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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary

Слава Украйнй; Герояам слава 🇺🇦 Image
Happy anniversary to me, achievement unlocked! Image
The tweet, showing Donald Trump with Ukrainian mobligarch and pal of Putin, Pavel Fuks*, at what I suspect is Mar-a-Lago.

«Come, kiss the ring.» ili подойди, поцелуй кольцо

(*Fuchs according to Al Jazeera; I have none).
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I think Jonathan Haidt is right - the move from making connections via social media to performing on social media has had very serious consequences and is a threat to democracy. But.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
Without Twitter would I have joined @WeAreFairCop ? Would the challenge to unlawful policies and interpretation of laws been possible without the ability to mobilise thousands to crowdfund?
Over the past 11 years some of the most important experiences of my life are directly attributable to social media and the people I met through it. Some of those experiences were terrible and confirmed everything I feared about human nature and it’s essential darkness.
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
I joined @Twitter on January 17, 2009 to track the progress of and to amplify support of #Whistleblower reforms that were proposed in the Obama administration. There’s been many ups and downs.
The promise to pass reforms to allow federal employees to file #Whistleblower retaliation cases in federal court and get jury trials was a cruel hoax. In the end the Obama administration killed jury trial reforms and said improved administrative processes will suffice.
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دیروز سالگرد اکانت توییترم بود. البته سن که فقط یک عدده 😉 ولی به همین مناسبت ۱۴ تا نکته درباره دورکاری در سفر‌‌ که پراکنده توی استوری‌های این چندماه بهش اشاره کرده بودم رو اینجا جمع کردم. اگه دورکار هستین، این رشته توییت ممکنه هوایی‌تون‌کنه ؛)
#MyTwitterAnniversary Image
۱/ اولویت کاره
سفر حین دورکاری، یک تفاوت مهم با سفرهای عادی داره. توی این نوع سفر شما باید اولویت برنامه‌ریزی‌هات، کار و انجام وظایف کاریت باشه. مثلا ممکنه یک‌ روز کامل نتونی همراه بقیه بری بیرون و شهر ر‌و ببینی. Image
۲/ برنامه‌ریزی قبلی
بهتره قبل از سفر یک برنامه‌ی زمانی دقیق روز به روز آماده کنین و از قبل بدونین هر روز (خصوصا زمان جلسات) کجا هستین و در چه شرایطی. اگه سفر جاده‌ای میرین این مهمترین و سخت‌ترین بخش کاره
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>Do you remember when you joined #Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary<

Ob es ein Grund zu feiern ist, lasse ich einmal so im digitalen Raum stehen.

Allerdings bin ich froh, dass es dieses Medium gibt!

Es ermöglichte mir die Dokumentation von gesellschaftlicher Veraenderung
Es soll #Menschen geben, welche aufgrund einer bestimmten "Agenda" #SocialMedia nutzen.

Das war und ist mir nie Antrieb gewesen.

Es ging mir und geht mir bis heute um #Transparenz
Wenn ein #Staat meint, dass bestimmte #Menschengruppen sich hinsichtlich ihrer Daten und Persönlichkeitsrechte nackt machen sollen, sollte dies in konsequenter Weise angegangen werden.

Also wird geschrieben und dokumentiert, was seit ueber 10 Jahren "#Normalität" zu sein hat.
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! I joined 1 year ago, same day I presented STOP COVID fluvoxamine RCT results at an international meeting and made the abstract publicly available (wanted to see what people were tweeting about it). #MyTwitterAnniversary
On October 6, 2020, I presented “Fluvoxamine for prevention of clinical deterioration in early COVID-19: Results from a randomized placebo-controlled trial”At the ISIRV Therapeutics for COVID-19 conference.…
And a few months later, we published the full results in JAMA:…
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1) Biggest lessons I've learned on Twitter (13th #MyTwitterAnniversary edition) there is still a 5,000 limit on following people on Twitter until you have that many followers, (see reference here:…) but no limit to followers on LinkedIn. 1/13
2) besides your profile bio (limited characters) you only can "pin" one tweet which stays at the top of your profile, but you can add others to this 1st tweet & they stay up there as well. Use the + in the lower right to add tweets & they are treated as one or a collection 2/13 This photo shows the ALT text for Twitter in August 2021.
3) adding alt text to an image or video is a way to be more inclusive AND another way to get more words on Twitter (1,000!). The image or video description (characters) is in addition to your tweet characters! Inclusiveness has another benefit & just makes everything better 3/13
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Today's #MyTwitterAnniversary

I joined Twitter 13 yrs ago because I wanted to build a (french) audience about Second life (!)

It worked, I've been one of the few 🇫🇷consultant that made a living from it!

And then, I stopped sharing stuff...
I switched to web development, and joined several companies. My need to be known wasn't a priority anymore.

