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#BREAKNG We are extremely saddened by the death of migrants & guards resulting from a fire at a holding facility in Sana'a, Yemen, today. 8 people confirmed dead; the total death toll is reported to be much higher. All those affected and their families are in our thoughts. (1/3)
#IOM is responding particularly with emergency health care for over 170 injured, more than 90 of them are in a serious condition. Our teams are also distributing food to those affected and we continue monitoring the situation closely. (2/3)
The cause of the fire incident in the holding facility remains unclear. But this is just one of the many dangers that migrants have faced during the past 6 years of the crisis in Yemen. All people, including migrants, should be afforded protection and safety. (3/3)
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Thread 1. Child Sexual Abuse in the Isle of Man… #IsleofMan #csa
2. Isle of Man Child Sexual Abuse Update Feb 2016… #csa #IOM #IsleofMan
3. Isle of Man: Counselling for Victims / Survivors… #csa #iom #Isleofman
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Abbiamo appurato che ci vuole mooolta fantasia per essere garantisti sul caso del #respingimentosegreto del 2 luglio 2018.

(Thread semi-comico)
Siamo i soliti complottisti: scopriamo un respingimento segreto e subito pensiamo che dietro ci siano i militari italiani. E subito pensiamo che il Governo e le organizzazioni dell'ONU vogliano occultarlo.
Va bene che abbiamo le prove, ma magari c'è un'altra spiegazione...
La nave italiana #CaioDuilio magari passava di là per caso, senza sapere nulla, e si è fermata per una gomma a terra.
"Guarda, dei #migranti!"
"Noo, saranno libici"
"Ok, già che ci siamo, diamo ordini alla #AssoVentinove per riportarli subito a casa, che si perdono la partita".
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Quando mai #IOM ha denunciato il respingimento segreto? E a chi?
Vorrei tanto saperlo.
È vorrei anche sapere:
- Se è vero che conosce i nomi delle vittime di Asso Ventotto e Ventinove
- Perché non ha MAI risposto alle pec dei loro avvocati
TUTTE le vittime del #respingimentosegreto hanno testimoniato che al momento dello sbarco, #IOM ha preso i loro nomi.
Ma quando i loro avvocati hanno fatto regolare accesso legale ai documenti di IOM... non hanno ricevuto risposta.
"#IOM e #UNHCR hanno tracciato e conosciuto la storia di queste persone” denuncia Giulia Crescini di ASGI “ma poi hanno coperto e affiancato l'attività delle autorità italiane. Sul molo,durante lo sbarco a Tripoli, IOM non solo era presente, ma addirittura identificò i respinti".
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Womöglich erwecken die Bilder aus den Ruinen des Camps #Lipa den Eindruck, als seien in #Bosnien vor allem alleinstehende Männer gestrandet. Tatsächlich aber steckt durch die #EU-Abschottungspolitik eine heterogene Gruppe von Menschen perspektivlos in Bosnien fest.

Ein Thread.
Allein im #IOM-Lager #Ušivak (bei Sarajevo) sind 860 Menschen untergebracht. Davon sind 30% unbegleitete Minderjährige, 29% begleitete Kinder, 33% Erwachsene (mit Familienangehörigen). - Es ist völlig unklar, was aus ihnen werden soll: Es gibt keine Perspektive auf Schutz.
Im #IOM-Camp #Borići (Bihać) leben 258 Menschen. 30% sind unbegleitete Minderjährige, 26% begleitete Kinder, 41% Erwachsene (mit Familienangehörigen). - Auch für sie fehlt jede Perspektive: Es gibt kein Verfahren zur Aufnahme in die #EU und faktisch kein Asylsystem in #Bosnien.
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Eskalation in Bosnien und Herzegowina: Im Flüchtlingscamp #Lipa im Nordwesten des Landes ist ein großes Feuer ausgebrochen. Das Camp wird heute geräumt. Hintergründe im Thread.
Die Internationale Organisation für Migration (#IOM) zieht sich doch aus dem Flüchtlingscamp „Lipa“ im zurück. Ca. 1200 Menschen bleiben damit mitten im Winter ohne Versorgung. Vorausgegangen war ein tagelanges Tauziehen, das Anfang dieser Woche beigelegt zu sein schien.
Camp Lipa ist nicht winterfest (kein Strom- und Wasseranschluss, Menschen schlafen in Zelten) und IOM hat die Zentralregierung in Sarajevo vor die Wahl gestellt: Entweder findet ihr eine Lösung für die Menschen oder wir ziehen uns zurück.
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🔴 [BREAKING] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" rescued ca. 90 #migrants including women and is currently returning to Tripoli for disembarkation. [UPDATE FOLLOWS] #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19 Image
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - Libyan Coast Guard ship "Ras Jadar" returning with rescued #migrants to Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
[UPDATE] #SAR Op 10.08.20 - All rescued #migrants disembarked safely in Tripoli Naval Base. #migrantcrisis #frontex #seenotrettung #COVID19
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A group of +100 migrants unlawfully #deported back to #Libya have been taken to #Al-Khums/Souq-Al Khamis) “official” #detention centre today.They are locked in the dark hangar in the extreme heat without food & water.Some tried to escape but were caught & horribly #tortured 1/👇🏽
They were horribly #tortured by the Libyan guards of the centre with metal bars,had their arms and legs broken.They are hurt & bleeding from their heads and bodies but nobody can help.6 #women &
children among the #deportees.Main nationalities Sudan, Mali,Nigeria,Bangladesh..2/👇🏽
#IOM brings hygiene kits but every time the centre boss/manager uploads all the kits in his truck & takes them away.#UNHCR has not accessed the centre in months.#Torture,abuse & #starvation are daily occurrence.Commissioned & funded by #CriminalEurope #EvacuateRefugeesFromLibya
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Migrating out of Poverty
The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme Consortium focuses on the relationship between internal and regional #migration and #poverty in #Africa and #Asia. It is funded by the UK’s @DFID_UK and coordinated out of the @SussexUni.
Stories from the Southern Route
#Ethiopia has been a focus country for #EU directives and #IOM action plans to control irregular migration towards #SouthAfrica, #Libya and the #MiddleEast.

