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We're rolling at the #QuadAIPartners virtual roundtable.

@gglouie @AiCommission
Jason Matheny @WHOSTP @WHNSC
@annaroy9 @NITIAayog
Takatoshi Miura @METI_JPN
@TFeakin @dfat
@d_jaishankar @ORFAmerica Image
Q # 1
@d_jaishankar to Jason Matheny @WHOSTP @WHNSC

What's the Biden-Harris admin approach to partnerships and where does AI fit into this strategy?

Jason Matheny @WHOSTP @WHNSC kicks off the discussions

"It just makes me really happy to be starting out the day this way. I'm also grateful to those who are ending the day this way joining across so many time zones."
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Challenges faced by the world in 2020-21 due to China’s Belt Road Initiative(#BRI)

#BRI is criticized for China’s debt trap policy

#BRI has led social unrest & clashes between Chinese workers and the local community in countries

#COVID19 further intensified problems

BRI also led to the initial spread COVID

#Italy was the 1st nation to be badly affected by COVID19

It signed BRI deal with #China in 2019

COVID19 Spread to Italy in due to the travel and presence of Chinese workers in #Lombardy
Iran was also part of the OBOR-an agreement signed in 2019

Iran also badly suffered due to the COVID19 in the early months of 2020
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QUAD & the China Equity Risk Premia: synchronized co-ordinated retaliation versus China. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, in a 21-1 vote Wednesday, approved a bill named “Strategic Competition Act of 2021” - This attacks a China on many fronts and has Biden backing👇🏽 (1/n)
One would force a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Olympics by U.S. officials, not athletes, which was also recommended by the U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom. (@Reuters)
Separately, a group of Senate and House of Representatives lawmakers introduced the "Endless Frontier Act," calling for $100 billion over five years for basic and advanced technology research and $10 billion to create new "technology hubs" across the country. (@Reuters)
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#French Navy Charles De Gaulle Carrier Strike Group is in #ArabianSea near #Pakistan shores where #France has advised citizens to leave. France joined #Quad drills last week as French FM visited #India. Note: tense ties with PM #ImranKhan's govt precede #TLP riots. 🇵🇰🇫🇷
#Pakistan tries to assure #France & international community that French citizens are safe in the country. Pak is the only Muslim nation rocked by this type of violence, a sign of simmering extremism. PM #ImranKhan led anti-France criticism last year.

Many in Europe & the Mideast see PM #ImranKhan's statements last year against #France as having stoked anger and failed to contribute to resolving the problem. President #Erdogan was also critical but he recently improved his relations with Pres #Macron.

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Oceans for Democracy, a closed door roundtable saw Gen Bipin Rawat (@HQ_IDS_India), ACM Rakesh Bhadauria (@IAF_MCC), Gen Luc de Rancourt and other experts discussing the navigating the post pandemic #IndoPacific #Raisina2021 Image
Also part of the conversation were @anupamifs, @MalikAshok, Tom Rowden and @LisaCurtisDC who examined the emergence of the Indo-Pacific as a significant geopolitical center. #Raisina2021 Image
Engaging over security, trade cooperation and the reconfiguration of supply chains were experts like @LKCyber, @sjaju1, @TheresaAFallon and @nilanthis #Raisina2021 Image
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IRF-RT DC run by Greg Mitchell (The Mitchell Firm) had a session on to push: India's designation as CPC

Moderator: Matias Perttula
Their Speakers:
Govind Acharya @amnestyusa
Sunita Vishwanath @Hindus4HR
Rasheed Ahmed @IAMCouncil
John Prabhudoss @Fiacona_us

cc: @IndianEmbassyUS
They have painted these LIES:
1. Hindu Nationalist as FASCIST. #Hindutva as extremist
2. Since 2014 Modi government, Hindu Nationalist Fascists started mistreating so-called minority community (Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sikhs)
3. #LoveJihad laws are hurtting 'LOVE'

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We are now LIVE tweeting the panel 👇

‘Looking Back, Looking Ahead in India-US relations’

with Amb. Kenneth Juster, Amb. Richard Verma @richardrverma Lisa Curtis @lisacurtisdc

Moderated by @byniknat

#Raisina@DC #Raisina2021

@lisacurtisdc: “October 2008 was definitely a watershed moment in the US, India relationship. I had attended the signing of the bilateral 123 agreement by then Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her Indian counterpart Pranab Mukherjee.”

