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The #CrackersBan is a perfect example of minority rule in action.

According to the minority rule, in a democratic setup, the will of the most intolerant minority always prevails.…
The vast majority of Hindus celebrate #Diwali in a joyous and tolerant way. The propagandists who push for #CrackerBan are mostly pseudo-intellectuals, academics, fake news media etc. They are perfect examples of Intellectual Yet Idiot (IYIs). Image
These IYIs are a tiny minority of the population. Yet, they have acquired enormous power via bureaucratic institutions like NGT and via false media propaganda. By constantly spewing false propaganda about pollution, they brought about #CrackersBan.…
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You know how people make fun about their contacts wishing them just during the festivals? Well that sort of relationships are important to me. Reassures me that I don't need to constantly stay in touch with these friends/family member but we mutually share positivity.
Staying in touch like this is like keeping score of a test match. You are not too afraid of missing something but also you don't want to miss it out either. So you just check on it whenever you get a chance.
And they reciprocate the same thing!! How amazingly awesome are these relationship!! There are people who will spread good vibes to you without any expectations!!
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In Jainism, Diwali commemorates the anniversary of Lord Mahavir's attainment of moksha, or freedom from the cycle of reincarnation.
Lord Mahavir was the 24th and last Thirtankar.

So i made this thread of photos showing life of the mahaveer. ⬇️
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~Ancient Hindus wr aware of sp properties of #Water,this is y our Rishi-Muni used it for both manifesting WISHES & CURSES.
~Do u knw d most PRACTICAL reason y v r spending crores to locate #Saraswati river?
~It's also abt #ShriRam.


~Ever wondered y India is covered by sea on 2 sides, Himalayas on the 3rd and a desert on the 4th side?
~There's a certain reason why Hindus use water a certain way.
Jst a 9min long video!
Since it's also abt Shri Ram I posted it on #Diwali. 😊
I'm sure right now these might appear as unconnected topics.
But it's linked.
Hindus must know why they do what they do. 🙏
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While folks outside India wishing #Diwali in true colors, @narendramodi minister blabbering Green-Diwali. Sad state of Modi-team🙈

Mr @drharshvardhan What is Green-Diwali? There's no such thing. Don't u have any SHAME 4 mentioning this? Stop this Green-Bakwaas!
#Diwali_IS_Diwali Image
भारी विडंबना है .. But this is all thanks to @narendramodi who has allowed the ban on #Firecrackers all over India and stubbornly refused to interfere at all.

Mr @drharshvardhan Here you go .. #Dilwali colors are understood by people all over the world. Green has no link with Diwali. Stop your Green-Propaganda to target Hindu-Festivals!

@narendramodi #SaveHinduFestivals #SaveDiwali #SaveFirecrackers Image
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Thread: #SwastikaIsNotHakenkreuz. What is the Swastika? 1/n
In Sanskrit, the word Swastika means “that which brings good luck and well-being.” The word "Swasti" occurs frequently in the Vedas as well as in classical literature, and means health, luck, success, and prosperity. It is a symbol of divinity and auspiciousness. 2/n
The limbs of the Swastika are associated with the four goals of life: Dharma (right action), Artha (worldly prosperity), Kama (worldly enjoyment) and Moksha (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). They also symbolize the four Vedas (Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva). 3/n
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Thread! (11/11)

#Diwali2020 Rant!

Everything is becoming a problem in this country nowadays & every solution is only in binary, either a Yes or a No. Nobody talks about moderation. Everyone is guilty in this country,atleast that’s how they make you feel
#Diwali #Diwaliwishes
#Diwali causes pollution, but Diwali is not the only reason for pollution. There are enough things other than firecrackers that cause pollution in this country. Why don’t we talk about how to reduce pollution for the rest of the 364 days instead of one day in a year.
There is no country in the world that does not use Fireworks display. We are the same people who see fireworks in awe during the new year when it is displayed at New York, London, Sydney, Paris & sulk when it comes to India
#DiwaliCelebration2020 #Diwali #Diwali2020
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#Diwali for Kerala. 😃
1. Commie CM is rattled.#NIA tightening noose around CM’s office.
2. CPIM Sec’s son is in jail—no bail. 😁 #ED ensured it. #NCB will soon interrogate him.
3.Kerala jst got a ED chief,Doval’s trustworthy. Central agencies hv kept CPIM on tenterhooks.
2/2 Honestly, these days news frm Kerala is absolute laugh riot—CM fuming, CPIM sec crying, and more drama. 😄Bt alas this will not ensure BJP’s rise in Kerala bcoz its of lack lustre representation in the state.Hard core commies love #Modi ji. Bt there’s not 1 good state leader.
Adding: The news of ED getting a new chief is imp coz till recently ED in Kerala ws headed by a joint director in TN. It shows that Kerala is now getting the right amount of attention.
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The #Ramayana is one of the two great epics of Hinduism. It is not just a story of good and evil. There are very important teachings that we need to learn from the great epic. It describes that materialistic and sensual pleasures are a natural part of human life. Image
But at the same time, Dharma must not be compromised in any way in order to attain these other pleasures. It puts great emphasis on the ideal of Dharma or righteousness; an ideal that each person must practice in their lives. Image
It teaches us the importance of morality and justice. The Ramayana also depicts the duties of relationships, portraying ideal characters like the ideal father, son, husband, brother, friend and the king. The character of #LordRama is a perfect example of these qualities. Image
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NGT bans firecrackers across India in cities with ‘poor’ air quality or worse

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali…
The National Green Tribunal has banned the sale or use of all kinds of firecrackers in #DelhiNCR from midnight today (November 9) till November 30.

