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SS RAJAMOULI'S PROTEGE ASHWIN GANGARAJU TO DIRECT '1770'... V VIJAYENDRA PRASAD TO PEN SCREENPLAY... #AshwinGangaraju - who assisted #SSRajamouli in #Eega and #Baahubali [both series] - will direct the multi-lingual film #1770TheMovie.
Based on #BankimChandraChatterjee's #Bengali novel #Anandamath... #VVijayendraPrasad is writing the adapted story and screenplay of #1770TheMovie... Author and film-maker #RamKamalMukherjee is the creator.
#1770TheMovie will be produced by #ShhailendraKkumar, #SujayyKuttiy, #KrishnaKumarB and #SurajSharma... Will be made in #Hindi, #Telugu, #Tamil, #Malayalam, #Kannada and #Bengali... The team will lock the main lead before #Dussehra and will announce the cast by #Diwali.
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When the issue of #GurugramNamazRow was going, @yasirerkus from Turkey contacted me for an interview.

Since he didn’t publish my views, I’m putting out the questions and answers myself.

Note: Sharing this chat with his approval (refer third picture)

I responded to all his questions and even requested to share the article with me and tag me on Twitter while putting it here.

But then, @yasirerkus had more questions.

Since a foreign journalist @yasirerkus was asking about my country and also questioning about my #Hindu identity, I felt it important to respond.

(I’ve written his questions first and then responded)

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1.Intersectional Perspective on Diwali Crackers. Comrades! We all know how Diwali is a fascist festival associated with the Savarna hegemony of Vaishyas and Brahmins over the Dalits, women, LGBTQIA+ community and other assorted marginalized beautiful individuals.

2.This power hierarchy is also deeply visible in the fire crackers that fascist Hindus burst on this very important day. The power dynamism and resident inequalities of the Hindu society are deeply visible in the fire crackers.
3.Let us start by the shape of these fire crackers. Don’t most of them look like phallic symbols? They are all long and pointy ended, and are the psycho-sexual expression of hidden male hegemony in Hindu society.
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While I am all for #diwalicrackers and support the right and freedom to light and burst them without unreasonable curbs, my observation is that the craze for #crackers among youngsters and the next generation has been declining year on year and it is a steady downward trend.
In fact, the bulk of the people making big noise with crackers on the streets as well as social media are all middle-aged males Largely the 80s-90s generation, as they still live their hangover of the riotous Diwali revelry of their young days.
In the present generation, children have some curiosity and sense of adventure with crackers till about the age of 12-13, at the max 15, not beyond. And, even this, because of the company and hanging around with friends during Diwali that attracts them,
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Even if we stop Bursting crackers it won't impact pollution levels significantly.

I see so many SUVs with only 1 person in the car. People are taking 2 wheelers for distances which would only take 10-15 min walk.

Stop inefficient use of vehicles and plant trees that'd help...
I used to burst crackers when I was a kid... Its been ~14 years I've not burst crackers.

My reason:
While bursting crackers I saw stray animals getting scared and run helplessly, which hurt me so I decided to stop Bursting crackers.
It might not make a huge impact but I made sure atleast I won't be the one to hurt animals by bursting crackers.

I can't stop others but definitely I can request others to burst crackers somewhere safe and away from animals.

