WhatNaseerReallySaid
"If we allow ourselves to lose the richness of our regional languages, we risk losing our culture, our religion, our identity..."
#NaseeruddinShah and Jameel @gulrayys on what home really means in this soul-stirring short film.
"This is not a time to be silent..." says @nanditadas
In a new episode of #Tathya by KarwaneMohabbat, actor and director, Nandita Das speaks about the need for Mantoiyat in all of us - the will to be more honest, free-spirited and courageous.
"Only fools think that religions can be hunted down with guns. Religion, faith, compassion, conscience, conviction, devotion - all these exist not in our body but in our souls. How can this be destroyed with daggers, knives and bullets?”
"Will there be singing in the dark times?"
"Yes, there will be singing of the dark times..."
@nanditadas remembers #SaadatHasanManto and reminds us that this is not a time to be silent.
@harsh_mander #KarwaneMohabbat #Tathya
"When I was small, my mother used to say our life's troubles will never end," shares a formerly homeless teenager. "But I will never let my mother's words come true."
Listen to what Justice, Liberty, Equality and Fraternity mean to India's youth.
@harsh_mander #KarwaneMohabbat
On #MartyrsDay, it is important for all of us to recall #Gandhi 's last battle. Prof. Apoorvanand's moving tribute reminds us of the India we must build - where the legacy of peace and compassion must endure. #Tathya by #KarwaneMohabbat
"One of the reasons Gandhi was assassinated was that he supported the Meo Muslims to stay back in 1947," says Siddique Ahmad Meo, a Mewati historian.
He recalls the special relationship Gandhi had with Mewat, a region now beseiged by hate crimes. #Tathya
"Before entering #Sabarimala temple, all Hindu pilgrims pay homage at the mosque of Vavar Swamy."
"Unlike #Hindutva, Hinduism celebrates diversity and inclusion, reminds Farah Naqvi in #Tathya with #KarwaneMohabbat
@harsh_mander @scroll_in
"This is my heritage. This is the India that I grew up in. To watch that destroyed is something I will not allow easily." In a powerful call to action, #FarahNaqvi recalls examples of our syncretic culture from Mewat, Awadh, Rajasthan and more. #Sabarimala
"Modi, Shah, Yogi Adityanath did not create this hate. They have legitimised and valorised it..." reminds @harsh_mander
"What is morally correct is also what is politically most sound."
Do the colours of nature have a religion? Can we allow the joy of seasons to be tainted by bigotry?
#MadanGopalSingh brings back the raqs of #BasantPanchami
"Languages belong to regions, not religions," says @Javedakhtarjadu @nanditadas, #NaseeruddinShah and Jameel @gulrayys celebrate #Urdu, a quintessentially Indian language, born in our soil, thu the common people...a language of hope and solidarity. #SanjhiVirasat
“The most #antinational are those who are advancing the terrorists’ agenda by inciting hatred at this time,” says @harsh_mander
#Tathya by #KarwaneMohabbat
True #patriots talk about love, not hate.
Reject Terrorism, Support Kashmiris | #Tathya by @harsh_mander
"Those who propagate hate and violence have neither poetry nor thought in them. Their poison won't last long.
Mutual co-existence means that a part of me exists in you and a part of you exists in me," says #MadanGopalSingh in #Tathya

@harsh_mander @radhikabordia @ReallySwara
#Tathya with @Rampuniyani1945
"It is not an issue of Kashmir vs. India, or Hindus vs. Muslims..."
Mainstream media and TV studios that are creating a divisive atmosphere in the country must be confronted by civil society. We are responsible for what happens next.

"We are responsible for what happens next." #Tathya with @Rampuniyani1945
We cannot allow the communal violence of past be repeated yet again. TV studios are trying to become war rooms, creating a divisive atmosphere in the country.
#Secularism is not the absence of religion, but the ability to be religious and at the same time to give space to other people's religion. This is an understanding that has been with us for centuries.
#DontMissOut this insightful #Tathya by @RakhshandaJalil

I have hope in the new generation, says @pamelaphilipose #Tathya
They challenge us, look us in the face and say, this is what you did not do, and this is what we are prepared to do.@mehartweets @Shehla_Rashid @UmarKhalidJNU @kanhaiyakumar @jigneshmevani80
A #Muslim boy grows up to become a #Sanskrit scholar - a Mahapandit, feted by the Brahmins of Benaras. Listen to him explain the true meaning of #VandeMataram and the connection between #ShashtangPranaam and #Namaaz
#SanjhiVirasat with Pandit Ghulam Dastagir Birajdar
A #Sanskrit scholar and a devout #Muslim, this wise Maratha has stories to tell about who we have been and what we are becoming...