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali
The bench clarified that the direction would apply to all cities and towns in the country where the average of ambient air quality during November fell under the 'poor' and above categories.

#FirecrackersBan #airpollution #Diwali
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▪️Meat Industry
▪️Stubble Burning
▪️Waste Burning
▪️Brick Kilns

Crackers are burst on festivals, Election, Marriages, Christmas, New Year.

Govt's Decision : Ban Crackers on Diwali. ImageImageImageImage
Why Firecrackers are being banned - To promote Conversions!

@AmitShah @missionkaali

#Diwali #Fireworks

Poor people have already invested in the Crackers n at last moment their business is closed due to pandemic. Buy them so they don't face loss, but don't use them as of now. Pandemic is going to increase during Winter.

We can use Crackers in future festivals.
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#Important- Church hand clearly visible in nationwide court orders banning firecrackers! Soul harvester #ConversionMafia would jump in to feed unemployed #TamilNadu workers in cracker industry. CH in #FCRAViolation strike recovery mode @by2kaafi @Indumakalktchi
(Cont) Image
Odisha Govt restricts use of #Diwali diyas, just few days ago diya processing kilns seen destroyed by local officers citing #NGT order.
Again force villagers out of ancestral small busyness then feed them n convert #ConversionMafia in full swing
(Cont) Image
Earlier @OxfamIndia had run vicious online campaign defaming #AssamTea industry citing labour issues. Aim was to kill tea industry n then trap unemployed labours in Church net. For it @oxfamcanada pumped money in India! @himantabiswa #ConversionMafia
(Cont..) Image
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i) Gunpowder was invented by Chinese alchemists in 850-900 AD in the Tang Dynasty.

ii) Gunpowder reached India for the first time in 1258 AD, when the envoy of the Mongol ruler Hulegu Khan arrived in Delhi.

iii) Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India.

Just like Portuguese brought Chili to India in the 16th Century, the Mughals commercialised Gunpowder use in India in the 16th Century.

Babur successfully used gunpowder for the first time in India when he exploded his cannons at the Battle of Panipat in 1526.
The Mughals then brought firing rockets from China as they terrified horses and elephants.

Tipu Sultan made his rockets so effective that the British copied them to make their own Congreve rockets, and these rockets were used against Napoleon at the Battle of Leipzig (1813).
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Some fcukin bastards do not deserve ANY mercy. They take our money, our taxes and build bungalows for themselves, YES I am looking at your #Matoshri. They travel in range rovers (hi AU) while ppl in #Mumbai get crushed in trains. They drink in 5 star bars while bridges ..
fall on their damn heads. They pollute #Mumbai with hard drugs (not talking about weed) but #meth, #cocaine, #LSD, #MDMA and ruin our youth through it. They can bring in ‘maal’ from #Malaysia, #Nepal, #Afghanistan but cannot feed the poor on the streets in the city. They run..
over homeless ppl sleeping on streets and then make bakchod movies & shows like #Tubelight & #BiggBoss14 and we are expected to pay to watch that shit. They pay #ViralBhayani & #ManavManglani etc to take photos of #Diwali parties with their wives but don’t tell you about how ..
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#Diwali: #True_Story_of_Origin_of_Tyohaar_e_Misbah

Part-1: Celebrating Diwali in India began from the year 1762. Before that, there was no such festival called Diwali. After his decisive victory over Maratha forces lead by Sadashivrao Bavu in the third battle of Panipat,...
Part-2: Ahmed Shah Abdali went back to Afghanistan. But he developed serious guilt and depression.

Abdali wanted to establish friendship with Peshwas. In return, the Peshwa sent a great psychologist from Odisha called Dr. Devdoot Phatanaik.
Part-3: Abdali gained his piece of mind back with the help of Dr. Devdoot. Abdali and Dr. Devdoot became great friends. To celebrate their friendship, Abdali began the Tyohar E Misbah (festival of lamps) and named it Devali (Dev from Devdoot and Ali from Abdali). ...
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Diwali was demonised but Xmas is put on pedestal in #India.

My research on Xmas:

Roast turkey increases indoor pollution 200 micrograms/m3.

Entire turkey supply chain creates 23.5kg CO2, 58% of which is methane and Nitrous Oxide.

