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Short thread in relation to health issues experienced by human beings sent to #Manus who are currently in the #ParkHotel.
Many refugees contracted malaria, some multiple times despite given anti malarial drugs with terrible side effects.…
Typhoid was another disease that was often rampant in detention on both #Manus and #Nauru. They would not have been exposed to tropical illnesses if not sent offshore.…
Dengue Fever is another illness that asylum seekers and refugees were exposed to. #Manus #Nauru…
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Join us tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am to hear from Jaivet Ealom, a Rohingyan refugee who escaped from Manus and has written an amazing book about his experience.

Details and Zoom rego here:

#freetherefugees @rac_sydney @racqld @RSMeanjin
Starting now with 82 people on the zoom. Not too late to join now. Follow the link above.
Live streamed on the RAC Vic Facebook. @jaivet_ joins us from Toronto in conversation with Arnold Zable.
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From the Government that brought you Paladin's beach shack on Kangaroo Island, this was the Pacific International Hospital's clinic on Manus Island that the Australian Govt paid $21.5million for, for 'Comprehensive Health Services'
The new Pacific International Hospital contract that started out at $12,781,783.21 in July 2019 has ballooned to $106,526,285.92 and has just had its contract extended another 6 months and amended a further $10,891,766.00...there are only 125 refugees left in Papua New Guinea.
Then we have JDA Wokman/Applus PNG They're contracted for "Settlement Services." Their original contract value was for $6,123,458.02. It is now worth $139,437,000.00. It too was extended a further 6 months and amended a further $17,857,000.00. Again, that is for 125 refugees.
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Reza Barati was murdered on #Manus #OTD, 17 February, 2014.

Barati, an Iranian Kurdish refugee, detained in an Australian offshore prison camp, was 23 years old.

He died from severe head trauma after being set upon by multiple detention camp guards and employees. #RezaBarati
In 2016, two PNG nationals, one who had been employed as a security guard and one as a Salvation Army worker, were convicted of Barati's murder and sentenced to ten years imprisonment. Five years of the sentences were suspended, and credit was given for time served. #RezaBarati
The judge presiding said they received lighter sentences because two Australians known to be involved in the killing had not been charged. #RezaBarati #Manus #FreeTheRefugees
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Peter Dutton is not telling the truth about why #Manus & #Nauru refugees were released from The Park Hotel #ParkonSwanston. Costs have never been a consideration when Home Affairs has chosen detention onshore or offshore for refugees. Here are some 2020 figures: /1
•This year’s budget reveals that costs will increase by more than $300m in 2020-21 despite significantly declining numbers of refugees & asylum seekers. Australia will spend roughly $4 million for each of fewer than 300 people remaining detained in PNG (ex #Manus) & #Nauru. /2
•This year the average cost of holding just one person offshore is significantly more than it would cost to allow everyone remaining in PNG and Nauru to live in the community in Australia. /3
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G’day mates in the USA,

With #Election2020 there will be a lot of,

“If _______ wins I’m moving to Australia.” 🦘🏄🏽🏖🦜

A few things to keep in mind beyond roos, beaches, Hemsworths, @Patty_Mills @RebelWilson @russellcrowe @Wil_Anderson & prawns (not shrimp) on the barbie...🦘
A study by former Stanford professor now Sydney University's US Studies Centre chief executive @SimonJackman (& team) found,

🦘Aussie conservative voters are ideologically closer to Hillary Clinton voters than Trump voters.

(Yep. Aussie *conservatives*) 🐨
American’s are often confused by Australia’s centre right party being a coalition of the Nationals and the Liberals. But as Liberal party founder PM Robert Menzies put it,
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#Manus thread: 1 Attack on refugees happening at this moment in their accommodation at Vaivai Street, East Boroko, Four Mile. Drunken locals are trying to get into the accommodation. They have hit the security guards. JDA Emergency case worker was contacted over 40 minutes ago
2 but they told the refugees to, 'Just wait'. Local security guards are trying to talk to the attackers now. Security guards are really only there to man the gates. They have called the police now. Everybody is scared. If anyone can help the guys, now is the time to act.
3 Refugees are those who were moved from #Manus.
The attack that is happening now is by the same people who attacked us last time. There is no safety for us here. People badly injured last time, including one man with a broken leg.
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After the lies Dutton has been spreading today in regards to the Biloela family, I started reflecting on the first time I truly understood how dark and dirty this man can get. Remembering the lies & the Good Friday Shooting on #Manus Island
When the PNG Navy opened fire on the #Manus refugees on Good Friday 2017, Peter Dutton brazenly lied and said that no one had been injured, only one weapon had been fired in the air and then insinuated that it had happened because a young boy had been lured into the camp.
For nearly a month the department maintained that “no one was injured” and that the Papua New Guinean military personnel had discharged only one weapon into the air during the incident.
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Thread - Facts vs Fiction on the standard of medical treatment received by the #Manus refugees in PNG at Pacific International Hospital via @moonanne21 FB

