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Your #LastWarning

The #WHO has written the #REMOVAL of #HumanDignity, #HumanRights and fundamental freedoms in their Treaty Draft.
Who trust #WHO ?

2018 - 56 min.…
What is the #WHO ?

Questions for the

( and the conflict of interest of #AbOsterhaus #RIVM )
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Thread time 🧵

Here's how to precisely design a small building in a game (such as an isometric bunker) by fine-tuning #StableDiffusion

This example was inspired by #RedAlert, which I spent countless hours on (in 96-97 - pls don't call me old 😅)

Style-consistency is paramount when it comes to designing #game assets.

I trained a fine-tune using @Scenario_gg (alpha), using 16 images (below), inspired by the Red Alert/Command & Conquer buildings.

Fun fact: I generated them all in... @midjourney.
I actually generated more than 200 buildings (and even some vehicles), from which I picked a smaller dataset, keeping enough variability within a certain consistent style.

I will keep the remaining data for new trainings in the coming days :)
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Thank you all my tweep family for your concern about us being in #Badrinath during the #RedAlert with mobile networks down.
Had the fortune of getting peaceful & long Darshans of #BadriVishal ji 3-4 times every day- sharing some in the thread.
18th morning Darshan of Shri #Badrinath ji.
It rained constantly from 17th afternoon till 19th as if to bless us with multiple Darshans with hardly anybody around.
19th morning Darshan of #Badrinath ji 🙏🏻 the Mandir played hide & seek with the clouds ..
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Another explosion observed. The vertical ash column estimated to have gone approximately 4km into the atmosphere. We continue to monitor and update. #lasoufrière #volcano #svg #redalert #stilldangerous ImageImage
Photos of the 2nd plume from the Observatory and from a camera at one of our seismic stations on the flanks of the volcano. #LaSoufriere #svg #uwi #redalert ImageImage
Occurred at 2:45 pm local time. Plume was clearly seen from the capital.
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Independent Pandemic Response Observatory.
This is a body that is referred to to justify the public health measures.
The public's adherence to public health rules would increase
Evidence needs to be made public.

"We haven't seen modelling since the spring."- @ehyshka

The data will help people buy in to the measures that are being

Shay wonders - What are they hiding? Who benefits from this censorship?
#RedAlert @ryanjespersen #RealTalkRJ
Double Bunking in an ICU is absurd.

Yes, warm bunking is normal in Oil & Gas but double bunking is a huge flag for the capacity of #abpoli health system.
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Solidarity with live events workers day of action today! Livelihoods decimated by #coronavirus, many workers left with zero financial support. These skilled workers behind the scenes make live events happen. Support #WeMakeEvents #RedAlert #LetTheMusicPlay #LightItInRed
Demos today in London, Leeds, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, more! Venues will be lit up in red. The UK government has failed to support industries still unable to open by law, so the entire supply chain & its workers set to collapse. Culture is made by workers! #WeMakeEvents
Ever enjoyed a live event of any kind? Please support people who made it possible. Write to your MP, explain it’s unacceptable to let entire industries collapse - this is not just about the “crown jewel” venues. #WeMakeEvents #LightItInRed #LetTheMusicPlay
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#PASTBLAST: The conflict with Iran is entirely of Trump's own making.

War with Iran has always been the end goal.
#PASTBLAST: I warned over a year ago that pulling out of the #IranNuclearDeal would be the WORST mistake made by the Trump Administration.

I said it would "set off a chain of events that we'll be dealing with FOR DECADES TO COME."

I still stand by it.

#PASTBLAST: John Bolton's solution to preventing Iran from building a nuclear bomb... not a diplomatic agreement, like the Iran Nuclear Deal...

It's to "BOMB IRAN."

In his own words...

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#REDALERT: The 6 Democrats invited by DOJ to view a less-redacted version of the #MuellerReport have DECLINED the offer.

I initially agreed with this, as it could strengthen the subpoena fight.

HOWEVER, if DOJ moves forward...then ONLY REPUBLICANS will see that version on Tues.
#REDFLAG: People like McCarthy, Nunes, Jordan, and Burr...will be able to mischaracterize what's redacted, while Dems won't be able to push back.

They'll also be able to WARN Trump...AND the people under ongoing investigation what it says.

Potentially jeopardizing those cases.
#REDFLAG: These Republicans would also be able to tell Trump which U.S. Attorney's Offices are handling each of the 14 redacted investigations.

Trump and his allies could target the investigators and/or replace them.

#NOTE: Barr has no duty to report if those cases are impeded.
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#REDALERT: Treasury Dept. to LIFT SANCTIONS on Oleg Deripaska's companies.

Treasury's OFAC has notified Congress it intends to terminate sanctions on Deripaska's companies — the oligarch close to Putin w/ ties to Manafort and the Mueller Investigation.

#REDFLAG: As predicted earlier in this thread...

Deripaska's companies only qualified for sanctions relief assessment BECAUSE Deripaska "stepped down."

But OBVIOUSLY Deripaska installed board members that reported directly to him.

So why lift sanctions?
#FLAG: The answer to that question is Treasury is being WILLFULLY IGNORANT.

They've directed Deripaska's companies to "undertake significant
restructuring and corporate governance," determine why the moles were installed, and reduce his influence.

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This comes the day after the midterms. It's unclear if Sessions was fired or if he resigned.

He couldn't even wait 24 hrs to obstruct justice.

Because Sessions resigned instead of getting fired, officially, Trump was able to appoint an acting AG.…

He will take over the Russia investigation from Rosenstein. And likely end it or strongly curtail it.

Now with more seats in the Senate, confirming a new AG will be easier.

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#BREAKING: A reminder to those keeping track, the Red Alerts usually come from rockets from #Gaza, not from #Syria or #Lebanon as this would suggest. #Netanyahu is in #Moscow meeting with #Putin about #Iran’s presence in #Syria. Hoping this is a false alarm.
Netanyahu set to meet #Putin in #Moscow seeking Iran’s ouster from #Syria…
#BREAKING: #Israel Defense Forces confirm the #RedAlert was real, a drone approached, and they fired a Patriot missile.
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