@harsh_mander @scroll_in @TheWireMarathi @TheWireUrdu @thewirehindi
"This is the battle for the idea of India, where it does not matter which God you worship, which language you speak... there is no conditionality to belong and to belong equally." ~ @harsh_mander in a powerful, evocative new episode of #Tathya
Are we ready to confront the Goondaism in our own Hearts | #Tathya with @harsh_mander, @pamelaphilipose and #Apoorvanand
"I have Muslim colleagues who tell me that their mothers tell them, "Do not say Salaam when you get a call, do not wear the skull cap, do not grow your beard. If there is a political discussion, don’t get involved. Somebody will find out that you are a Muslim..." ~@harsh_mander
"Hindu society has become accustomed to violence, they have been taught to enjoy violence. People have been intoxicated with violence. For this, the lynching and murders have been video recorded and shared online..." #Tathya by #Apoorvanand
Religious right-wing ideology is deeply anti-women, that seek to suppress, subjugate and repress women, and that uses so-called tradition and culture and all of that to do so. Prof. @Jayati1609 in #Tathya on #InternationalWomensDay
“If we claim that waging war will bring peace to Kashmir, we are being childish,” says @omthanvi in #Tathya
“We have to stop alienating our own people, if we want solutions...”
In the upcoming elections, will the people of India deliver the #democracy we deserve?
Do we deserve the Constitution of India, asks #SaeedAkhtarMirza in this #Tathya from @karwanemohabbat
In our series #HumLogWeThePeople we turn our lens towards the extraordinary within the seemingly ordinary amongst us.
Meet Chef #LilymaKhan - the orphaned, homeless child who defied circumstances to seek her destiny.
@harsh_mander @CEStudies @amanbiradari
WATCH the full film here:
After years of abuse and humiliation as a ragpicking child, Lilyma finally found shelter in @amanbiradari's Kilkari Rainbow Home.
“That's where I got counseling, food, love, sisterhood, everything,” says Lilyma.
"Who fights?" asks Kasim, a homeless rickshaw-puller. "Is it penniless, homeless, powerless people like me who engineer bomb blasts? No, it is people like you..."
Listen to the voices of #HumLogWeThePeople from @karwanemohabbat
"The worse I appear, the better it is for me. No one will approach me."
Repeatedly sexually abused as a child, #Kasim grows up, homeless and HIV positive.
Do you have it in you to listen to his voice? #HumLogWeThePeople

The young want to know how to be Indian when India seems so violently divided, says @natashabadhwar. What is this idea of India that we lament about? #Tathya
The Constitutional promises may be in tatters, but the template is still there, says #FarahNaqvi
"Hate is paying us today, it is socially all right to spew gaalis against Muslims. There is no consequence to hate speech," says #FarahNaqvi in #Tathya
"The point is not for us to wallow in despair, the point is to find the emotional stamina to counter it," adds @natashabadhwar
In Partitions of the Heart: Unmaking the Idea of India, @harsh_mander takes stock of whether the republic has upheld the values it set out to achieve and offers painful, unsparing insight into the contours of #hateviolence.
No govt, has been friendly towards farmers, but the Modi government has transferred the ailing farmer from the general ward of a hospital to the ICU, says @_YogendraYadav. This is the achievement of Modi Government. They have reduced farmers to penury. #Tathya
"The #Modi govt. promised to implement the recommendations of Swaminathan Report (2006) but failed to fulfil it. But never mind.
He claimed to double the income. But incomes are stagnant. But let’s forget about that too..." #Tathya with @_YogendraYadav
Listen to @paranjoygt say it like it is.
The Prime Minister himself has short-circuited procedures, there are instances of crony capitalism and corruption...what happened to "na khaunga, na khane doonga?" #Tathya
I will play Holi beginning in the name of the Lord,
saying bismillah...
#HappyHoli2019 in the words of #BabaBullehShah, sung by #MadanGopalSIngh
~ the @karwanemohabbat wishes everyone an inclusive, friendly, peaceful, fun-filled Holi
In which @varungrover talks sense and nonsense, democracy and dissent, art and gobbledygook... and finally reveals how much the opposition pays artists like him to say what they want to say anyway. #Tathya
We don’t need to get on stage to dissent. #Dissent is a part of everyday choices.
Move beyond electoral democracy. Practice day to day #democracy.
@varungrover nails it in #Tathya
“I know how much a single Civil Servant can do to control violence,” says former IAS officer @harsh_mander debunking the myth that junior police officers are communalised. #Tathya with #FarahNaqvi and Harsh Mander
"It is the leaders who have let us down really badly...just because a civil servant wants a plum posting, they will allow the massacre of people to happen?"
