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@chrismartenson @GRomePow @federalreserve Indeed. Let the markets do it!
@chrismartenson @GRomePow @federalreserve Anyone that disagrees that markets could set the price of money are no free market capitalists! Because if anyone at the FED would say and also mean it "free market capitalism is the best there is, it isnt perfect but markets are the most transparent way to settle prices"
@chrismartenson @GRomePow @federalreserve They wouldn't been all over all the financial markets, now would they? Instead of putting the toxic assets on its own central bank sheet, they rather dump at peoples front door.

As long as there is central banking there are no free markets!
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Always great free alpha from @ChrisDMacro

I Backtested his strategy on #crypto since 2017 with high turnover currencies ( $BTC $COMP $BCH $AXS $ETH etc)

Here are the results and the exact rules:
The rules:

1. 1H chart

2. BollingerBand(20) should be within KeltnerChannel(20)

3. Candle close below both lower channels

4. Inside bar

5. Buy above the high of the inside bar

6. Target @ mid bollinger, stop loss @ low of inside bar
The results:
59% success rate, 1:1.3 RR
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Bullish or Bearish thread:
1/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Weekly timeframe.
It could find support at 35k over the next few days.
Or, it can dip to the highlight support zone of 29k-31k.

#cryptotrading #cryptotwitter #Cryptothoughts #Bitcoin #BTC #Binance BTCUSDT binance weekly chart
2/5: #BTCUSDTperp
Monthly timeframe.
Double top is visible but the bull structure isn't broken yet.
It can very well find recovery from these zones.

#Tradingview #Binance #Bitcoin #BTC #Bullish BTCUSDT binance monthly chart
3/5: meanwhile these things are also happening @CNBC on the legal side.
#CNBC #cryptocurrencies #ETF #BTC Cnbc SEC approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF - matter of when, not
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The #Nasdaq 100 is down 22% from thr start of this year. It may have further to fall but for those wanting to invest, #ETF feeder funds are open. Yes, flows into active international funds are stopped. But FoFs into ETFs have a separate limit of USD 1 billion. A tiny 🧵
You may be puzzled because Motilal Oswal AMC, the largest in the passive category has stopped all inflows. This is because Motilal index funds and ETFs directly buy US stocks. They don't get the benefit of the separate ETF limit.
You can buy ETF units of Motilal AMC on the secondary market but since the AMC cannot create fresh units to meet demand, chances are you'll be forced to pay an unnecessary premium to the ETF NAV. Instead you can just go for an fund of funds (FoF) feeding into an overseas ETF.
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It's weekend and it's the end of the month. The #markets are closed.

So there is the perfect time to analyze the #momentum & relative #strength of the markets.

This information is relevant for all #investors, but especially for #trend #followers 📈📈📈


The #momentum of the markets are one of the most powerful forces in the evolution of the #asset #prices.

The #reversion to the mean is the opposite force, which is equally powerful. Momentum works on a short and medium term (up to 3 to 5 years).
There is a ton of academic research related to the momentum and the benefits of using it and relative strength. But presenting it this is not the purpose of this #thread.

Relative strength is actually a comparison between the #momentum of two or more #markets.
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Parlare di reddito fisso, o come dicono gli inglesi fixed income, suona quasi strano di questi tempi. Eppure ci sono società che raccolgono la sfida di offrire strumenti di investimento nella formula ETF orientati proprio a produrre fixed income [...continua nel thread] #finanza
[...] che letteralmente altro non è che il pagamento di importi fissi secondo un programma fisso.
Una di queste è Tabula Investment Management, di matrice britannica molto ingaggiata nelle priorità ESG e con un track record di valore nel credito
[...] (e oggi si può forse dire che il credito non rappresenti uno dei rischi/ opportunità?): ho avuto l'occasione di conoscere questa società a un evento da loro organizzato nei giorni scorsi.
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1/ The #PhysicalVersusPaper discussion and the effect on silver’s price can be a heated topic. Part of the last “#spaces” event we touched on various #derivative products constructed by BofA and JP Morgan.
2/ Expanding on this topic where #Silver (the actual metal) is used as a ploy to create publicly traded #investments, let’s look at 2 more traded #securities.
3/ Just like buying processed food, what is on the front of the box may not necessarily have anything to do with the actual ingredients listed on the back label. Remember to read the #nutritional facts in the prospectus before consuming.
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The plot thickens on the path to $GBTC’s spot #Bitcoin #ETF conversion…
Today, the SEC approved another US-based #Bitcoin futures #ETF. Great, right? We agree. But it's important to realize that not all Bitcoin futures ETFs are created equal.…
Prior to today, the US had 3 #Bitcoin futures #ETFs: $BITO $XBTF and $BTF. Each of these hold CME Bitcoin futures and are registered under the '40 Act. An 80+ year old set of regulations that govern many investment products on the market today.
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Thank you to @BloorStreetCap for yesterday's insightful #uranium discussion with some of the pioneers of the industry. A fantastic line up with in depth insight into all aspects of the #uranium sector.

