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1/ @TheRickWilson is absolutely right that Rs have been successful winning elections.

But like the guy born on 3rd base thinking he hit a homer he left out some pertinent details.
2/ Since Nixon Rs has embraced and committed to Pat Buchanan's vision of using wedge issues for electoral gain,

"Such gambits, he added, could "cut the Democratic Party and country in half; my view is that we would have far the larger half."…
3/ There is no wound in our national psyche that Rs won't exploit for gain - reproductive rights, God, Guns, Gays, etc.
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Thread: Let's talk a little bit about British attitudes to Ireland in light of some recent remarks by British pundits and how it relates to the UK's misreading of WA negotiations.… 1/
The above comments by @alanmendoza of the Henry Jackson Society are illuminating for number of reasons, but in particular they are representative of a particular strain of thought often verbalised within the UK - namely that Ireland SHOULD not matter. 2/
The word "should" is important here. With the WA negotiations complete, it should be obvious that quite clearly, Ireland matters.… 3/
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Pick 1: Sang: I think he goes Manny. I feel like Andy wants to play some pick and roll, get some of those kickout 3s.
Pick 2: @Chasbelliveau77 thanks the lord above that Tenney falls to him, and he snatches him up without hesitation.
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1/Confronting Tim Martin in #Wetherspoons:
The clip cuts out, but I pointed out that UK economy has dropped to bottom of G7 & experienced 2.1% impact to GDP as a result of fall in Sterling.
Tim told me that I was wrong - he has his own "#AlternativeFacts" 🙄
2/ This is after I showed Tim Martin my #24ReasonstoRemain booklet & asked him "If 95% of this legislation has been passed by our democratically elected UK MEPs - how can you tell people we have lost Sovereignty when it also says in the #Brexit white paper that we never did?"
3/ @Nigel_Farage did exactly the same thing when I confronted him with the same argument about #EU democracy in a pub in Place Lux. He squealed "Elected MEPs have no power - they're just an upper chamber" and ran away. 🙄
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29% of immigrants have a college degree, similar to American-born counterparts at 30%.
48% of #immigrants who have entered the U.S. after 2010 have a degree.
#DACA #ImmigrantHeritageMonth
#Resist @GOP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
#Immigrants make up 5% of the U.S. prison population while representing only 7% of the total U.S. population.
Contrary to @FoxNews @WhiteHouse #AlternativeFacts & #FakeNews, immigrants are NOT more likely to commit a crime than the native-born population.
#Resist @Trump
#Immigrants participate in the U.S. labor force at a higher (slightly) rate than native-born Americans & earn consistently less than native-born workers. 25M+ immigrants are workforce members.
#Resist @GOP @POTUS @realDonaldTrump
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.@POTUS’s expectations haven’t often met reality during his first 500 days in office. The #GOPTaxScam is a prime example of why his presidency has been #500DaysOfBummer
President Trump has spent 1/5 of his days in office at a golf course. That's probably great for his stroke, but not so great for the American public. #500DaysOfBummer
Who is paying for the wall?

Mexico? 🙅‍♀️

American taxpayers? 🙅‍♀️

The U.S. Military? 🙅‍♀️

#500DaysOfBummer 🤷‍♀️
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Yale history prof @TimothyDSnyder outlined 20 lessons from the 20th Century on preventing tyranny from overcoming democracy. His book is a must-read for #TheResistance:… (Thread)
1/ Do not obey in advance. Do not acquiesce or conform to the new regime, offering to comply before compliance is required by law. Hitler's party consolidated power b/c too many citizens offered anticipatory obedience.
2/ Defend Institutions. Trump has aggressively sought to undermine all independent institution that opposes his admin, including the free press, the judiciary, DOJ, FBI, & #Mueller. Choose an institution you cherish and take its side.
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"Fehlverhalten von Fussgängern"? #alternativefacts

Greetings to RZ5237 van driver, who DID NOT stop for me while I was already on the pedestrian crossing. He saw me, waved, looked away and drove on. True story, happened today
Having clean windows is a good thing, but not enough. Adjusting mirrors equally important. It is crucial to always look what is happening *around* the vehicle

In my experience, lots of drivers suffer of "stiff neck": they don't see walking & cycling people coming from their side
It is agreed that you cannot see everything with the mirrors. But a driver always has the option to turn his head!

Based on my personal observation of drivers creating dangerous situations: not turning the head and having a proper look to check road is clear is very common error
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