#Raisina@DC #Raisina2021
@lisacurtisdc to @byniknat: “Fast forward, 12 years. ...when I would say the US, India relationships hit another milestone. And that was the kind of support that the US provided India in the wake of the India-China border crisis.”
#Raisina@DC #Raisina2021
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We are now LIVE tweeting the ‘in conversation’ session with Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom) and @samirsaran

Join us, #Raisina2021

@samirsaran to Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom): How did the pandemic affect the US Indo-Pacific Command, in terms of the US forces’ readiness and resilience?

Admiral Phil Davidson (@indopacom): We focused on 3 priorities. We ensured the health of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen. Sustained readiness on short-term needs and long-term goals. Third, we were prepared to assist others if needed. #Raisina2021
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#Raisina2021 is live from Germany with Raisina@Berlin (@KASonline) A Decade of Emergence: Europe in the Indo-Pacific with Chairman, European Union Military Committee @ChairmanEUMC; @davidmcallister; @NorwayMFA & @AmritaNarlikar
@chairmanEUMC kicks it off with military strategic issues occupying Europe as it turns to the Indo Pacific.

@chairmanEUMC: EU has acknowledged the direct nexus between internal and external security.

#Raisina2021 #Raisina@Berlin
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We have seen regular naval Chinese presence in Indian Ocean for over decade now. Their trade, energy all come frm their West. It wont b surprising to see thm coming into IO soon, as its said the flag follows trade: @indiannavy Chief Adm Singh on PLA Navy #Raisina2021 #IndoPacific
.@indiannavy Adm Singh stresses on information sharing in #IndoPacific, coz info leads to awareness... Once we are comfortable in the white shipping, we must move to the grey shipping. Ultimate idea would be to be able to plug and play, he says with @raji143 #Raisina2021
As far as military part is concerned, navies of Aus, Japan, US & India already enjoy a high degree of interoperability. If an opportunity arises, we have capability & capacity to come together in almost plug n play mechanism: CNS @indiannavy #Quad #Raisina2021 @raji143 @INDOPACOM
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Truly strange language to use for referring to #Quad partner - US Navy says it conducted freedom of navigation operation (FONOP) by "challenging India’s excessive maritime claims".
Former Indian Navy chief @arunp2810 weighs in on @US7thFleet freedom of navigation operation in Indian waters:
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#Lavrov in #Islamabad after 9 years, in a balancing act after first visiting #India, but also to mark strides in ties between the old Cold War adversaries #Russia & #Pakistan. These days #Afghanistan is a strong point of convergence where Pk+Ru are cooperating with #US #China.
An official handle of #Pakistan's MFA quotes a couplet from #Russia FM #SergeyLavrov's poetry, indulging him as he visits Pak to talk #Afghanistan. Lavrov did take a backhanded swipe at the #US during a presser but the visit aligns with 🇺🇸 interests.

#Russia & the #US are working closely on #Afghanistan despite friction on other issues. FM #SergeyLavrov's visit to #India+#Pakistan is part of that US-Russian coordination. Hard to see how this visit is part of some anti-US move as some Pak media suggest.
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Japan's Yomiuri Daily cited unnamed sources that the foreign and defense minister from Japan and Germany will hold a “2 plus 2” dialogue online in mid-April. This comes amid growing security collaboration between #QUAD member states and other countries.…
The “2 plus 2” talks will be the first among the two countries, and they are expected to discuss ways to defence and a “free and open Indo-Pacific” in face of an increasingly assertive China, the report said.
Although the exact schedule is not yet confirmed, the two parties are looking to speak on April 16, the Yomiuri also said.
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The place to start is by noting that Biden's people have started repeating a Trump-era formulation: "The denuclearization of North Korea." I've seen in the #Quad statement, as well as the bilat with Japan. The Biden-Harris Administration is working to strengthen AmeWe reaffirm our commitment to the complete denuclearization
Here is the problem with this phrase. What Kim said was "denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." Same phrase used since Kim Il Sung and what it means is that the US needs to stop threatening North Korea with nuclear weapons, not that he will disarm.…
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#Quad leaders each said their virtual meeting today was "historic," according to @JakeSullivan46, who explains "freedom of navigation" and "freedom from coercion in the South and East China seas" were addressed.
"Today was not fundamentally about China" but rather addressing the #ClimateCrisis and the #COVID19 crisis, says @JakeSullivan46. "The leaders also agreed they would meet in person before the end of the year."
#Quad working groups "will deliver results" before the in-person leaders' summit at the end of the year, adds @JakeSullivan46.
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Joint statement of #Quad leaders.
"Quad partners are working collaboratively to achieve expanded manufacturing of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines at facilities in India, prioritizing increased capacity for vaccines authorized by Stringent Regulatory Authorities," according to the @WhiteHouse.
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.@ryanl_hass: "Implicit in the structure of the [#Quad] agenda will be a recognition that the US & others will enjoy greater attraction & influence by delivering solutions to problems than by presenting opposition to China"…
.@ryanl_hass: "...If the coordinated efforts of the Quad countries spurs China to up its efforts to deliver solutions to regional challenges, that’s all to the better.”…
Noone believes the Quad has nothing to do w/ China; & denials are only seen as "the Quad doth protest too much."

