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The wave of industrial unrest sweeping the nation over disputes over pay, jobs, and conditions will dramatically intensify next month when nurses go on strike. #UK #Protests Image
Thousands of workers are expected to continue striking and voting in the weeks leading up to Christmas. Additional strikes and elections are already scheduled for 2023.
Tomorrow starts with train drivers in 11 companies, belonging to the Aslef union, striking in a long-running dispute over pay.
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WATCH: #BNNNetherlands Reports.

The police in #Staphorst has responded to the incident involving locals and the Amnesty International (@amnesty) observers that were attacked in the town by some local demonstrators. #Protest #Netherlands
The police confirmed that they were unable to respond to the threats from Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) demonstrators and Amnesty International observers because riot police vans were hampered in several places by tractor #blockades, among other things.
Crow's feet were thrown on the road as well. According to the East Dutch police.
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WATCH: #BNNIran Reports.

Iranian regime forces attacking protestors. As demonstrations sparked by Mahsa Amini’s death coupled with the anniversary of a bloody 2019 protests, Iranian forces reportedly shot dead two protestors on Tuesday. #iran #protests #Mahsaamini
The protesters were responding to a call to commemorate those slain in the 2019 crackdown, giving new momentum to the demonstrations sparked by the death of 22-year-old Amini in mid-September this year.
In Tehran, the din of honking car horns reverberated as protesters blocked a major roundabout at Sanat Square and yelled “Freedom, freedom,” according to footage that emerged on social media.
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WATCH: #BNNIran Reports.

Iranians went on strike in several cities on Tuesday to commemorate the 2019 protests over fuel prices, a display of dissent that was crushed by security forces in one of the bloodiest crackdowns in the history of the Islamic Republic. #iran #protests
Many signs read The sign reads: “Join the national strikes, For 1500 killed in November 2019, For Iran, For Mahsa Amini, Altogether for Freedom”
The move will add to pressure on Iran’s clerical rulers, who have been battling two months of nationwide protests triggered by the death of 22-year-old Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini in the custody of the morality police.
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JUST IN: #BNNAustralia Reports.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Federal Court in Melbourne to express their concerns about a $4.7 billion gas project that they claim will destroy their land and culture. #Australia #Protests #Law #Environment #Court
As a result of Tiwi Islanders' successful claim that they were not properly consulted about the project in the Timor Sea, north of Darwin, the gas corporation Santos is attempting to reverse a historic ruling that invalidated its drilling licences.
Santos' intention to drill there was halted in September when a Federal Court judge ruled in favour of Tiwi Island elder Dennis Tipakalippa.
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BREAKING: #BNNIran Reports.

The @UN Human Rights Council announced on Monday that it would hold an urgent session on Iran, raising concerns over the brutal crackdown on mass protests by regime. #Iran #protests #humanrights #politics
The United Nations’ highest rights body said a special session on “the deteriorating human rights situation” in Iran would be held on November 24.
The decision comes after the German and Icelandic ambassadors to the UN in Geneva submitted a request for such a meeting late on Friday.
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WATCH: #BNNIran Reports.

On November 14, in Isfahan city of Iran, a clergy is forced to leave the school premises by schoolgirls who objected to his presence in the school. #Iran #protests #MahsaAmini
Women in many parts of Iran have been burning their hijabs and have started to walk the streets without hijabs as a sign of protest against the regime.
Protests have been gaining strength in Iran since the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the Iranian moral police.
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BREAKING: #BNNIran Reports.

Amid nationwide protests since the death of Mahsa Amini, Iran on Sunday issued its first death sentence for participation in protests, the judiciary’s official website informed. #Iran #protests #law
The accused was sentenced in a Tehran court to death for the crime of “setting fire to a government building, disturbing public order, assembly and conspiracy to commit a crime against national security, and an enemy of God and corruption on earth”.
Another court in Tehran sentenced five others to prison terms of between five to 10 years for “gathering and conspiring to commit crimes against national security and disturbing public order.”

