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BREAKING: USA TODAY/FACEBOOK FACT CHECK CONFIRMS #mRNA in the food supply. Quote “While mRNA vaccines have been licensed for pigs, cats and dogs…” ALSO STATES “Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook.”

It ALREADY IS in PIGS (…).……
This FACT CHECK was misleading nonsense at best. The reality is that transmissible vaccines are a legitimate thing and Missouri #HB1169 would ONLY have provided informed consent. Why oppose it if these items do not alter your genes? #mRNA and other #GeneTherapy has NO business in……
I have extensively chronicled the actual truth of this. The reality is that, since there are ZERO country of origin labeling requirements for food it is IRRELEVANT what is licensed or allowed in the US. Our food is mixed with foreign food and who knows what #mRNA is in that?
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CRITICAL: VOTE ON substitute text for Missouri #HB1169 THIS WEDNESDAY. This 1.5 page bill REQUIRES #InformedConsent BEFORE a #GeneTherapy or medical intervention. It keeps meds out of the FOOD SUPPY but EXEMPTS farmers & ranchers from doing anything. Unless you oppose informed…… Image
PLEASE CALL BELOW & ask for the elected officials in Missouri to support #InformedConsent. There is NO reason to oppose this bill unless you oppose informed consent.

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Here is where the National Cattlemen’s Association says no there is no #mRNA in our cows:…. Below are clips (edited for time) from the testimony of the lobbyist from the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association before the #Missouri House. Hmmm - seems they aren’t……
CRITICAL - #BillGates #FactoryMeat is easier to hide #mRNA in than real food… this MUST be Banned. @SteveDeaceShow @AGHuff @RMConservative…
I am seeing websites scrubbing “#mRNA” from their discussion. Calling it other names like “particle RNA” or “RNA technology”. We need legislation everywhere but it MUST require disclosure & #InformedConsent for ALL #GeneTherapy… otherwise they’ll just keep changing the name.……
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#Twitter keeps blocking this article that explains the #Missouri #HB1169 & the integration of #mRNA vaccines into food. Why? #WeThePeople #DiedSuddenly #Vaccine #truth…
#twitter will not let me post what I want about this so I’m going to break it down and see where the issue is. #Republican House Speaker Dean Plocher is pushing the Rs in #Missouri to block #HB1169 - will he stand with #WeThePeople or #BigPharma?
The integration of vaccines into food has been studied and understood for many years - they are trying to hide it from the public. Especially the fact that they are now trying to do it with #mRNA #GeneTherapy #DiedSuddenly shots
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@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla Swedish Radio SR:
#Sweden had to #destroy 8,5 million '#Covid19-#vaccine' shots.
- Swedish are not interested enough to take 3rd, 4th or 5th jab.
@CristianTerhes @vonderleyen @AlbertBourla #EU #Ombudsman to identify good #practices on how the EU admin keeps #records of work-related text and instant #messages | 02 July 2021
- has written to several EU institutions and agencies to ask what #measures they have in place for #documenting msgs
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Kyllä me #judaisti-#siionisti-#kasaari-#natsit sitten naurettiin.
- Sinisilmäiset #goyimit kaikkein mieluimmin alentuvat pelleiksimme, sotivat puolestamme, tuhoavat maansa ja kansansa omalla kustannuksellaan ja nuolevat saappaamme puhtaiksi, lastensa verestä. ImageImage
#EudraVigilance: 41,834 #DEAD 3.9 Million #Injured Following #COVIDVaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% | Mar 22, 2022
- From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,814,420) are SERIOUS injuries.
https://tinyurl. com/24j2ssbj Image
#Darpa-#Roulette-#mRNA, #Idolatry in the Twenty First Century.
80 #Canadian MDs “#boosted” and dead | Oct 20, 2022
- Though many #doctors have maintained their income by complying with and participating in the criminal injection campaign.
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Top 7 clinical trials in #AHA22 (#AHA2022) on #heartfailure #CardioTwitter