Xtians in #India create 1,600 tonnes/year Xmas plastic waste. Their Xmas creates 1 month of CO2.

Add Xmas in malls, airports, hotels, corporates and now upper middle class Hindu homes and parties, this figure will be many times more.

A plastic Xmas tree creates 40kg CO2.

Pastors claim Xmas acts as "bridge to avoid environmental imbalance, pollution" (see news from Bhopal 👇)

But this one convoy created:
- 1 tonne CO2 vehicle emissions
- 1.6 tonnes CO2 from polyester costumes
- 2,320 balloons which create slow painful death for marine life

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What were the most Tweeted about conversations, hashtags, and people in India in 2019?

🥁 please…

Here is our annual Year on Twitter report!…

Follow and join the #ThisHappened in 2019 conversation with these hashtags 👇
भारत में 2019 के सबसे अधिक बातचीत, हैशटैग और लोगों के बारे में ट्वीट क्या थे?


प्रस्तुत है ट्विटर की वार्षिक रिपोर्ट!…

इन हैशटैग के साथ 2019 की बातचीत में शामिल हों #यहहुआ
This year's Golden Tweet (or the most Retweeted Tweet) was @narendramodi's Tweet after winning the #loksabhaelections2019.

This also happened to be the most Liked Tweet this year
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Couple of myths about Diwali I wish to clarify.


By Hindu calendar, the financial new year begins on Padva. Business folks buy new account books, do their puja, etc. Gudhi Padva, generally in March, is our regular new year.

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019
So, Gudhi Padva is equivalent to 1 st January.

Diwali Padva = 1st April
(31st March is the last day of the financial year.)

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019


On Dhana-trayodashi day, many Indians perform puja thinking They are doing it to increase Dhan,
because of the word Dhan in the name of that day. This practice was started some 100/200 years ago by business folks.

They also started a practice that on this day, one should buy some silver / gold, but mainly silver.

#thread #Diwalimyth #diwali #Diwali2019
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Fireworks on Diwali
(A Thread)

One of the earliest paintings depicting such firework grandeur is that of Dara Shikoh’s marriage in 1633. Paintings from 16th & 17th cent. suggests that fireworks were part of celebrations/festivals by the masses (royalty as well as non-royalty)
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals The only time when people were denied of fireworks was during Aurangzeb’s tenure. From 1665 onwards, Aurangzeb banned fireworks during Diwali because had considered it to be “Hindu practice”.
@DalrympleWill @Mughal_imperial @IndoIslamicPage @Go_Movie_Mango @Redhotpedia @Royal_Mughals Our ancient Sanskrit texts referred to Saltpetre as “Agnichurna“, its usage for producing smoke was documented 2300 yrs ago in Kautilya Arthasastra. Also, Chinese texts dating back to 7th century says that Indians were aware of Saltpetre & its usage for producing purple flames.
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घर,कुटुंब,नातेवाईक,मित्रपरिवार,व्यवसाय आणि बरोबरच सामाजिक भान ही जपणे हीच खरी आपली संस्कृती.

आपण इतरांच्याही दिवाळीसाठी किती हातभार लावतो ते अत्यंत महत्वाचे.

आकाशकंदील,दिवे,रांगोळ्या,फराळ,कपडे, रंगरंगोटी ही सगळी बाह्यरूपे, खरी दिवाळी ही आपल्या मनात, हृदयात असते. १/२ #दिवाळी
एक माणुस म्हणुन आपण इतरांशी कसे वागतो?प्रेम,माया,वात्सल्य हे इतरांप्रती कसे जागृत ठेवतो, त्या मनामनांची, हृदयातुन हृदयाकडे जाणारी मानवता म्हणजे खरी दिवाळी!

आपण सर्वांच्या ऊज्वल भविष्यासाठी सोन्यासारखी लोकं जोडत राहायचं, प्रत्येक माणसाला लहान असो वा थोर माणसांसारखे प्रेम द्यायचं.
सोनंनाणं काय कधीही खरेदी करता येतं, दिवाळीत आनंद घ्यायचा आणि आनंद द्यायचा.

दिपावलीच्या आपणांस व आपल्या परिवारास खुप खुप शुभेच्छा!

#दिवाळी२०१९ #दिवाळी #दिपावली #HappyDiwali2019 #Deepotsav2019 #Diwali #Dipavali
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Animal Farming (Beef, Lamb, Pigs, Chicken) is the biggest cause of ‘climate change’ (Methane gas) and environmental damage with deforestation of native & ancient forests for creating beef-farms. Watch #Cowspiracy Movie to under stand this.

#Diwali 1/2
So when the leftist mafia tells you that #Diwali causes pollution, remind them that they should first stop industrial scale farming they depend upon for meat for their pet feativals - #ThanksGiving, #Eid, and the daily slaughter of farm animals for food. 2/3
Celebrate #Diwali with lights, diyas, AND crackers.
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