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Growing up is hard to do... #SoulBecomingNous #CompletionofReason #MindfromWithout (θύραθεν νοῦς) #AntecedentCauses
"One who is truly humble does not humble himself shamefully and unworthily, groveling on his knees, throwing himself prone on the ground, wearing the clothing of those who are destitute, and covering himself with dust."—Origen #SoulBecomingNous
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Every now and then I will make a #thread 🧵 of #threads 🧵 to keep you all updated on the #alpha I shared across time on #Twitter.

Today is the day. I don't know how long this will be.

Let's start with the previous threads🧵of threads🧵
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"Humanity's shared destiny as a species is coming into ever greater focus through compounding crises and tremendous societal advances, yet our current institutional structures are struggling to meet the demands of this moment." --26th IEF Int'l Conference…
New technique can safely guide an autonomous robot through a highly uncertain environment…
#AutonomousVehicles, #SpaceExploration, #TrajectoryPlanningSystem, #SafeLandings
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प्रगल्भता म्हणजे काय ?

प्रगल्भता म्हणजे :

जेव्हा तुम्ही जगाला बदलण्याचा नाद सोडून देता, आणि स्वतःच्या सर्वांगीण विकासावर भर देता.

जेव्हा तुम्हीं लोकांना, ते जसे आहेत तसे स्वीकारता.

जेव्हा तुम्हांला समजायला लागते कि जीवनात प्रत्येकजण आप आपल्या जागी बरोबर असतो.
जेव्हा तुम्ही घेण्यापेक्षा देण्यावर जास्त भर देता.

जेव्हा तुम्हीं नात्या मधल्या #अपेक्षा सोडून देता आणि त्यागाची भावना स्वीकारता.

जेव्हा तुमचं आत्मीक #सुखं नेमकं कशात आहे ते तुम्हांला समजतं.

जेव्हा तुम्हीं किती हुशार, किती मोठे आहात, हे जगाला पटऊन देण्याच्या भानगडीत पडत नाही.
जेव्हा तुम्ही इतरांकडून #स्तुती आणि शाब्बासकी ची अपेक्षा न ठेवता प्रामाणिकपणे काम करता.

जेव्हा तुम्हीं स्वतःची #तुलना इतरांशी करणं सोडून देता.

जेव्हा तुम्हीं स्वतःमध्ये देखील रममाण होता.

जेव्हा तुम्हांला #गरज आणि हव्यास यातील फरक स्पष्ठपणे जाणवतो.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/06/2021…
Prior SARS-CoV-2 infection rescues B and T cell responses to variants after first vaccine dose…

#COVID19 #variants #vaccines #immunity
Book Review: The Next Frontier of Warfare Is Online…

#cyberattacks #malware #hacking #DigitalMarkets #StateSctors
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What is spiritual maturity?

1.Spiritual Maturity is when you stop trying to change others, instead focus on changing yourself.

2.Spiritual Maturity is when you accept people as they are.

3.Spiritual Maturity is when you understand everyone is right in their own perspective.
4. Spiritual Maturity is when you learn to "let go".

5. Spiritual Maturity is when you are able to drop "expectations" from a relationship and give for the sake of giving.

6. #Spiritual #Maturity is when you understand whatever you do, you do for your own peace.
7. Spiritual Maturity is when you stop proving to the world, how intelligent you are.

8.Spiritual Maturity is when you don't seek approval from others.

9.Spiritual Maturity is when you stop comparing with others.

10.Spiritual Maturity is when you are at peace with yourself.
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#US #InvertedYieldCurve & panic
On wed, #DowJones, #nasdaq & #SP500 saw more than 3% fall, highest in year so far
Reason? #10YearTreasuryYield < #2YearTreasuryYield, #spread being 0.04%, lowest since 2007
- Treasury notes are #USGovernment securities issued for 2, 3, 5 & 10 year
Starting with basics first.
1. #InterestRate & #BondPrices have #InverseRelationship, meaning if interest rises bond prices fall & vice versa
Why? eg. if currently #Coupon rate on a bond is 6% & int rate is also 6% & face value of bond is rs. 100. Meaning buyer of bond is willing to pay more or less complete face value of rs. 100
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It's all @kelvy_bird 's fault, haha ! Her book made me try to map a four-fold unified evolutionary scene: the #evolution of Life, means, ends & the #sustainability discipline/#metrics. Yes, I know it needs to be improved. #generativescribing in Plato's cave
@kelvy_bird LEFT: Let me explain what came to my mind, while trying to draw this . The left side obviously is about #Spirit, #God or the #Creator and it was @TimFreke who made me aware that we are now entering a next evolutionary stage: the development & story of #soul.
@kelvy_bird @TimFreke UPPER: For me it's a #Maturity Model of #Stewardship for our vital #capital resources. With our egoistic human nature, we depleted (as usual) our capital resources. #Sustainability marked the barrier in context & #Regeneration is all about (re)paying our debt
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I Have been thinking as to #WhatIsMaturity ...
I used to think that maturity was about age & physical development. I was so wrong & have since found out that age is only but a number.
Below are 20 definitions of #Maturity I read recently ..
#Maturity is when:
1 We accept other people the way they are and their level of maturity
2 We understand that our ideas are not always the best
3 We learn to let go even if it pains.
4 We are able to drop expectations from a relationship and give for the sake of giving
5 We understand that whatever positive things we do, we do for our own peace
6 We stop proving to the world how RIGHT OR SUPERIOR we are.
7 We stop comparing ourself with others because life is not a competition
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Objective #art is possible only when somebody has attained to a higher plane of being; it is created by those who have reached the peak. They can see the peak and they can see the valley both. They can see the height, the beauty, the sickness and the ugliness of #humanity.
They can see deep down in the dark valleys. They can manage to create some devices which will help the people who are crawling in the darkness to reach the sunlit peaks. Their art will be just a device for your inner #growth, for #maturity.
Picasso’s pictures are subjective art. Seeing a painting by Picasso … he has not considered you, who are going to see the painting. You are not taken into account at all. He has simply vomited his own madness on the canvas. It is simply a vomit.
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