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Very proud of this team effort "A regional integrated assessment of the impacts of #climatechange and of the potential #adaptation avenues for #Quebec’s #forests" is now published

A (very long) thread. Buckle up!…

@cflscf @NRCan

First, I would like to acknowledge the work of all my colleagues including Jesus, Annie Claude, Yves, @mariehbrice, @DominicCyr, Louis, Daniel, @GauthierSylvie9 , Pierre, @Guillemette_L , Mathieu, Maryse, Tadeusz, Martin-Hugues, @ethiffault , @Tremblay_Jun and Stephen
Quebec’s #forests goes from northern hardwood with sugar #maple, beech, hemlock in the south, to pure boreal black #spruce forests up north. Natural #disturbances, go from single-tree windthrow or mortality in the south, to large stand-replacing #fires in the north.
3/n ImageImageImageImage
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🇷🇺⚡️Russian President Putin plans to shift from the country's dependence on oil and gas exports to the timber industry.

Russia holds about 20% of the world's timber reserves, making it a significant advantage.
#russia #wood #timber #putin #oil #gas Image
Putin praised the work of a logging complex and emphasized sustainable forest management during a meeting in the Arkhangelsk region.

The woodworking industry has potential for long-term growth, but sanctions and the global market have affected production volumes.
Putin called for support for domestic woodworking companies and modernization of the industry's technology and equipment.

He proposed using financing mechanisms to expand the market for wooden housing constructions & modernize heating systems using special pellets as fuel.
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@BBCFarmingToday purported cover all things trees last week. Having listened to the whole weeks programming I can only say that the coverage was wholly incomplete and an exercise banality fit for @BBCCountryfile and not a serious programme on farming and land-use. #RantAlert /1 sash and case window made from UK grown Douglas fir
Over the 5 mornings of @BBCFarmingToday 'tree talk' the keyword count was thus:
Trees=25, Hedgerows=7, Tree Planting Targets=6, @woodlandtrust =4, Foresters=3, Food security=3, Ancient Trees=2, Commercial Agri crops =2, Carbon=1, Nuts=1, Fruit=1, Timber=1 ... /2 This is an ancient oak within a Scottish Estate that is has
Coverage began on Monday with observations by @ThomasRMurphy88as to what the tree planting targets r (a relatively modest 5% change in land use) and the dismal failure of Eng & Wales to achieve them. Unfortunately there so no analysis as to why Scotland had faired much better /3 This in woodland creation in Scotland, 100ha of planting on
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Happy #CloudedLeopardDay! #Sunda #cloudedleopards in #Sumatra #Borneo are declining from #palmoil and #timber #deforestation & illegal #poaching The Red List says there are 3,700-5,580 individuals alive (2020). Help them #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
#Cloudedleopards are #wildcats that live in #rainforests from the #Himalayas to SE Asia and southern #China. Considered a 'medium-sized cat', they weigh about 23 kilos. #CloudedLeopardDay #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
Clouded #leopards get their name for their remarkable "clouds" on their coats. Their large paws make them agile climbers and hunters. Their main threat is #palmoil #deforestation. #CloudedLeopardDay2022 Help them and #Boycottpalmoil #Boycott4Wildlife…
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Happy #WorldSnakeDay. #Snakes have an unfair reputation as being poisonous/ aggressive. Our fear of snakes may come from Christianity. Satan took the form of a snake tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden. Yet snakes aren't bad at all! They're critical to ecosystems around the world
#Snakes evolved 130 million years ago in the Cretaceous period from a common ancestor that they share with #birds and other #reptiles. They have cloacal spurs or vestigal limbs, which shows their shared ancestry with limbed reptiles. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍🐍🐍
#Snakes see on the infrared spectrum using heat receptors called pit organs making them epic predators with natural night vision goggles to see prey. Snakes have a detachable jaw which can swallow food whole that is much larger than its own body weight. #WorldSnakeDay 🐍💚
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Palm oil corporations, whose products are found in so many of our foods, are gaslighting us & greenwashing a horrifically exploitative & damaging industry. They are responsible for deforestation and are driving many species to extinction.
#SayNoToPalmOil… ImageImageImageImage
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#Segezha is largest Russian representative of #timber industry. Company benefits from world's drive to move away from deforestation. Foreign politicians have pledged to end deforestation by 2030.
All over the world, area of ​​forests is decreasing, while in #Russia it is growing.
#Brazil, as one of largest timber producer, has pledged to end illegal logging, which will require aggressive reductions in forest harvesting.……
Area of ​​forests in #Russia is growing and deforestation sometimes is necessary to grow systematically (to solve problem of fires, sufficient supply of light, etc.). In addition, 80% of #forests of Russia soft #woods, more suitable for production of packaging due to its density. Image
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The #freedoms we enjoy came at an enormous cost. The contribution to #WWI and #WWII required mobilizing our people and our #NaturalResources.

