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NZ Emergency Doctor Describes Crisis Caused By Lifting COVID Public Health Measures…
The World Socialist Web Site recently spoke with Gary Payinda, an emergency doctor in Whangarei in Northland, one of the poorest areas of New Zealand, about the out-of-control spread of COVID-19 and the crisis in public hospitals.
In recent months, hospitals have been overwhelmed by COVID-19, influenza, and other respiratory illnesses.
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Pfizer updated #Covid19 #boosters re BA.1 "Preliminary results suggest #vaccines could neutralize Omicron BA.4 & BA.5" If not, BA.4/5 and other emerging #variants may again have an INFECTION ADVANTAGE in VACCINATED amid still non-sterilizing #vaccines?! Image
It happend before: "Rapid emergence of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant is associated with an infection advantage over Delta in vaccinated persons"… #omicron #vaccination #covid19 Image
"Early introduction and rise of the Omicron SARS-CoV-2 variant in highly vaccinated university populations"…
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Was talking to a physician colleague 50/M who said he has increased incidence of migraine like attacks lately and also reported a bad #Omicron bout 4months ago that caused him bed bound with weakness 1 week , cough for 3 weeks.Then while discussion he casually described ctd)
Ctd2) That after 3 months of the infection he faced a peculiar situation- for 4 days he was trying to remember the name of anti fibrotic agent , he said he could have easily opened the book or internet and checked BUT he wanted to assess , the antifibrotic he was trying to ctd)
Ctd3) remember he has used in at least 300 pts during the wave 3 months before & at least 500 overall , still his memory was failing him for 4 full days ,he also reported that he is unable to remember the songs that he was singing on & off which he loved ,remembered earlier ctd)
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1/🧵 95% COVID Immunity⁉️

@JAMA_current data show that in Dec 2021, 95% of US Blood Donors had Immunity from infection or vaccination.🧐
Then why do we have record high rates of #Omicron?
Does that mean we should have herd immunity?
Not so fast…
2/ First, we make estimates using a combination of the COVID spike Ab & nucleocapsid Ab to determine what proportion of our population is protected at a given time.

ie, either previous infection (nucleocapsid) or vaccination (spike Ab) or combined Infection & vaccination.
3/ But if there was 95% immunity in 2021, how did #Omicron go bonkers infecting so many in 2022?
The infection rates reflect #Evolution. The I ntense contagiousness of this variant & enhanced immune escape mutations plus waning protection from previous vaccination & infection.
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Small thread on why I think we will see a bigger outbreak of #monkeypox d/t #COVID19 .We know Covid causes T cell response suppression in some & also complement mediated injury leading to effective reduction in levels of complements (hypocomplementemia) ctd)@fitterhappierAJ ctd)
2/n We know for a fact that at least in kids the complement induced injury caused hypocomplementemia in young , this was one of the pathways of acute liver injury in some kids , if the complement system is exhausted
doi: 10.1097/INF.0000000000002804. PMID: 32639461.
@medriva @VirusesImmunity @britsocimm @KunstJonas @ManojShukul @Kanupriya78 @kumarmanish9 @RonaldKlain @G_LaryeaAdjei @amrit_lohia 3/n We also know that #Covid causes direct infection of T cells and leads to lymphopenia , we need to understand that post #Covid the T lymphocytes arent there to save infection ctd) .
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It takes three doses to complete the vaccine series for most Ontarians. Two doses provide little or no protection against infection. The narrative that Ontario is highly vaccinated so masks are optional is misleading. Good to see Toronto expanding its 3rd dose drive.
#Boosters Image
Here's what Toronto is doing:
Increased persuasion through pharmacy, family care, and our vaccine call centre, and scaled up hyper-local clinics.
cc @joe_cressy
When I say a third dose is needed to help protect against infections, this chart from the UKHSA comes to mind. Remember, vaccines wane and so do prior infections. Top up your protection when you are eligible for a next dose. Image
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Potential Insurance Industry Bust Over Excess Pandemic Deaths Part 2 - A mindblower for red-pill-hesitant plebes as former Blackrock portfolio manager & hedge fund maverick calls out the next big short - by @TraderStef for #CrushTheStreet #AdverseReactions… Image
#Disabilities #ExcessDeaths #AdverseReactions #InsuranceIndustry #LifeInsurance ‘Mass disability event’ warning as huge numbers diagnosed with long Covid…
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Obtenez dès aujourd'hui votre propre caillot de sang en format Collector !
#Pfizer #Boosters
M. Ruston dit s'être réveillé le dimanche 16 janvier en hurlant de douleur. "J'avais l'impression que des lames de rasoir étaient enfoncées à plusieurs reprises dans mon bras gauche", a-t-il écrit. Malheureusement, c'était dimanche, et il n'a pas pu voir son médecin ce jour-là.
M. Ruston a appelé une ambulance le lundi matin, 17 janvier. À ce moment-là, la peau de son poignet présentait des ecchymoses et des gonflements. Bien sûr, la première chose que les médecins ont faite a été de lui faire passer un test de dépistage du COVID-19. Il a été testé +.
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COVID vaccine #boosters are proving a useful tool against Omicron, but many believe that endless boosting might not be a practical or sustainable strategy. 1/
Because protection from boosters might be short-lived, rolling out endless doses — potentially at the expense of immunizing unvaccinated people in low-income nations — is not a “viable or reasonable” long-term global strategy. 2/
Then, what are options?
1-Continue to go for repeated boosting at regular intervals
2-Develop new vaccines. What are the options:
a. Variant-specific vaccines
b. Pan-coronavirus vaccine (pansarbecovirus vaccine, at least) 3/
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🧵My #UrgencyOfNormal includes:
👉People w/ #cancer needing urgent chemo getting a hosp bed without a wk+ wait & a desperate plea by their dr on Twitter
👉My #immunocompromised patients not wondering if kids brought home #COVID19 that can kill them (#vaccineswork less in them)
(P.S. You might think these are someone else's problems, but >1 in 3 Americans get #cancer in their lifetime, so reply w/ care...this could well become you or yours)
👉Timely medical care in our local ERs
👉The same teacher, not a parade of subs, because of #COVID19 illness