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I can’t wait to celebrate the next #Diwali at Abu Dhabi’s new Mandir (temple) @AbuDhabiMandir
This is the beautiful #Mandir under construction in #AbuDhabi 🇦🇪🛕 #HappyDiwali to all. Image
Thank you for all your respect and love, I hope this #Diwali brings peace, love, and prosperity to all humanity.
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దీపావళి✨ పండుగ పటాకులు కాల్చేప్పుడు తీసుకోవాల్సిన జాగ్రత్తలు....! #Deepavali #Diwali #Happy
దీపావళి పండుగ రోజున ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ తప్పని సరిగా జాగ్రత్తలు తీసుకోవాలని సూచిస్తున్నారు డాక్టర్లు.
💥దీపావళి రోజున ముఖ్యంగా చిన్న పిల్లలు పటాకులు కాల్చే ముందు కాటన్ దుస్తులు దరించాలి. Image
సిల్క్, నైలాన్, సింతటిక్ దుస్తులు వేసుకోకూడది.
💥పెద్దల పర్యవేక్షణలోనే పటాకులు కాల్చాలి.
💥 చిచ్చుబుడ్డీలు, రాకెట్‌లు, పటాకులు చేతిలో ఉంచుకొని కాల్చరాదు.
💥పటాకులు కాల్చే ప్రదేశంలో నీరు అందుబాటులో ఉంచుకోవడమే కాకుండా.. Image
💥ఇంటి దగ్గర కాకుండా ఓపెన్ గ్రౌండ్‌లో కాల్చడం మంచిదంటున్నారు. ప్రధానంగా విద్యుత్ ట్రాన్స్ ఫార్మర్, కరెంటు తీగలు ఉండే స్థలాలలో కాల్చవద్దు.
💥కంటి అద్దాలు, కాళ్ళకు చెప్పులు, చెవులో దూది ఉంచుకొని కాల్చాలి. టపాసులతో జాగ్రత్త!! 🏥🚑 Image
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If this photo of the Murud Janjira fort in #Maharashtra has you awestruck, the thread below may interest you. #Diwali #Diwali2021 🧵👇

(Image taken from the internet, help with credits if you know) Image
Mountain (and naval) fortifications, known in Marathi as किल्ले (Kille) have been an important part of the ascendancy of the Maratha Empire under the leadership of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. #Diwali #Diwali2021
To name a few - Torna, Singhagad, Lohagad, Pratapgad, Ajinkyatara, Raigad and Shivneri dot the Sahyadri ranges while Janjira, Sindhudurg, Vijaydurg look over the naval frontiers. More than 350 of them, each with its own story.
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Maa Dakshinesvari Kali Temple, West Bengal. On the eve of #Diwali & #KaliPuja
It is widely believed that in Bengal, noted 16th century Vedic/Tantric Sadhak Krishnananda Agamavagisha was the one who started Kali Puja. The tantric scholar had once dreamt of Maa Kali,
who had until then largely been associated with death and darkness. However, the dark Devi instructed Agamavagisha to worship her in a form that highlighted her in a more motherly avatar. Thus, Agamavagisha is often attributed with popularising the worship of Kali in a milder
iconography a form that is still worshipped across Bengal to this date.
Basically Maa Kali is represented as a woman with dark skin, four hands and long flowing hair. The top left hand holds a kharga (sword), while the bottom left hand holds the head of a demon she has slayed.
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On eve of #Diwali, Government of India announces excise duty reduction on petrol and diesel. Excise duty on Petrol and Diesel to be reduced by Rs 5 and Rs 10 respectively from tomorrow Image
The reduction in excise duty on diesel will be double that of petrol and will come as a boost to the farmers during the upcoming Rabi season. States urged to reduce VAT on petrol & diesel to give relief to consumers: Govt Sources
In recent months, crude oil prices have witnessed a global upsurge. Consequently, domestic prices of petrol & diesel had increased in recent weeks exerting inflationary pressure. The world has also seen shortages and increased prices of all forms of energy: Ministry of Finance
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Finally listed my Genesis #NFT “Diwali - Festival of Lights” for sale on @withFND! 🌐

I'm very excited!🥰🤩🚀
🙏🏽Thanks a lot @NFTMalayali - You all have provided a great deal of info & support.
#NFTCommunity #NFTartist #NFTs

Happy #Diwali to all 🪔…
Layer Breakdown video of “Diwali - Festival of Lights”
Now available on Foundation | Reserve price 0.25 ETH.

Link to Foundation profile 👇🏽

#nftcollector #NFTCommunity
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ஒரு காலத்தில் ஒரு அசுரன் உலகத்தைப் பாயாகச் சுருட்டிக் கொண்டு போய் கடலுக்குள் ஒளிந்து கொண்டான்.

