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#Genius #MasterStroke 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr


Govt Introduces a #POLICY estm to SAVE Rs 36,000 Cr/Yr in #Forex

BUT To SAVE Rs 36000 Crore, the Govt & Indian Public are SPENDING 300% or 117000 Crores more 😳

= 81,000 Cr LOSS/yr

#Thread on A #MasterStroke
#Modinomics decided in 2020/21 to Introduce the 20% #Ethanol Blending (Petrol) Policy.

Intention of the Policy designed by the @NITIAyog was to save India Rs36,000 in FOREX & help the Environment

Link to the document… Image

FIRST: Every litre of Ethanol, Govt India will lose Rs15-20 in Tax Collections since:
👉Cost of Procuring PETROL is Rs45/lt
👉Cost of Procurement of ETHANOL is Rs65/Lt

👉Difference is Rs20/lt is LOSS IN TAX REVENUE

1020cr Ethanol = 20400cr in Tax Losses/Yr ImageImage
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As a #Kannadiga, U must READ THIS.

#Thread on how the #Foundation Stones & #Modus Operandi for dairy farmers of #Gujarat, who could eventually control not just Karnataka's Pride #Nandini but India's Entire #Dairy Industry

Crystal Ball Gazing into the future!!
1) Amul Enters a mkt
2) Jul-21: Union govt formed Min of Cooperation under #AmitShah
3) Dec-22: Amendments are made to the Multi-State Co-op Societies Act, allowing State Milk Coops to Merge
4) Dec-22: Amit Shah spoke of a possible #Amul #Nandini Merger
However (contd)
....While there is "No Merger on the cards", nothing stops the Elected Govt of Karnataka & Gujarat to merge #Amul & #Nandini since the Amendments to the Multi-State Co-op Societies Act are cast in stone (lets dig in)

#Amul #Nandini
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#BRILLIANT CHARTS showing India’s GDP Growth - A Notable #ACHIEVEMENT by #Modinomics

Let’s look at India's nominal GDP that matters to Households & Businesses

EXCLUDING government borrowing & spending) Indians Households & Business Experience ~ZERO GROWTH since 2014-22 Image
This contrasts with the period FY 2008-14 when non-government component of GDP accounted for 38% of nominal growth.

Economists believe these animal spirits to be a vital ingredient for high growth of #SMEs & #Businesses Image
But you might argue that lots of STARTUPS have created jobs and lots of govt data shows lots of New Business Registrations since 2017


During these yrs #Farmers, #Unorganised Biz & #SMEs LOST a total of #45-60 MILLION JOBS. So 1-2 Million Startup jobs is a drop
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#FACTCHECKING @Inc's @PChidambaram_IN when he was interviewed by @sardesairajdeep at the #indiatodayconclave2023 and said “I would give credit to this government for its single-minded focus on containing the deficit and debt management."
SIMPLY NOT TRUE: SEE the data & be a judge ImageImageImage
@PChidambaram_IN mentioned "single-minded focus on containing the deficit"
Chart 1: Absolute Fiscal Deficit is MASSIVELY EXPANDING like a Rocket
Chart 2: As % of GDP, Fiscal Balance (Deficit) is Highest Levels despite LIFE-TIME high Tax/GDP & Low Crude Oil Prices vs FY10-14 ImageImage
@PChidambaram_IN mentioned "single-minded focus on containing the Debt"
Chart 1: General Government liabilities (DEBT) to GDP ratio is at the Highest levels. Well above 2014.

Q: Tax/GDP is highest Ever & Crude Oil px are Close to half levels of Pre-FY14

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#BRILLIANT Example of #Modigovt CAPEX !