🇰🇪 ✒️ Maddo
#Migrants & #Smugglers
This comic is based on research conducted by Doudou Gueye, the @unirankorg in collaboration with @priyadeshingkar, the @SussexUni, in the Casamance area of Senegal.

🇰🇪 ✒️ Maddo
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#Naufragio invisibile?
#AlarmPhone chiede risposte per le famiglie di 91 dispersi. Qui la lettera che abbiamo mandato a RCC #Malta, @guardiacostiera, autorità in #Libya, #Frontex, #UNHCR e #IOM.…
@guardiacostiera #AlarmPhone teme che ci sia stato un #naufragio di 91 persone davanti alla costa libica il 9 Febbraio 2020. Abbiamo richiesto informazioni alle autoritá coinvolte in #Libia, #Malta e #Italia e all'agenzia europea di frontiera Frontex - senza nessuna risultato.
@guardiacostiera Il 9 Feb. abbiamo ricevuto una chiamata da una un gommone nero con 91 persone a bordo in pericolo e in fuga da Garabulli. Data la gravitá della situazione abbiamo subito avvertito le autoritá, inclusa la cosiddetta GC Libica, RCC Malta e MRCC Italiana tra le 04.09 e le 04.24.
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An Invisible Shipwreck?

#AlarmPhone demands answers for the families of 91 missing people. Here the email we sent to RCC #Malta, MRCC #Italy, authorities in #Libya, #Frontex, as well as #UNHCR and #IOM.…
Have 91 people gone missing without a trace?
#AlarmPhone fears a mass shipwreck occurred off the coast of #Libya on 9 February 2020. Requests for information have been made to relevant authorities in #Libya, #Malta, #Italy, and to #EU border agency Frontex – without any reaction.
On Feb 9, we received a call from a black rubber boat with about 91 people in distress who had left from Garabulli. Due to the severity of the situation we alerted all authorities immediately, including the so-called Libyan CG, RCC Malta & MRCC Italy between 4.09-4.24h CET.
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#Migration #Libya Do you know that more than 30% (personal estimate) of national @UNHCRLibya partner staff have resigned in the last 2 years? Can you guess why?

- Those are experienced people who held key positions & managed the work since 2014 when #UNHCR wasn't on the ground.
- One has refused a management position just because of the current mess & the sudden redirection of #refugees from GDF/Detention to the CDC.
- Others were burning out due to the moral clashes they face in their daily work that contradicts their idea of #humanitarianPrinciples
Many others including myself 3 years ago, I was a partner staff to #UNHCR in #Libya
I wasn't satisfied with the knowledge gap& the top-down approach from UNHCR to its frontline partners as risk transfer strategy, AND for not providing efficient aid while we had potential+capacity
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@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi In theory, Indonesia is responsible.
(#IDG=Indo immigration dept)
However, Indonesia is the 3rd country, with #Manus & #Nauru, that Australia pays to use refugees as 'rocks to block the sea'.
Aus pays #IOM to run refugee community housing & 13 detention centres in #Indonesia.
@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi #UNHCR Indonesia received less & less funding, none this year, to process refugees in Indonesia for resettlement.
Australia took this 'humanitarian aid' & gave it to #IOM to detain refugees to force voluntary returns.
Now IOM had funding cut, new refugees sleeping in streets.
@SarahRubyWrites @jokowi So big backlog of asylum seekers awaiting UNHCR processing due to no funds.
No new admissions to #IOM or even detention in Indonesia since April 2018.
Refugees queue to get IN to detention, live in streets outside IDC's. No money, no accommodation, live on handouts.
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