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1. News: Good men protected a police officer who was separated from his team and was in danger.

"There are a lot MORE GOOD PEOPLE than bad so have faith"

-Thread 6-2-2020

#BlackLivesMatter #QAnon #Riots #BlueLivesMatter Image
2. News: The Morning Briefing: President Trump Holds Bible in Front of Church, Libs Everywhere Are Triggered…
3. News: [Video] President Trump LEADS From Front in Trip to Riot-Torched Church Near White House…
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For the protesters:
Do not wear oil based makeup,it makes the mace and tear gas effects worse.If you’re recording,unless it’s urgent,please use black boxes to censor people’s identities.Try your best at masking your identity!!Hide any identifiable tattoos or piercings. (Part 1)
Tear gas/mace sticks to oil based makeup, lotion,sunscreen.Wear/carry as many of these as you can:airtight goggles,black and baggy, solid colour clothes,easy oil free face paint,black bag,simple wigs,simple hats,mask,wrap ur fists,bag with water and a small first aid kit.(Part 2)
Use tinted/reflective swim goggles. They seal ur eyes off and make sure that even if light/flash hits ur face u still cant see ur eyes.If tg/ mace is on your face,don’t use water as it activates it but rather,cold milk.Turn off facial recognition and fingerprint on phone.(Part 3)
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The amount of #PoliceBrutality demonstrated yesterday was obscene. Here is a ton of videos capturing just some of the incidents of #police behaving badly during the #GeorgeFloydprotests over the #georgefloydmurder #protests
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I'm a 3rd gen journalist. I follow many journalists on Twitter from all over the country. This is a running tab of incidents I've seen of police acting aggressively towards newsgathering teams covering #blacklivesmatter #protests nationwide. CC @Poynter @atompkins @TomWJones
Louisville, Kentucky reporter @kaitlinrustwave and photog @jbtcardfan shot with rubber bullets on live TV @wave3news
#MinneapolisRiot reporters sprayed with tear gas at point blank range via @latimes reporter @mollyhf
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A running list of things cops have done on camera this week during the #protests:

- Mace a child
- Arrest clearly identified press
- Shoot marker bullets at the press
- yell “shut up bitch!” and shoot a woman(who was just filming) with rubber bullets
- intentionally hit a protester with their car door as they drive by

- indiscriminately spray pepper spray at protesters as they drive by

- shove a woman from behind, causing her to fall and hit her head on the curb

- Drive police cruisers into crowds

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I have heard some of you. Updated digital security tips for #protesters. Everyone must make their own decisions based on their own circumstances. Ideally, leave all electronic devices at home. Burner phones are a second best choice. #protests #GeorgeFloyd
I know that is not realistic for many of you so bring as few electronic devices as possible. Disable face/fingerprint unlock. Use a 6+ digit passcodes, alphanumeric codes are even better. Don't consent to searches of your devices. Do not unlock your device for police. #protest
Use @signalapp to communicate with each other. Use its disappearing messages feature. Turn off GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, and any location services. Lock down your social media privacy settings. Don't tag or post identifiable images of people without their permission.
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After reflecting on the #protests in #kcmo and #topeka, here’s a couple of tips for my fellow whites on the do’s and don’ts of protesting police brutality and supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement
1. Always listen to the Black organizers. You do not know the struggle or the strategy to win better than them.
2. Have supportive signs of allyship, not co-opting the Black struggle. Good: Black lives matter! Bad: I can’t breathe.
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⚠️WARNING ⚠️Do NOT become a casualty in Trump’s race war‼️ @realDonaldTrump will allow White Supremacists to incite violence tonight at George Floyd #protests and then blame YOU when he arrests you. Do not lose your right to vote‼️ #MAGANIGHT #StayHomeSaveLives
🤔What are the odds⁉️This is Russia’s goal as well. 🔥U.S. Inteligence reports that Putin wants to incite a race war using white supremacists👇…
🔥Don’t head to Trump Tower Chicago‼️They will make an example out of you‼️…
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#GeorgeFloyd protesters have halted a long line of cars along the Interstate 579 over the Allegheny River in #Pittsburgh.

A car is on fire outside PPG Paints Arena.

Stay tuned to @TribLIVE for developing coverage. Also: @dillonswriting & @nsmallwoodphoto
UPDATE: Traffic cleared by police on I-579 — but an ambulance just reached the off-ramp to treat an injured man near the intersection of Route 28/Chesnut Street.

Several #protesters told me that a car driver got inpatient and rammed into the protester.

Tristen Nesmith, 23, of Beaver Falls said he saw a car strike one of the fellow #protesters along the I-579/Veterans Bridge over the Allegheny River.

The driver got frustrated, “started reviving up his engine and just hit my man for no reason. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.”
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When you watched NFL players kneel before the flag, you complained that it was an offense to your patriotism.

When you were asked to wear masks, you complained that you couldn't breathe.

When you were told to wear a mask in businesses, you complained it was oppression.

When you were told to stay at home, you complained it was tyranny.

When you saw those stay at home orders enforced, you complained it was fascism.

When you saw people storm a state capitol building w/rifles, you celebrated their freedom to exercise the 1st & 2nd amendments.

When you saw a white man wearing a badge and an American flag kneel on the neck of a black man for seven minutes until he was dead...

You said nothing.

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-Before, During and After protesting
-Protesting Efficiently
-Identity Protection
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@realDonaldTrump @SecretService Hey, asshole.