All those convicted can appeal their sentence, as per reports.
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JUST IN: #BNNPortugal Reports.

On Saturday, hundreds of demonstrators enraged by the climate issue took to the streets of Lisbon, with dozens assaulting a building where Antonio Costa e Silva, Portugal's economy minister, was giving a speech and demanding the resignation of the
...former oil executive. #Lisbon #Protests #climatechange #Portugal
Protesters chanted slogans while waving banners calling for action on climate change.
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JUST IN: #BNNAlbania Reports.

In front of Prime Minister @ediramaal's office, where tens of thousands had assembled to protest against corruption, rising poverty, and a rising number of people fleeing the nation, opposition protesters clashed with police. #Protests #Albania
Protesters burst through the police cordon surrounding the government building after demonstrating peacefully for about three hours and throwing red and black paint.

One protester was detained by police.
Others lit candles in honour of two men who, in the opposition's opinion, passed away while in police custody.
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BREAKING: #BNNIran Reports.

Iran’s top Sunni strongly criticized the regime in his Friday sermon, saying authorities are trying to pay the families of people killed in recent protests. #Iran #protests #MahsaAmini #politics
Abdolhamid Ismail-Zai, 75, was speaking out following the regime’s violence against members of the Baluchi ethnic minority.
Last week, 18 people were shot by security forces in the southeastern Sistan and Baluchistan province, and the families want justice, said Ismail-Zai.
“We do not want money,” he said in his sermon at Makki mosque in the provincial capital Zahedan.
“Who were the people who made this happen, and for what reason? The people who were responsible for this must be brought to justice.
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BREAKING: #BNNGermany Reports.

In order to coincide with the COP27 Summit in Egypt, environmental activists have organized demonstrations around Europe. Germany, in particular, has experienced a wave of protests ranging in size from peaceful to very disruptive #Germany #Protests
A Greenpeace protester scaled the wall of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure building on Friday demanding that the German government reconsider its stance on climate change.
Last Generation climate activists scaled the Brandenburg Gate earlier this week and unfurled a banner that read, "We wish for survival for all."
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Wondering about China ?

(1) You can find our assessment of how Covid Zero has morphed & where it's going at the 24 min mark.

(2) How to view the current stock rally? That's at the 38 min mark.
There is NO EVIDENCE Yet that #China is removed the Covid lockdown . It’s increasing becoming evident that Xi is using this as a method to #control #Anger & #Protests.

Democracies like Canada and India are also moving in the same direction. Image
More here Image
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JUST IN: #BNNUK Reports.

As a result of Russia's war in Ukraine, energy bills and food prices have shot up across Europe as a result of soaring inflation.
These protests and strikes underscore a growing dissatisfaction with spiraling costs of living and threaten political turmoil. #Protests #Inflation #RussiaUkraineWar
Energy costs have increased inflation in the 19 nations that use the euro to a record 9.9%, making it more difficult for individuals to purchase the necessities. For some, their only option is to take to the streets.
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JUST IN: #BNNMoldova Reports.

Thousands of protesters denounced Moldova's pro-Western leaders and marched in the country's capital Chișinău for the sixth consecutive Sunday. They had set up new tents, days after police cleared a similar encampment. Image
Over 7,000 demonstrators took part in the anti-government protest and decried steep price increases, particularly for gas bought from Russia.
Protesters called for the resignation of President Maia Sandu and her government. These protests were organized by the party headed by politician Ilan Shor, the exiled opposition leader.
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JUST IN: #BNNIran Reports.

