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Breaking: Iranian authorities are threatening to destroy the historic tomb of Ester and Mordechai in Hamedan and convert the site to a consular office for Palestine. @AAzoulay @USCIRF @UNESCO
Ester and Mordechai were biblical Jewish heroes who saved their people from a massacre in a story known as #Purim. Their burial site has been a significant Jewish landmark for Jews and history buffs around the world.
According to covering reports, members of Iranian #Basij attempted to raid the historic site yesterday in an act of revenge against the Israelis Palestinian peace plan by President Trump. #dealofcentury. #EsterandMordechai
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Since early 1990s, #IRGC has given special quota to #Basij militias in #Iran's top universities to suppress anti-reigme student protests. Many of them have joined #Ashoora brigades to take revenge of #Soleimani's death! #ShahabDehghani is one of them who is arrested in the #US!
#DeportBasijis hashtag has now gone viral & Iranian dissidents ask #US government & security forces to arrest & deport those #Basij university students who are sent to the #US to study using #IRGC's scholarship program. These Basijis have abused real Iranian elite students.
His name is Sajjad Soltan-Mohammadi. He is an #IRGC's #Basij militiaman who took part in protest against #US Border Protection Force over arrest of Mohammad-Shahab Dehghani Azar in Logan airport last night.
#US Government must arrest & #DeportBasijis
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On Thanksgiving Day, #Iranians should thank God that @realDonaldTrump is the President of the United States.
If @POTUS and @SecPompeo had said anything in support of the coup, on the first day of the demonstrations, the #IRGC would have killed ...
… thousands more to make the #coup look wider & replace the #Iranian regime with the #MEK.
#RezaPahlavi would then have become the king, like the Queen of England!
Now that their fabricated coup has failed, the regime must arrest the real protesters.
And of course, the internet was shut down so that the leader of the #Restart_opposition could not turn the coup into a real demonstration like in Dec 2017-Jan 2018.
It is interesting to know that in January 2018, Restartees were changing the regime...
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These are names of 85 out of almost 350 protesters who are killed by the security forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime during past 6 days.
Ashoor Kalta was one of almost 20 protesters who were killed by #IRGC's #Basij in #Karaj yesterday. He was shot in head and his corpse is confiscated by the Ministry of Intelligence of #Iran's Islamic Regime. He was from #Iran's Assyrian community.
Mahmood and Mehrdad Dashti-Nia were two brothers both killed. First one was killed by the Special Pasdaran Forces of #Iran's Islamic Regime police in second day of #IranProtests in #Behbahan while the other was killed by #Basij militia a day later.
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#BREAKING: Video from Sattar-Khan district of #Tehran shows protesters chanting "#RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul". Today is the 2nd day of nationwide protests against the Islamic Regime across #Iran. Millions of Iranians have come to streets of cities protest against the regime.
#BREAKING: People in Aryashahr, west of #Tehran can be seen protesting against #Iran's Islamic Regime now, they are chanting "Death to #Khamenei". Regime has increased price of the fuel to be able to fund terrorism abroad which has made Iranians angry.
#BREAKING: Brave people of Aryashahr in west of #Tehran have blocked the roads on security forces of the #Iran's Islamic regime to make them unable to mobilize their troops to suppress them now.
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#BREAKING: #Iran's Islamic Regime raised fuel price to compensate its lack of oil income. It resulted quick raise in prices of all goods in 24 hours. Since morning, thousands of Iranians have come to streets of their cities to protest against the regime authorities. #IranProtest
#BREAKING: Thousands of protesters in #Sirjan, South of #Iran are protesting against the Islamic Regime over the rise of prices of fuel. They chant: "#RezaShah, God Bless Your Soul". #IranProtests
#BREAKING: Hundreds of protesters have come to streets of #Mashhad to protest against #Iran's Islamic Regime over the rise of price of fuel. They have switched-off their cars in street to prevent mobilization of the security forces for suppression of the protesters.
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#Iran once pioneered respect for women's rights in the world. But the world's most filthy religion ruined its magnificent culture. Under the secular #Pahlavi, marriage was prohibited to women under 18, but in the Islamic Regime,a 13yrs old girl is forced to marry a 28yrs old man!
After the #IranRegimeChange, we gonna do this to all Pedophiles who want to follow legacy of their disgusting prophet!
Source of the image: A medical illustration by Sharaf ad-Din (Iranian Historian) depicting an operation for castration, c. 1466.
The pedophile #Basij militia member named Milad Cheshani has contacted the journalists who reported his marriage. He has claimed that it is just temporary marriage. He also has threatened the journalists who criticized him for act of pedophilia!!
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All the forces killed in #terrorist attack on military parade in SW city of #Ahvaz are from #IRGC forces, at least 7 guards injured. 2 terrorists neutralized and 2 on the run. #Iran
This video shows moments following terrorist attack against military parade in #Ahvaz. #Iran
According to Fars news agency 1 terrorist has been injured, another arrested following clashes with Iranian security forces in #Ahvaz, SW of #Iran.
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Several videos received from male and female members of #Basij militia who burn their #Basij ID cards in protest against Islamic regime today. They joined protesters. #IranProtests #FreeIran
Second video: videos received from male and female members of #Basij who burn their #Basij ID cards in protest against Islamic regime today. They joined protesters. #IranProtests #FreeIran
Part.1: In past few days hundreds of #Basij militia member resigned and protested Islamic regime of Iran. They are burning their #Basij ID cards & Acknowledgments. #IranProtests #FreeIran
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3rd day of #IranProtests; in this thread I'm going to post some of the videos that are verified by BBC about the date and location.
#Zanjan, #IranProtests:
#Kerman, #IranProtests: "the ppl are living like a begger, the Leader is behaving like the God".
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Despite attempts of Islamic regime for holding "9-dei" counter-protests, Iranian people in #Tehran have started their protests against corrupted Shia clerics and authorities of the regime.
Islamic regime Police forces in Tehran, Iran's largest city are hopelessly trying to disperse Iranian protesters.
#Tehran's university students are chanting slogans against both reformists and conservatives of Islamic regime of #Iran defying the whole regime now.
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