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Artwork by Hawlii Pichette
September 30th is Canada's first National Truth and Reconciliation Day. Below is a reading list, recommended films, and free courses.
#NationalDayforTruthandReconciliation #cdnpoli #TruthAndReconciliation #IndigenousLivesMatter #MeanwhileInCanada Image
It's extremely important for all of us to learn how colonialism has affected First Nations peoples in Canada. We need to acknowledge the truth of the past and also the present.
Put some effort into learning about the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and amazing contributions of First Nations, Inuit & Métis peoples, and double-down on your commitment to the work of truth and reconciliation by pushing for the implementation of all 94 Calls to Action.
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(Almost) all you need to know on:
- The case in the Brazilian Supreme Court that will decide the fate of the land Ibirama-Laklãnõ
- The "Time Frame" thesis
- How struggle of the Xokleng-Laklãnõ for the right to exist can impact indigenous peoples throughout the country 🧵👇 Image
Before start, we recommend you register for the international event we supported together with various organizations, tonight 6 pm EST: with indigenous leaderships from Brazil and the USA @GuajajaraSonia @luizeloyterena @nickwestes and @leo_crippa +

So, The merits of the trial are based on the “thesis” of Marco Temporal (time limit), an idea led by the ruralist caucus that defends that indigenous peoples can only claim lands where they were settled on October 5, 1988, the date of the promulgation of Brazil's Constitution +
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The Coordination of Indigenous Organizations in the Brazilian Amazon– @CoiabAmazonia –Covid-19 May 30th Bulletin:

🚨 668 Suspected cases (in May 2021)
🚨 38.848 Confirmed cases (since March 2020)
🚨 946 Deaths
🚨 152 Indigenous Peoples affected

#IndigenousLivesMatter Image
The chart below details the impacts in the 9 states that make up the Brazilian Amazon and which peoples were affected in each of them:

#IndigenousLivesMatter #Brazil #HumanitarianCrisis
(Image by @CoiabAmazonia) Image
The states of Amazonas, Mato Grosso and Roraima concentrate, respectively, the highest number of deaths.
#IndigenousLivesMatter #Brazil #HumanitarianCrisis Image
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Independent Pandemic Response Observatory.
This is a body that is referred to to justify the public health measures.
The public's adherence to public health rules would increase
Evidence needs to be made public.

"We haven't seen modelling since the spring."- @ehyshka

The data will help people buy in to the measures that are being

Shay wonders - What are they hiding? Who benefits from this censorship?
#RedAlert @ryanjespersen #RealTalkRJ
Double Bunking in an ICU is absurd.

Yes, warm bunking is normal in Oil & Gas but double bunking is a huge flag for the capacity of #abpoli health system.
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Great leadership from community member & activist, Kendra, at Saturday’s #solidarity walk in #Simcoe Landing!

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter #LGBTQ @georginatown #Keswick #YorkRegion @YRDSB
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Science has a history of treating Black Americans and other minority ancestry groups badly. We, as genetics scientists, are working hard to make it right & ensure research also benefits ancestry minorities. a thread #BlackLivesMatter #blackinstem #IndigenousLivesMatter
To do that, we are asking and inviting minority ancestry groups to join genetics research studies (that also include majority ancestry groups fyi). We are dedicated to (and good at) protecting confidentiality and ensuring anonymity. 2/6
But we can't study diseases present in minority ancestry groups if we don't recruit research participants who have these diseases. And we also need to study people without these diseases for comparison. 3/6
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I made a mistake today. I watched the Aboriginal-themed documentary, "Utopia." While I understand that Australia has instituted a reconciliation action plan, I cannot visit that country. In 2012, things were 1000 times worse for those Black people than it was for us in...1/4
...the US. I have always believed that we cannot expect much progress in the #BlackLivesMatter movement unless we simultaneously address what is happening with our Indigenous people, both at home and abroad. The heinous crimes committed by white supremacists didn't begin...2/4
...with us, it began in 1492. White supremacists created and began perfecting their demonic tendencies of rape, murder, imprisonment, and genocide long before they kidnapped, subjugated, and enslaved our African ancestors. "Utopia" upset me so much, I was shaking with rage!! 3/4
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Excited to see younger folks in anti-oppressive work, as it gives me hope for today & future. We can't underestimate the power of youth learning from/with other youth. Pls watch&share this vid w/ students/recent grads to meet Sat's panelists. via @YouTube
Happening this coming Saturday: youth-led discussion on anti-Black & anti-Indigenous racism in the education system. In-person event is for youth & parents/guardians who are sticking around. Everyone else is encouraged to watch it online.

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter ImageImage
Event registration is required for those who are attending in person:…
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Calling all #youth: Check out this opportunity to discuss w/ youth panelists on the #BLMmovement, esp. on what's happening at schools. They'll also cover issues that #Indigenous students & communities face in the education system.

#BlackLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter ImageImage
Link to register:…
Link to watch live stream:
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Save these numbers in your phone!
In our carceral society there are no clear alternatives to calling 911. Even for fire or EMS, there is always a risk of police responding.
We hope to help folks understand their options for social services and crisis support in Toronto, beyond the police. We must continue to build community alternatives for policing and push to #abolitionthepolice and #abolishprisons.
We want to acknowledge the harmful legacy of social services & social work in "Canada" and the ways that these systems continue to cause harm. We’ve linked some articles about this harmful legacy in our Instagram highlights, along with other resources like The Access Point.
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#DeclarationOfIndependence Draft 1: The King has "waged cruel War against human Nature itself, violating its most sacred Rights of Life & Liberty in the Persons of a distant People" by kidnapping & enslaving them.