👉#NurseTwitter, #MedTwitter, & drs in training not getting called in to cover repeatedly when they're finally off b/c yet another colleague has #COVID19
👉Thousands in US dying/d of a virus we'd never heard of a little over 2y ago
👉170K US kids not being orphaned by this virus
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‼️ EMA’s regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments will be broadcast live 🔴 today, 18 January, from 16:00 to 16:30 CET. #EMAPresser
Watch live 🔴

We are now starting our regular press briefing on #COVID19 vaccines and treatments.

Don’t miss our tweets during the press briefing. Follow #EMAPresser.
Omicron & other variants: Global regulators agreed that the administration of multiple booster doses at short intervals would not be sustainable in the long term. #COVID19 #EMAPresser #ICMRA
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You believe the narrative Melinda left Bill Gates because he hung out with a human trafficking, pedo, rapist...

...but you won’t consider she left him because he went too far to ensure he made out on his💉investments&🇨🇳style global governance aspirations?


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🗣️Reminder, we'll be starting our conversation on the impact of the #Omicron surge on family #caregivers in 10 mins! Follow us @EthnicMediaSvc to join the discussion. @CalAging @blackvoicenews
Welcome to this important conversation about the impact of the #Omicron surge on family caregivers and the importance of #vaccinations. We open with a prayer and to give thanks for those who bring us together to hear these stories.
#Vaccines are a key weapon against the worst ravages of the #COVID19 virus, helping to mitigate the sense of isolation and fatigue, says Moderator Cheryl Brown.
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@pfizer testaa #Comirnaty rokotetta EDELLEEN #Suomi_lapsilla🇫🇮 ja jotta TESTIYMPÄRISTÖ pysyisi samana ja tulokset edelleen vertailukelpoisina, haluaa #FinvacOy omistaja @THLorg @mapetti #LähiKoulu?

Yhtiön omistajaohjaaja on @STM_Uutiset @KirsiVarhila.…
@pfizer jatkaa #Lasten_koronarokote_testit testimaissaan, koska 2-5YO eivät saaneet 2x #Rokote jälkeen kunnollista vastetta virusta vastaan 3microg annoksella. Siksi kaikki edelliseen testiin osallistuneet ’#Vapaaehtoiset_lapset’, rokotetaan x3, #Boosters min 2kk 2.💉jälkeen. 2/
@pfizer #Boosters-testaa kokeisiin aiemmin osallistuneet lapset: IKÄRYHMÄT

Jotta #Lasten_koronarokote_testi tulokset olisivat vertailukelpoiset, pitäisi testiympäristö olla mahd sama kuin aiemmin.