Slides from the brief I'll give today to our team @rambam_hospital

@EricTopol @drjohnm @PSJhund @HeartFailureFrm
You better be strong than sorry - Ultrarapid up-titration vs. Usual care
The old Furosemide never loses (if given in the right doses).
A practical study by @robmentz Image
Inter-atrial shunting by Occlutech.
Tailoring shunt size (8/10mm) to LVEDP.
Importantly, identifying the super-responders (high LVEDP, E/e', BNP)
Another solid support for RV safety, though no control yet. Image
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🧵Your 18-year-old patient has severe hemophilia B, no history of inhibitors, and has low titer AAV antibodies. He has been treated on-demand for the past 5 years. Would he be a candidate for gene therapy currently in clinical trials? #Tweetorial #MedEd #GeneTherapy #Hemophilia
Understanding who might be a candidate for gene therapy for #hemophilia (GTH) is critical. Why? This new therapy has been approved by regulatory authorities in Europe and is under consideration in the US. So who is eligible? Review:… #cme_accreditation
First, How would you characterize your interest in hemophilia?
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$NTLA and $REGN report initial data from ph1 study of #ATTR for NTLA-2001. All patients across the two doses showed 92-94% TTR reduction at day 28.
#crispr #genomics #genetherapy #biology #biotech
At both dose levels, $NTLA-2001 was generally well tolerated. 2 patients reported transient infusion reactions, which was the only observed treatment-related adverse event.
$NTLA-2001 is an in-vivo administered #genetherapy.
It is one of the first few in-vivo #GeneTherapy being tested. Congrats to the $NTLA and $REGN teams.
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Millions of people have lost jobs, students coerced and intimidated with mandates, and millions still discriminated against due to a worthless, bullshit status.
Millions of people virtue signaling and shaming others for doing their own risk/benefit analysis concerning #genetherapy jabs. Bullying and threatening people (innocent children) into taking an experimental gene therapy so they could function in society.
Ask yourself…..
👉 Did you buy into the propaganda?
👉 Did you and do you frequent establishments, services, and destinations that openly practice discrimination based on covid19 vaxx status?
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@chowdarypm, @ProfMakris, and others report another successful #genetherapy for #hemophilia B clinical trial using the hyperactive FIX variant Padua.

🧵 on the clinical development of FIX Padua in gene therapy:

This is now the 4th successful Phase1/2 #genetherapy study using #AAV vectors using FIX Padua. The initial demonstration of the benefit of FIX Padua in #genetherapy for #hemophilia B was in a study led by @LindseyAGeorge.…

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Excited to share our new paper out at @NatImmunol today! We discovered the limiting factor for #brain #Tregs is #IL2, and developed a new #genetherapy to treat #traumaticbraininjury and other #neuroinflammatory pathologies. 1/12…
The work started more than 10 years ago, after my brother Russell died following a #traumaticbraininjury. The more I read into it, the more treatable #neuroinflammation seems. Obviously there is a #brain delivery problem, but stopping #inflammation is basic #immunology! 2/12 Image
We had a great post-doc, @EmanuelaPasciu1, drive a project showing #Tcells in mouse and human brain, with key functions. Among these T cells were a small population of anti-inflammatory #Tregs, again in mouse and human. 3/12…
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@FrontlineFree It’s vital to study #DARPA’s #neuroweapons + how they pioneered RNA vaccine technology + the 🦠 along with the CIA (#USAID) & EcoHealth Alliance.

Their stated 21st Century Battlefield = 🧠

#GeneTherapy as a weapon

@FrontlineFree Here’s a clip from the History Channel about #DARPA + their mind-control / gene editing tech.

And here’s the entire six minute clip ::

#TheFutureIsNow 🧠

@FrontlineFree It’s not sci-fi.

High-tech websites, studies, etc show they’ve been developing all this for decades for the #FourthIndustrialRevolution #4IR.