Spoiler: #Slavery got cut in round 2. /thread #HappyFourthOfJuly
I'm not making this up. Here's more on the passage about #slavery that #ThomasJefferson put in the 1st draft of the #Declaration & took out of later drafts. #BlackLivesMatter…
More on why #ThomasJefferson removed his fiery indictment of #slavery from later drafts of the Declaration. Fact that he was enslaving people as he wrote it was NOT the reason! #1619 #1776…
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Happy Canada Day!

Thanks to everyone doing their part to make our country a fairer and more just one, one that lives up to the ideals we celebrate on #CanadaDay.

Thanks first to the countless volunteers who have stepped up during this pandemic to help one another out.
1/3 Image
This #CanadaDay thanks too to all those fighting for the right to housing, defending our environment & working hard to see our institutions free of anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism.

#blacklivesmatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #IndigenousLivesMatter
It can be hard to see sometimes, but a better country isn’t only possible – it is necessary and more urgent than ever.

Thank you for everything you’re doing to help get us there.

#CanadaDay2020 #onpoli #onted Image
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Jetzt online: Als die #Azteken die Spanier besiegten – die #SRFZeitblende mit @StefanRinke1 von der @FU_Berlin. Es geht um die #nochetriste – die grosse Niederlage der Spanier 1520 im Kampf um die Azteken-Hauptstadt Tenochtitlan. (1/10) 🎧🎙️#srf4news…
Angefangen hatte alles ganz friedlich: Als #HernanCortes in #Mexiko eintrifft, werden die Spanier vom Azteken-König #Moctezuma mit #Gold und Edelsteinen überhäuft. Doch das Gold lockt die Spanier in die Azteken-Hauptstadt. (2/10)
Dann passiert alles, was es für einen #Netflix-Thriller braucht: Verrat, Kidnapping, Erpressung. Die Spanier nehmen den Azteken-König in Geiselhaft. Sie wollen die #Azteken, ihre Stadt und ihr Reich unterwerfen. Es kommt zu einem Massaker am #TemploMayor. (3/10) #srfzeitblende
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#BREAKING: Today I joined doctors (@DrsDefundPolice) sending a letter to Toronto City Hall to address the public health crisis of policing. We want to stop anti-Black & anti-Indigenous racism, #DefundThePolice and re-allocate funds to resource communities. #sdoh #BlackLivesMatter ImageImageImage
As a physician, I took an oath to improve the health of the communities I serve. Today, with
@DrsDefundPolice, I call on Toronto City Hall to STOP systemic racism in policing, listen to Black, Indigenous, trans, poor, disabled communities and #DefundThePolice now! #topoli #sdoh
I have worked with various marginalized communities in Toronto for over 10 years. During that time, I have hesitated to call police on many occasions knowing that my patients could be further traumatized, criminalized, hurt or even killed. This is not OK. #DefundthePolice #topoli
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Protesters want #AndrewJackson's statue removed because he ordered the removal of an estimated 100,000 #indigenous people from eastern states. 15,000 died along the #TrailOfTears headed west. #native / thread…
In Dec 1830, #AndrewJackson told Congress "Indian removal" was approaching its "happy consummation," moving "savages" west, freeing land between TN & LA for white settlement, & "reliev[ing]" Miss & western Alabama of "Indian occupancy."
"What good man would prefer" forests & "savages" to "our extensive Republic" occupied by 12 million "happy people" & filled w/ the "blessings of liberty, civilization & religion?" Jackson asked Congress in 1830.

The white supremacist's portrait hangs in the Oval Office.
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With the strong #BlackLivesMatter and #IndigenousLivesMatter movements, I thought I'd help by addressing some of the popularized misconceptions around Indigenous people and prairie farming. We know that serious systemic racism exists, and it exists strongly in ag communities.
First: the history of First Nations within the space we now know as western Canada (prairie, boreal, and cordillera) spans 10,000+ years. It's deep, and is complex with many layers. It cannot and should never be dismissed by a sentence or two, or a paragraph.
Yet that's typically what happens in a local history book, where 'history' begins with white European settlement. That's the first erasure: when we spend energy proudly promoting 'pioneer' history, we deliberately dismiss thousands of generations in this landscape.
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Did you know the origins of police depts in the US was literally slave patrols to catch “runaway” enslaved Africans and in other jurisdictions, set up by white settlers to police Native Americans? How do we expect that would play out?… #BlackLivesMatter
In Canada, the RCMP assisted with the “moving” of Indigenous people onto reserves and subsequently were the ones who removed children from their families to take to the Indian Residential School System. History matters. This is how racism is embedded. #IndigenousLivesMatter
And yes we had slavery in Canada. For hundreds of years actually. We enslaved both Black and Indigenous people. And apparently Trudeau would prefer we not draw attention to this by apologizing for it or considering reparations.… #BlackLivesMatter
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The protests are working, in so many ways. Shall we count the ways? Please add to this.

1. Justice: The lead killer charged, then all 4 charged and charges increased.

2. Politics: Klobuchar will not be the Running-Mate; Ferguson has a black woman mayor; Steven King is over.
3. The public conversation has shifted. Defunding is on the agenda. All 50 states have seen rallies. Mainline white churches finally speaking out. The power elite looks split.
4. Massive organizing, especially black young people.
5. Politicians and businesses in bargaining mode
Each day more victories. Please add.
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