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On 28 October 2022, our Wild Surakshe team conducted a workshop on 'Zoonotic Diseases and Human First Aid' for the Srivilliputhur Wildlife Sanctuary Forest Department, Tamil Nadu.
#wildsurakshe #wildlifeconservation
A total of 30 participants consisting of Forest Range Officers, Foresters, Forest Guards, Forest Watchers and Anti-Poaching Watchers from five different forest ranges of Tamil Nadu attended the workshop.
#wildlifeconservation #zoonoticdiseases #PublicHealth #PublicSafety
We were later joined by Dr. Jaya Deepa from the Srivilliputhur Urban PHC, who shared her insights on zoonotic diseases with the Forest Department.
#Healthcare #RuralHealth #RuralHealthcare #Health #HealthEducation
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And others.

"Need to effectively utilize #CNMs has never been greater," says Kohl from

Finding a supervising provider may prove difficult.
Body of evidence has consistently shown that although these barriers do not improve care.
"Time to follow the economics and evidence and remove supervision of practice"

Notes that team based care is the "future of #healthcare in the US"
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Many timely reflections in this recent article re the capacity of health systems and workforce now and into the future… #AusPol #COVID
On the importance of timely lockdowns & continuing other sensible public health measures, Prof @JBraithwaite1 says: "I would argue for prudence and holding the course. We risk unprecedented cases, deaths, and economic mayhem otherwise...
"I’d go for 90 percent, not 70 percent, vaccination rates, and counsel continuing public health measures, as stringently as possible," says @JBraithwaite1
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1/ cw: COVID-19 Talk (a 🧵)
On Saturday evening, Wangaratta Hospital had its first positive COVID-19 patient.
The level of disruption this caused to the ED was not insignificant, and I watched with admiration as my ED work-family sucked it up and did what we needed to, to keep
2/ ...each other and our patients safe.
Tier 3 PPE is no joke and has become a part of the ED get-up. I can tell you that running around in a busy rural ED in all of this brings new meaning to the term “working up a sweat”. We have been lucky to avoid much of what our colleagues
3/ ... in Melbourne have been dealing with throughout this pandemic, and the last few days at work have built a whole new level of respect in my mind of what healthcare workers in Sydney and Melbourne are currently going through.
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Glad to be at ⁦@IndianaRHA⁩ annual meeting hearing from ⁦@StateHealthIN⁩ Commissoner Dr. Box about 2020 #covid19 challenges and 2021 opportunities! “Hindsight is 2020- but the future is now!”
#ruralhealth Image
One lesson learned (that I completely agree with) from Dr. Box - “the strategic National Stockpile was never designed/ intended to provide supplies to the entire country, for a prolonged period of time.”

We must figure out local redistribution and surge planning for future.
More from Dr. Box- “at this time last year we’d have been ecstatic to have been assured of one vaccine with 50% efficacy by this point in 2021. Instead we had 2 vaccines with >90% efficacy by December. This is a National success story. “
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Will we EVER learn about #PublicHealth?
3rd wave “expert” committee is nearly-ALL #Pediatricians (to keep Devi Shetty’s non-#evidence-based assertion on #children will be entirely affected), #AllMale #Manel, nearly-all #clinicians headed by #PrivateSector #Cardiologist
I request this committee members:
- Please QUESTION Devi Shetty’s credentials to lead this
- Please hold to account #Manel #AllMale membership
- Please include #RuralHealth #CommunityHealth #PublicHealth
- Expertise is NOT only CLINICAL; also social; include grounded voices
Unfortunately no time & bandwidth; but putting this out there
We need:
- campaign for a DIVERSE expert committee including #Citizen #CommunityEngagement #Dalit #Adivasi voices
- Devi Shetty’s position as Chair is NOT tenable; appoint a #PublicHealth expert in his place
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Yesterday again, a physician engaged me then seemly regretted the reply

deleted non-factual replies

unfortunate that there is such poor training on #Scicomm that folks do not understand that deleting is not protection

better internal judgment & self management = protection
Is it any wonder physicians are unable to navigate increasingly complex healthcare policy or industry pressures if some unable to manage own selves?

“Physician led” slogan requires those issuing that rallying cry to demonstrate trustworthiness - else *you* harm the profession
#globalhealth, #Ruralhealth in America and #FQHC care require #teambasedcare, as does care for children with disabilities - so I am never going to mandate only one type of clinician or be locked into separate cult-like group coercion or shaming.…
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HHS Paul Mango: Dealing in a world of uncertainty with #COVID19 #vaccines.
Don't know timing, quantity.
Different storage; some 1 dose, some 2 dose; Different days apart.
This is really a quite extraordinary logistically uncertainty
We are prepared for all of those uncertainties.
#WarpSpeed Paul Ostrowski: Doesn't do any good to have safe/effective #COVID19 #vaccines if can't distribute them
#WarpSpeed Paul Ostrowski: Control: We absolutely positively have to have control over each of these #vaccines as they are distributed.

[Cue Janet Jackson]

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What do I do if I’m COVID positive? The @WADeptHealthPIO has a great handout on what to do (pictures attached). Highlights (a thread): (1/9)
FIRST, do NOT panic, most people (approx 80%) will have no or mild symptoms. Now let’s talk some specifics on how to keep yourself and others safe in this situation:
1. Your health - each person is very different, so contacting your personal health provider for specific recommendations is important! Things to watch out for: cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, fever, diarrhea, fatigue/body aches, signs of stroke.
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🚨Why doctors leaving Alberta?
🚨Why doctors stopping services?
🚨Why doctors fighting with @GoAHealth?

Please share this list of @shandro and @jkenney cuts.

⭐Albertans deserve to know⭐

#abdocs4patients #abhealth #ableg #abpoli #ruralhealth #COVID19AB ImageImageImageImage
Please see updated section for facility based health services. We compared our analysis to AMA info. The change in total $ fee range is the same; however, within each fee code there are sub-category fees. The % change varies in the sub-categories. ImageImageImageImage
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#ChiefResident blog #NoonConference #meded Ciguatera Poisoning encountered during a #ruralhealth #primarycare rotation in Hawai'i!…
Most cases in Hawaii come from recreational catches rather than fish bought in markets #NoonConference #meded
#NoonConference #meded
No way to identify ciguatoxic fish by look, color, smell, taste or texture
Toxins not destroyed or inactivated by cooking, canning, drying, freezing, or smoking
Don’t eat reef fish or fish that feed on reef fish
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