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These are names of 85 out of almost 350 protesters who are killed by the security forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime during past 6 days.
Ashoor Kalta was one of almost 20 protesters who were killed by #IRGC's #Basij in #Karaj yesterday. He was shot in head and his corpse is confiscated by the Ministry of Intelligence of #Iran's Islamic Regime. He was from #Iran's Assyrian community.
Mahmood and Mehrdad Dashti-Nia were two brothers both killed. First one was killed by the Special Pasdaran Forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime police in second day of #IranProtests in #Behbahan while the other was killed by #Basij militia a day later.
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#BREAKING: Video from Sattar-Khan district of #Tehran shows protesters chanting "#RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul". Today is the 2nd day of nationwide protests against the Islamic Regime across #Iran. Millions of Iranians have come to streets of cities protest against the regime.
#BREAKING: People in Aryashahr, west of #Tehran can be seen protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime now, they are chanting "Death to #Khamenei". Regime has increased price of the fuel to be able to fund terrorism abroad which has made Iranians angry.
#BREAKING: Brave people of Aryashahr in west of #Tehran have blocked the roads on security forces of the #Iran's Islamic regime to make them unable to mobilize their troops to suppress them now.
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#BREAKING: #Iran's Islamic Regime raised fuel price to compensate its lack of oil income. It resulted quick raise in prices of all goods in 24 hours. Since morning, thousands of Iranians have come to streets of their cities to protest against the regime authorities. #IranProtest
#BREAKING: Thousands of protesters in #Sirjan, South of #Iran are protesting against the Islamic Regime over the rise of prices of fuel. They chant: "#RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul". #IranProtests
#BREAKING: Hundreds of protesters have come to streets of #Mashhad to protest against #Iran's Islamic Regime over the rise of price of fuel. They have switched-off their cars in street to prevent mobilization of the security forces for suppression of the protesters.
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Mike Pompeo is forming a dedicated group to coordinate and run U.S. policy toward #Iran as the Trump administration moves ahead with efforts to force changes in the Islamic Republic's behavior after withdrawing from the #nuclear deal…
Thousands of Iranians have protested in recent weeks against sharp price rises of some food items, a lack of #Jobs and state corruption. The #protests over the cost of living have often turned into anti-government rallies…
They are expressing unhappiness in widespread demonstrations since last December well before #Trump pulled out of the Iran deal. Strikes are increasing, with #vendors in the #Tehran Bazaar holding a work stoppage on June 25…
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Massive crowd moves in to protest against the #Islamist dictators of #Iran who are oppressing regular civilians.
No coverage by
This is a fresh video from #Iran. No coverage !
#IranRegimeChange is imminent.
Why is #Iran smuggling these !?? Going where ?!…
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إيران: ديكتاتورية الملالي (الملارشي) في مواجهة موجة من الاحتجاجات
Une grève générale ouvrière ça ne se décrète pas à jour et heure fixes c'est une lame de fond qui, plus elle est imprévisible, plus elle est profonde. #IranWideStrike #LisezRosaLuxemburg…
La nuit dernière à #KhomeyniShahr
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تظاهرات در مشهد در اعتراض به مشکلات اقتصادی…
تصاویر ارسالی مخاطبان در تلگرام از تجمع‌های اعتراضی در شهرهای #مشهد،‌ نیشابور و شاهرود…
#Iran (Les 2 vidéos ne fonctionnent qu'en allant directement sur le site #bbc.) Difficile pour la tendance rivale interne du théofascisme perse de récupérer des émeutes contre ... l'impérialisme régional perse. #émeutes #mashhad
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