Some of our highlights can be found the the thread below:
1/ “The world is recognising the science of nuclear power, not the false ideology.” – #NexGen CEO

“Price of #equities is screaming buy relative to the #spot price” – @uraniuminsider

“We’re on the cusp of a really really big move here [spot price]” – @UraniumEnergy
2/ #Sprott are seeing growing #institutional and #FO interest in the #uranium space. Very early stages of broad adoption by generalist #investors. Ciampaglia believes we are ‘just starting the second inning of this uranium cycle’.
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Alle Gäste sind noch bei der DAV Wanderveranstaltung. Gefällt mir. Deswegen zur Ablenkung mal ein bisschen Börse. Ich werde immer nach meinem bzw Junior Depot gefragt und wie ich das heute starten würde. Deswegen wollte ich mal das Charlie Bogle Depot vorstellen.
Basis des Depots sind die Gedanken von John Bogle und Charlie Munger. Über allem steht die 1. Regel Halte es einfach. 2. Regel Verliere kein Geld. Wofür bin ich überhaupt an der Börse? Nun ich erwarte 2 Dinge von meinem Depot:
Mein Depot soll möglichst gut die 2 Säulen meiner Anlageerwartung erfüllen: a. Ich will Gewinne aus Wachstum meiner Unternehmen und b. ich möchte Einnahmen aus Dividende. Manche sprechen von Growth und Value, was es aber für mich nicht trifft. Ein gewisser Hedge ist gegeben.
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If $GBTC is approved to convert to a Spot Bitcoin ETF:

We will reduce our management fee
Mechanisms inherent to an ETF should effectively close the discount to NAV
U.S. investors will get a new option to access the spot price of #Bitcoin

A 🧵 on how you can support our efforts:
“American investors should have a choice in how to obtain #Bitcoin exposure,” said Grayscale CEO Michael @Sonnenshein. “We will use the strength of Grayscale’s brand and resources to continue to advocate for these investors.” (2/5) $GBTC
As part of our application to convert $GBTC to an ETF, there is a standard 240-day review period during which the public is invited to submit comments to the SEC for consideration. (3/5)
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What to look for & where to look for? Around major support levels I look for short-term bottom reversals. Here is how I analyzed #OIL #GAS #ETF for #TECHCHARTSMEMBERS
Short-term bottom reversal and recovery above the 200-day average. One step at a time.
Where we stand now $PXJ #OIL #GAS #ETF #ENERGY
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🧵 THRED N°14 : l'utilité d'un #stablecoin

En janvier 2021, la #BCE annonçait vouloir créer un stablecoin pour l'euro, lançant le débat sur le rôle des banques centrales dans les cypromonnaies.

Mais qu'est-ce qu'un stablecoin ? 👇 Image
1/ Un stablecoin est une #cryptomonnaie (donc un token échangeable sur une blockchain) dont la valeur est fixe au lieu d'être volatile selon l'offre et la demande.

Il existe quatre principaux types de stablecoins.
2/ 1️⃣ Les stablecoins basés sur une devise

Ce sont les plus connus et utilisés : le $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD...

Ce sont des tokens qui assurent une parité avec une devise comme le dollar par exemple : un $USDT vaudra toujours un dollar.
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THREAD: A picture is worth a thousand words. Let's look at a few #ETF graphs & see if we can make some sense of the current market environment.

What a year it's been for #Oil & #Energy! Sharing only positive YTD #MSCI #Sector performance with #Financials.


#EmergingMarkets #ETF seriously lagging #DevelopedMarkets ETF, mostly due to disinvestment from #China.

#SouthAfrica might need a lot of catch up, but $EZA 1YR performance in USD (+9.9%) is still ahead of $EEM (-11.3%)


#Global #Value #stocks (#ETF) recently enjoyed short-term recovery, but still got some serious catch-up to do over the longer term.

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Probablement ma valeur préférée du secteur des #semiconducteurs : 🇳🇱 $ ASML 🤩 Une machine de guerre qui produit les machines permettant… De produire les machines de notre quotidien 🤭

#ASML a justement publié ses résultats hier, et c'est ultra joli 🍾

🔎 Tour d'horizon 🔽🧵 Image
Notons une impressionnante croissance de 33 % des ventes entre 2020 & 2021, particulièrement soutenue par le segment de puces de mémoire ✨ Ces puces stockent l'information : bah oui, c'est toujours mieux de retrouver vos documents quand vous rallumez votre PC ou votre #iPhone 😂 Image
Ça, c'est une machine de lithographie #EUV, le joyau de la couronne du pipeline technologique d'ASML & une des machines les plus complexes jamais créée par l'Homme. ASML en a vendu 42 en 2021, pour 6,3 milliards d'euros, 46 % des systèmes vendus en tout. Une vraie pépite ! 👀 Image
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William Sharpe's "Zero Sum" explained using simple analogy of Mumbai local trains...

A thread by @samdesai62

#ETF #IndexFund #PassiveInvesting
• In a densly crowded peak hour, many commuters rush to catch window seats....

• Window seats are limited in number...
• ...the few who managed to catch window seats on a particular day, therefore generated "alpha", they outperformed, i.e.,"all other railway commuters" ( the aggregate market )
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Time for a 🧵 on two charts (at the end) that seem to tell an interesting #Bitcoin story.