Rs20000 per Plate of Food for #G20 comes as No Surprise

#Modinomics CAPEX is GOLD PLATED thereby costing us at-least 50-100% More than what a Frugal Govt should spend or what has been spent by the same institutions in the past.
This is precisely why your Road Cost you Rs75 LACS per 10 Meters of Road (Bangalore- Mysore Expressway) or the User Development Fee at your Airports are being raised by 500% etc

I have written Several Detailed Threads on this subject
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A #BRILLIANT move by the @FinMinIndia hit 4 birds with one stone by introducing 3 changes in the Finance Bill. The 3 birds..
1) Higher Tax Collections
2) Capital Controls
3) Bank Deposits
4) Lower cost of Govt funding.
What are the changes
1) End of LTCG on #debt, Gold ETFs, Overseas or Any mutual fund that invests in less than 35% india equity bought after 1 Apr-23
2) STT Raised by 25%
3) Tax Collected at Source (TCS) raised to 20% (5% earlier) & threshold reduced to Zero (Rs7 lac earlier)
TRIGGER POINT: The Banking system is facing a shortage of liquidity => PRIMARY motive for the Changes in the Finance Bill in my opinion.

WHAT CAUSED THE LIQUIDITY CRUNCH? Weak Deposit growth vs credit growth.... also reflected in rising Credit/Deposit ratio ImageImage
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#BustingMyths #ForexReserves #Modinomics #MUSTREAD

Judging a Country based on its #ForexReserves is like Judging a Persons Networth based on his #SavingAccount balance & not his #LoanAccount balance.

Judge #Modinomics on #NIIP (-ve $390bn)
And Not on FX Reserves (+ve $506bn)
So what is #NIIP or Net International Investment Position. Let me quote @FinMinIndia Economic Survey

NIIP is the difference b/w an Economy’s External financial Assets & Liabilities.

If Economy = Person, NIIP is Assets (Property, Deposits, Investments) less Liabilities (Loans)
As per FY23 Economic Survey released by @FinMinIndia before budget, India's overseas financial ASSETS at US$ 847.5bn but India's International LIABILITIES was higher at US$ 1,237.1Bn

Assets ($847.5) LESS Liabilities ($1237.1Bn) = NEGATIVE $389.6Bn

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#BigPicture #Modinomics Do you know why your #PETROL price is NOT falling despite the 30% Discount #Russian Crude? 3 Charts to explain it.
Chart 1 is Weekly Brent Price & 4 wk moving avg
Chart 2 is Monthly INDIA crude Oil Basket.
Chart 3 is Russian Oil Discount. ImageImageImage
As you can see from
Chart 1: Apr Brent Px is $104. Today 4wk lagged is $83/bbl
Chart 2: Indian Basket in Apr is also $103, Today in month of Feb its $82.3/bbl
Chart 3: Shows Discount is $31/bbl.
Chart 4: As of today $30 Discount Russian Crude is 28% of India Basket ImageImageImageImage
How come even while foreign Minister @DrSJaishankar justifies Russian Crude saying he has COUNTRY to take care off when buying cheap crude, How come PUBLIC are get ZERO BENEFIT?

Who is benefiting from this Cheap Russian Crude ? #Reliance and (#Russian Owned) #NayaraEnergy. ImageImageImage
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#RBI policy on Recovery of Penal Charges on Loans…. #SBICards #ManappuramGold #MuthootGold #BajajFinance #NBFCs etc

Could be Negative for Credit card Cos, gold loan companies & Likes kd BajajFinance which charge high penal interest….
#Muthoot charges penal interest of upto 2% on schemes. Recall that their ROA is 6-7% so this Penal Interest is meaningful
#manappuramGold penal Interest Rates
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#Budget2023 #CAPEX growth of 30% Year over Year is just a game of #Smoke & #Mirrors (the hallmark of #Modinomics) .... if you recall, I mentioned that "Devil Lies in the Detail"
Entire Story in 1 Chart. Combines Central Govt & PSU Capex excluding dirty tricks. Image
@nsitharaman budget numbers for CAPEX includes items below
1) 50yr Loans to the States (much of this is consumption by state & double counted)
2) Loans to Food Corp India (Rations & MSP)
3) Capital Infusion is Loss making PSUs to pay Salaries & O/p Losses (BSNL, Air India) Image
These 3 items are NOT Capex .... so when does an Apples to Apples comparison, these adjustments needs to be made...