But that was a BIG mistake. My twitter account just died silently 😑

Please, don't so that. Your boss won't help you find your next job!
Last September I decided to go full indie and I restarted twitter "from scratch", with 1300 "zombies" followers 😁

And it worked! I grew this account from 1300 to 2700 in a few months and made tons of new friends!
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! It was when CIA, NSA, DHS, & affiliates used microwave harassment and hive mind to force me to experience a woman's rape. Visit my site!
Here's a link to my homepage. Fighting Monarch now has almost one million hits!
Here's an overview of my site, where I fight against mind control, microwave harassment, and rape.
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About 30~45 days ago I had written that the rich will see 2/3rd erosion of their wealth for betting on a donkey to deliver.

That is about to come true as the top bosses, industrialists and businessmen realize that truth and face demand shortage for their products and services.
And often I have written that economics is not only about text book theories and is in fact driven by sentiment too only to be told by those who follow text books that I was wrong.

If economics was text book theories, then it would be a science, which everyone knows it is not
. Economics is a social science. Japan is in third decade of recession, 30 years gone by while the government tries to make it into a vibrant economy.

Economists should realize that once the sentiment becomes sour it takes ages to return to normal. Also survival is a
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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! (for the second time, actually) I apologize for nothing. #MyTwitterAnniversary Image
I'm trying to decide if this account is better than the first one I had (which had double the followers and seemingly more impact.) I'm leaning towards"yes" because of the greater diversity of followers despite less overall engagement
In the end that's why I decided to start from scratch and I think I'm happy overall. Even if you folks may not be
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#MyTwitterAnniversary Twitter reminded me I joined this day 6 years ago. My online life started with blogging in '07 Wordpress, soon after on a dear forum thats changed so much, and then '14 twitter initially on urging by others. Each phase has been an experience to learn from. Image
Humanity never ceases to surprise and intrigue me, and each of my phases of exploring the online world gave me new insights and an opportunity to sharpen and clarify my own thoughts arguing with or explaining to others. I have made friends and perhaps enemies.
But the great fallacy of online life is also its great safety net: its detachment and ability to edit interactions - something we are not so easily able to do in real life. For ppl like me, who use online world more as whetstone to keep the sharper edges of our minds -its a gift.
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El primer año, breve historia de esta cuenta

El sábado fue el aniversario de está cuenta, debido a una gripa enorm. No me dio tiempo de escribir nada al respecto.

Me tocó conocer a lopez, como político durante su gestión como jefe de gobierno
del entonces GDF.

A lopez, le abrió el paso Zedillo, para ser candidato, craso error. Durante su gestión me tocó ver una serie de estupideces infinitas.

Empezando por el distribuidor vial de San Antonio, obra aún en silencio, respeto a cuánto costó.

La línea uno del pejebus,
que hizo aún usar transporte público en Av. Insurgentes. Algo que a la fecha ocurre en la ahora CDMX.

Cada vez que se instala una línea de metrobus en algún lado, la movilidad se hace más lenta y el transporte se satura. Algo que sólo le conviene a los dueños del metrobus.
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The Twitter app told me to tweet this. Guess that means I joined this nonsense ten years ago today wheee
#MyTwitterAnniversary Image
Considering a decade back I was working a dead-end job and growing increasingly depressed, this makes sense.
And if anyone is in that boat today?

Yeah. You'll get through it. Boats float, long into the horizon.
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Weet jij nog wanneer je je hebt geregistreerd bij Twitter? Ik wel! Na de #Vindicat mishandeling van 3 jaar geleden en nu een zelfmoord. Een nieuw dieptepunt
#Ontgroeningen #Wetgeving

◾Een twitter verjaardag met een zwarte rand😥 Image
Ontgroenen wordt aanbevolen als een periode om vrienden te maken, (zie lkvv), ongeacht je gemoedstoestand zou je er dus blijer uit moeten komen. Ontgroeningspromotie is jonge mensen willens en wetens in een onveilige situatie lokken.

Het is crimineel.
Maar realiseer dat uiteindelijk jonge mensen willens en wetens in een systeem worden gelokt waarvan de ronselaars weten dat dit op een dag daders van ze maakt.

Het is crimineel en iedereen die hier aan meewerkt is medeschuldig
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So! It’s #MyTwitterAnniversary, and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. Hard to believe that I signed up for Twitter a decade ago — but it is so.
I signed up early in the morning on Feb. 5, in order to promote (even though I had no followers?) my liveblogging of the California Supreme Court’s arguments over the state constitutionality of Proposition 8 later that day:
My life was in a wildly different place — despite in some very obvious ways being similar! I was in the midst of a job change, just like today, having left my job in state government but not yet having moved to DC.
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