Tässä #EI_EtäKoulu #EI_FFP2Kids #EI_Tuuletus SYY? 💰💰💰
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Canadian real-world study of mRNA vaccines efficiency vs #Omicron shows negative efficacy of 2 mRNA doses and quickly waning efficiency of homologous #mRNA booster: “A third dose provides some protection in the immediate term, but substantially less than against #Delta.”
Study of mRNA vaccines real-world efficiency shows two shots are not protective against #Omicron, #mRNAs ineffective as #boosters:
“Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the 3rd dose.”…
New study supports earlier findings from Denmark showing “no significant protection against #Omicron infection beyond 31 days after the second dose of BNT162b’’ with significant negative efficacy 91-150 days after the second #Pfizer dose.
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my thoughts re: current #Omicron wave
1- We will all get it (virtually everyone). It's just too infectious to stop
2- Right now we need to limit spread. Skip that big NYE party.
How can BOTH be true?
Answer: bc our HC system is collapsing. Each additional case hurts people.
Hospitals are overstretched across the U.S. bc they are short-staffed. Crisis standards of care already common.
Rapid spread over next few weeks will BOTH increase patients in hospital AND pull HC workers out (as they become COVID+).
Some hospitals will break.
so we need to "flatten the curve" once more.
Each bit we slow #omicron as we⬆️ #vaccination & #boosters will help other humans.
We are at a point where each ICU nurse, EMT, resp. therapist, Doc, or other caregiver who gets sick creates a real gap in care, affecting patients.
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REMINDER: I've been calling for #BOOSTERS for #LTC for 2+ weeks now. Had they listened + acted faster, we could've completed boosters in LTC by now. Instead, only 84% of residents + 43% of staff have boosters and no word on that # for essential caregivers. #Reactive #Omicron
Case in point: My warnings from DECEMBER 13 (2+ weeks ago).
So in 2 weeks they ONLY increased boosters among staff by 11%⁉️😬
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Being blunt: No one is coming to save you. To save any of us. Timely tests are all but impossible to get.I’m personally driving home rapid tests I bought online wks ago to people. The effective therapeutics we now have are in VERY short supply. #Omicron
What we do have, abundantly, thank God, is #COVID19 #vaccines, #boosters, & #masks. That is the major difference between now & March 2020 for most of you at risk of #Omicron. If you do not go #GetVaccinated & #GetBoosted the minute you’re eligible, & #WearAMask
You’re are gambling with your life WHEN (not if) #Omicron finds you, or you have any other need to access medical care. In the absence of #leadership, we are it. You are it. Do the right things. #StayHome if you can. This is like a 🚀. Many people are going to get sick QUICKLY.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/27/2021…
To Understand Our Future on Earth, Look to the Laws That Govern Nature…

#NaturalHistory, #ecology, #ClimateChange, #consequences, #BookReview
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Sterfte week 50 (13-19 dec) naar schatting 4100, ongeveer 950 (31%) meer dan verwacht. Iets lager dan de week ervoor (4320). #Oversterfte vooral onder 65+ en onder langdurig zorggebruikers. @statistiekcbs
Lang 🧵met meer cijfers, duiding👇… Image
Sterfte onder Wlz-zorggebruikers, zoals bewoners van verpleeghuizen en gehandicaptenzorginstellingen was 1650, bijna 500 meer dan verwacht. Ruim 2450 onder de overige bevolking tot ongeveer 500 meer dan verwacht. Beide daalden iets. Image
Bij alle leeftijdsgroepen nam de sterfte op basis vd schatting in week 50 iets af, maar nog steeds oversterfte.
-80+ 2350: oversterfte 600
-65-80 jr 1250: oversterfte 300
-0-65 jr: 475: oversterfte 75 (feitelijk is het hogere sterfte onder 50-65 jarigen) Image
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#SwissPolicyResearch (#SPR), founded in 2016, an independent nonprofit research group.
#mRNAvaccines ⬇️
⬇️… Image

Successes and Controversies…

A. Documentaries about the success of vaccines

B. Documentaries about #vaccinesafety concerns
#Vaxxed1 #Vaxxed2
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This briefing by @Protect_BC is today at 12:30. I'm volunteering to live-tweet it. I'll use the #covid19bc & #bcpoli hashtags, but sparingly. Follow this thread.. this is tweet #1. See you at 12:30.
The @Protect_BC briefing on #Omicron is in 5 minutes. Here's the link to the 3 livestreams (no reg'n required).
You can watch via YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. I'll be on the YouTube:… #covid19BC
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