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1/ Marriage equality was a hard earned victory for #LGTBQ Americans, won in the courts, not the halls of our legislative bodies. The #SCOTUS decision in Obergefell finally gave same-sex couples in all 50 states the right to full, equal recognition under the law.
2/ The decision gave #LGTBQ people not just the right to publicly bond themselves to the people they love, but also the protections & economic stability that come with marriage, from being with your loved one in the hospital, to rights of parentage, to family health care plans.
3/ The current, radical SCOTUS has been systematically eroding fundamental rights, effectively stripping some Americans of their freedom and of the full benefits of citizenship. They did this with Dodds and Carson, and now are poised to undo Obergefell.
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#Heidegger je rekao da "metafiziku treba preboljeti". Naputak je na mene djelovao tako da sam bez komplikacija prebolio Heideggera. Zbog toga sam razvio imunitet na postmodernu; i, kako ne gledam stvari kroz maglu delirija, sasvim jasno vidim metafiziku gdje netko vidi biologiju.
#lgtbq metafizika ima, naravno, malo veze s biologijom bilo kao s argumentom za bilo kao s argumentom protiv. Istinabog, riječ je o mentalitetu koji ima malo veze s argumentima, jer je osnovna intuicija inverzija: A istodobno i u istom smislu jest ne-A.
A metafizika uvijek polazi od osnova koje se ne mogu staviti u pitanje. Dokazivati očigledno nije moguće i znak je neobrazovanosti (Aristotel). Otud su zagovornici korozivnih društvenih reformi iskreno konsternirani kad im se netko suprotstavi. Oni vide što mi ne vidimo.
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In Case I Don’t Make it…a thread in two parts (part 2.)…
I am mad. I am mad for a lot of reasons but this, this is too much. Too many fathers, mothers, grandparents and children have lost their lives to Covid. 26/33 #Covid_19
How many more is acceptable when we have a vaccine that - if enough people get it - could help to curb the spread of this pandemic? If I don’t make it, I send you all my love and strength for the fight ahead. 27/33 #Accountability
To my doctors I thank you from the bottom of my heart for you care. To the doctors, nurses, and first responders putting their lives at risk to care for Covid patients. Thank you. 28/33 #Covid_19
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Das Thema ist in Deutschland noch nicht wirklich angekommen, aber in #Russland geht es gerade richtig ab. Noch nicht auf der Straße, aber in den sozialen Netzwerken. Dort ist von #Revolution die Rede. Der Auslöser? Ein spektakuläres Video von #Nawalny. Aber der Reihe nach ... 1/
Mehr als 50 Mio. Mal in 2 Tagen wurde die Doku (mit engl. Untertitel) von #Nawalny gesehen, in der er einen streng bewachten Palast am Schwarzen Meer mit Stripclub, unterirdischer Eishalle, Pool und Flugverbotszone vorstellt. Dieser soll #Putin gehören. 2/
Neben dem Palast gibt es noch Weingüter und eine Muschelfarm ganz in der Nähe, die auch #Putin gehören sollen. Alles zusammen soll bislang 1,12 Milliarden Euro gekostet haben. #Nawalny nennt es "die größte Bestechung der Geschichte". 3/
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Video 🎥 #Thread

What you need to understand about this Hunter Biden #FakeNews story. 👇🏻

#GTCBlue #OneV1 #Fresh
#wtpBlue #DemVoice1
Debunking MAGAts 👇🏻
Trump is all talk no action 👇🏻
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🌈L’Orgull #LGTBI reivindica la diversitat de les identitats de gènere i orientacions sexuals, qüestionant la divisió en dos gèneres: home i dona. Evitar traslladar al passat presumpcions de gènere i sexe del present és, precisament, un dels objectius de l'#ArqueologiaQueer.
🔎 Aquest corrent, molt lligat a l’arqueologia #feminista, incideix en el gènere i en el sexe com a construccions culturals que han variat al llarg de la història.
Així doncs, a l’hora d’estudiar les societats del passat no podem associar objectes, representacions i rols de manera unívoca als homes o a les dones; encara més, hem de pensar que pogueren existir gèneres diferents als actuals, com demostra l’#antropologia.
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La clave es: las feas exageran su fealdad para simular que la han elegido libremente.
Y así, paradójicamente, esas hembras repulsivas hacen que aumente la brecha de belleza contra la que se rebelan sin saberlo.
Las lesbis son un caso extremo de ese mismo fenómeno.
#LGTBQ Image
Ejemplo de izquierdista nazionata por FEA, ahora mismo diciendo chorradas en el Congreso.
Voluptuosidad a tope. Image
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(1) I married this man almost 29 years ago. He was a conservative, Catholic with a heart of gold, and I fell completely in love. Since then I have fallen more in love because of the type of dad he is. #LGBTQ @PFLAG
(2)I have never seen anybody so in love with their children. From the minute he found out I was pregnant he fell in love with each of his kids. Even when we had our surprise bonus baby 10 years after our second he was thrilled.#LGBTQ @PFLAG
(3) In 2012, when our middle child began to struggle with depression, self-harm, and suicide ideation, he was the anchor that held us in place. When I fell apart he stuck. #LGBTQ @PFLAG
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This group gets to hang around with two of our #SCOTUS justices..beyond disturbing..10 Things to Know About The National Organization for Marriage | Human Rights Campaign 1…
“NOM uses racially motivated tactics as part of its official strategy. From the group’s internal memos: “The strategic goal of the project is to drive a wedge between gays and blacks - two key Democratic constituencies.” #SCOTUS 2
A Secret NOM Memo Released In Maine Showed Plans To Make Same-Sex Marriage A Wedge Issue Between Black And Gay Voters. 3
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An absolutely PACKED room for the hearing on the bill to ban conversion therapy in Utah. I first reported on it here:… @fox13 #utpol #utleg #LGBTQ
BTW, the @LDSchurch (as you know, a powerful influence in the #utleg) has said it will NOT oppose the bill. @Diocese_of_SLC says it has no position on the bill:… @fox13 #utpol #LGBTQ
The committee room is packed with social conservatives, #LGBTQ rights groups and some conversion therapy survivors. So look for this to get interesting:… @fox13 #utpol #utleg
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I keep hearing 7.1+ & seeing Oaxaca
Just putting this here^…
I seem to have missed this one:…
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