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5 signs of selfless love 👇🏼

[A Thread]
1. You give more than you take.

2. You put others' needs before your own.

3. You support others without expecting anything in return.

4. You don't try to change others and accept them for who they are.

5. You celebrate others' success without feeling envious.
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Celebrate - Japanese and English translation

Lyrics: TWICE (NaJeongMoSaJiMiDaChaeTzu), 🦍, Co-sho

Translated by:

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Voices of Delight - Japanese and English translation


Translated by:

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Tick Tock - Japanese and English translation

Lyrics: TWICE DAHYUN, Mayu Wakisaka

Translated by:

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Happy Sinhalese & Tamil New Year to Everyone!

For centuries this has been an important celebration for Sri Lankans of all backgrounds...

Take a look at how it started and where it evolved from below...

#HappyNewYear2022 #Srilanka #Otd #History #ceylon #newyear #lka #celebrate
There is no definite origin story for the Sri Lankan New Year and most scholar point to a multitude of sources that all evolved into what we now celebrate today. But, it can be said that the modern festival originated in the 1500s during the Sītāvaka Period.
The celebration has a long history in India which likely influenced the date for the festival in Sri Lanka as both places have had a history of cultural exchange and movement for millennia.
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1. Every #MakaraSankranti, I'm reminded of the Spinning Top. लट्टू. ಬುಗುರಿ. பம்பரம்.
Unlike kite-flying, it's not a ritual sport, at least AFAIK.
My dad would use this analogy when he explained the path of the sun around the earth through the year - the #Solar #ecliptic.
2. Following is a #Thread about the 'why' of #MakaraSankranti. Please bear with me if this is already known.

Let's say, Earth was a round top and the Sun would wind thread around it. Each time, the new rotation of the thread (pitch) would sit right next to the previous one.
3. If it started on the Tropic of Capricorn, the pitch moving North, it would go on upto the Tropic of Cancer, stop there, change direction & start moving South again, until it reached the Tropic of Capricorn, where it would turn North again. Ad infinitum.
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Today #bahujans
If you have a little reasoning #power,then some #Questions are given to those sly
#Ask #Brahmins Q1) If Chhatrapati #Shivaji Maharaj was the protector of #Hindu religion, then your
Why didn't the father-grandfather crown him? @Profdilipmandal @ProfVilas [Thread]
Q2] Chhatrapati #ShivajiMaharaj you #Brahmins
Should have #danced on his shoulder as he was #fighting against the #Mughals
Were! Why were your ancestors #angry with him? [Thread]
Q3] If indeed #Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's Guru was Ramdas, then he
Why did #Guru #Ramdas Wrote a #foolish king [Shivaji Maharaj] in his Book Bodh Granth? @Profdilipmandal @ProfVilas @artinchow @BharadwajSpeaks [Thread]
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Since it's been so long I have attended a #wedding, I'll be #Livetweet my #reactions follow pleej
Is it normal to avoid 'wyd for a living?' by not asking others the same thing?
Alright I am fibbing my #resume here. I am telling me them I am freelance journo. Sue me.
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Today, would like to share the thought process and inspiration behind building the South Gujarat's first #Coworking @ikoverk

Coworking Spaces are Plug and Play offices for #Startups, #Freelances, #Consultants and #SMEs but we wanted to build something more- a Community (1/n)
As you enter, you with find a Large Front desk with volunteers to guide you and onboard you for a 7 Days Free Trial amidst the aroma of Coffee and chirping of fellow coworkers discussing new ideas.

#Connect #Collaborate #Celebrate is the motto.
On the Front desk, you fill an intuitive Map of @ikoverk along with Sign which reads - "Remember, when you enter the door to the Right, you will enter the War Room" because everyone here is a hustler, an innovator and a true warrior.
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Follow along an #OTperspective with GERAS Post-Doc Dr. Hewston (@p_hewston) on how to maintain #SelfCare during #COVID19

Strategy1of5: Try to maintain #routine and #structure in your day— eg. starting your day with #coffee in your fav mug ☕️ & eating breakfast at the table 🍳
Strategy2of5: To help maintain structure while at home - set daily #goals - try using a #kanban board to visualize your progress and #celebrate your accomplishments🌟
Stragety3of5: Try the 5 #moments of #mindfulness [5M&Ms] grounding technique to focus on the here-and-now & relax🧘🏼‍♀️

Describe 5️⃣ things you see 👁
Describe 4️⃣ things you feel 🖐
Describe 3️⃣ things you hear 👂
Describe 2️⃣ things you smell 👃
Describe 1️⃣ thing your thankful for Image
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As someone who is now a care leaver
As someone who’s spent time in care for a number of years
As someone who’s experienced extreme trauma
As someone who been abused
As someone who’s been to prison
As someone who’s tried taking their own life
As someone who’s battled with mental health issues for many years
As someone who lives in a deliberating and tortuous mind everyday
As someone who was failed by the care system
As someone who used to be ashamed to be that person in care
As someone who somewhat still blames themselves for being in care
As someone who was separated from siblings due to being in care
As some people used to say i wasn’t wasn’t going very far because I was in care
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We're doing an #airdrop of 1000 #AWE for everyone! 🔥🔥🔥
To enter:
1) Like and retweet
2) Follow @awecoin
3) Comment your #eth address

Ends Sunday 28th July to #celebrate the last few days before the #crowdsale price doubles! #AweCoin
We're so excited for #AweCoin Paradigm 2.0

The #Crowdsale price increase on August 1st will be #awesome for everyone who bought #AWE before! Image
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#Rational thinking is the ability to consider the #Relevant variables of a situation and to access, organize, and analyze #Relevant information to arrive at a #Sound conclusion. Confine oneself to the facts as they are. Do not add to it with your #Bias.
@TulsiGabbard was referring to this one incident only: at a fundraiser in New York on Tuesday night June 18, 2019, Biden tried to back up his claim that one of his greatest strengths was to “bring people together.” 1/
Biden then used an extreme example of people with whom he had major disagreements but still “#GotThingsDone” within the Senate. But today DEM and GOP Become enemies. 2/
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