தேவர்களின் முறையீட்டின் படி மகாவிஷ்ணு பன்றி அவதாரம் எடுத்து கடலுக்குள் புகுந்து, அவனைக் கொன்று உலகத்தை மீட்டு மீண்டும் வந்து விரித்தார்.

விரித்த உலகம் அப் பன்றியுடன் கலவி செய்ய ஆசைப்பட்டது.

ஆசைக்கு இணங்கி பன்றி (விஷ்ணு) பூமியுடன் கலவி செய்தது.

அதன் பயனாய் பூமி கர்ப்பமுற்று, பவுமன் என்ற பிள்ளையைப் பெற்றது.

அவன் தனக்கு யாராலும் மரணம் நேர கூடாதென்று பிரம்மனை நோக்கி தவம் புரிந்தான்.

அவன் முன் வந்த பிரம்மனிடம் வரத்தை கேட்க, இவ்வுலகில் பிறக்கும் உயிர்கள்யாவும் ஒரு நாள் இறந்தே தீரும் என்றார் பிரம்மன்.

பின் அவன் என் தாயால் மட்டுமே மரணம் நேர வேண்டும் என்று வரம் வாங்கினான்.

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Food and a Prosperous Life - 5 Lessons from Taittiriya Upanishad


A long Thread
Taittiriya Upanishad places great significance on food as the outermost sheath of existence and it explains the process of understanding life through the role of food.

It says: अन्नं ब्रह्मेति व्यजानात्| (Taittiriya, III. 2)

Which means "food itself is Brahman".
The Taittiriya Upanishad mentions several ethics, values and "best practices" to help attain brahman through the portal of food.

Here are 5 of them.
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THREAD: #Diwali is around the corner, & Hindus will adorn their homes & businesses w/ the Swastika. But, Prof Truschke peddles #Hinduphobia in the name of the Swastika (this is not the first time). Her argument is dangerous & should be condemned by @rutgers & @Rutgers_Newark. 1/n
"Ambiguous sense??" The Swastika has ALWAYS been a positive, auspicious sign (vs the Hakenkreuz of Hitler). To suggest that Swastika is "sometimes" and "ambiguously" used by Hindus for hate is blatantly false & paints Hindus as Nazi sympathizers, opens them up for attacks. 2/n
In Sept 2016, she connected an innocuous Indian university building shaped like a Swastika to Nazism, even though the two had nothing to do w/ each other - a thinly veiled attempt to link Hindus & Nazis together again (tweet deleted since then). 3/n
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Justice AM Khanwilkar led bench hears a petition filed by Zakia Jafri, widow of slain Congress MP Ehsan Jafri, challenging the Special Investigation Team’s (SIT) clean chit to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in the 2002 Godhra riots #supremecourt
Sr Adv Kapil Sibal: all the important evidentiary records have been destroyed my lords!
#zakiajafri #gujaratriots #supremecourt
SC: Mr Sibal, the best course would be not be going backwards...we have to start from the 2011 order.. there was an option to file a protest petition. history of 2009 and 2010 may not help us today. show us what report was presented and the protest plea filed in ref to the report
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THREAD: @AshleyRindsberg provides eye opening info of how @nytimes never covered the Holocaust & actually supported Nazis. BUT, most people don't know how the paper's orientalist lens popularized the conflation of the Hakenkreuz w/ the Swastika.👇🏾… 1/n
In his book, Dr. T.K. Nakagaki shows how the Dec 2, 1923 edition of @nytimes used the correct word (Hakenkreuz) to describe Hitler's symbol.… 2/n
But, a Mar. 19, 1933 article in @nytimes essentially "discovered" the Swastika for popular American mainstream, conflated it with Hitler's symbol. Even then, the paper use the word "hooked cross" and Swastika interchangeably (the hooked cross dropping eventually over time). 3/n
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It's festive time in India with #Diwali on the way,I was reading about #Ramayana connection in South East Asia and came across this beautiful Miniature Sheet stamps from my collection released by #Indiapost on the ASEAN India summit in 2018,follow thread on each stamp #philately Image
Torana Gate is symbolic gateway in Kualalumpur,Malaysia to mark the friendship between India and Malaysia inaugaurated in 2015. The gateway is a inspired from Indo-Buddhist Architecture and identical to Great Stupa at Sanchi,Madhya Pradesh #infothroughstamps #stampcollection Image
Menyembah is a dance form from Brunei Darussalam which means in Malaya a custom of Worship Image
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You know how people make fun about their contacts wishing them just during the festivals? Well that sort of relationships are important to me. Reassures me that I don't need to constantly stay in touch with these friends/family member but we mutually share positivity.
Staying in touch like this is like keeping score of a test match. You are not too afraid of missing something but also you don't want to miss it out either. So you just check on it whenever you get a chance.
And they reciprocate the same thing!! How amazingly awesome are these relationship!! There are people who will spread good vibes to you without any expectations!!
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~Ancient Hindus wr aware of sp properties of #Water,this is y our Rishi-Muni used it for both manifesting WISHES & CURSES.
~Do u knw d most PRACTICAL reason y v r spending crores to locate #Saraswati river?
~It's also abt #ShriRam.