"I am outraged by Dr Gillespie and his statement that the men get medical treatment equal to regional Australia."
"I want to share just some of the messages that I've been sent by #Manus Men in PIH - many begging to get out.
I've been getting too many reports of abuse, assault and medical neglect at PIH for it to be ignored."
"These reports are coming from different men in different wards, from men who have no connection with others in the hospital.They can't all be exaggerating as the authorities would have us believe."
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THREAD: I have been having some of the most heartbreaking conversations of my life with men on #Manus who see the Morrison Government's reelection as a death warrant.

"When there is no hope or light in life for the individual that makes the life completely different." #auspol
These men are saying that things are extremely bad. People are despairing. My friend tells me that people are self-harming with razor blades, overdosing and attempting suicide - they have lost so much hope.
They are scared that the media have stopped reporting what's happening. He says there were multiple incidents today alone.

"No one in this world can not imagine how bad and serious is."
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See thread. #Typhoid vaccination #Manus
1. Australia's recommendations re #Typhoid: PNG is known as a region with a high incidence of typhoid.
Aus govt recommends typhoid revaccination
3 years after a 3-dose course, or 5 years after a 4-dose course.…
2. Why are refugees & asylum seekers who #Australia forcibly sent to #Manus becoming infected with #Typhoid?
Australia knows that in PNG 'Typhoid fever has moderate to high incidence, and high mortality'.
Are refugees & asylum seekers revaccinated as recommended by Australia?
3. Whether men were vaccinated with 2x3 yearly doses or 1x5 yearly dose, #typhoid revaccination fell due during #PIH tenure.
Did PIH revaccinate the men in #Manus camps?
PIH received $21.5m over 10 months to provide healthcare in the #Manus camp small clinic.
PIH Negligence?
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Using G4S to force #Manus refugees to move is dangerous & provocative.
G4S had not been involved in Manus camps since they attacked refugees in 2014. Then G4S was contracted to run the detention camp on Manus.
In February 2014, G4S employees & others attacked refugees.
Feb 2014 continued: At that time, PNG mobile police squad pushed over the perimeter fence, entered Mike compound & fired shots within the accommodation blocks. G4S personnel followed the police into the Mike compound & started bashing
detainees. 2/
In February 2014, during three days of attacks on the refugees by #G4S staff, local citizens & the PNG mobile police squad, 69 #Manus detainees were injured, some of them seriously, and an Iranian asylum seeker, Reza Barati, was killed. 3/
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I'm doing an epic thread on the FACTS on the #MedeVacBill to bust all the myths being spread by the #Morrison Government. RT's are so appreciated. Here we go. #auspol #manus #nauru #morrison #dutton
MYTH 1: Two doctors will decide if someone is transferred

FACT 1: Actually 11 doctors decide this incl. an Independent Medical Panel that makes final medical recommendation made up of 9 doctors that incl. Surgeon General of Border Force, Home Affairs & C/w Chief Medical Officer
MYTH 2: The #MedeVacBill will encourage people to seeking #asylum by boat

FACT 2: The bill only applies to people seeking asylum on Manus & Nauru as of 13th Feb 2019 (& children born to them), anyone who arrives thereafter is not eligible for medical evacuation under this bill.
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An epic thread. RT’s appreciated 🙏🏼

Debunking all the lies by #Dutton that medical transfer of sick refugees from #Manus and #Nauru to Australia poses a national security risk to Australia. #BackTheBill

I’ll go one by one through all of Dutton’s lies in plain English now:
LIE: This would be first time refugees brought from offshore without ASIO clearance to Australia.

