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"Persone che hanno versato cospicui anticipi sul suo #Iban, senza rilascio di ricevute fiscali". La dura accusa di un utente #telegram contro l'avvocato #Sandri , recentemente sconfitto anche nel caso #Burioni vs #Scoglio 1/3 Image
Sarebbero centinaia i truffati dall'avvocato, pronti a sporgere a breve querela contro lo stesso Sandri. La tecnica, descritta da Giuseppe, è quella di ignorare le PEC, bannandole e cancellandole dal canale telegram per evitare commenti scomodi 2/3 Image
La rabbia dei truffati è enorme e sono stati già contattati studi legali per le cause.

La condotta discutibile di questo legale, legato ai #novax e #byoblu, ha sempre collezionato liti temerarie e sconfitte annunciate, partecipando a raccolte di donazioni ingiustificate 3/3 Image
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🧵on $BAX

During the #bankingcrisis people are losing faith in #traditionalbanking system. Users cannot access their funds, stock prices are plummeting, and impending #CBDC. THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER VIABLE SOLUTION!
$XRP $BTC $ETH #remittance #CryptoTwitter #cryptocurrency
Bank Accounts Based on Blockchain (#BABB) was created by @Rushdaverroes in 2018. The goal was to leverages #blockchain, biometrics and machine learning to offer revolutionary decentralized banking services for people across the globe building a new global banking network!
@getbabb intrinsic design has proven to be next generation as they offer a bank account on the #BABB platform, compliant with UK regulations, available to any eligible person or business in the world, instantly, without the need for a UK address or credit history.
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1) Although published in 2019, very few countries have enforced the #FATF Travel Rule till now!

But that will change soon as ⚠️ Crypto #regulations are discussed at as high a level as the #G20.

And #Shyft will be there to educate policymakers and look for regulatory solutions.
2) Once countries begin enforcing the crypto regulations, including the Travel Rule, #VASPs will have no option but to comply

However, there are some major issues that must be highlighted during Travel Rule compliance:

#1 Attribution 🚨
#2 Data Transfer 🚨
3) These issues put #VASPs in a fix!

So, what is the Attribution problem? 🤔

It refers to the difficulty beneficiary #VASPs face in proving they own the respective wallet address

And thus, Originator VASPs, too, have no way to verify the identity of counterparty #VASPs
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Happy #CloudedLeopardDay! #Sunda #cloudedleopards in #Sumatra #Borneo are declining from #palmoil and #timber #deforestation & illegal #poaching The Red List says there are 3,700-5,580 individuals alive (2020). Help them #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
#Cloudedleopards are #wildcats that live in #rainforests from the #Himalayas to SE Asia and southern #China. Considered a 'medium-sized cat', they weigh about 23 kilos. #CloudedLeopardDay #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
Clouded #leopards get their name for their remarkable "clouds" on their coats. Their large paws make them agile climbers and hunters. Their main threat is #palmoil #deforestation. #CloudedLeopardDay2022 Help them and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
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🌍💵 THREAD | On vous explique ici ce qu’est le système #SWIFT « l’arme nucléaire financier » et pourquoi la #Russie risque d’en être exclue très prochainement ⬇️
🌍💵 | Le SWIFT est une société privée. Parmi ses membres se trouvent 239 banques mondiales de 15 grands pays.

Il s'agit d'un réseau colossal de messagerie ultra-sécurisée dédiée aux opérations financières. Il s’agit d’un système interbancaire.
🌍💵 | Ce service est utilisé par 11 000 organisations bancaires à travers plus de 200 pays.

L’#IBAN et le code #BIC viennent notamment de ce système afin d’identifier plus facilement les personnes réalisant des virements.
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