In short Central Govt & Off-balance sheet or PSU Capex is ONLY 3.8% of GDP (Lower than pre-covid) vs say 4.5% of GDP in FY10 Image
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#Modinomics and #NewIndia #Intellectuals keep harping that US is against China along with all that Rhetoric but then the DATA says otherwise… Image
And this is the China Trade with Europe despite the Russia China Brotherhood Image
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#SuperImportant #Retweet
Will #IndianRetail flows to #Equity TOP OUT?

#Modinomics characterized by Record #Unemployment of the #Unorganised Sector & "unreported" #Inflation has ensured that Net Financial Savings of Indian Household is at a 30 YEAR LOW
What Does this Actually Mean?
🚩In FY22, NET FINANCIAL SAVINGS of households was 7.3% of GDP (17.2 Lac Crores).
🚩In 6 months of FY23, NET FINANCIAL SAVINGS of households was 4% of GDP (Rs 5.2 Lac Crores)
What Drove his Change? 2 Factors
(1) Rising LIABILITIES of households which increased to 5% of GDP in H1 FY23
(2) Sharp Fall in TOTAL SAVINGS. Past 5 odd years, TOTAL SAVING of households was ~20% of GDP. However, in H1 FY23, TOTAL SAVING of households has fallen to 15.7% of GDP
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GDP: $24.88 tn
External Debt: $30.90 tn (124.20% of GDP)

GDP: $5.50 tn
External Debt: $12.20 tn (221.82% of GDP)

GDP: $3.32 tn
External Debt: $9.62 tn (289.76% of GDP)

GDP: $3.40 tn
External Debt: $7.47 tn (219.71% of GDP)

GDP: $4.50 tn
External Debt: $6.87 tn (152.67% of GDP)

GDP: $2.05 tn
External Debt: $2.75 tn (134.15% of GDP)

GDP: $19.91 tn
External Debt: $2.71 tn (13.61% of GDP)

GDP: $1.90 tn
External Debt: $2.60 tn (136.84% of GDP)

GDP: $2.22 tn
External Debt: $2.52 tn
(113.51% of GDP)

GDP: $0.90 tn
External Debt: $2.35 tn (261.11% of GDP)

GDP: $0.38 tn
External Debt: $1.81 tn (476.32% of GDP)

GDP: $3.53 tn
External Debt: $0.62 tn (17.56% of GDP)

#ExternalDebt #2022

Kudos to the team MODI

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Given unprecedented inflation in advanced economies, one has to question their policy choices through the pandemic. While the shock to energy and food prices from the European war is a proximate cause, excessive fiscal stimulus during 2020 had fragilized these countries.
For example, UK could soon see inflation north of 20%. These levels are unheard of, last seen many decades ago. This will deal a severe blow to real disposable incomes and household savings.…
What must be noted and remembered is most of the "policy experts" and economists were building pressure for India to follow the same playbook in 2020: go for a huge fiscal stimulus, even as the country went into a total lockdown. Slam brakes and accelerator simultaneously!
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🔸Help Bharat's Oil Producers Buy Cheap Russian Oil at below $70 per barrel by setting terms with Russia.

🔸Payments in Yuan, Rupee, Rubles. USD Bypassed.

🔸Bharat's Producers Export Crude Oil @ 110$ per barrel in International market earning Huge Profits.

🔸Govt charges Windfall Gain Tax to Bharat's Oil Producers.

🔸Govt Expected to earn ₹1.25 Lakh Crores Windfall Gain Tax + Export duty ₹6/ltr on Petrol & ₹13/ltr on Diesel. Total Revenue to Govt more than ₹2 Lakh Crores.

🔸Bharat's Oil Producers still in Big Profits.