FACT: Of the 810 sick refugees already brought to Oz under LNP Gov almost none have had ASIO clearance, most brought here by court orders within a few days and without incident.
LIE: Oz Gov would have no control over sick refugees brought here on medical advice

FACT: All would be placed in community detention which can range from guards outside a hospital room (standard practice) to being held in actual detention centre. It’s solely the Ministers call.
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1/12 #APEC media: Australia paid many $Billions to private companies #IHMS & #PIH to provide limited medical services to #Manus refugees for 5+ years. Nothing to upgrade Manus Island Lorengau Hospital that’s a run-down, little provincial hospital servicing an entire community.
2/12 When #Manus refugees need X-rays, scans, dental treatment, surgery, emergency services, in-patient or out-of-hours services, they are sent to #Lorengau Hospital. This strains the already overburdened island health service. #APEC has triggered a Manus health services crisis.
3/12 While 5 critically ill refugees remain, PIH hospital Port Moresby discharged all PNG patients & cancelled dozens of sick refugees’ treatment. PIH/Australia refugee contract conflicts with preferred #APEC provider role. Dozens of sick refugees were forced to return to #Manus.
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1/3 URGENT Please help us.
At 4am tonight and tomorrow night they will come & take sick refugees to #Manus from Port Moresby.
There is a new list of about 30 names.
Immigration said that they will come with about 100 police.
They were very violent on Friday.
2/3 Early Friday morning, 17 cars brought police, navy & immigration to violently force 16 men from their beds & escort to the airport. One man was hurt so badly he couldn't go to #Manus & is still in hospital, seriously injured.
Don't let them attack us again.
3/3 Men who are very sick are also now very afraid because in a few hours 100 police will come.
We are remembering when they attacked us in Lombrum #Manus. It is the same.
Please pray for us.
Manus Alert Telegram
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1/4 14 men were forced from Port Moresby back to #Manus today by police & immigration. We believe 50 sick men total will go back because PIH Hospital has a contract to be health provider to APEC. PIH is sending us back because of contract to treat APEC delegates & workers.
2/4 #JDA said sick men may return to Pom from #Manus & be treated by #PIH in a month. We have also been told that there will be no medical treatment in Port Moresby for us until next year.
3/4 We are suffering mentally very much. It is 1 year since the #Manus Lombrum Blockade. We suffered trauma because of the cruelty & attacks upon us. Many men feel no hope. 3 men tried to kill themselves in last 24 hours. We saved them.
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1/4. JDA told 35 very sick men in Granville Motel, Port Moresby, to go back to Manus because of #APEC. Our medical treatment will stop for 1 month until APEC finishes.
In the last 2 weeks #JDA told 35 sick men to agree to return to #Manus be forced back by armed police at 2am
2/4. Yesterday Sandra Furphy said to 15 of the men on her list, 'are you ready to go back #Manus or not? If not maybe something bad will happen and police will come at 2 o'clock in the morning for you. It's better you go back Manus, so it's not forced.'
3/4. Some #Manus men on her list have been very sick for a long time who always need to be near hospital and doctors. Other the sick men on the list only arrived in last few weeks for urgent treatment and some are still waiting for treatment to start.
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Land clearing and new wharf present at #Australia/PNG joint naval base on Manus Island. Satellite imagery shows new wharf has been constructed and land being cleared between July and September. @sentinel_hub @australian @smh #Manus… ImageImage
#Manus Island clearing evident on infrared satellite vegetation band showing cleared land. New wharf also in place. Between July and September 2018. #Australia #China @sentinel_hub… ImageImage
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"Please, if you are reading this, tell the Australian Government that we need urgent medical care for our brother Abdi. This is his knee broken since Friday, still no medical care."

Via ManusAlert on Telegram (1/n)
"Abdi, a Somalian man, was playing soccer on the ELRTC soccer field at 6:00pm on Friday,27/7/18, when he collided with another man. Nothing has been done to help fix Abdi’s broken knee because there are not proper medical facilities to treat us."

Via ManusAlert Telegram #Manus
"He can’t sleep, can’t sit well, and no staff care about him.
Because the accident was late & the hospital has no doctor at night and because the PIH clinic is closed then too, he could not have any treatment on Friday night."

Via ManusAlert on Telegram #Manus (3/n)
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@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi In theory, Indonesia is responsible.
(#IDG=Indo immigration dept)
However, Indonesia is the 3rd country, with #Manus & #Nauru, that Australia pays to use refugees as 'rocks to block the sea'.
Aus pays #IOM to run refugee community housing & 13 detention centres in #Indonesia.
@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi #UNHCR Indonesia received less & less funding, none this year, to process refugees in Indonesia for resettlement.
Australia took this 'humanitarian aid' & gave it to #IOM to detain refugees to force voluntary returns.
Now IOM had funding cut, new refugees sleeping in streets.
@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi So big backlog of asylum seekers awaiting UNHCR processing due to no funds.
No new admissions to #IOM or even detention in Indonesia since April 2018.
Refugees queue to get IN to detention, live in streets outside IDC's. No money, no accommodation, live on handouts.
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