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1/9.📜NEW PAPER: "Time to pay the piper: Fossil fuel companies’ reparations for #ClimateDamages" from Marco Grasso and @rickheede gives clear guidance on the billions of $$$'s #FossilFuel companies should pay into the #LossAndDamage Fund each year.

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2/9. Our key take always include:

The report finds that the #FossilFuelIndustry will be responsible for $23.2 trillion (USD) of economic #LossAndDamage (to GDP) between 2025–2050 under a 3°C warming scenario.
3/9. This is important because the report demonstrates that it’s possible to attribute #LossAndDamage costs, and the responsibility for redress, to specific #CarbonMajors .
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Možná jste také sledovali havárii vlaku s velmi nebezpečnými chemikáliemi, která se stala na začátku února v Ohiu.
Konečně máme pocit, že je k dispozici dostatek informací k tomu, abychom k ní dokázali něco říct.
První zprávy mluvily o tom, že při havárii unikl hlavně vinylchlorid. Nyní se ale ukazuje, že toho bylo víc. Aktuálně se ví o vinylchloridu, fosgenu, chlorovodíku, fridexu, ethylhexyl-akrylátu a izobutylenu. Co to je za látky?…
Vinylchlorid se používá pro výrobu PVC a podobných materiálů. Je to rakovinotvorná látka a skutečně může představovat největší problém. V tekuté formě je značně těkavý a na vzduchu podléhá rozpadu během několika dnů, přičemž mohou vznikat další škodliviny…
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The UN Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights in the context of climate change @SRclimatechange has just dropped an *amaze-balls* report to the UN General Assembly, starting later this month. Governments will have to respond.…
We are being confronted with an enormous climate change crisis of catastrophic proportions. It is happening now.

The result of a catastrophically inadequate response from historical emitters / developed countries.
The members of the Group of 20 account for 78% of emissions over the past decade. Noting: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Korea and USA are falling short

By contrast, the 55 most vulnerable economies have lost over half their economic growth potential owing to the #climatecrisis.
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#EllasLaw | Second reading of @GreenJennyJones's #CleanAirHRBill in @UKHouseofLords from 10am Friday 8 July HT @EllaRobertaFdn. It's about the #HumanRight to #CleanAir and meeting new @WHO guidelines asap. Follow this thread for live updates. Details here:
#EllasLaw | Ella Roberta Adoo Kissi-Debrah died tragically - aged nine - on 15 February 2013. #AirPollution was listed as one of the medical causes of death after a long campaign by her mother @EllaRobertaFdn won a second inquest…
#EllasLaw | Coroner's 'Report to Prevent Future Deaths' said:

"@WHO guidelines should be seen as minimum requirements. Legally binding targets based on @WHO guidelines would reduce the number of deaths from air pollution in the UK"

@GreenJennyJones' #CleanAirHRBill does it!
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Everyone should brace for a lot more of this whether a leaseholder, shared owner or social housing tenant

Many building owners & operators have been in a holding pattern until #FireSafetyAct + #BuildingSafetyAct became law

Some will await secondary legislation & guidance 1/
Some will postpone until the 11th hour - however demand is outstripping supply of labour, goods & services

As a result of #brexit + #covid labour & material costs are more expensive now than 5yrs previous when #Grenfell exposed a #buildingsafetycrisis /2
Additional stressors disrupting global markets increases costs from #suezcanalcrisis to #UkraineRussianWar have sent fuel & material costs sky rocketing, all with oncost, profit & vat at every level.

Literally the shop has sailed & any remediation will cost infinitely more /3
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@team_greenhalgh has just entered the Lords, so we should be starting on the #BuildingSafetyBill any minute.
Follow the conversation here:…
#BuildingSafetyCrisis #PolluterPaysAmendment
@teamgreenhalgh takes a moment to reflect on Grenfell, and to state that this tragedy must not happen again. That’s why the government appointed @DameJudithH to review building safety regulations.
@team_greenhalgh states that we will create meaningful change. The #buildingnsafetybill will deliver improvements across the entire building stock.
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"We are the #Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. #ResistanceIsFutile."… Image
So if one-fifth of @Facebook's employees work on #AR/#VR, have all of them done a stint as a content #moderator? And given its toxic business model why doesn't #Facebook have at least as many *employees* (not contractors) working on #ContentModeration as it does AR?
Also, whether you believe #data '#TheNewOil' or that a better analogy is #ToxicWaste, for #BigTech / the #platforms the result's the same.

Using ML/DL/AI/AR/VR to extract value involves energy-intensive processing and doesn't factor in other externalities like cultural damage...
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