~Ever wondered y India is covered by sea on 2 sides, Himalayas on the 3rd and a desert on the 4th side?
~There's a certain reason why Hindus use water a certain way.
Jst a 9min long video!
Since it's also abt Shri Ram I posted it on #Diwali. 😊
I'm sure right now these might appear as unconnected topics.
But it's linked.
Hindus must know why they do what they do. 🙏
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Thread: #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz. What is the Swastika? 1/n
In Sanskrit, the word Swastika means “that which brings good luck and well-being.” The word "Swasti" occurs frequently in the Vedas as well as in classical literature, and means health, luck, success, and prosperity. It is a symbol of divinity and auspiciousness. 2/n
The limbs of the Swastika are associated with the four goals of life: Dharma (right action), Artha (worldly prosperity), Kama (worldly enjoyment) and Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). They also symbolize the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva). 3/n
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#Diwali for Kerala. 😃
1. Commie CM is rattled.#NIA tightening noose around CM’s office.
2. CPIM Sec’s son is in jail—no bail. 😁 #ED ensured it. #NCB will soon interrogate him.
3.Kerala jst got a ED chief,Doval’s trustworthy. Central agencies hv kept CPIM on tenterhooks.
2/2 Honestly, these days news frm Kerala is absolute laugh riot—CM fuming, CPIM sec crying, and more drama. 😄Bt alas this will not ensure BJP’s rise in Kerala bcoz its of lack lustre representation in the state.Hard core commies love #Modi ji. Bt there’s not 1 good state leader.
Adding: The news of ED getting a new chief is imp coz till recently ED in Kerala ws headed by a joint director in TN. It shows that Kerala is now getting the right amount of attention.
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The #Ramayana is one of the two great epics of Hinduism. It is not just a story of good and evil. There are very important teachings that we need to learn from the great epic. It describes that materialistic and sensual pleasures are a natural part of human life. Image
But at the same time, Dharma must not be compromised in any way in order to attain these other pleasures. It puts great emphasis on the ideal of Dharma or righteousness; an ideal that each person must practice in their lives. Image
It teaches us the importance of morality and justice. The Ramayana also depicts the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal father, son, husband, brother, friend and the king. The character of #LordRama is a perfect example of these qualities. Image
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NGT bans firecrackers across India in cities with ‘poor’ air quality or worse

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali…
The National Green Tribunal has banned the sale or use of all kinds of firecrackers in #DelhiNCR from midnight today (November 9) till November 30.

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali
The bench clarified that the direction would apply to all cities and towns in the country where the average of ambient air quality during November fell under the 'poor' and above categories.

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali
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