For several yrs @CaitlinLong_ has openly discussed the potential negative impact of #rehypothecation of #bitcoin by banks, wall street, hedge funds & the broader #tradfi community.
@saylor has discussed and shown the need for sound money and the value that having a savings mechanism brings to the system.

@JeffBooth has shed light on the fact that #deflation isn’t such a bad thing when #technology is actually making our lives better and costs cheaper.
@saifedean taught the 🌏 the importance of time, effort, and energy & the value that living by the #Bitcoin Standard can bring to individuals and countries across the globe.

@FossGregfoss has done a phenomenal job helping to #educate on the benefits of owning #volatile #assets.
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Why #futures are poison for any asset and definitely for #gold, #silver and #Bitcoin

Tweet storm :
Since many #commodities have limited elasticity in supply, the #futures markets - and specially those that don’t require settlement in the underlying asset - are there to create artificial, in principle unlimited supply.
They are the main and key instrument for controlling the price of an asset by pumping up virtual supply of an asset in amounts that simply don’t exist in reality.
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Last night our attorneys at Davis Polk sent a letter to the SEC arguing that approval of #Bitcoin futures-based ETFs, but not #Bitcoin spot-based ETFs, like $GBTC, is “arbitrary and capricious,” and therefore in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).
This is a new argument in the context of $BTC ETFs that wasn’t possible until the approval of the first #Bitcoin futures-based #ETF and subsequent rejection of yet another spot-based ETF. So, what is this new argument?:
The APA requires the SEC to treat *like* situations *alike* absent a reasonable basis for different treatment. This means the SEC must treat similarly situated investment products similarly.
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Biggest issue in #Crypto is #BITO. People need to know that BITO is a TROJAN HORSE. An important thread, please share:
#BitcoinTrojanHorse #CryptoTwitter #CryptoNews
BITO has nothing to do with owning or demand for #BTC and in my view is 100% deceptive.
It is a Wall St casino product that is a futures bet on the BTC price appreciation for the next 30 days
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Today is another historic milestone for #Bitcoin and the #crypto ecosystem with the listing of the first Bitcoin #ETF in the US.

What is the importance of this new Bitcoin ETF and what may be it’s impact?

Time for a thread 🧵
Today the Pro Shares Bitcoin Strategy ETF was listed on the NYSE under ticket #BITO

This is a moment the crypto ecosystem has been waiting for many years.
Is it the first Bitcoin ETF?

In the US, yes.

Globally no.

There are already many Bitcoin ETFs in #Canada for example and many other ETNs/ETPs in Europe and elsewhere.
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#StockMarket #mutualfund #indexfund #ETF #Investment
Check your Mutual is performing or not

More than 2,00,000 crore of investor wealth is lying in 12 underperforming equity funds.
The current rally is a good opportunity to get rid of these laggards.
Investors don't switch because they are unaware how badly their funds have been doing.
ELSS schemes are the worst laggards but investors can't exit before 3 years.
Good time for changing to other good performing Mutual Fund / ETF / Index Fund

List of 12 under performing Mutual Funds 👇🏾
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Uzman Görüşü'nde yeni yazım,

"Bitcoin ETF’e Ne Kadar Yakınız? Neden Önemli?"

- ETF Nedir?
- BTC ETF Tarihi Gelişimi, ETN, ETP,
- BTC ETF Onayı Neden Önemli?
- Ekim Ayı Söylentileri,
- Yükselen Talep, Fiyat, Insider Trading Yorumları,
- BTC ETF'e Neden Yakınız?

- ETF nedir, nasıl bir yatırım aracıdır?

- SEC şimdiye kadar Bitcoin ETF taleplerini neden reddetti?

- Neden Bitcoin ETF'inin ekim ayında kabul edilebileceğine dair söylentiler arttı?
- Bitcoin 56 bin seviyelerine 40 bin seviyelerinden çok hızlı çıktı,

- Bu yükselişe dair JPMorgan tarafından dile getirilenler,

- ETF söylentileri bu çıkışın neresinde?
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Gerçek token destekli, çapraz-zincir çalışabilen @MatrixETF #kripto #ETF alanındaki eksikliği gidermek için güçlü bir destekçi ekibiyle yarın @gateioIExchange üzerinden 6 saat sürecek bir IDO ile piyasaya giriş yapacak. Yatırımcıların, ortak bir sepette belirli ağırlıklarda
Ve yüzdelerde token bulundurması talebini son döneminde hype projelerinden @Solana ve #Ethereum ağlarında #mainnet açılışıyla karşılamayı planlayan #MatrixETF kullanıcılara uzun-dönemli ve istikrarlı kar edinimi için merkeziyetsiz, kişiselleştirilmiş ve
iyi tokenlerden oluşan geniş yelpazede token imkanı sunan bir yatırım portfolyosu oluşturma hizmeti sunacak. İlk etapta 4-5 #ETF ile başlayacak proje #DeFi, #NFT, #Layer2 gibi alanlarda sepeti çeşitlendirerek kullanıcılarına farklı seçenekler sunacak.
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