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🔊 La ministra @CarolinaDarias subraya la ampliación de la protección de la salud infantil que supondrá el nuevo calendario vacunal para toda la vida 2023, recientemente aprobado por el Consejo Interterritorial del SNS.

🗣️ Es el calendario vacunal más amplio que ha tenido el SNS
🔴 Este año se incorporan 3 novedades:

✔️La vacuna frente al meningococo B
✔️La vacuna frente al papiloma humano (VPH) tanto para niños como niñas a partir de 12 años
✔️La vacuna de la gripe para toda la población infantil
✔️ @CarolinaDarias también ha reafirmado el compromiso del Gobierno de España con la mejora de la Atención Primaria en todo el territorio y, singularmente, en el ámbito rural e insular, caso de #ElHierro.
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🚨 Breaking: European judges challenge the EU approval of #Poland’s recovery & resilience plan before EU General Court just a few months before elections in the country

Here’s a🧵 on why, how and what of this unprecedented development #ruleoflaw #RPP

4 associations of European judges intend to defend the interests of the judiciary which they represent & their members including Polish judges subjected to disciplinary proceeding, sanctions & involuntary transfers, in breach of EU law & the #rule of law itself

The judges’ associations argue that #ruleoflaw “milestones” fall short of what is required to ensure effective judicial protection and disregard the judgments of the CJEU

They want Council’s decision to be declared nul & void thus preventing transfer of #RPP funding
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 04/17/2022…
Wide-ranging genetic study of severe COVID finds common risk factors…
#SevereCOVID19, #RiskFactors, #GeneticStudy, #ImmuneSignalling, #MucusProduction
We Are Made of Music, We Are Made of Time: Violinist Natalie Hodges on the Poetic Science of Sound and Feeling – The Marginalian…
#singularity, #time, #music, #entropy
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Is Friday the new Saturday? Europe eyes a 4-day week | Mar 16
- Two European politicians at opposite ends of the spectrum want the same thing: a four-day working week.…
The serial '#HappiestCountry', extreme poor and #corrupted #Finland is fooled to fund the rise of the #nextgeneration and much richer mafia economy countries like #Italy #Spain...
- In Finland people are starving while 30% of population lives under #EU standards. Image
#EuropeanUnion will lend money to those 'mafia' countries that have 'NOT FOUND a lender'
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/09/2021…
Mortality, Length of Stay, and Healthcare Costs Associated With Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infections Among Elderly Hospitalized Patients in the United States…

#elderly #MultidrugResistantBacteria #InfectionPrevention #consequences #StudyReport
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/31/2021…
Statistical Consequences of Fat Tails: Real World Preasymptotics, Epistemology, and Applications…

#MathematicalStatistics #FatTails #ProbabilityTheory
WHO Buries Dismissal Of Lab Leak Theory In Last Pages Of 123-Page Origins Report, Draft Copy Shows…

#wuhan #LabLeak #who #report #accuracy
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Se debate hoy en el @Congreso_Es el ‘RDL 36/2020, por el que se aprueban medidas urgentes para la modernización de la Administración Pública y para la ejecución del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia’

▶️ El GP Republicano votaremos NO

Abro hilo para explicarlo👇🏿
▶️Es un plan de recuperación, sí. Pero no de la gente y de lo público, sino de las GRANDES CORPORACIONES
▶️Es un plan europeo realizado a la medida del SECTOR PRIVADO
▶️Se quiere ASUMIR la NO TRANSPARENCIA y mermas en los controles y garantías en aras de la “urgencia”
▶️Cero cogobernanza. Hemos ido conociendo muchos temas importantes por la premsa, han prescindido del @Congreso_Es
▶️El público asumirá los riesgos y las grandes corporaciones asumirán los beneficios.
▶️Son 140M€ pactados en Europa para ponérselo más facil al gran capital.
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(1) Els fons europeus Next Generation (#NGEU) representen una oportunitat històrica per l'economia catalana i per millorar el benestar i progrés social a #Catalunya.
Què en sabem fins ara? #Obrofil
(2) Són l'element principal de la resposta econòmica de la UE a la #COVID19. Una resposta que és (afortunadament) oposada al 2008, quan es va imposar l'austeritat. Altres elements de la resposta inclouen la modificació marc ajudes estat, la suspensió regles fiscals, QE, etc...
(3) Tot i que sovint ens referim als #NextGeneration com si es tractés d'un únic fons, en realitat són varis, amb diferents objectius i funcionament. El fons MRR (Mecanisme de Recuperació i Resiliència) representa el 89% del total. Amb els fons REACT-EU, el % s'eleva al 96%.
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At the Canadian Consortium for Research meeting today w/ @MitacsCanada #CSPF and @NSERC_CRSNG colleagues, where @VB_Lisa opens by discussing #SupportTheReport efforts, asking how can we foster next steps for fundamental research and the #NextGenCanSci in Canada?

#scipol #thread
James Compton, prev prez @CAUT_ACPPU shows that there was a massive increase in student population, but this has slowed over the last 3 years. It would have slowed more, were it not for international students. Yet, #PSE funding from fed has been flat, has decreased at prov level
... Tuition has also increased over time. Faculty wages are not the culprit though, the % #PSE expenditures on wages has diminished over time. There is also more reliance on contract staff ➡️ and academic staff are not being renewed
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... and a public which asks their representatives to value #evidence will be the strongest driver of long-term #scienceadvice mechanisms.

Jeff Reading @SPH_Iloilo adds long-term funding to #scienceadvice mechanisms would also be an important step if we want long-term thinking
The workshop starts now ➡️ what are top 3 critical issues or structural themes in #Scienceadvice that an @INGSciAdvice presence in North America could address? #INGSA_NA18
And we're back after the interactive workshop, now discussing how to leverage the @INGSciAdvice network in #NorthAmerica context #INGSA_NA18, and what we can learn from other chapters
w/ @Kristiann_NZ @eliasmichaz @nifaruqui @IDRC_CRDI @JonesAishaD
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Our @DSP_SPE team represents the student voice in #scienceadvice at the #INGSA_NA18 workshop today among experts from around the world 🔬🔭🌐🖋📃

Our #EmergingExperts: @sung_vanessa @ShawnMcGuirk @tgruos @nehabhutani17 @arthi_ramac

#scipol @INGSciAdvice @SciChefQC @ChiefSciCan
.@SciChefQC & @ChiefSciCan note in opening keynote how important it is for the #NextGeneration to be here and well represented, and applaud our #SPEscidip event from last week - thank you for inviting us, we're v happy to be in these discussions #INGSA_NA18 #scipol #scienceadvice
& thx @PeterGluckman for your video introduction, we hope we can meet again soon! Especially with the establishment of an @INGSciAdvice chapter for #NorthAmerica

We appreciate your commitment to engaging #nextgen at the intersection of #science & #policy in #NZ & at #INGSA_NA18
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Student perspective panel of the #G7 #G7Academies #ArcticSummit #ArcticSustainability starting! So happy that there is an entire panel dedicated to student / young researcher voice 👏👏👏 @RSCTheAcademies @g7 @DSP_SPE #NextGeneration #NextGenCanScience @Y7Canada
Students are often the ones with boots on the ground, interacting with local communities - this is one of the many reasons why it's important to have early career researchers represented in these discussions - @gwynmac #g7 #g7academies #arcticsustainability #ArcticSummit
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