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🔴 Senate #Republicans have KILLED 400 bills passed by the House, most w/ GOP votes. #Dems need to win 4 seats (3 if #Harris is VP). 6 races are tossups: CO-Gardner, GA-Perdue, IA-Ernst, ME-Collins, MT-Daines, NC-Tillis.

thread: Bills Killed by Senate GOP…
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans:

Climate Action Act
Raise Minimum Wage
Violence vs Women Act
Corporate Transparent Act
Enhanced Background Checks
Gold Star Family Relief Act
Save the Internet Act
Equality Act
🔴 BIPARTISAN Bills PASSED by the House but KILLED by Senate #Republicans #2

Paycheck Fairness Act
Protect Preexisting Conditions Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act
Ban Offshore Drilling Act
Invest in Maine Street Act
Lower Prescription Drugs Act #2
#STEM education
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On this night 19 years ago,246 people went to sleep in preparation for their morning flights.2606 people went to sleep in preparation for work in the morning tomorrow.343 firefighters went to sleep in preparation for their morning shift.#Pennsylvania #Pentagon #FDNY #GiantSlayrs Image
60 police officers went to sleep in preparation for morning patrol. 8 paramedics went to sleep in preparation for the morning shift of saving lives. None of them saw past 10:00 am Sept 11, 2001. In one single moment life may never be the same. Image
As you live and enjoy the breaths you take today and tonight before you go to sleep in preparation for your life tomorrow, kiss the ones you love, snuggle a little tighter, and never take one second of your life for granted. Image
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SEPT 9, 2020 #amd09blue

@americandream09 @realDonaldTrump #amd09blue9920

#BackTheBlue #BackTheBadge #Police #POTUS

Real News! Image
SEPT 9, 2020 #amd09blue

@americandream09 @realDonaldTrump #amd09blue9920

#BackTheBlue #BackTheBadge #Police #POTUS

Real News! Image
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☦️Jesus Christ Prayer Express #JCPE

Prayer Warriors On Deck‼️

This is a Crusade- Prayer Angels GEAR UP to move to higher realms called SPIRITUAL WARFARE

Before you say "Yes" know what it REQUIRES:
No 99.999% Image
In the next posts to come will be an outline of how we become Spiritual Prayer Warriors

The verses will post chronologically to support each part as stated in the heading

If you follow & read from the beginning you will understand..

1. Set your mind: TRANSFORM your mind.. Image
✝️Jesus Christ Prayer Express #JCPE


He is zealous in His defense of YOU, His creation.

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*Thread on #FirstResponders for OHCA*

In the last decade, numerous systems like @pulsepoint @GoodSamApp @SAUVLife @HartslagNu were developed to alert laypersons.

In this review, we provide an overview of published technologies and analyze their impact on pts outcomes.

#FOAMed Image
How does a citizens first responder system work?

Citizens willing to help in case of OHCA can voluntarily register in a first responder network.

When an OHCA occurs, the nearest ones are alerted simultaneously with #EMS dispatch to increase CPR rates before ambulance arrival. ImageImage
Our systematic review found 12 different systems (7 apps, 5 text message systems).

Activation radius varied from 150 m to 5 km. Also activation criteria, training required, technology used, and active time varied between systems and are summarized below 👇 Image
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***Important News***

If any doctor or clinic or hospital is looking for N95 masks please DM me.

I have access to 2million masks that have cleared customs and have all the necessary certifications and proof they passed all quality checks and tests.

#PPE #Masks
So glad I was able to connect a few hospitals. They purchased a bunch! I’m so happy they are going to people who need them!
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Thank you @BlueAngels for your DFW #AmericaStrong display in regards to #COVID19!!

Thank YOU President @realDonaldTrump for bringing National Pride back to our citizens & our children!!!

What a great display of unity; reminds me of when I was a kid.

Community, adults, kids, lawn chairs, dogs...

This is the America that I remember!!

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1/18 So. I just returned from working at an ED in Queens on the frontlines of the COVID response. I have so many thoughts and feelings that it seems impossible to summarize, but here are a few initial musings:
2/18 This shit is real and it is scary. COVID is taking patients down, and we do not know how to stop it. The images of overflowing EDs, overworked providers, patients who cannot breathe—these are real and it is happening. Do not let anyone tell you its not.
3/18 These are the lungs of a person who cannot breathe. We do not know (yet) how to fix these lungs. The not being able to breathe is terrifying. The not knowing how to fix it is terrifying.
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If you tune into @NBCNews on @YouTube you get campaign messaging from #MadKing Trump's regime. America has never been more #socialist, so this must be a great pole poll for poling proletariat patsies.

"Official #socialism approval poll." I approve. What do I win?
Both #Nazi parties of the two-party system have been working furiously to redefine & destroy the concept of #socialism - because in reality, it’s a mandate for #HumanSurvival.

#ReadThisBook by #ManningMarable - “How Capitalism Underdeveloped Black America.” I studied it in jail.
"Truly blessed" Dumbass Low-Grade Lying Fool (#DLGLF) Pence stated Detroit's Mayor claims they tested 150 "exposed" #FirstResponders and "they're all back in the line of duty." They're just spinning a bunch of nonsense & Trump is playing malevolent moonlighting #FakeGynecologist.
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I've heard some claim that #doctors are greedy, heartless, willing to sacrifice patient health and safety for profit, referring to vaccines, triage of care, the expense of healthcare, and the list goes on.