They’re serious about #HackingHumans with #nanotech #nanobots for many purposes, including the #InternetOfBodies #IoB + #neuroweapons.
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Biomarin has just announced their year 2 phase 3 (134 patients) ValRox gene therapy in #hemophilia results. Yes on a Sunday evening! Stable and durable bleed control but the FVIII levels are falling significantly. 1/4
Key questions: How many patients needed steroids, what was the variability in levels (and how many had levels <10% and <5%), how long is the response predicted to last? #hemophilia #genetherapy #ValRox 2/4
Considering the mean FVIII levels, it is not surprising that stable and durable annual bleed control was observed. I would expect not many patients in the <10% group. Loss of ABR control would only be expected when the levels fall below 10%. #hemophilia #genetherapy 3/4
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1/10War on virus is about cognitive dissonance. Those of us who stood by silent as minority communities were gentrified through the war on drugs, or profited by it, do not imagine being the targets of an epic urban renewal through lockdown measures and vaccine mandates.
2/10War on virus is about destabilization.  The bulk of wage workers as well as business owners who cater to the establishment must collide with those who have realized that their livelihoods are being destroyed or their businesses are being swallowed by large corporate entities.
3/10Communities are divided.  Family members are divided over fear and uncertainty.  We are being primed for further colonization of humanity and nature.
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Thrilled to see our mouse gene therapy for Dopamine Transporter Deficiency Syndrome. DTDS is a rare inherited genetic disease, caused by mutated SLC6A3 encoding dopamine transporter.…
Dopamine transporter reuptakes dopamine from the synaptic cleft after neurotransmission. Current treatments are palliative, not very effective, and prognosis is very poor.
For me, the story started 21/9/2011. @profahadrahim, @drsuzybuckley +me were extending our #genetherapy to harder targets such as neuronopathic #GaucherDisease @gauchersA. Paediatricians Paul Gissen & Manju Kurian () () emailed.
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$BEAM 4Q20 results out. Valuation is crazy but they are the best of #Crispr breed in my opinion given execution to date.
1/ ImageImage
$BEAM focus on platform, delivery and manufacturing is enabled by share price and ability to source funds without huge dilution
2/ ImageImageImage
$BEAM focus on based editing of transition mutations.
#dreaminase ImageImageImage
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$SNY looks like they are ready for a Genomic Medicine Unity #GMU coming out year in C21. Many hires. Many open reqs. Building on Ablynx, Bioverativ and Kiadis M&A
$SNY #GMU head of Rare and Neurologic Disease Research is Christian Mueller. Video into is pretty good
Addl heads include Bruno Figueroa (CMC) and Cate O'Riordan (translational unit)

$SNY #GMU Principal Scientist Robert Jackson profile says he is working on: Huntingtin's, MLD, PKU, Neurophathies, T1Diabetes Hypertension, Nephrophaty, vascular disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis and sensorineural hearing loss
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Part II of the $CRSP $SGMO comparison will hopefully be a bit less dry now that Part I updates are in place. This thread will focus more on valuation, outlook and why the valuation cycle should matter to investors.
Let's start with the concept of #Disruptive technologies. The originator of disruptive innovation theory, Clayton Christensen worked with HBR in 2015 to revisit the past 20 years.
#GenomicMedicine is disrupting Big Pharma who has begun to respond by spinning off old product lines and jumping into #GeneTherapy.
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This is the third edition of my tweetstorms on #GeneTherapy #CellTherapy #GeneEditing. This one compares $SGMO to $CRSP and attempts to look at #GenomeMedicine from the perspectives laid out by C.Woods at ARK This is part one of the series. Pt 2 tomorrow AM 1/20
The charts of both are attached and useful context. $CRSP went public in 2016. The weekly chart is attached and notes the pct ownership of $ARKG $ARKK since CY18. Prior the stock was stagnant below the support/resistance levels show. 2/20
I'm including two charts for $SGMO. Wkly and Mthly. The weekly shows they were pulled along with the #geneediting group The monthly shows this rally/bust cycle is not unique. Compare the SGMO 2017-2018 to CRSP. Pretty similar. More later. 3/20
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$ARKG Tweet series
This series of tweets is my opinion only. Cathie Wood has created a group of ETFs that target the disruptive innovation that is both happening and accelerating. These funds have had stellar performance based upon innovation trends and economic theory.
1/ Image
The $ARKG fund description is a good place to start. This has changed recently to a #CRISPR theme but started more with the sequencing cost declines which would drive diagnostics adoption and precision medicine
2/ Image
The economic driver of the Genomic Revolution is a multiplier. Not only sequencing cost declines but the impact of moving from #ZFN to #TALENs to #CRISPR is key. As the editing cost has dropped CRISPR is seeing a dominant increase in publications.
3/ Image
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What's up with $SGMO valuation? This thread will try to show some history and the setup for what I still hope to be an outsized move. First worth noting that news will always trump technicals. First here is a month chart I've been using for the company 1/
This being a 10 year chart, it doesn't show how long $SGMO has been around but it does show virtually no trading volume and a 3 yr ceiling on the price as they were in early development stage while trying to get ill-chosen indications into pre/clinic 2/
The first wave $SGMO rally started in 2013 when the ceiling was broken. The company was talking up #GeneEditing #GeneRegulation #HIVcure and #diabetes None were ready but the volume picked up and the first big rally ensued going from around $9 to $20 3/
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