#Tathya with @harsh_mander and #FarahNaqvi
A scheme by scheme takedown of #false promises made by PM @narendramodi to Indian farmers in 5 years | दावों का सच #Tathya by @kkuruganti and @_YogendraYadav

@harsh_mander @scroll_in @thewire_in @nc24x7 @newsclickin
दावों का सच #Tathya | Claims vs. Reality
@_YogendraYadav and @kkuruganti demolish the deceitful claims made by the @narendramodi government in the last 5 years.
"At least 2 lakh crore rupees are being looted from the farmers of this country...in effect farmers of this country are cross-subsidizing the salaried class and all of us." Explosive facts from @kkuruganti and @_YogendraYadav in this #Tathya
“The farmer doesn’t even get a scrap of paper as proof of the insurance they claim to provide. It is the insurance companies pockets that are being lined. Farmers have been abandoned by @narendramodi govt."
#Tathya 3 with @_YogendraYadav & @kkuruganti
2 years ago, #PehluKhan was lynched in Alwar. The video of the brutal assault went viral on Twitter. The victim named 6 men in his dying declaration yet justice eludes his family.
This is not the #India we will accept anymore.
"How do you judge a nation?
By how it treats its weakest, its disenfranchised. That's how we judge any nation. And where are we today," asks #SaeedMirza in #Tathya
#Listen to the voice of the youth. To #WomenMarch4Change
"For the first time in independent India we saw legislators defend rapists in public as we saw in #Kathua and #Unnao," says AISA President, Kanwalpreet Kaur. "This is something we will not forget." #Tathya
"The name on my Aadhar card is #AamirAziz and this is enough to get me into trouble," shares the young artist. "Bigotry and violence has forced our songs and poetry to become dark. Art must reflect the horror of our times."
"I don't want to make people cry," says poet and musician #AamirAziz, but his words will break your heart. "It is our collective tragedy that a song that reflects the reality of our times makes us cry."
Who killed Zainul Ansari in Sitamarhi, Mohd. Akhlaq in Dadri, Junaid in Asaoti, Qasim in Hapur, Farooq Khan in Imphal..? Are we complicit?
As India goes to the polls, there are unanswered questions that haunt us. That demand answers. Will we choose justice for all?
Why did a Durga Puja procession beat a Muslim bystander to death? Why is justice delayed even though the killers are visible on video and in photos?
The @karwanemohabbat profiles families victimised by targeted hate crimes. #Sitamarhi #Bihar #Lynching
#KavitaSrivastava doesn't mince her words.
It takes this human rights defender only 2 minutes to lay bare the dismal and negative performance of Narendra Modi's BJP government in the last 5 years. #Tathya #HumanRights #VoteWiselyIndia
@harsh_mander @PUCLindia @nikhilmkss
Keep calm and #listen to Dr. @khanamirullah
The economist and professor spells out 3 things every Indian voter must know before deciding their vote. #Tathya #VoteWiselyIndia
Less than a year ago, Mohd. Qasim was lynched near Hapur, UP, and dragged along the ground in the presence of police.
Who killed Qasim? Who attacked Samiuddin? Why does justice elude victims even when attackers are visible on camera? #VoteWiselyIndia
@radhikabordia @harsh_mander
Some stories are the hardest, yet the most urgent to share. What kind of society allows #Qasim to be #lynched on camera like this? His traumatised family to be further harassed by the state, abandoned without livelihood and support? @radhikabordia reports
What are the pros and cons the Indian voter must consider before making up their mind in #Election2019?
Please welcome @urbantucchha and #RahulRam of @AisiTaisiDemo

#AisiTaisiElections #Tathya @harsh_mander
On jobless growth, false claims of welfare, suppressed data and unprecedented inequality in the history of the Indian state.
Economists Dr. @khanamirullah and Atul Sood demolish the false claims made by PM Narendra Modi to the people of India. #Tathya दावों का सच #VoteWiselyIndia
Pratap Bhanu Mehta exposes the danger of @BJP4India’s version of Hindu nationalism.
Is this the India we want? #VoteWiselyIndia #Tathya
@harsh_mander @pbmehta
On #EasterWeekend, a heart-warming profile of Georgina Lazar, better known as Tai-ji of Turkman Gate. "I wake up to the morning azaan, say my prayers in Church every morning and listen to the temple bells from next door..."
What is the role of #SadhviPragya Singh in terror attacks in #Malegaon, Ajmer Sharif, Mecca Masjid and the Samjhauta Express?
Who is responsible for the incarceration and torture of innocent Muslims? Watch now. #TerrorInnocents
Listen and share this heart-felt message from Prakash V N, an auto-rickshaw driver in Mangalore...on how political parties distract communities from real issues of livelihood and development by force-feeding them narratives of hate.