Last night was already MAGA NIGHT with white nationalists dressed like black bloc, smashing and setting fire to black owned businesses all over the country. I think we can do without another MAGA NIGHT, you syphilitic chode.
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService "Every single person arrested in Minneapolis last night was from OUT OF STATE." – Melvin Carter, Mayor of St. Paul
@realDonaldTrump @SecretService Accelerationism: the idea inspiring white supremacists around the world…
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2-"A large crowd in Washington chanted outside the White House, prompting the Secret Service to temporarily lock down the building...[protesters knocked down barricades, spray painted other buildings...]
3-"A march in Houston ... the windows of a police S.U.V. were smashed and at least 12 protesters were arrested. .. the police shut all roads into and out of downtown
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-potential scams
-pig activity
-surveillance warnings
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5th Ave arrests in Park Slope, Brooklyn. #protests #GeorgeFloyd #Brooklyn
Full Version of the previous tweet. #protests #GeorgeFloyd #Brooklyn #newyorkprotest
I feel compelled to add that most of the actions by protesters and police that I saw today were civil and peaceful. Another police officer looked after the person who was thrown, and fortunately they didn’t appear to be injured.
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Firstly, what sparked me to write everything down and start a thread, was the creepy clip of 'paramedics' taking (dragging) the body away...

It's a particularly gruesome part of the video... just a heads up #patriots

Several things already wrong with this...
- No CPR or attempt of FA
- Doesn't check for pulse, ever
- Make-up the gurney street-side
- Put a sheet on the floor w/out ever checking patient
- He wipes something off his head and rubs it between his fingers (but there's no blood?)
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when I tweet somethin like this I don't mean IT jokingly or something about me personally. I mean the sim ITself is bubblin... IT gives you all the signs you need if you just pay attention to IT now. ❤️🌊🔥🔥🔥👀
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Like many, I’ve had some extra fee time these days... After rebinging @theofficenbc and #theofficereunion I was inspired.

A thread of Trump’s handling of the #coronavirus (#COVID19) pandemic, as told by Michael Scott. #TheOffice
Way back in 2018, Trump decided it was a good idea to disassemble the #Pandemic Response Team – created by the Obama administration in case there was “an airborne disease that is deadly.” This can’t go wrong! #thiswaspreventable
Trump does nothing to replace this. He plays golf and insults people on Twitter – just the normal things that presidents do right?
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🇩🇪 #covid29 #protests

On May 9, thousands of people protested in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart and other German cities against the violation of their rights and freedoms due to prolonged quarantine.…
More than 3,000 people gathered in the central square of Munich Marienplatz, demanding the lifting of restrictions.
In Stuttgart, several thousand people passed through Cannstatter Wasen, a large festival area on the banks of the Neckar River.
Police used water cannons against protesters.

In Berlin, took place at once two rallies, one in front of the German Parliament, other, more crowded, at Alexanderplatz.

In the financial center of Frankfurt, protesters walked tr w/ banners & chants "Join" and "Resist."
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The #KochNetwork, avatar of the tea party, rejects #shutdown protests via @politico AFP board member states “I think there's been a lesson...We saw what we wanted in the #teaparty. It didn’t work out like we’d like. And now we’re much more practical.”
Multiple conservative groups that have been longtime allies of the #KochNetwork network, such as FreedomWorks and #TeaParty Patriots, have led the #shutdown protests. Even the CEO of #ALEC has signed on.
Art Pope, owner of #NorthCarolina politicians, is a co-founder of AFP-NC with David Koch, and often called "Koch Jr". When asked about the #KochNetwork’s position on the current wave of #protests, Pope said “I’ll let them speak for themselves". #NCleg
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1/ The quarantine is a cultural and political experiment: We're seeing just how quickly the U.S. can be dissolved. #ProtestLockdown…
2/ If Americans stand down, the U.S. openly becomes a surveillance state overnight. LA and NYC mayors are already pushing out 'comfort' 🍼videos telling residents to activate themselves as surveillance extensions of the state. #ProtestTheLockdown

3/ Google, often first in helping authoritarian rule boot stomp a population, has also risen to the occasion along with Apple. Watch this tweet for a sub-thread on how Google and Apple help nations crush its civilian population.
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@decolonize_this UNMASKED.
On Jan. 28/20 a video appeared on #Twitter calling for a flash mob of anarchy in #NYC
Accompanied by the #'s
#FTP3 #J31
(Fuck the police 3 and on Jan 31) This being the 3rd flash mob.

#COVID19 #earthquake #IWD2020 #BreakingNews
Video calling for #j31 #ftp3
In #NewYork

Do these people not know that masks and voice changing software is nologer an issue.

Last page will link to the full article for anyone who wishes to take a deeper dive
learn about the A.I tech being used for this unmasking.

This movement needs to be unmasked as you will see this group supports terrorism.

Their goal is to brainwash and manipulate
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A key slogan during recent #IranProtests during the funeral of airplane crash victims, in Sanandaj, west #Iran:"Death to tyrants, be it the Shah or the Leader," signaling that they want neither the overthrown monarchy nor the mullahs.
The same slogan was chanted by #IranProtesters in various locations, on the peek of the #Protests on Tuesday the 14, 2020: "We do not want neither the Shah or the leader (Khamenei). We do not want the bad or the worse"
#IranProtests #FreeIran2020
The University of Tehran (Meli Univ)-#IranProtesters chant: "Death to the tyrants, be it the shah or the leader"
#FreeIran2020 #IranProtests
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#Lithuania #Vilnius

Last week #Lithuanian #parliament adopted the state #budget for 2020. The main #financial document of the #state was approved by the majority of voters.
It is sad to see how #Lithuania is #suffering without #money. Absolute #chaos – this is how they say in #Lithuania about the new budget.
So, state budget revenues are planned in the amount of 11.559 billion euros, expenses – 12.705 billion euros.
The budget deficit will amount 2.9% of the planned gross domestic product. In other words, the #Lithuanian #draft hardly met the requirements of #fiscal #discipline. The #budget #deficit for #EU member states should not exceed 3% of GDP.
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