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With all the controversies anyone else suspect Antonin Scalia was murdered by the Obummer administration? The left practically celebrated his death. He was found with a pillow over his head.
One less super conservative juedge in the way...…
How'd he go?
If the right did this to #RBG it would've been civil friggin war. But a conservative mysteriously dies under sketchy circumstances and there's immediate jokes, mockery, and hate.…
When you read into the circumstances around the death it reads like sci fi..
He was with a secretive all male hunting club. Was he the hunt(ed)?…
Why the heck wouldn't the family get an autopsy? Fear? Paid off? Something's fish in Texas. #mondaythoughts
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#Thread on #India Fight for Independence

The Revolt of 1857, regarded as First War of #Independence. Initiated by the sepoy #mangalpandey the #Revolt aroused the accumulated grievances of the #people against the East #India Company’s administration. Image
Non-Cooperation #movement.
This #movement shook the #British authorities under #Leadership of #MahatmaGandhi and the Indian National #Congress from September 1920 to February 1922 Image
Simon #Commission was sent to #India in 1927 to suggest reforms in the structure of #Indian #Government Government but did not include any Indian member. It sparked a wave of protests. Crowds were lathi charged, Lala LajpatRai & Sher-e-Punjab were martyred in the agitation. Image
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Thread of the Russian Author Anton Chekhov's Life Story Begins!

1⃣ #AntonChekhov was born in Taganrog in South Russia on the Azov Sea on January 17, 1860. He was the third of six children of Pavel Egorovich Chekhov, a grocery store owner. Chekhov's grandfather was a serf ++ Anton Chekhov
2⃣ who bought his family's freedom in 1841. The young #Chekhov and his brothers and sisters worked in the family store and studied in the local school. Their extremely religious father often beat them. ++ Anton Chekhov
3⃣ In 1876 his father's business failed, and the family moved to Moscow, #Russia, for a fresh start. #Chekhov, then sixteen, was left behind to finish his schooling. ++ Anton Chekhov
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#BIN #ElEsqueleto 1.- De cumplirse los pronósticos, en 2020, #Venezuela seguirá deslizándose en un tobogán de hojillas hacia una piscina de alcohol. Dramático, ¿verdad? La economía venezolana, cualquier cosa signifique, terminará 2019 con una caída de 35 %, que se dice fácilmente
#BIN #ElEsqueleto 2.- En 6 años la economía venezolana se redujo 66 %, dos tercios. Ni una guerra cruenta produce tal desastre. Por eso, desaparecieron la SUNDDE, los controles de precios y el control cambiario, pues ya no queda nada que controlar. Los "bodegones" son de ellos...
#BIN #ElEsqueleto 3.- Se fue el control de cambio, no la devaluación. Maduro sobrevivió gracias a eso: A) Desaparición de controles, ya no quedaba nada; B) la especulación, perdonen la expresion, "cada perro que se 'lamba' su pinga"; C) la devaluación; D) los errores de Guaidó...
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...#Positivity is in each & everyone of us. Let it flow more often, makes a better day. #SirLRO
...#Positivity ~none said it was easy, all you have to do is one step at a time. I know you can, keep going. #SirLRO
~ #Positivity there is no need for deprecating others with words, when it calls for~there is a need for compassion, it’s in you, #SirLRO
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1} My Dear Friend Geri,

With all due respect to current #NonProfits serving Refugees & Immigrants - their Branding & Messaging are #Tragically #Weak.

#OurAmericanKids🇺🇸 are BEING #SCAPEGOATED & #WE, the Liberals of #OurCountry we call the United States of America...
2} ...get OUR #Truthful-#Propaganda #LUNCH handed to us - #EVERY #DAMNED #TIME there's a watershed political issue.

My opinion as a 25-year #Duke MBA-trained-#Strategist, is that "Dreamers" is a well-intentioned, but desperately INEFFECTIVE MONIKER for #OurAmericanKids. Scapegoats for American Fascists
3} My dog #Sadie is a very #Active #Dreamer. Hitler #Dreamed about ruling an #AryanPlanet.

Un-@realDonaldTrump dreams of building a wall "SO fucking HIGH," that planes can't #LAND in #Texas without traveling 100-miles North of our Southern Border - just to pull a #giant U-ey✈️ Hitler Dreamed of an Aryan Planet-Earth.U-Turn in the sky
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