#VoteWiselyIndia #HumLog #WeThePeople
As #Chhatisgarh votes today, watch this love story of #Amanullah Khan from Kunra, district Raipur, where the village temple shares a wall with the mosque. Meet Ravan and share a laugh with him. #SanjhiVirasat
In this endearing video, listen to #Amanullah Khan recite from the #Ramayana and play the role of Ravana.
This is the India we were born in, we have nurtured and will protect with our vote. Kunra, Chhatisgarh. #SanjhiVIrasat
It has been said that the story of #BilkisBano is the story of Gujarat, a story that will haunt the moral conscience of the country.
#BilkisBano was victimized, she became a fighter, she is a survivor, she will emerge a winner. #GujaratRiots2002
Bilkis Bano’s triumph is a victory for every Indian who believes in justice and constitutional values. #KarwaneMohabbatAgainstHateCrimes @harsh_mander
On #MayDay2019
Satyaveer, a migrant worker and a farmer shares what solidarity really means. Listen to his heart-warming, pragmatic wisdom...
It is hard to find words for the dystopian details of this hate crime.
A man from #Muzaffarnagar lynched in #Tripura. Killed despite the presence of policemen. Eyewitness statements yet to be recorded.
A distraught family left with photos...battling for justice.
Who killed Jahid Khan, a man from #Muzaffarnagar, working in #Tripura? Lynched in the presence of security personnel, his skull cracked open...Why did no one save him? Listen to those who loved him
A @karwanemohabbat #Exclusive, reported by @radhikabordia
CORRUPTION in the Modi years | दावों का सच Claims vs. Reality
featuring #Chowkidar @narendramodi, @paranjoygt, @RahulGandhi and #ArunKumar
Listen and #VoteWiselyIndia
#Tathya from @karwanemohabbat | @harsh_mander
If Mr. @narendramodi comes back to power, then what? | #Tathya with @harsh_mander
"Those who vote for him support his agenda of hate and are voting against the #Constitution of India. They are voting against the legacy of India’s freedom struggle..."
"Whoever votes for @narendramodi today is supporting his agenda of hate. They are voting against the Constitution of India, the legacy of India’s freedom struggle and India’s entire civilizational legacy of pluralism and respect for diversity."
#Tathya w @harsh_mander
Meet #AbdulShameer, a hate crime survivor. Attacked by gau-rakshaks and left for dead, this is a man who has returned to jolt the conscience of this nation.
How does he manage to smile as he narrates the horror and betrayal he has endured? #Lynching
"I knew some of my attackers," #AbdulShameer narrates. "I spoke to one of them by name. We have eaten together in a hotel, Udaya, I said to him. Yet he attacked me, saying Ram Sena Ki Jai."
Powerful testimony of a #survivor of #hatecrime
#VoteWiselyIndia #MUSTWATCH @harsh_mander
What was the #GujaratModel?
You can't understand what is happening in India today until you understand what happened in Gujarat over 12 years.
Listen to #FarahNaqvi, @ShivVisvanathan and @harsh_mander speak from personal experience. #Tathya
Brace yourself for the details of this #hatecrime
Umar Mohammad was shot dead a day after his son was born when he was bringing home a milch cow for his family. Umar Mohammad was killed for being a #Muslim in #Mewat, India. #VoteWiselyIndia
“Our child was about to be born and we decided to buy a new cow so there would be fresh milk for the children," says Khurshida, #UmarMohammad’s widow.
This decision would cost Umar his life.
@radhikabordia reports for
@karwanemohabbat l @harsh_mander
"We will talk, write, make films...so no one can say later that they did not know how minorities were being marginalised," says @harsh_mander
"It is impossible to forget the faces of elderly parents of lynching victims...as they fight for crumbs of justice," says @natashabadhwar
There is no reason for the majority community to be insecure and have low-esteem, says @Javedakhtarjadu
But the fundamentalist wants to minimize our identity and create a fake sense of threat from the minority. #Tathya with @karwanemohabbat
Celebrate your victories and recover from your losses- Welcome to the #BBC yaniki Borivali Biryani Centre.
Run by a vegetarian #GujaratiJain family, this #biryani restaurant is making waves in suburban Mumbai. #HumLog #WeThePeople
"Shikanji ka koi dharm nahi hota. Lemonade has no religion."
Meet Chandan, a young man who makes lemonade for community Iftar in Delhi's New Friends Colony every #Ramzan
Meet Lalaji Devendra Arora who waits for Ramzan when his neighbours send Iftar everyday #HumLogWeThePeople
When the state itself turns against its citizens, where can they find succour?
In Barpeta, #Assam, Lal Chand Ali killed himself by hanging when his name appeared in the dreaded D-voter list.
Who Killed Lal Chand Ali? What was his crime, asks his family. #NRC
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