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A shoplifting conviction for stealing a candy bar is categorically a "crime involving moral turpitude" which can justify denial of residency or deportation.

Under some state statutes, grand theft auto--stealing a whole-ass car--is not.
To be clear, GTA is always an "aggravated felony," a category of offense under federal immigration law which mandates detention, deportation, & denial of citizenship. But some non-citizens in some circumstances can still have a chance to gain residency even with such a conviction
The best Congress can do is try to create broad categories of offenses that state convictions could fall under for immigration purposes. It's up to us and ICE to argue over how these convictions should be interpreted w/in these definitions.
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In honor of the #LaborDay2019 , here are some immigrants and/or POC* laboring mightily in #immigrationlaw, policy, & media you should know about.

Be sure to give them a follow if you don't already!

*I'll try not to make this too New England-centric, but probably will anyway
Let's start with a hometown hero:

Antonio Massa Viana (@MassaVianaLaw) was the 1st undocumented immigrant admitted to practice as a lawyer in #Massachusetts. He demonstrates total dedication to his local Brazilian community and beyond every day.

Hassan Ahmad (@HMAesq) is an incredible advocate in his own right. But he's also doing vital work exposing John Tanton, the man whose white supremacist beliefs became the foundation for modern American nativism. (Also associate Humza Kazmi @Allandaros)

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I mean, let’s start here: Probably you don't, actually.

But if you’re still reading: You want advice on how to get into (and survive) #immigrationlaw, and I’m here for that.

Here’s all of it.
(1) MAJOR IN ENGLISH. Do not even *consider* another degree.

Writing is my first & best skill as a lawyer. From one-line emails to Supreme Court briefs, it's a craft--and one you owe it to yourself and your future clients to master. This is not optional.
(2) WRITE TO BE READ. Write persuasively. Write with intention. Don't overwrite, don't underwrite. Just write until it's good. Write until it's yours.

It is theoretically possible to be a great lawyer and a mediocre writer, but you shouldn't settle for that. Do the work now.
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"I can't go back," my client told me as soon as he sat down at the table in ICE detention.

"They will kill me."

I believed him.

The judge agreed that they probably would kill him, just before he denied his asylum claim.

He was deported.

They did.

I just found out today.
I've been doing Central American asylum cases since 2006. I live in an immigrant neighborhood, and have personally met hundreds of asylum seekers. These stories, the fear, the danger--all real.

Real enough to send these people to our borders even knowing how they'll be treated.
Imm. Judge Dana Marks calls asylum "death penalty defense in traffic court." That's too true. I've always thought of this as death penalty work. It keeps me going.

I'm certain that other cases I couldn't win for my clients have ended this way.

I just never knew for sure.
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I went into solo practice 12 yrs ago with a goal of founding a non-profit #immigrationlaw org before my 40th bday.

I am proud to announce that the Golden Stairs Imm. Center will be opening its doors in #EastBoston in just a few weeks...

...and that I'll be 39 in June.
Our name honors the "Golden Stairs" new immigrants walked from the docks into #EastBoston seeking freedom from persecution & opportunity for their children. We hope to *be* the stairs helping clients in New England & beyond seek asylum, fight deportation, & keep families together
I'll be posting much more soon, but I just couldn't wait to share the news! We have secured amazing space with very low overhead and can't wait to move in. We hope to have a staff attorney and a place on the immigration court's pro bono list within the next six months.
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1/ "How many lawyers you got?"


I hope he's got a good one on call, but in the meantime this one is here to explain a few things about what we know about his immigration situation and where his case is likely headed…
2/ First: It does seem to be confirmed that #21Savage was born in the Caribbean nation of Dominica, a "Commonwealth" country with remaining ties to the UK which entitle certain citizens to British passports.…
3/ ICE claims that #21Savage overstayed his visa and has no lawful immigration status.

Let's say just for purposes of this thread they're correct. This would be very, very bad for him.
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UPDATE: The Presidential proclamation barring certain non-citizens from seeking #asylum after crossing the Southern border is out. How will they limit it to the #MigrantCaravan? How much more illegal can this thing get?

I haven't even read this, so let's get through ittogether
(This thread is going to be a sequel to yesterday's on the "final interim rule" rushed into effect in anticipation of this proclamation, so you might want to read that one first.)

These #s appear to be the entire justification for the proclamation, and they badly need context. They may sound scary if you're new to the issue, but check out the overall historical picture & tell me this is a natl. emergency worthy of suspending a 4,000 year-old legal right
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Here's what we all should be looking at, who's profiting from these detention facilities? Did you know @ICEgov owned detention centers hold lowest number of illegal aliens? Time to #FollowTheMoney must be Dems and GOP otherwise we'd have #immigrationLAW…
Something stinks.
CCA and Geo Group Inc. think about it, WHY haven't we been able to solve this problem for years? If elected officials are profiting while making America look bad we've got a problem. #FollowTheMoney
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