But there is a nuance here that Ryan alludes to -- the Quad is not about containing China; it *is* in part about shaping China's behavior.
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In prime time speech this evening, @POTUS will "level with the American people of what is required of them," says @PressSec. Image
#AmericanRescuePlan celebration at the @WhiteHouse on Friday will be "a bicameral event but it will not be partisan," says @PressSec.
In the weeks ahead, both @POTUS and @VP will be "fanning out across the country," according to @PressSec. Image
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The first-ever leaders summit of the #QUAD may be another signal that it's ready for something more formal…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill Indian Prime Minister #NarendraModi, US President #JoeBiden, Japan’s head #YoshihideSuga and Australia’s #ScottMorrison are set to meet for the first-ever #QUAD leaders’ summit on March 12, albeit virtually.
@pabsgill The alliance has been gaining momentum with India raking more strategic partnerships and the four countries meeting nearly every week during the global #pandemic.

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#Quad partners at the leaders' level will meet virtually on Friday, announces @PressSec.
Threat from #COVID19, economic cooperation and the climate crisis will be among the topics on the #Quad leaders' meeting agenda, adds @PressSec.
"The majority of people that come to the border will be turned away," replies @PressSec to a question about the situation at the US border with #Mexico.
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#Modi, #Biden, #Morrison, and #Suga may meet for the first-ever QUAD leaders’ summit this month…

By @pabsgill
@pabsgill Australian Prime Minister #ScottMorrison has confirmed that it is likely to take place ‘soon’ and that he has already had bilateral discussions with Prime Minister #NarendraModi and Japan’s #YoshihideSuga about the same.
@pabsgill The ‘QUAD’ is a security dialogue between the US, India, Japan and Australia. Till now all stakeholders have asserted that it's nothing more than an informal gathering of allies. But things may be ready to change as the QUAD gets ready to host its first-ever leaders’ summit soon.
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Thoroughly enjoyed @HudsonInstitute discn w/ @ShivshankaMenon & Jayadeva Ranade on #India #China relations / 🧵below w/ key quotes by each panelist 1/n
Quesn to both panelists: How does the #Indian strategic community view #China? What impact have the recurrent border standoffs and China’s deepening presence in South Asia had on India’s China policy? 2/n
.@ShivshankaMenon "Opinion in strategic community in India has turned increasingly negative on China & not just because of what happened on the border last summer or the situation right now. Several factors that have brought stress into the relationship." 3/n
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.@StateDeptSpox says that tomorrow @SecBlinken will participate in a meeting with Quad counterparts and another with E3 counterparts (+EU foreign affairs council next week)

Feb. 18: 🇦🇺🇮🇳🇯🇵🇺🇸 foreign ministers mtg #Quad
Feb. 18: 🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇺🇸 foreign ministers mtg #E3 Image
2/ @MEAIndia statement re Quad meeting tomorrow… Image
3/ For folks new to the Quad, re-upping these charts
Part I:
Part II:

(has been some activity since the last ministerial in October including bilats, trilats - incl w other partners - and a Quad+Canada ASW exercise) Image
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John Joseph Merlin era un inventore, di strumenti musicali, automi e altre diavolerie. Intorno alla metà del 1700 si era traferito a Londra e si racconta che, durante una festa, provò a suonare il violino con ai piedi la sua ultima invenzione:
#thread⬇️ ImageImage
pattini a rotelle, in linea! Finì rovinosamente a terra, ferito gravemente, e 500 $ di danni

Già all'inizio del secolo uno sconosciuto olandese ci aveva provato, i pattini sul ghiaccio erano noti da diversi secoli (nel medioevo, es., si lucidavano ossa di mucca o di cavallo) ⬇️ Image
ma il desiderio era di scivolare anche sulla terraferma

Erano talmente di moda che cominciarono a girare immagini satiriche di capitomboli imbarazzanti. Come questa del 1780, The Pleasures of Skaiting del British Museum ⬇️ Image
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