Iran's atomic energy organization reported on Sunday that, an e-mail server belonging to one of its subsidiaries had been hacked from a foreign nation and information has been published online. #BlackReward #Iran #Hacking #MahsaAmini #Protests Image
Black Reward, an Iranian hacking group, said in a statement published on social media that, it had released the hacked information relating to Iranian nuclear activities. Black Reward hacking group declared that their action was an act in support of protesters in Iran.
The group's statement reads, "In the name of Mahsa Amini and for women, life, freedom" - a show of support for protests ignited by her death in the custody of morality police last month. Black Reward added that the information released by them included "management and...
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News coming in of #protests in #China against #XiJingping . Anger over #zeroCOVID, harsh lockdowns, #Henan bank crisis & more culminating into tensions 3 days before #PartyCongress. Unlike #XiCoup news, protests intel appears legit. However, I'm unsure if "protest" is right word
Images coming out mostly show non-group action; rogue disgruntled citizens taking banners up appears more likely. This image, from what I confirmed used image search, is from Beijing's 3rd Ring Road in Haidian. People appear to be going about their day normally. Image
The slogan is reactionary & most images circulated are of this one banner in Haidian, Beijing only. However, it will be investigated thoroughly so close to Congress, & police patrol can be expected to be amped up even more (which anyway has been high in the city in prep for NPC)
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Anti-regime #protests occurred in at least 18 cities in 15 different provinces in #Iran on October 9. 1/4 #مهسا_امینی…
Iranian leadership may have ordered the IRGC Ground Forces to support the protest crackdown directly. The IRGC Ground Forces would likely use extreme force. Its deployment would indicate that the regime is alarmed by the protests and considers them a serious security threat. 2/4
Iran has built a multilayered security apparatus of different military and paramilitary institutions to impose social control. The IRGC Ground Forces is the regime’s last line of defense against internal unrest and the most prominent security layer after the LEC and Basij. 3/4
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BREAKING: #BNNEurope Reports.

Several thousand people gathered in Prague's Wenceslas Square on Saturday to voice concern over rising living costs. #Prague #Protests #Inflation #Economy #TradeUnions Image
The country's major trade unions organized the demonstration, calling attention to inflation and declining living standards in the Czech Republic.
Labor leaders called on the government to help people survive amid soaring inflation by capping prices on essential goods and raising the minimum wage.
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The relatives of Nika Shakrami, a 16-year-old girl, who died during protests in Iran have been forced into making false statements in front of state TV.
The shadow and voice of regime's security is visible in the footage as her uncle and aunt are being dictated what to say on TV. #IranProtests #NikaShakrami #Protests
Shakrami's aunt, Atash, was seen saying: "Nika was killed falling from a building." Her uncle was seen on TV speaking against the unrest, as someone seems to whisper to him: "Say it, you scumbag!"
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To counter some of the disappointing & predictable responses to heroic #protests in #Iran, incl in #academia, I share my recent essay which calls on academics to avoid undercutting dissident #feminist voices, incl those of #Muslim heritage

(Long) Thread British Asian women demonstrating in support of the writer @
Concepts like Orientalism & Islamophobia, originally responding to realities of past & present subordination, are now sometimes used by Western critical intellectuals to discipline those who exercise their equal right to be critical of their own contexts..
while deeply committed to those contexts..

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Britons to #burn their #energybills in weekend wave of #CostOfLivingCrisis #protests
Dozens of rallies planned from Plymouth to Aberdeen as #Truss' £150bn energy price guarantee comes into effect
#heatoreat #support…
Even this Guardian reporter has repeated Truss' lie! Stop it! 😡 #energybills #Cap
"In what organisers forecast will be the largest nationwide protests against an economic crunch, which got worse this week with money market chaos and mortgage rate rises looming,
/3 dozens of rallies will be staged from Plymouth to Aberdeen, while #post and #railway workers also #strike.
On the day the government’s £150bn energy price guarantee comes into effect, which allows average household bills to hit £2,500 a year, up from £1,971,
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List of videos of protests in Russia, against Putin’s partial mobilisation of Russians to fight in Ukraine .

Future videos will be added here.

A treadh🧵

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#France #uberfiles #uber

Uber drivers protest in France:
#Indonesia Protests in response to rising fuel an gas prices:
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