#Wood was vital to every soldier – for living quarters, food and ammunition crates, trenches, and yes, coffins.
Serving mainly in #Scotland and the #BritishIsles during both World Wars, the #Canadian Forestry Corps (CFC) provided lumber for the Allies. Assembled in November 1916, the CFC was composed of dozens of forestry companies. Loggers also occasionally served as infantry.
Known as “the Sawdust Fusiliers,” the men continued their military training on Saturdays after their week’s work in the woods. Rifle range practice, training with bayonets, and tactical exercises helped prepare the CFC to protect residents and neighbouring airfields.
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Great timing. Dispatched as envoy to A. Cen. 4 at height of Crown Fever season: doesn't bother Centaurs much, but is deadly to humans. So instead of fêtes and soirées, it's quarantine and Solitaire. Worse, Centauri's Spring is prettiest for light years!

[#hardshippost is a story I'll be doing in daily epistolary for the duration of the crisis. Stay tuned for more from A. Cen. 4!]

A Lieutenant in the Corps, 3 degrees in Diplomacy, but the closest view I get of the Centaurs is them galloping in the distance. Worse: I've dealt >400 hands of Martian Klondike over the past 2 weeks, and I've got the sneaking suspicion I'm cheating…

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1️⃣ Follow the thread #Qanons and connect the dots! #POTUS says Italy took their medicine!
2️⃣ Pope lifts lid on colossal property empire in London $15 B
3️⃣ Pope wears white hat during Mass 🐸 Top Kek 🐸
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Why #WorldWar1 + the 1919 #Forestry Act show why #Northumberland leads the way on forestry and #climatechange: A thread:
... We all agree we need to plant more #trees 🌲🌲🌲
to combat climate change + also because forests / timber is vital to both our enjoyment + economy 1/ Image
In 1919 the country was short of wood = a national emergency. #Northumberland land around Kielder Castle, just south of Scots border, was identified + soon after planting began on an ever expanding basis.The #kielderforest is the biggest in UK + growing with recent additions /2
100 years ago, our island was less than 5% #woodland.
Good news = woodland today covers nearly three times as much land, at 13 per cent, and is probably as wooded as days of yore.
Bad news = we still import more #timber than we grow = bad business + bad for #climatechange 3/
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Sing-along version of my slides for #superwood @forestsandwood event. #forests #wood #timber and the #bioeconomy ... with bonus links for extra credit reading
Trees contain a lot of potentially useful extractives - chemicals with useful functions that might be taken out before the fibre goes to another market. Some listed in our database thanks to @IBioIC
This #timber availability forecast is linked through from here…
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My slides for the launch of the UK Forest Market Report (produced by ⁦@JohnCleggWoods⁩ & ⁦@TilhillForestry⁩)

How we think & talk about wood creates limitations on what we "can" do with it.

#forestry #forestryinvestment #naturalcapital #timber
What we are doing with wood is changing
For modern wood products, high density is not as important as it used to be.
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