I hope this clears all that up for you. #PPE…
This goes also for #nurses, PA's, #firstresponders, #firefighters, #police, #military, and all those who risk their own safety to help others. You don't go into one of our fields to get rich. You do it because you care about others.

#SoMeDocs #medtwitter #HealthcareHeroes
Yes, there are bad actors, but that's true in all professions. The majority of #HealthCareWorkers risk their own health & safety daily, as do #FirstResponders, not just during #COVIDー19. Don't blame the providers when you're really mad at the system.
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(1/4) .@JacksonLeeTX18 thoughts and prayers go out to the families who are victims of the horrific explosion in Northwest Houston this morning. I offer my heartfelt condolence to the families whose loved one’s were loss. #HOUSTONnews
(2/4) .@JacksonLeeTX18 I have called the Governor’s office and FEMA to request a disaster declaration and to find the cause of this tragic incident #houstonnews
(3/4) .@JacksonLeeTX18 Thanks to our brave #FirstResponders who always place their lives in harms way to save others. This site is in my district, and I plan to visit it today and try to help as many impacted as possible #houstonnews #firefighters #police
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BREAKING: Two #fossilfuel storage tanks have exploded at #NuStar, a tank farm next to the #Phillips66 refinery near #Crockett & #Rodeo in the #BayArea. No reported casualties, according to @KTVU. The explosion likely caused an adjacent brush fire.…
@KTVU Our thoughts are with #firstresponders and community members in the #EastBay as a shelter in place has been ordered. Stay safe and don't go outdoors until the order is lifted. Check the latest on the @CCCounty Community Warning System here:
@KTVU @CCCounty A situation like today's #NuStar tank farm explosion in #EastBay is exactly why we must put a stop to the expansion of #fossilfuel infrastructure in the #BayArea and around the world. Learn more about the movement to #ProtectTheBay:
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09.11.01 #Thread 8:46am @IWidroff & myself were clearing an emergency call in Midwood Bklyn when a call for “an explosion atop the #WTC “ We responded! Little did we know, at 9:03am a second plane hit the second tower, we were in the BBT at the time..
exiting the tunnel was like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie set flaming chunks of debris atop of smashed cars, convoys of emergency vehicles, sirens blaring all making its way to the #WTC
At that moment we knew this was no “small plane” accident into a building
We staged at the corner of Liberty & West, together with countless other #Hatzolah #FirstResponders #FDNY & #NYPD units trying to determine how to help those trapped in the towers..chaos!
The panic as “another plane” was spotted flying in fast... #USAF F16
#USA was under attack
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#Tchernobyl : dans la nuit du 25 au 26 avril 1986, une série d’erreurs pendant un essai de sécurité entraînent l’explosion du réacteur n°4 et la fusion du cœur. La plus grave catastrophe nucléaire, longtemps la seule classée au niveau 7 sur l’échelle #INES, avant #Fukushima Image
#Tchernobyl, 2019, 33 ans depuis l’accident. Dites 33 : retour sur le rôle déterminant des #satellites d’observation dans le suivi de la #catastrophe : comme les nuages radioactifs, les satellites ne sont pas arrêtés par les frontières. Un #thread à dérouler… #space #nucléaire Image
En 2019, il semble facile d’avoir rapidement une image de n’importe quelle région du monde. Ici, la région et la centrale de #Tchernobyl , près de Prypiat, vue le 13/04/19 par le satellite européen #Sentinel2 (#Copernicus). Les images n’ont pas toujours été aussi disponibles… ImageImageImage
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Use the crumbs to find the news.
Future (today) is proven in the past crumbs. It will paint the picture.
Build it out. Here is an example.
#FirstResponders #QAnon
Example: Crumb "FOLLOW THE LIGHT"
Variables: News on 1/4/19, uses the keyword search above, validates with the key, 11.🗝️
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Last tweet: 09:55:01 EST
This tweet: 10:32:30 EST
#Delta = 37 min #Q37
Find the news articles for today.
TODAYS News Story -…
Time Stamp 7:48 7-4+8 = 11 = 🗝️
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Last tweet: 08:08:29 EST
This tweet: 09:25:32 EST
#Delta 1 hour 17 min = #Delta 77 min
Pretty sure this is the story for crumb - "Alice & Wonderland". Would have to double check the markers inside the story to confirm, but the time stamps and 11 in the first paragraph are pretty reassuring.
TODAYS News story -…
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#Q17 Digging on crumbs to see if i can find the news stories
Crumb - "Why does Obama travel in advance of POTUS to foreign locations"
TODAYS News story -…
Time Stamp in news article: 11:29 1-1+2+9 = 11 = 🗝️
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Timestamp is CST (I'm phonef@$%ing)
will follow up later with news stories.
This one looks like the Godfather III crumb.
Timestamp of story 4:29
I will update this thread through the day as i find more.
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Phone f@☆☆ing atm. just thought I'd drop this (sorry my ss are in CST)
POTUS tweet this am with "NOW" was part of a delta 167.
Q167 crumb, What is the keystone.
Story in next tweet. Look at the pic...the key is 11.
"The Cineforum 463"
Every number in the story is another Q post to search.
Example, Q80
"Alice & Wonderland"…
Remember the POTUS tweet from this am that had "NOW" in it?
The Wall + Alice & Wonderland.
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