🔸Govt Revenue ups. Helps in keeping Fiscal Deficit under control. No need to increase taxes. So Inflation under control.

Result of PM Modi's Diplomacy & Personal Equations with President Putin.

You can't beat a Gujju in Business & Sweet Talks.


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Gita Gopinath says,India to become $4 trillion by 2024-25,which is excellent,despite a debilitating pandemic

#LargestVaccineDrive under #PMModi is working wonderfully well

My thread on #EconomicSurvey2022,which shows,Growth,under @narendramodi govt,is on track

Industrial growth estimated at 11.8% &Services at 8.2% in FY22 show how Economy under @narendramodi is ready to fire on all cylinders

Most Growth Parameters are back to pre-Pandemic levels,as India heads into #UnionBudget2022

#GDP&GVA growth 1.3%&1.9% over Pre #COVID19 levels
#EconomicSurvey shows,be it Operationalisation of Airports or Spread of Bank Branches, @narendramodi govt has truly transformed India,with financial inclusion getting top priority

India set to be Fastest growing for next 2yrs as per IMF,thx to bold reforms by #PMModi
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#EconomicSurvey2022 says

FY22 GDP growth estimated at 9.2%,highest since 1988-89

FY23 estimated at 8-8.5%

FY22 Investment/GDP ratio at 29.6%,highest in 7yrs

FY22 Gross Fixed Capital Formation,#GFCF to grow by 15%

India Fastest growing #economy globally,under @narendramodi💪
#EconomicSurvey2022 expects

Agri growth at 3.9%,after 3.6% growth in FY21

Overall Consumption to grow 7%,with Govt Consumption at 7.6%

Export Growth to be 16.5%

Import Growth to be 29.4%

Social Services Expenditure growth estimated at 9.8% at Rs 71.61 lakh Cr

In April-Nov 2021,Rs 89066Cr was raised via 75 IPO issues,versus 29 companies which raised Rs 14733Cr in April-Nov 2020

Share of individual investors in total NSE turnover increased to 44.7%

221 lakh individual Demat accounts added between April-November 2021💪
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Air India were nationalised by Nehru in 1953

Since it's merger with Indian Airlines in 2007-08,Air India never made profit

Accumulated losses at Rs70820Cr till Aug2021,showcase how #AirIndia was bled for decades by corrupt Congress

@narendramodi finally did what had to be done
As on Aug 31,2021,Air India had total debt of Rs 61562Cr

About 75% of the debt has been transferred to a SPV,#AIAHL,before handing over airline to Tata Group

Indian taxpayers will no longer have to pay Rs 20Cr per day,to keep loss making #AirIndia flying,thx to @narendramodi
Congress expectedly attacked the decision,as selling of family silver

What Tata is getting is not a cash cow but an airline which is bleeding &money needs to be pumped in to refurbish obsolete aircraft

No employee to be sacked for 1yr &resizing of staff only after paying VRS
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The damage to Economy & the loss of National wealth under Modi is just mind boggling . #IndianEconomicCrisis
India's manufacturing sector, which constitutes 77.63 % of the Index of Industrial Production (IIP), grew 2% in October, according to data released by the National Statistical Office (NSO) on Friday.…
🎅Ji is Robin hood in reverse, loots from poor people & gives to the select few Rich people
Banks write off Rs 2.02 lakh cr in FY21; Rs 10.7 lakh cr in last 7 years
#IndianEconomiccrisis #ModiMadeDisaster…
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Rural Broadband project, #BharatNet,rolled out by @narendramodi govt,to be implemented via PPP model,will ensure,every inhabited village in 16 States will have Optical Fibre Connectivity,with overall cost at 19041 Cr

3.61 lakh villages will get broadband,OTT&Multi media Services Image
On economic front,good news is,for FY21,India saw Current Account Surplus (CAS) of 0.9% of GDP,versus Current Account Deficit (CAD) of 0.9% in FY20

Under inept #Congress,#CAD rose to 6.8% in 2013 but it has been less than 2% in last 7yrs,under @narendramodi govt,which bodes well
Just look at the kind of transformative work being done by @narendramodi &his team

PM Matsya Sampada Yojana to boost #Pisciculture,with a Rs 20000 Cr corpus &subsidy in the range of 40%-60%,is a huge boost to agri&allied services sector

#Modinomics #PMModi #ModiHaiTohMumkinHai Image
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Spate of Q4FY21 results showcase #Economy is on track

#ICICIBank reported Profit of Rs4402Cr,a 260% jump YoY,with NII up a solid 16.8% at 10431Cr

Tech companies have done well,with #TechMahindra reporting Dollar Revenue growth of 1.6% QoQ &Margins up 10bps at 16%
#HCLTech also reported good numbers with Dollar Revenue up 3% QoQ

IT&Business Services segment grew 4.4% QoQ

Even for #MarutiSuzuki,while Profit fell,it managed to have Gross Margins at 26%,Vs 27.5% QoQ

Margin above 25% despite challenges thrown by Pandemic,is good
In Banking space,besides great results by #HDFCBank& #ICICIBank, #AxisBank too reported good results, with Profit at Rs2677Cr,Vs loss of 1388Cr,YoY

While Gross&Net NPAs of Axis rose 15%&52% YoY,with Provisions down 28%,good news is NII is up 11% at Rs7555Cr

#Economy #Modinomics
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Critics have asked,wrt #Budget2021, how will @narendramodi govt manage finances

Well,for every rupee in govt coffers, 53paise will come from direct& indirect taxes,36p from borrowings &other liabilities,6p from non-tax revenue like disinvestment&5p from non-debt capital receipts
GST will contribute 15paise in every rupee revenue,corporate tax will contribute 13paise to each rupee earned;8paise for every rupee,will come from union excise duty,3paise from customs duty&income tax will yield 14paise to every rupee collected

Fiscal math has been worked out💪
On #Expenditure side,biggest outlay is for interest payments at 20paise for every rupee,followed by States' share of taxes&duties@16paise

Allocation for #Defence is 8paise &Expense on Central schemes is 14p, while allocation for Central schemes is 9paise

#Budget2021 #Modinomics
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Excellent #Budget2021 by @narendramodi govt

16.5 lakh Cr Agri Credit allocation&Rs 1.18 lakh Cr for roads

Massive 34.5% rise Capital Spending at 5.54 lakh Cr

137% rise in Health budget

Income Tax scrutiny reduced from 6 to 3 yrs;No Double taxation of NRIs

#Growth,the focus
Hike in Insurance #FDI from 49% to 74%,pro #Reforms💪

#Dividend income invested In InvITs &REITs,tax free

No advance tax liability on Dividend income


#Disinvestment of BPCL,Pawan Hans,Air India,Concor,IDBI,Beml, Shipping Corp--BIG

64180Cr #Healthcare budget-BIG
5 Mega #Fishing harbours

7 Mega #Textile Parks

Agri Infra Fund to be available to #APMCs

Voluntary #VehicleScrapping policy

20000Cr #Recapitalisation of PSBs

#ARC to take over stressed assets

7 Port projects to be developed via PPP

18000Cr for Bus Transport
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#Nomura says,India will be fastest growing Asian economy in FY22,with GDP growth of 9.9;GDP growth to be 32.4% in 1QFY22&10.2% in 2QFY22

Fee weeks back #GoldmanSachs had upgraded India's GDP growth forecast from 10% to 13% for FY22

#IMF is at 8.8%& #Moody's at 8.6%

@narendramodi govt's decision to sell 20% in IRCTC at base price of Rs 1367,via #OFS tomr,is a great move

1367 is,15.5% discount to Wednesday's closing of Rs1618;52 week high&low is Rs 1995 &775

#IRCTC got listed last yr&was subscribed a whopping 112x

GoI owns 87.4% stake
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